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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Starcatcher: Hello out there everyone. I know that we said we were going to have the Goku VS Superman fight today, but because of circumstances beyond our control, we were forced to postpone the fight until next week.

Vulpes: So…uh…now what do we do?

Kat: Maybe we could show them what happened? I'm sure they'll be interested!

Blade: (Smiles evilly) Why not? I know I enjoyed it!

Starcatcher: (Sweat drop) Of course YOU would, considering what you got to do! *SIGH* If you really want to know what horrors befell us, then by all means continue reading.

Blade: Don't let her fool you, there weren't any horrors at all!


(In the DBZ world, during the time when Raditz shows up at Master Roshi's Island…)

Raditz: (Grabs Gohan) If you don't kill 100 humans, you'll never see your son again!

Gohan: (Cries) WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Goku: NOOO! GOHAN!!! (Tries to get up, but fails)


Voice #1: FREEZE!

Voice #2: DON'T MOVE!

Raditz: Huh?

(Just then, two figures appear out of nowhere.)

Voice #1: I am Sailor Iron Mouse!

Voice #2: And I am Sailor Aluminum Siren!


Goku: Huh?

Raditz: WHAT!?! WHY!?!

Iron Mouse: You're under arrest for picking on a little kid!


Aluminum Siren: If you pick on little kids, it will lead others to believe that it's okay for them to pick on helpless little kids too!

Gohan: HEY! I'm not little!

Iron Mouse: (To Gohan) Don't worry little boy…we're going to make sure that this bad man doesn't ever hurt you again!

Gohan: (Blank stare)

Iron Mouse: (Tears well up in eyes) Oooh…you poor mistreated little kid! (Hugs Gohan, squeezing the air out of him)

Raditz: (To Aluminum Siren) Let me get this straight. You're going to arrest me not because I've killed innocent people for no reason, and not because I'm blackmailing my brother into destroying 100 humans, but because I picked on a little KID!?!

Aluminum Siren: (Nods) Exactly!

Raditz: (Sweat drop) And just what gives you the right to arrest me for such a stupid reason!?!

Aluminum Siren: The fact that we received orders to do so from the REAPWWTAEJACFSR Company! Also REAP for short! We work there!

Krillin: The REAPWWTAEJACFSR? I've never heard of it! Just what is that company anyway?

Aluminum Siren: It's the new company that controls everything in ANIME WORLD, so it can decide if someone will get arrested and why. Now…(slaps handcuffs on Raditz) you're coming with us!!!

Raditz: (Sweat drop) But…what about the saga?!

Aluminum Siren: They'll do just fine without you! Come along Iron Mouse! You're choking that poor boy!

Iron Mouse: (Realizes she has been choking Gohan) Oops! (Lets go) Sorry!

Gohan: (Gasps for air)

Iron Mouse: Well…it looks like our job here is done!

Aluminum Siren: But don't go breaking any of the new rules that the company has set up!

Both: Or we'll come back for you too! (Both leave, dragging Raditz behind them)

Goku: Uh…well…that was weird…


News Announcer: That's right! The REAPWWTAEJACFSR Company is now in control, and is arresting everyone for stupid reasons! If someone out there is listening to this, then please…SAVE US! SAVE US NOW! (Gets dragged off and is replaced with Scarlet from Final Fantasy 7)

Scarlet: Hello everyone! I'm your new news announcer, Scarlet! There is nothing wrong with the REAPWWTAEJACFSR Company arresting a bunch of bad people. In fact-(TV is turned off)

Blade: That was…unusual…

Kat: (Comes running into the room) Hey guys! We're going to need two new fighters since the original two have been imprisoned by the REAP Company.

Starcatcher: WHAT?! When did this happen?

Kat: About a minute ago.

Starcatcher: But why?!

Vulpes: Well…(Checks the list) Goku was arrested for being an alien on Earth without a license, and Superman was arrested for the same, plus the fact that he wears blue tights with a red cape.

Blade: What does THAT have to do with anything?

Kat: It goes against what the REAP Company considers to be proper "saving-the-day" dress ware.

Blade: Oh…

Starcatcher: *SIGH* Fine then…what about having Krillin as one of the fighters?

Vulpes: Nope!

Blade: Why not?

Vulpes: Arrested for being bald.

Blade: But he's NOT bald!

Vulpes: He was also arrested for never growing past four feet.

Kat: Well then…what about one of the GW boys?

