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By Devon Masterson

Incantation Five


"L'Xanna," Ihrie growled as she jumped off her horse and rushed towards the woman.

"Ihrie," she replied throwing her hand up. She whispered a short incantation and a blast of wind knocked Ihrie back.

"She'll kill me if keep running into things hot headed," Ihrie thought as she stood to her feet.

Lyle stepped in front of her with his sword drawn. "You gave us until the end of the week to produce the ultimate treasures. There is no need to hold us up."

"So you've taken up on this quest as well King Lyle?" L'Xanna asked curiously.

Ihrie moved in front of Lyle. "I will take care of this, Lyle, she has this a long time coming." Ihrie held out her hands toward the sorceress. "If we finish this now, we won't have to find the treasures."

"You still haven't learned from the last time," she chuckled. "I am significantly more powerful than the last time we fought. You don't have a chance."

"I think I'll be fine," Ihrie replied. The two started to circle each other. "I'm going to have to use my most powerful spell to see how strong she is. She maybe stronger than me now, but I refuse to roll over and die because of it. I know I can find a way to beat her." A circle of light formed around Ihrie then engulfed her into a cylinder of power. "Hear me spirits of the element do as I command, bring forth lightening from my hand," she called as pushed her palms outward towards L'Xanna.

Black eyes narrowed in annoyance. "I had no idea she could wield this kind of power. If it were not for he curse, she would be more powerful than me." She held a hand upward. "Spirits, with whom power I wield protect me with an impenetrable shield," She whispered. The lighting snaked towards L'Xanna and pushed against her shield. She raised the other hand to help brace it. "I refuse to be equal to her!" She screamed out in frustration as she successfully blocked the powerful spell.

"Damn it all!" Ihrie sighed as she watched L'Xanna struggle to block. Her strongest spell still wasn't enough. It was definitely going to take all of them to beat her.

"Is that all that you have?" she asked haughtily as she looked at Ihrie breathing hard.

Ihrie placed her hands onto her thighs. She was so tired all of the sudden. "Br…br..bring…it." She fell to her knees and holding her throat. She could not breathe. Lyle was quickly at her side trying to determine what he could do. Fam and Aaron stood cautiously in front of them poised to defend.

"What did you do to Ihrie?" Fam asked angrily.

"Oh, she's just feeling the effects of my little spell," she smirked. She looked towards the dark haired girl struggling to breathe. "She'll be fine. I'm not done with her yet." She laughed.

"Ihrie," Lyle called out as she fell to the ground gesturing wildly trying to breathe. Fam and Aaron looked towards her. The nearly forgot L'Xanna in their turmoil and quickly turned to her, only to find her gone.

"…minute by minute, hour by hour, power for power add to her strife by adding to my life…" L'Xanna's voice called in the distance just as Ihrie stilled.

"Ihrie," Lyle called as he shook her. "Ihrie!"


L'Xanna sneered as she held an angry mouse by the tale over a playful and hungry cat. She bring the mouse within clawing distance then pull back just before it could grab it and swallow it whole. "Let me go or I'll…"

"You'll what? Visit the inside of this hungry little kitten?" she asked. "If you wish." She tossed the Ihrie towards the cat. Ihrie screamed as she flew out of control towards the cat. A soft blue light surrounded her and she flew through the expectant cat and hit the wall knocking herself out. "Unbelievable." She scooped Ihrie up before the cat could get her. "She should not be able to use magic. It's like a reflex or something. She'll become more powerful than me…a commoner. I refuse to allow it." She shoved a small pellet down Ihrie's unconscious throat then tossed her on the floor before she changed back into her normal form. "There has to be away to take care of her…"


Ihrie's eyes fluttered open and she looked around disoriented at first. She was wrapped up tightly by a warm fire. She could see Fam dozing near her. A look of concern graced her features even in her sleep. "I'm glad you're awake," Lyle said lowly.

"Where's Aaron?" she asked.

Lyle's eyes saddened slightly. "He's asleep over there," he answered. "I have first watch."

She nodded in understanding then sat slowly. "How long have I been out?"

"Four about seven hours," he replied. "How are you feeling?"

"I feel fine now, but before I…it was almost like my life was being drained away," she commented. She threw the covers off of her. "Minute by minute, hour by hour, power for power add to her strife by adding to my life, where have I heard that before?"

"Are you sure you are okay, Ihrie?" he asked.

She nodded. "Before I passed out I heard a spell that I can't place it," she answered then changed the subject. "You got anything to eat."

"I'll get you something," Lyle said disappointedly. He wished she would confide in him more. He turned to go to the food sack that they brought with them when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Lyle," Ihrie apologized. "I'm just a little tired right now. And if she did what I think she did, I will have to lay off magic until we kill her."

