Romance Of The 3 Kingdoms Fan Fiction ❯ Heroes From Across Time ❯ The Lectures of the Mystics ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter 2

What the man said was this, “Generals, Emperors, and men of all ranks, I am Zuo Ci. You have been called here for another chance at life. What you didn’t accomplish in your first life can be accomplished in this one.”

Another man picked up where Zuo Ci stopped, “I am Yu Ji. Behind us you have seen that there are two men strung up like criminals. They brought the downfall of the states of Wu and Shu-Han. As punishment for their crimes, they will be executed. Bring them down.”

The third and final man began to bring them down from their current position, he was a rather young man, with a yellow scarf upon his head, “I am Zhang Jue. Before me you see two of the most conniving men ever to step foot upon this earth, and now, their deaths will be laid to see for all under heaven . Huang Hao and Cen Wun. It is time for your everlasting death, so that your stain will be purged from existence all together. My children, bring me a sword.”

The yellow turban Zhao Hong quickly ran up to his leader and relinquished his own sword. Zhang Jue raised the sword, and decapitated the two eunuchs in one blow. He turned to the rest of the men and bowed. Zuo Ci began to speak again.

“Now that you have my attention…” He began. “I am giving you a second chance at unifying the land. Every sovereign who has walked the land during the past troubled period will be brought back, and given full control over the land in which their legacy started. As for Master Liu Bei, he will be given the city of Yong An, as he has no land under which he truly earned. Lu Bu, I am giving you command of your own Rogue army, do with it as you wish. As for the rest of you, you will all get forces based on your earthly deeds. Some of you will not last very long at all, but that’s none of my concern. The winner of this little contest will be given immortality, along with his remaining officers. Are there any questions? “

“I have one.” Cried Zhang He from the back. “Which man will I serve under?”

Yu Ji spoke up, “You will serve under Master Cao Cao, as you served him the longest, and that goes for all men in similar situations.”

Zhang Jue began, “I will have my own army. All of my children shall hold the city of Ping Yuan.”

“The era of the Han is over, and has been for a long time. Do this not for reunification of the Han, but for your own ambitions. The man who began the selected kingdoms will be placed in charge of it once again. If the sovereign dies, his oldest child shall be named heir, regardless if he was adopted. Now go, off I send you.” Zuo Ci finished.

All three of the mystics began to pray, and a light enveloped the room. All of the men inhabiting it were sent out to their respective lands, and all of their former officers were returned to them. In the 1st month of the year 250 A.D., a new saga was about to begin.