Vulpes: Can't. Hero was arrested for supposedly being emotionless. Duo was arrested for calling himself Shinigami, as well as being annoying. Quatra was arrested for being too nice, and Trowa for being too quiet.

Kat: What about Wufei?

Vulpes: Arrested for insulting women.

Starcatcher: What about Picollo?

Vulpes: Arrested for leaving a child alone in the wilderness, for having green skin, and for having the name of a musical instrument.

Starcatcher: Mirai Trunks?

Vulpes: For time traveling.

Blade: What about ChiChi? Or Marin?

Vulpes: ChiChi was arrested for not letting her sons have a life. Marin for being stupid.

Starcatcher: Fine then…how about someone from Pokemon?

Vulpes: All the Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys for having the same name and looking alike.

Blade: Ooookkkkaaayyy…how about Relena?

Vulpes: For stalking.

Kat: Videl?

Vulpes: For being too nosy and annoying.

Blade: (Hopefully) Did they arrest Hercule?

Vulpes: Uh…(Looks at the list) they were going to arrest him for claiming to have saved the world, but they let him go.

Blade: WHAT?! WHY?!

Vulpes: I think it had something to do with all that money he gave them in exchange for not arresting him. It says here that he's even working for them now.

Blade: (Cracks knuckles) He won't be for looong…

Kat: Uh…anyway…what about someone from Digimon like Tai?

Vulpes: Arrested for having a ridiculous haircut.

Starcatcher: Yolie?

Vulpes: For having a big mouth.

Kat: TK?

Vulpes: For making fun of Davis.

Starcatcher: Davis?

Vulpes: For being made fun of…but he got away.

Kat: How about one of the Digimon?

Vulpes: All arrested.

Kat: WHAT?! Come on! We're getting desperate! We could even use Etemon!

Vulpes: He was arrested for imitating a deceased rock star.

Starcatcher: Wait a minute! We completely forgot about the Sailor Scouts!

Vulpes: Can't use them.

Starcatcher: WHY NOT?!

Vulpes: (Pause) Do I really even need to tell you?

Kat: Even Rini?

Vulpes: Arrested for being a spore.

Starcatcher: What about Darien?

Vulpes: Arrested for dressing like an idiot and being hated by over half the audience.

Starcatcher: Is he being tortured?

Vulpes: Yes. They're using the torture devices they confiscated from Blade on him.

Starcatcher: (Smiles evilly) Good…


Kat: Well…uh…what happened to the scouts themselves?

Vulpes: Well…Haruka was arrested for making people believe she's a guy. The Starlights were arrested for the same reason. Michiru was arrested for wearing skimpy clothes. Setsuna was arrested for being the annoying Time Guardian who wouldn't tell everyone what they needed to know until it is too late. And Hotaru was arrested for trying to destroy the world while under evil control without adult supervision.

Kat: What about the inners?

Vulpes: No one knows. They haven't been arrested because they haven't appeared since the company started.

Starcatcher: Isn't there ANYONE left?

Vulpes: Nope! They've either all been arrested or are in hiding.

Sparky: This is all because of that stupid REAP Company!

(Just then, someone knocked on the door. Vulpes opened the door to reveal two Evil Barney the Dinosaurs wearing the REAP Company uniform.)

Evil Barney #1: Hi everybody!

Everyone: (Stare)

Evil Barney #2: Today, we're here to arrest Sparky!

Little Brainwashed Kids: (With no emotion whatsoever) YAY!

Sparky: WHAT?! WHY?!

Evil Barney #2: Because you called the REAP Company stupid! Now come along!

(Both Evil Barneys grab Sparky and drag him away.)

Sparky: (Is dragged away) NOOOOOOO! HHHHEEEEELLLLLPPPPP MMMMEEEEEE!!! (They're gone)


Kat: Why?

Starcatcher: They're arresting everyone, so there's no one to fight on the show!!!

Kat: What about the fact that they've taken Sparky?

Starcatcher: Uh…that too…I guess…

Vulpes: Well what are you going to do?

Starcatcher: Break into their headquarters, beat up all the workers inside, and kick the ass of the company president, that's what!!!

Blade: Now you're talking!

(Some time later, at the REAP Company Headquarters…)

Evil President of REAP (Who's identity is still unkown because the back of his chair is facing the entrance to the room so no one can see who he is): MUAHAHAHAHAA!!! Soon, my evil plans will be complete! MUAHAHAHAHAA!!!