"So you think it will come to that?" he asked. He was willing to do whatever to save her, but the teachings of his father were still with him.

"She sees me as threat to her plans and she's always hated me. The feeling is mutual there," Ihrie smirked then her tone became serious again. "And I…I think she siphoning my life force."

"What do you mean?" Lyle asked becoming tense.

"Everyone has the ability to do magic but not everyone can control it and even fewer have the ability to become sorcerers and sorceresses. Magic comes from all living things and it takes a powerful life force to harness it and focus it. L'Xanna must have found a way to tap into my life force through magic."

"Then you can't do magic until we vanquish her," Lyle said almost forcefully. He could feel his anger over this development starting to surface. The only calming thought he had now was they knew what L'Xanna's cure was.

"I don't plan to," Ihrie replied, "but she's going to find away to make sure that I do and I'm not sure if it's still siphoning my life force even when I don't use magic. Magic might just amplify it." Then balled her fist. "That bitch has it coming to her."

"Ihrie, I'm serious."

She looked into eyes. "So am I," she commented. "I swore that I would help you and I'm not going to let her endanger your kingdom."

"My kingdom is not what I'm worried about," Lyle said tenderly. "It's you."

Ihrie looked blankly for a moment then blushed. "Well I…thank you," she coughed. "This is wonderful weather we're having. Nice clear sky and plenty of moon light."

Lyle smiled at this side of her that he had never seen before. "Ihrie are you flustered?" he teased.

"I'm… good," she stammered. "Just pointing out the good signs about our trip."

"Oh I see then you won't mind this," he trailed as he pulled her closer to him kissed her. Normally he would not have been so forward with her, but his worry over was clouding his judgement and she looked beautiful with the moonlight shining down on her; like an angel.

She was caught off guard at first, but she settled into the kiss. It was like she had always hoped warm and pleasant. It was the first time she had been this close to male. Usually if a man looked cross-eyed at her, she would sock him and accuse him of being a pervert that is when she was seen as a female.

Fam sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Ihrie, are you okay," she yawned as she focused. She smiled and started to giggle. "Ooh excuse me."

At the sound of Fam's voice the two pulled over quickly and tried to nonchalantly pass the situation off. "Well I think I got it out your eye," Lyle commented his cheeks warm from affection and embarrassment.

"Thank you, Lyle, I could not have done it without you," Ihrie replied as she sat down.

Fam snickered and looked at the two. "So what was in your eye?"

"Eyelash" Lyle answered quickly.

"Ash," Ihrie replied at the same time as he. The two looked at each other then switched their answers making the situation more awkward and comical. Ihrie flushed a deep red then looked towards the grinning wiccan.

"You two were kissing," Fam accused smiling.

Lyle coughed. "I'm going to get more firewood," he replied walking away.

Once he was gone, Ihrie turned to Fam with an evil look in her eye. She growled lowly as she held her hands in a choke formation and moved closer to the giggling wiccan. "Fam!"

Fam stopped laughing when she felt Ihrie's shadow over her. She looked pretty mad; perhaps the teasing went a little too far. "Ihrie what would Lyle say if he saw his future queen strangling her best friend and don't forget you need my help with L'Xanna," she as she moved back.

Ihrie stopped. "Future queen, think so? Hey, that's nonsense!" She sat down and sighed. "You do have a point there we need all the people we have, but don't think that fact will save you from this…" She smacked Fam on the head then crossed her arms and looked in the opposite direction. "I expected more from you, Fam."

Fam held her head. "You didn't have to hit so hard."

"That's way more than you had coming to you!" Ihrie yelled back.

"I missed us fighting," she said lowly rubbing her head changing the subject. "We have to defeat L'Xanna."

"We will and we'll get through this," Ihrie said lowly. She rubbed Fam's head gently. "You should get some sleep like your boyfriend over there."

Fam blushed. "He's not my boyfriend."

"But you like him," Ihrie accused, "I saw you two at the ball and while we were riding.

"Anyway," she replied and lay down. "Good night and don't do anything I wouldn't do!" She teased then quickly shut her eyes.

"What do you mean by that, Fam!" Ihrie yelled.

"What's wrong?" Lyle asked as he walked up with his arms full of sticks.

Ihrie turned bright red. "Nothing, I'm…I'm just tired. Good night!"

L'Xanna shook her head as she watched the group through her looking glass. "What an idiot! She's definitely destined to die a virgin," she smirked. "I guess I will have to step things up a little. I wonder how she does without her magical friend."







©2002 Devon Masterson

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