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By Devon Masterson

Incantation Three

Ihrie opened her eyes and yawned as the morning sun filtered in through the heavy tapestry. Her head ached as though she had been in the sake again. She never could a handle on that stuff. One shot and she was sick and sober. "Good morning," she heard someone say.

"Morning," she grumbled as she held her head. She still felt weak like something was taken from her. Her eyes widened slightly as the voice registered in her mind. She looked towards Lyle and blushed. He was still wearing his costume from last night, indicating that he stayed all night with her. Fam and Aaron were curled up back to back in the corner. "This is not a sleepover you know?"

Lyle smiled at her attempt at humor in spite of himself. He was worried about her, he knew something was not right. "Yeah well, we all got lonely," he commented with a smile.

Ihrie blinked. "You just got smart with me?"

"Maybe," he answered then changed the subject. "Rasha found this in the garden." He picked up a wax doll and handed it to Ihrie.

As Ihrie reached for the doll, it crumbled. She doubled over in pain suddenly and screamed out. The sleepers started to awaken as Rasha and Miguel rushed in. they all held Ihrie down as she struggled against them.

"We've got to do something," Lyle said frantically.

Before Rasha or Fam could do anything, Ihrie stopped. A soft glow surrounded her. "If you want to save her bring the proof or royalty, the mirror of truth, and the spirit sword to my castle or she will die. She has one week." The glow faded and Ihrie lay breathing shallowly. Her breaths came stronger with each one until she was finally breathing normally, causing the others to breathe a sigh of relief.

"I'm fine," Ihrie sighed softly.

"Oh, Ihrie," Fam cried as she hugged her.

Ihrie's eyes softened and she pulled away from Fam gently. "I need to get out of here. If we're going to stop L'Xanna…"

"Hold on," Lyle interrupted. "You're in no condition to go anywhere."

"She and I have a history," Ihrie replied. "She's expecting me to show up."

"What kind of history?" Lyle asked.

"Let's just say, she doesn't like me very much," Ihrie answered. "I'll fill you in while we get the ultimate treasures. We're going to have to take them to Davila."

"How do you know that?"

"That's where this all started," Ihrie answered as she stood. She felt a little dizzy but essentially fine.

"I don't like this," Lyle commented. "I will do anything to help, but I can't help feeling powerless."

"Don't," Ihrie replied. "We're not giving her the ultimate treasures, but we need to find out exactly what she's up to."

"Your life is on the line, Ihrie," he argued. "We'll handle this, you stay here." The others nodded in agreement.

"You're going to need all of the magic that Fam, Rasha, and I have to offer," she replied practically, "and I know her." She put a hand on his shoulder and looked at the others. "I'll be fine."

"So all we have to do is get the treasures from where the King here hid them and kill the witch, end of story," Miguel summed of confidently. "Piece of cake for Miguel."

Rasha rolled her eyes. "It won't be that easy idiot."

"Of course it will, we already collected the treasures," he reminded.

Lyle shook his head. "Rasha's right. After we all parted ways, I told Sargas to separate to treasures so that only a worthy soul could find them. I usually keep the sword with me for guidance."

"That's why she wants us to do this," Ihrie commented. "It's too dangerous for her to get her hands dirty, so she gets other people to do it. I just want to know how she knew I was here."

"We can't worry about that now," Rasha broke in. "We have only one week to gather the other two ultimate treasures and get to Davila. We should separate so we can find them faster."

"I want to go with Ihrie," Fam replied as she hugged her friend. She was not about to let her out of her sight.

"Fine," Rasha sighed. She looked toward Lyle wistfully for a moment then back to Miguel. "Miguel, I, and Galoff will look for the proof of royalty. The weasel's good at finding information."

"I am insulted. I am a man that has knack for making profit," he corrected as he came into the room. "I heard the conversation outside the door and took the liberty of informing your stableman to get horses ready and our supplies are being packed. They should be ready in twenty minutes."

"Always snooping I see," Rasha scoffed. She had made a good choice in him as a team member.

"Oh that is so harsh," Galoff said.

"The rest of us then will go after the mirror of truth," Lyle finalized. He brought out Sargas and held it. "Sargas, I know you won't tell me where the other treasures are, but can you give us a clue so we can start searching. We have little time."

"The life of the woman you love is a noble quest for a King. I will honor this request for it is worthy of the treasures, but before I tell you, you must be warned that there is a terrible curse on her life exactly what I am not sure. The magic that the she uses is of the rare school."

"I'll take care of her, I swear on my life."

"Lyle are okay?" Fam asked curiously. The young man had grown quite silent quite suddenly. His blank stare was causing concern amongst his friends.

"I'm fine, Fam," he answered. "I just talked with the spirit of Sargas. As suspected we're going to have to work for the treasures in order to prove ourselves worthy. The proof royalty is located in the mountains just east of here and the mirror of truth in the fire forests of Galan."

"Oh mama! Looks like we got the better deal," Miguel said jokingly.

"Well it's definitely not going to be easy, but we'll manage because we're strong," Lyle replied. "I just wished I kept the treasures with me. It's going to take some doing to make our deadline."

Ihrie put a hand on his shoulder. "Don't blame yourself. What you did was right," she consoled then balled her fist. "I just wish that no talent witch didn't use me for bait. The nerve."

"Calm down, Ihrie," Fam suggested

"Why should I?" she asked. "You don't know her. She going to get it when I see her." She started gesturing wildly demonstrating how she going to give L'Xanna the beat down she deserved.

Lyle smiled to himself. "She has such fire even with all that's happened and could happen she remains strong. I can't lose you…"

"Sire," the captain of the guards interrupted respectfully, "the horses are ready and you can leave at anytime."

"Thank you, Logan."

He bowed his head respectfully. He was totally against this and told his king so last night when it was suggested that they might have to go after the strange sorceress. The country was just getting back on its feet and they needed their king. His place was on the throne leading them with his bride beside him, but he also knew that the threat looking for them as well. With all his might, he and his men would protect their king and country, but what could they do against a power hungry sorceress. He did not like the idea of being helpless and Lyle insisted on doing this alone. "Come back to us, Sire."

"I won't let anything happen to him," Ihrie replied looking at the captain with intense eyes.

The guard could see her feelings in her eyes and knew that she would do all that she could. He nodded and left the room. Lyle looked towards Ihrie curiously about to say something. "We've had enough talk," Rasha commented, " we have a treasure to find and we're burning daylight. Come on, Galoff and Miguel." She pulled the two men along.

"We better head out as well," Ihrie agreed. "Off onto our next adventure."

"What the hell are you up to, L'Xanna?"

©2002 Devon Masterson

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