(Just then, Ash, Misty, and Brock bust into the President's office. All their Pokemon are with them, and out of their Pokeballs.)

Ash: (All heroic-like) NOT SO FAST!

President: (Rolls eyes) Here we go…another "how it's wrong to be evil" speech.

Misty: It's wrong of you to arrest everyone in sight for stupid reasons!

Brock: We won't let you get away with locking up all those gorgeous girls!

Everyone: (Stares at Brock like he's an idiot)

Ash: For the sake of justice, we will stop you!

Pikachu: PIKA!

Togepi: BRII!

Evil President: Yeah yeah! Blah blah blah! I know! I know! Are you kids done yet?

Ash: (Looks at the others, who shrug) Yeah.

Evil President: Good then! (Pushes a button, opening a trap door underneath the three trainers) So long, suckers!

Ash, Misty, and Brock: AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!! (Fall through trap door)

Their Pokemon: (Stare)

Evil President: Huh?

Pokemon: (Start jumping up and down, cheering) *Translation* WE'RE FREE! WE'RE FREE!!! (All the Pokemon leave)

Evil President: (Stares) Uh…oookkkaaayyy…(Blink, blink) I guess that means that there isn't going to be anyone to stop my eeeevvvviiiillll plans! MUAHAHAHAHAA!!!

Voice #1: HOLD IT!

Evil President: Not again…

Voice #2: Japanese Anime is supposed to bring happiness and entertainment to the public!

Voice #3: That goes for video games too!

Voice #4: And you're ruining it all by arresting everyone for stupid reasons!

Voice #5: We stand for love and justice! We are-

Voice #1: Uh…guys? Lets just skip the intro speech and start the senseless violence already, shall we?

Other Voices: Okay.

Evil President: THANK YOU! I was getting tired of hearing the same speech over and over! You can't possibly understand what it's like to have a bunch of idiotic do-gooders come barging in to your office…no offense!

Voices: None taken!

(The 5 figures step out of the shadows, revealing themselves to be…)

Sailor Moon: We're the Sailor Scouts! And you must be the Evil President of REAPWWTAEJACFSR, right?

Evil President: It's called REAP for short, and yes, I am the Evil President.

Sailor Venus: (All in one breath) Okay then, now is this the part where you push a button, opening a trap door beneath us, causing us to fall into a place resembling a dungeon that we'll have no idea how to escape from, yet we'll somehow manage to anyway?

Evil President: Originally, yeah. But I already used that one with the group that came in right before you did, so it wouldn't be very interesting if I did it again.

Sailor Mercury: So…what are you going to do?

Evil President: Simple! I'm going to call security and have them fight you! (Pushes a button, opening a steel door and five figures enter the room)

Sailor Mercury: OH NO!

Sailor Mars: It…it can't be!

Sailor Venus: They're…they're…

Five figures: (Do their stupid poses) We-are…the-MIGHTY-MORPHIN-POWER-RANGERS!!!

Sailor Moon: (Stares and sweat drops) Isn't that series WAY past over?

Sailor Jupiter: *GASP* You guys are THE Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!?!

Pink Ranger: Yeah…

Sailor Jupiter: Really?

Blue Ranger: Uh-huh!

Sailor Jupiter: REALLY?!

Red Ranger: YES!

Sailor Jupiter: Good…(smiles evilly, then socks the Pink Ranger in the gut) I've hated you guys since the first episode!

Power Rangers: You-will-pay-for-that!

Sailor Moon: Geez…I don't know who's worse…the Power Rangers or the Ginyu Force!

Captain Ginyu: What was that?

Sailor Scouts: OH NOOOOO!!!

Sailor Mercury: We can't take the combined stupidity and screwyness of both groups!

Sailor Scouts: WE'RE DOOMED!!!

Power Rangers and Ginyu Force: (Laugh evilly) UAHAHAHAHAA!!!

(Just then, Draco from the Harry Potter dimension arrives.)

Draco: I WILL DEFEAT YOU EVIL VILLAINS AND GET MY OWN SERIES! TAKE THIS! (Pulls out his wand, and casts a spell, but something goes wrong and a pit appears beneath him) Uh-oh…(falls) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! (Oh…did we forget to mention the sharp spikes at the bottom?)

Everyone: (Stares)

Power Rangers: (To the Sailor Scouts) Now-it's-your-turn!

Mysterious Figure: STOP RIGHT THERE!!!

