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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Vulpes: (Comes running into the room) GUYS! GUYS! GUESS WHAT?!

Kat: What?

Vulpes: (Twirls around) It's a MIRACLE!!!

Blade: You've finally realized that there's more to life than boys?

Vulpes: Nope!

Kat: (Hopefully) Andy's dead for good and won't EVER come back?

Vulpes: No.

Melvin: You've finally discovered that you really do love me?!

Vulpes: EEW! NO WAY!!!

Andy: Then what's the big deal!?!

Vulpes: WE GOT REVIEWS!!! (Pause) GOOD ONES!!!

Blade: WHAT?!



Starcatcher: Lets see…(checks her computer) She's right! We have a total of 14 reviews. It's surprising! All the great authors that many of us admire are telling us how good the show is!

Andy: That's impossible! There's no way the retard would get reviews! (Pause) At least not any good ones…

Vulpes: Well don't just sit there! Tell us what they say!

Starcatcher: Okay. Here's a good one written by solarmistress17.

~yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss i'm looking forward to serena or anyone from sailor moon to kick videl's ass into the next dimension!!! hahhahahahaha and i hope that u update soon!!~

Vulpes: Wow! That's a neat idea!

Blade: But we regret to inform you that we won't be having Serena fighting Videl, instead, it will be Relena from Gundam Wing fighting Videl.

Kat: But we don't want to see any of our fans unhappy, so we guarantee a HUGE surprise in the next episode that you won't want to miss! HINT, HINT!!!

Starcatcher: But please note that the next episode will be EXTREMELY messed up, so read it at your own risk. Videl and Relena fans beware! HINT, HINT!!!

Vulpes: Next review please!

Starcatcher: This one of the ones from Tenshi Cat.

~please write more and let Sailor Moon beat up Wufie or someone like that~

Blade: Hmm…that's something to think about…

Vulpes: NOOOOO!!! DON'T HURT MY WUFEI!!! (Grabs Wufei and starts squeezing the life out of him)

Kat: In a minute, we won't have to.

Blade: Unless he has the dreaded "Andy Gene" and will come back to life anyway…then we'll be able to torture him continuously…(smiles evilly)

Starcatcher: Uh…this next review is from the Gr8 KaZe.

~"Well...Well...Well...."-Joel Gertner (A voice from ECW)Needs a little work ,but so far so good. ^_^ I've always wanted to a "World's Strongest" bout w/ Kakarot(Goku) vs. Kalell (C.Kent/Superman)that would soooo cool!~

Andy: Who's Joel Gertner?

Sparky: (Shrugs)

Blade: Hmm…Superman VS Super Saiyajin…I like it!

Kat: Who do you think would win that one?

Vulpes: One time there was a group of people debating on who would win in a fight between Superman and Vegita.

Blade: What did they say?

Vulpes: I don't know…they're still debating!

Starcatcher: Well…expect that fight to be held after the Videl VS Relena fight. Our next review is from Firefly the Dancing Author.'s okay. Funny, that's for sure. But you could try to use the Japanese, Umino and Naru and Usagi and Chibiusa and Ryo/Urawa-kun. It would make it easier for those who are so obsessed with the japanese version of Bishoujo Senshi that they occasionally forget the dub names, even though they've never seen a single subtitled episode...*blushes*~

Andy: What was with that *blushes* at the end?

Sparky: (Shrugs) There must be some hidden meaning that none of us can comprehend…

Kat: Anyway, Firefly the Dancing Author, there is a very simple explanation for that…you see, we know that there are a lot of fans out there who don't know the Japanese names of the characters, so we wanted to be fair to them.

Blade: And besides, considering all the different authors who use different versions of the names, everyone should be pretty used to both versions by now.

Vulpes: That and the fact that our writer is an idiot and not to mention that-(the others cover her mouth) MMMMPPPPHHHH!!!

Kat: *AHEM* Next review?

Starcatcher: Uh…yeah. This is another review sent by Firefly the Dancing Author.

