Romance Of The 3 Kingdoms Fan Fiction ❯ Heroes From Across Time ❯ The Halls Of Gold ( Chapter 1 )

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Heroes from Across Time
A Three Kingdoms Fan Fiction
By: LegacyOfWu

It was the year 280 A.D. The chaos had ended, and the Jin Dynasty was formed after the fall of Wu. All of the great heroes of the past were gone, their sons and daughters gone as well. Only this new, foolish generation of men. This was all going to change very shortly.
Sima Yan, Emperor of Jin, sat in his private quarters, silently reflecting on what had just happened. Sun Hao was defeated, and the land united. Now that the land was united, what was there to do? As he reflected longingly at the time of chaos that had just passed, he fell to his knees, and wept.

“Surely this is just a prelude to a greater evil. History will repeat itself as it has since the ancient days long past. Why, oh why did I have to be placed in the rule of such a time?” Sima Yan cried.

Sima Yan looked up from the ground, and saw nothing. He saw that he was no longer in his quarters. He shrieked, and fell unconscious. When he awoke, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He was in a large hall, gold seemed to shine from every wall. He stood up from the ground, and looked around him, along side him, were hundreds of men, all of whom donned in armor, and in the front of the crowd, on a large stage, was five men, three of which were in the front, two were strung up by their hands and feet behind them, crying out in anguish. Sima Yan looked to his left, and saw his ancestor and the man who set the footing of his kingdom. It was his relative, Sima Yi.

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What devilry was this? He was slain by Huang Zu just a moment ago, or so it seemed. The Tiger Of Jiang Dong stood at the front of more than one thousand generals, with his sons behind him. Sun Jian had just died from the ambush he fell into, and woke up in the halls of gold, knowing absolutely nothing about where he was. Beside him was his brother, Sun Jing, and behind them were their sons. At the front of each group he saw several familiar faces. Sun Jian’s hand fell to his ancestral sword, but he knew no one would try anything.

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The coldness of death had enveloped him. That blasted Zuo Ci had damned him to his fate, and placed a curse upon him. And yet here he was, as alive now as he was when he was a child. Beside him his trusted generals Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan. He now saw three men up on a platform around all who had entered the hall. The man who was an able minister in times of peace, and a hero during times of chaos. Cao Cao.

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The founder and emperor of the Shu kingdom stood along side his brothers, as they listened to the three men. None of them could believe what was happening. They had been released from this world by death, and now they are dragged feet first back into it. They couldn’t complain however, they had lost the war once, but never again. Liu Bei saw many other men whom he had met in life. Liu Yan stood proudly in front of his son Liu Zhang, and his brave general Zhang Ren. Yuan Shu stood with his officers, and to his right, stood Yuan Shao, with Yan Liang and Wen Chou at his sides. A hush fell over the crowd, and the men began to speak.

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< br> What the men said will be revealed in the next chapter.