Evil President: (Slaps forehead) How many more times is this gonna happen?

Mysterious Figure: I WON'T LET YOU GET AWAY WITH ARRESTING EVERYONE!!! (Steps forth from the shadows)

Sailor Mars: Huh?

Sailor Mercury: I don't believe it!

Sailor Jupiter and Venus: (Hearts appear in their eyes)

Sailor Moon: Oh WOW! It's SAIYAMAN!!!

Saiyaman: I am…(does poses) THE GREAT SAIYAMAN!!!

Captain Ginyu: (Points at Sailor Moon) Didn't she just tell us that?

Blue Ranger: Yes, Sailor Moon already told us who the mysterious shadowy figure is.

Pink Ranger: Like, YEAH! So there's, like, not any reason, like, for you to, like, repeat what she, like, said!

Sailor Venus: That's a lot of "likes"!

Saiyaman: Who are they?

Power Rangers: (Do their stupid poses) WE-ARE-THE-MIGHTY-MORPHIN-POWER-RANGERS!!!

Ginyu Force: (Do their stupid poses) And we…are…THE GINYU FORCE!!!

Saiyaman: (Rolls eyes) Uh-huh. (Blasts the Ginyu Force to kingdom come)

Sailor Scouts: Whoa!

Power Rangers: YOU-WON'T-BEAT-US!!! (Jumps into each of their respective zords, then they combine to form the huge robot-thingy)

Saiyaman: (Stares) That's huge! I can't destroy that!

Sailor Moon: But WE can! Ready scouts?

Sailor Scouts: READY! (Scouts rush off to destroy the Power Rangers)

Saiyaman: (Turns to the Evil President) Then I'll just have to take care of YOU!!!

Evil President: I don't think so! (Pushes another button and an army of Evil Barneys enter the room and surround Saiyaman)

Evil Barney #5,490,314: Look! A new friend!


Evil Barney #99,830,207: He seems sad…

Evil Barney #666: I KNOW! LETS GIVE HIM A HUG!!! (All the Evil Barneys advance upon Saiyaman)


(But suddenly, there is a bright flash of light and a third of the Evil Barneys are destroyed. Then, there is a huge explosion that wipes out another third of the Evil Barneys. Following that, a hoard of strange creatures appear and attack half of the remaining Evil Barneys and meteors fall through the roof, destroying the other remaining half. Somehow, Saiyaman managed to survive all that.)

Saiyaman: What…just happened?

Evil President: (Shrugs, though no one sees it because the back of his chair is facing the entrance, still hiding who he is) I dunno…

Blade: (From the open doorway) IT WAS US YOU MORONS!!! GEEZ!!!

Saiyaman and Evil President: Ooooh…

Starcatcher: You'll pay for-

Evil President: Oh PUH-LEASE!!! Is this going to be another one of those dumb speeches where you tell me that I'm evil and give me a bunch of baloney about how you guys are going to stop me for the sake of justice and protecting the innocent etc. etc. etc.?

Blade: Who said we were going to stop you for the sake of justice and the innocent? I just want to get back at you and HERCULE for confiscating my torture devices.

Vulpes: I'm mad because you locked up all the cute guys!

Kat: I'm bored and just didn't have anything better to do.

Starcatcher: You locked up everyone so now there aren't any characters left to fight on our show!

Evil President: Oh…so this isn't for the sake of justice and all that nonsense?

All: Nope!

Evil President: I see then…too bad! I'll still have to destroy you! (Pushes the button, and more Barneys fill the room, but the same strange creatures that destroyed them before are destroying them again)

Kat: (Like the Wicked Witch of the West) YES! GO! GO FORTH MY MINIONS OF DOOOOOOOM!!! MWAHAHAHAHAA!!!

Vulpes: She's beginning to scare me…(the others nod and cower in fear)

Starcatcher: Who are you really, Evil President?

Evil President: Well…if you must know…(turns around so everyone can see who he is)


Some Guy: NOO! I'M YAJIROBE!!!

Vulpes: (To the others, completely ignoring Yajirobe) Is that Hokey-Pokey?

Yajirobe: IT'S YAJIROBE!!!

Vulpes: Okey-Dokey?


Vulpes: Rolly-Polly?


Blade: Hmmm…he looks familiar…(Pause) OH! I know who he is!!!

Everyone: Who?

Blade: (To Yajirobe) Are you Fred Flinstone?


Kat: So YOU had everyone arrested?