~Ooh! ooh! OOH! I have a good idea! Make Mirai Trunks fight against some boy craxy ditz from the SM world (either Minako, Makato, or Usagi) and make the senshi go absolutely boy crazy over him and not want to fight! it's GENIOUS!~

Blade: (Evilly) Think of the all the possibilities…

Kat: The only problem is that we've already used Usagi/Serena too often, considering what happened in the last episode and what's going to happen in the next episode too. HINT, HINT!!!

Melvin: *SIGH* She was my first love…

Everyone else: (Sweat drops)

Vulpes: OOH! OOH! OOH! Lets have it be Minako/Mina VS Mirai Trunks!

Starcatcher: Sure, why not? We'll feature that after the Goku VS Superman fight. Now our next review is from someone named me…


Blade: Uh…right…what's the deal here?

Vulpes: Maybe me is speechless?

Kat: Yeah, but does me like it or hate it? What?

Starcatcher: (Shrugs) Our next review is from Mask Kid.

~I just was looking for some dragonball z names. I just won't we it untill you put DBZ in it. Everyone know that dragonball is way better the Sailor Moon, expect for the cute guys.~

Vulpes: Someone needs to learn how to spell…

Kat: In case you haven't noticed, the first, second, and third episodes-not counting the intro-have had DBZ in it! And just to let you all know, we are going to have a major fight in a few episodes that will determine which team is stronger…the Sailor Scouts or the Z Fighters. I personally think that the Z gang will kick the Scouts' butts!

Sailor Scouts: WILL NOT!

Z Fighters: WILL TOO!

Blade: I swear I'll kick ALL of your butts if you don't SHUT UP!

Scouts and Z Fighters: (Silence)

Blade: That's better. Next review please!

Starcatcher: Zpan Sven wrote this next one.

~That was cute! Die Darien DIE!!!~

Blade: A Darien-hater I see…there sure are a lot of those…

Kat: Though it's not surprising. What type of fruitcake goes around in a tuxedo and cape and fights with roses?

Vulpes: A really nutty fruitcake?

Everyone: (Stares)

Starcatcher: Well, here's a similar review from ChibiChaos.

~LOL *falls over laughing* this story rules!!! ^_^ More with Serena killing Darian pwease *puppy dog eyes* in fact, can you have one where the DBZ gang meet up with Serena and...i don't know, Gohan and Surpreme Kai fight for her heart or something. *pauses* Right, that was weird, anyways, great story, keep it up, JA^_^
P.S: Hiiro says HI!!!~

Starcatcher: It's a good thing we've read her stories or we'd have absolutely no idea what that last part was about! (A.N.: Please read ChibiChaos's stories! They're really good!)

Vulpes: And hello to you too, Hiiro! Teeheehee!


Vulpes: HEY!

Kat: It's pretty obvious that we're going to torture Darien some more!

Sparky: How can you tell?

(All eyes fall on Darien, who is strapped to a torture device.)

Sparky: Uh…never mind.

Blade: Serena meeting the Z Fighters is a good idea, but do you mean in a different fic or on the show? Because if you're talking about it happening on the show, then you won't want to miss the next episode. HINT, HINT!!!

Vulpes: But unfortunately, the Supreme Kai won't be there. He's been doing everything possible to avoid appearing on the show since the fourth episode. *SIGH* But I just can't understand why…

Everyone: (Exchange looks)

Starcatcher: Uh…yeah…anyway, that's all the time we had for reviews today! We hope that we didn't hurt anyone's feelings and we really appreciate your feedback. Please continue to send in reviews and be warned…


Vulpes: We thank Mudpie for the idea.


Starcatcher: And ChibiChaos, please go a little easier on Hiiro.

Vulpes: You could always let ME take care of him! (Cackles evilly)

Everyone: (Stares)

Blade: Uh…lets just go…

Everyone: (Nods and leaves)

Starcatcher: That's it for today! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm getting the heck out of here while I still can! (Leaves)

Andy: Show hog! (Gets run over by a Mac truck)

Vulpes: (Doesn't notice that she's the only one left and continues cackling)


Vulpes: (Points a wand at him) Hocus Croakus!

Melvin: (Turns into a frog) Riiiibiiiiit!

Vulpes: (Continues cackling)