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By Devon Masterson

Incantation Seven

"Lyle!" Ihrie screamed out as she fell down a large chasm. She had been falling forever and still not getting anywhere. "I have to get to him," she thought as she hugged herself. Wind whipped about her while gravity called her home. "Spirits of the wind, heed me without hesitation, levitat…" her sentence trailed as she hit the ground softly. "Okay!" She stood to her feet. She stumbled a few steps then proceeded to feel around her new entrapment. She was in a large stone causeway. The only light that gave her any idea of her surroundings appeared to be at the end of the tunnel. Just the place she didn’t want to go towards.

Ihrie balled her fist. She didn’t have time for games. "Who ever did this, you’re pissing me off. Get on with the test already." She stalked towards the end of the cause way with her sword drawn. Time was running out and she was not going to get anywhere sitting on her ass waiting for her king to come. The damsel in distress was never her type of thing, besides she was supposed to be helping him out not the other way around. Him having to rescue her was not going to make him notice her. "What the hell am I thinking?"

"That’s what we’re here to determine," a feminine voice answered aloud as she walked into a large ornate chamber. The mirror of truth floated above a small altar in the epicenter of a circle. It glowed in sync with the movement of the flames that originated from several torches that hung from sconces along the walls.

"Who said that?" Ihrie asked looking around cautiously. This place had to be laced with traps. She had been enough musty tombs and temples to know a set up when she saw one. Stepping carefully she made her way to the mirror.

"It was I. You do seek me do you not?" the mirror asked.

"You have a spirit?" she asked in disbelief.

"Of course. Each of the great treasures has a spirit, except the proof of royalty. The pure spirit of the one who seeks the great power is the spirit of that treasure. I was the one who saw the truth in Lyle’s spirit."

"Then you know what kind of man he is and will help him save his kingdom. It means everything to him," Ihrie replied taking a step further.

"It is not his kingdom that he is concerned about this time, but his lover. She has been put in danger by this situation along with the lives of his friends. He is more concerned about them than his kingdom. It was through his friends that he was able to rebuild it and he owes everything that he has to them."

"His lover…" she wondered as her eyes widened. She had always wondered if there was some princess or lady waiting for him. "Why didn’t he mention her? Why should he, it’s none of my business and everything started up as soon as we got there. I…"

"You are troubled."

Ihrie’s cheeks reddened and then her eyes narrowed. "It’s none of your damn business," she snapped then changed the subject. "Where’s Lyle?" She stepped forward onto the circular pattern and felt a sensation of heat. Out of instinct she rolled out of the way just as a concentric circle of flames formed around her and then engulfed alter.

"Show me the truth in your cause," the spirit replied.

Ihrie looked towards the mirror confused for a moment when she saw Lyle enter the chamber in its reflection. "She tricked me!"

"Ihrie!" Lyle yelled as he ran up to circle only to pushed back by a wall of heat. He put his arms up to face to shield himself.

"No," Ihrie shook her head.

"Stop!" the mirror commanded "Before you move recklessly, you both must choose your path. The great power requires a pure heart whether for evil or for good. A cause often requires sacrifice and truth requires one as well… forfeiture of a life. One of you will have to stand in the flames to extinguish it while the other takes my mirror."

"Spirit," Lyle began as he stepped forward.

"…I will do it," Ihrie interrupted as she ran toward the altar. She chanted lowly

"No!" he called out as he moved to jump in the flames.

"…. Petrify!" Ihrie called out. Lyle’s feet froze in place and he fell over. His eyes widened as he watched her hug herself and face him. "Take care of yourself and look after Aaron and Fam." She stepped into the flames.

"No!" he called out as they engulfed her form. He started dragging himself towards the outer circle. "I am not going to lose you," he grunted pulling himself into the outer rim. He screamed out as heat began to seep into him. The pain was more than he could bear, but he continued on further.

"Enough," the spirit said suddenly and the room was cloaked in black. ====================

"Mmm," Ihrie groaned while grabbing her head. It was pounding and she was sore almost she was on… "Lyle," she called out remembering everything. She groped quickly in the darkness, but could not see nor feel anything. "I must be dead. Better than that bitch killing me, now she can’t hold me over anyone’s head." She balled her fist in indignation then relaxed her fist. "I’m going to miss them. I’m going to miss him."

"I would miss you," Lyle replied softly. He groped in the darkness searching for her voice. He had fallen in the void only moments before and was grateful to hear her voice once again. "Ihrie, where are you?"

Dark eyes widened as they searched in the direction of the voice. "What are you doing here? You were supposed to get the mirror."