Yajirobe: Well, DUH! The whole thing was revealed in the company's name! The REAPWWTAEJACFSR stands for the Really Evil Annoying People Who Want To Arrest Every Japanese Anime Character For Stupid Reasons!

Starcatcher: But…why did you even do all this in the first place?

Yajirobe: Because I was getting sick and tired of nobody remembering my name! Everyone acts like I never even did anything useful!!!

Blade: Uh…technically…you didn't.

Yajirobe: Yes I did! I delivered the Senzu beans whenever the warriors needed them, and I was the one who cut off Vegita's tail! But did I get any thanks? NOOOO!!! NOBODY EVEN BOTHERED TO REMEMBER MY NAME!!!

Everyone: (Stares at him as though he's crazy)

Yajirobe: Then one day, it came to me! I figured that if I arrested every other Japanese Anime character there is, and then the network will be forced to give me my own show! Then no one would ever forget my name again!!!

Starcatcher: And…that's it?

Yajirobe: Pretty much…yeah…

Vulpes: Cool!

Starcatcher: (To Yajirobe) You do know that we're going to have to beat you up…

Yajirobe: I know, but first, lets watch the battle between the Sailor Scouts and the Power Rangers!

Everyone (except Saiyaman): Okay!

Saiyaman: Am I the only one who remembers WHY we're even here?

Blade: Quiet! The fight's about to begin!

Vulpes: (Zombie-like) Must…watch…carnage…

Kat: Starcatcher! Vulpes has lost her mind!

Blade: Again?

Starcatcher: Don't worry! I've found it! (Points to Vulpes's brain, dragging itself across the floor)

Vulpes's Brain: (In a high-pitched voice) You'll never take me alive! (Just then, it finds itself trapped in a jar) DANG IT!

Blade: (Holding the jar) You were saying?

Vulpes: Brrraaaiiinnns…(dribble comes out of mouth)

Saiyaman and Yajirobe: (Stare)

(Meanwhile, the Power Rangers had combined their zords to form the Mega-zord. The Sailor Scouts watched from the ground outside the REAP Company Headquarters.)

Sailor Mercury: That thing is too big for us to take out!

Sailor Venus: Maybe if we had our own zords, we could take them out!

Luna: But you do!

Sailor Mercury: WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!

Sailor Moon: Luna, where did you come from?

Luna: Uh…that's not important…

Sailor Mercury: We have our own zords!?!

Sailor Mars: That's just stupid!

Luna: You'll have to use your zords in order to stop the Power Rangers!

Sailor Jupiter: NO WAY! I'm not lowering myself to THEIR level!

Luna: It's the only way you can beat them!

Sailor Mercury: I have a better idea! Let's use the Gundams that Vulpes gave us against those super-hero rejects!

Luna: Gundams?

(Just then, five Gundams mysteriously appear out of nowhere. Meanwhile, back in Yajirobe's Office…)

Kat: (To Vulpes) You gave them your GUNDAMS!?!

Vulpes: (Now has her brain safely secured in her head and nods) Yep!

Blade: Those don't look like any Gundams I've seen…

Vulpes: That's because I custom-designed them myself! They were each made specifically for the Scouts! I figured it would be a kind thing to do.

Starcatcher: (Skeptically) Yeah right! As if you'd do this out of the goodness of your heart! What did they give you?

Vulpes: *Mumble, mumble*

Starcatcher: What?

Vulpes: (Quickly and quietly) TheysaidtheywouldkeepMelvinawayfromme!

Yajirobe: What?

Saiyaman: Huh?

Blade: What did she say?

Vulpes: They said they would keep Melvin away from me…

Blade: Uh…right…

(With the Scouts, the girls each jump into their respective Gundams.)

Sailor Moon: Light Angel, ready!

Sailor Mercury: Ice Fighter, ready!

Sailor Mars: Fire Warrior! Ready!

Sailor Jupiter: Thunder Soldier, ready for battle!

Sailor Venus: Love Goddess is ready to rumble!

Other girls: (Sweat drop)

Sailor Mercury: According to Vulpes, these Gundams have the ability to combine their strengths and abilities to incredible levels!

Other girls: (Stare blankly)

Sailor Mercury: *SIGH* In other words, they can combine to create an invincible robot!

Other girls: Aaah! COOL!

(There's a brilliant flash of light and the Gundams are all combined into one gigantic Gundam. The Mega-Zord charges to attack the giant machine-thingy, but it stops when it realizes that the Mega-Zord isn't even as tall as the Gundam's foot!)

