Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Let's Just Pretend ❯ What Class? ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

The clock tower bells had rung five minutes ago and the sidewalks were deserted. Well, except for one unfortunate student. Kaoru Kamiya, junior in the history department with a concentration of military history, was late for class on the first day of the new semester. Stupid shoe. First she couldn't find it and then she couldn't untie the laces. Stupid key. Someone had hidden it from her. She frowned. That was probably Misao's fault.
Rounding the corner, she nearly gave a cry of relief. The humanities building was right in front of her, she only had to climb two flights of stairs and she'd be at her class. Tripping up the steps in her haste, she finally made it into the building—suppressing a grimace at the obvious seventies decor—and sprinted up the stairs to the second floor. Whew, whoever built those stairs should be fired for making them so steep. Good thing she wasn't wearing a skirt. Pausing just long enough to catch her breath and readjust her backpack, she checked her printout one last time before hurrying to the classroom. Two-seventeen... Ancient and Medieval History... Damn, the door's closed. She hesitated, staring at the wood door with a mixture of agitation and horror. No problem. People were late all the time to class. It's not a big deal. It's not like she'd been there for three years... Besides... who takes roll the first day?
Sufficiently self-motivated, she pulled the door open, well aware that the students had already turned their attention to her before she even entered. The syllabus review had stopped. Great, now she had everyone's attention. She straightened her shoulders, an apology already leaving her mouth as she stepped into the room. “Sorry I'm...”
Shit. Today was not her day. Heck, this wasn't even her week. This couldn't be happening to her. Her words trailed off and she blinked to make sure she wasn't seeing things. Nope, he was still there giving her an equally surprised look though he recovered faster than she did and smiled. The same red hair and violet eyes she'd gotten so acquainted with the day before... and he was standing in front of the classroom though this time he was fully clothed. Her mind raced, trying to come up with a reasonable explanation. He couldn't be a professor. What was he doing in Sano's room if he wasn't a student? Unless Sano and he—
“Miss Kaoru?”
An undignified squeak escaped her and she blushed hotly. Don't think it, Kaoru, or you're going to have to do some major repentant work or something. Like clean Sano's room. Ew! “Kenshin! Uh... Sorry I'm late... am I in the right class because I could have sworn...?”
Kenshin glanced down at the paper in his hand and she took a moment to sort out her thoughts. Some of the class snickered, whispering to each other, and she shot them a scathing glare. Okay, enough of the glaring, figure out what's happened before you look like an even bigger idiot. Come on, schedule, don't fail me now! Quickly scanning her print out, she felt her stomach drop. Room two-seventeen was Riots, Rebellions, and Revolutions on Tuesday and Thursday... today was Monday. She was supposed to be in—
“I'm sorry, Miss Kaoru, but you're not on the roll. Can I help find where you're supposed to be?”
Her head jerked up and she retreated a step, stumbling over her words as her blush flooded back onto her cheeks. Save face, make something up. “I... no... what class is this?”
“Early American... the introductory course.”
Nervous laughter bubbled out before she could stop it. “Oh, I've already had that. I'm supposed to be in room two-twenty. Riots and Rebellions is in here tomorrow.”
Stupid! Damn, she didn't want to say that. What ever happened to her communication skills? He grinned, setting the roll sheet down and she wasted no time backing out of the room. Get out now before you say something even more ridiculous. Before she could get the door shut, he called out, “Great, I'll see you tomorrow at eleven!”
The latch on the door clicked loudly in the silence of the hall and Kaoru stared at the door in horror. He couldn't have meant what she thought he meant. That would have to be a law against nature. Fate couldn't be that cruel. Looking at her watch she suddenly realized that she was ten minutes late. In a flurry of panic, she sprinted down the hall and around the corner, double-checking her schedule before she opened the door. She would not make the same mistake twice in one day. She held her breath as she carefully twisted the doorknob. Maybe she could sneak in...
“Hello, Kaoru, glad you could make it to class today.”
Or maybe not. She cringed, guiltily turning to face the aging professor. He peered over his glasses expectantly and she knew he was looking for an excuse. Not that it's that great of an excuse... She shifted, longing to sit down and disappear. “I got lost.”