Finally feeling her fingertips reaching for his, he smiled before crushing her in his arms. "I was not going to leave you behind," he replied. "You are the most important thing to me and I won’t be able to fight L’Xanna without you."

Ihrie pushed away from him. "You can’t," she said lowly. The mirror told her that his lover was the most important person to him. The spirit could not have been talking about her. She was a ruin explorer. She could pick up at any time and he was a king who needed to be married to a fine lady. He could not have meant what she thought he meant. He was just being a good friend. Sweet…he was being sweet. "We need to find away back and get the mirror."

"Yes, you’re right," his voice wavered in disappointment. "We have figure out where we are first."

I can answer that," the spirit replied as the void lit up. A smokey figure of a woman with long flowing hair appeared before them. "You are within me. I see the truth in both of your hearts. You have my support."

"Thank you spirit," Lyle said graciously.

"Do not thank me yet," she replied holding up her hand. "You still have to overcome the barrier of one another."

"What’s that supposed to mean?" Ihrie asked.

The spirit floated to her and touched her face gently. "That is for you to find," the spirit replied before vanishing. The scenery appeared around them as it would when coming in out of a fog. They were outside the forest.

"Whatever," Ihrie replied grabbing Lyle’s hand. "We have to get out of here and rescue the others." She walked over to her horse and dropped his hand. She had no right doing that. He did not belong to her. There was a lady waiting for him. She tucked the mirror inside of her saddlebag and climbed on top of her horse. She frowned when she saw Lyle standing there for a moment. "What’s wrong?"

"Nothing." He walked over to his horse and mounted it. "Lets ride," he said before galloping off. Ihrie followed suit.

"Hmmm," L’Xanna commented as she watched them ride away. Her plan was going to come into fruition. ===================

Ihrie looked up at the stars as she fought to keep her eyes open. L’Xanna’s spell was kicking her ass. She couldn’t do even the smallest spell without it draining her and she was getting tired of the look on Lyle’s face every time she felt weak. She did not need his pity. He would need it for his lady. "It’s not fair," she sighed lowly. She did not want to wake him.

"You’re right it isn’t," Lyle answered, "just when everything was working out another evil comes."

She jumped slightly at the sound of his voice. "Sorry if I woke you."

"I couldn’t sleep. I’ve been thinking about what the spirit said." He put his arms behind his head. "I had never seen a spirit so tender with a person before. She must have been impressed by your heart."

"Maybe," she agreed. She thought it was odd the way the spirit touched her as well. It was almost wistfully.

"Is there room for me?"

Ihrie sat up and looked at him strangely. She squinted slightly in the dim firelight. They had decided to make camp after a few hours of riding. It was a day to Davila. That would not leave much time to come up with a plan of action. "Room where?"

"In your heart?" he asked sitting up.

"Well I…of…of course," Ihrie stammered. "We’re in this together. You me, Fam, Aaron, Rasha, Miguel…why did you ask me that?"

"Well when we first met you and the others were obsessed with treasure, but then along the way I felt like part of the group," Lyle confessed lying back down. He was still too much of a coward. Why was telling how he felt so difficult? This was Ihrie for spirit’s sake. She was the only one who would be nothing but honest with him, why was he so shy? He could lose her and she would never know.

"You got quiet all of the sudden." Dark eyes peered into deep blues ones. "Are you okay?" she asked reaching for his forehead.

Lyle backed up quickly. "I’m fine," he replied quickly.

"Why are you so jumpy?" she asked angrily. Everything was so awkward ever since yesterday evening. He was looking at her as though pondering something. Maybe he was thinking about the kiss. She had been thinking about that since yesterday. It was better to bring up first. "Is this about yesterday?"

A light crimson brushed Lyle’s features as he moved closer to the firelight for warmth. He sighed. "About that…"

"Don’t worry about it," Ihrie interrupted. She reached over to him and thumped him on the shoulder good-naturedly. The night air hid the gentle mist that had settled in her eyes; otherwise he would have seen it when he looked at her in shock. "Don’t look surprised. I’m a big girl. I know things happen on impulse and I know you wouldn’t want it getting back to your lady waiting for you."

"Ihrie, I…"

"Could you really see us together? You a noble king and me a brutish ruin explorer for your queen. Your counsel would have a field day. It’s quite funny when you think on it." She laughed for effect. "We better get some sleep. I’m sure she has some sort of trap waiting for us Davila."

"Yes you’re probably right," he commented before turning around.

To be continued…




©2003 Devon Masterson

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