Power Rangers: Uh-oh!

(So with that, the girls cause the gigantic Gundam to squish the Mega-Zord, killing the Power Rangers with one move.)

Sailor Mercury: We did it!

Sailor Mars: That was…ironically uneventful…

Sailor Moon: Lets go back to the REAP Company Headquarters and see who the Evil President is! (And with that, they're off)

(Back at the headquarters…)

Vulpes: That was fast…

Blade: Though I can't say I'm surprised…

Starcatcher: Oh well! Now that THAT'S over, we'll just have to beat Yajirobe.

Yajirobe: WHAT!?! YOU CAN'T BEAT ME!

Starcatcher: Excuse me? We just destroyed all your Evil Barney Minions. Blade used his explosives, Kat called her strange-twisted creatures, Vulpes used that weird flash of light, and I squashed them with a bunch of meteors! What makes you think that we won't do the same to you!?!

Yajirobe: Uh…because…um…(Lays on the ground) I'm already dead.

Everyone: (Stares) WHAT!?!

Yajirobe: See? I'm dead!

Vulpes: How can you talk if you're dead?

Yajirobe: I can't tell you. I'm dead!

Starcatcher: (Sweat drop) You've got to be kidding…that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard! (Glances at the others) Okay, ONE of the stupidest things I've ever heard!

Kat: Well…at least this saves us the trouble of having to waste time and energy trying to fight him.

Saiyaman: Let's go free the prisoners! (Leaves)

Yajirobe: (Gets up) Now that they're gone, I can escape!

Starcatcher: (From the doorway of the room) We CAN hear you, ya know!

Yajirobe: EEP! (Just then, a tiny meteor hits him in the head, knocking him unconscious)

(Well…with that, they meet up with the Sailor Scouts and free all the prisoners, forgetting one or two of course. On their way out of the building…)

Hercule: (Stands in their way) I WON'T LET YOU GET OUT OF HERE THAT EASILY!!!

Sparky: (Rolls eyes) Gasp…oh…no…

Blade: (Pulls out a gigantic mallet and smashes Hercule with it) Revenge is SWEET!!!

(They all get outside when they notice something…)

Kat: Hey…Where's Vulpes?

(Just then, screams can be heard from inside the building.)

Darien: (Screams like a little girl) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!

Starcatcher: I think I know…

(A second later, Vulpes is seen calmly walking out of the headquarters, dragging Darien behind her as the building burns to the ground. She smiles at everyone, then leaves.)

Kat: Should we follow her?

Serena: PUH-LEASE! Who would want to see what type of horrible, evil torture that Vulpes is going…to…put…Darien…through…(Everyone steals glances at each other)

(A few minutes later, everyone can be seen peeking through a window at Vulpes's house. Inside, Darien is trapped in a cage hanging from the ceiling…a cage that is currently being lowered into a pit full of vicious creatures.)

Vulpes: (Evilly) My pets need a new chew toy!

Darien: (In a small voice) Help me!

(With everyone watching outside…)

Kat: Cool!

Serena: (To Kat) Just…HOW vicious are those creatures?

Kat: They're the reason Andy has died many times!

Serena: Oooh…(Continues watching)

Andy: SHUT UP RETARD! (Is blasted to bits by Gohan)

Vulpes: (From inside the house) OH MY GOD! ANDY'S DEAD!

Starcatcher: WOO-HOO!!!

Vulpes: (To Starcatcher) You don't like him very much, do you?

Starcatcher: Isn't it obvious?

Gohan: For how long did you know we were out here?

Vulpes: For about a few hours now.

Kat: Can we come in and watch Darien being tortured?

Vulpes: Sure! (Everyone comes inside except for Starcatcher)

Starcatcher: *SIGH* Oh well…All's well that ends well!


Sparky: So that's what happened?

Blade: Yep! Cool huh?

Starcatcher: Anyway, the REAPWWTAEJACFSR Company has been stopped and all the prisoners are free.

Vulpes: Except for a few…like Darien, Videl, Relena-(Kat covers her mouth)

Kat: But not anyone worth mentioning.

Starcatcher: We assure you that the Goku VS Superman fight WILL be next time, and you won't want to miss it!

Blade: But if you don't send in reviews, YOU'LL NEVER SEE IT! MWAHAHAHAA!!!

Everyone else: (Sweat drop)