Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Samurai Sushi ❯ Vol. 1 Chap. 6. Boys and Swordsmenship ( Chapter 6 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Boys and Swordsmanship
Amethyst staked around Mina Tokyo. She was going to cross the street when it caught her eye. A plum-colored flyer for kendo lessons was on a clothing store door. "Kendo lessons!!!" she thought in joy. The Icelandic read on anxiously. "Classes start today at the community center!" she thought. "I'm there!!!!" Then Amethyst staked to the community center.

The line at the community center was really long. But Amethyst didn't care. She always wanted to do kendo. Ever since she was six years old, the kid would run around with a long wooden stick and use it as a sword. Her father would even call her the crazy little sword girl. Now, she had the chance to do her hobby for real.
"Next!" the girl at the front desk called out. Amethyst walked up to the desk. "Hai?" the girl asked. "I'm signing up for the kendo class." the Icelandic replied. "Sign here." the desk girl said as she handed her the sign-up sheet. Amethyst took out her multi-color pen, signed her name, and handed the sheet back. "Kendo lessons will be held in the plum room down the hall on your right." the desk girl said. "Arigato." said Amethyst as she bowed. Then the Icelandic headed down the hall.
The plum room lived up to its name. The color plum was everywhere. Walls, the floor, even the window frames. Amethyst grinned. "My favorite color!" she thought. Then she processed in. The twenty-five students were too busy talking to notice her. "I like it here all ready." she thought. Amethyst blended into the crowd.
BONG!!! A big brass gong rang hard. The sound hurt Amethyst's ear s bit. But she didn't mind it. All of the students quickly took their seats. In came the sensei. Hr was a man in his late-thirties with short raven hair. He was slender with some muscle. "He's cute." Amethyst thought. "Konnichiwa." the sensei said. "Konnichiwa." the students replied. "I am Okimasa-sensei." the sensei said. "I need everyone to introduce yourselves, jun-ni." (Jap. les.: Jun-ni=One by one in Jap.) The young females of the class tittered a bit. Amethyst couldn't help but smile. The guys were s little jealous.
Finally, ichi boy stood up. He looked black-Hispanic with short wavy kuro hair. Amethyst became light pink. She looked as if cupid had shot her. "I am Franklin Miguel." the boy said. "I moved here to Tokyo two years ago." "Uh-huh…." Ameth said faintly. She felt like she was floating. Love had taken over her.
Then, Miguel bowed and sat down. "Very good." Okimasa-sensei said. "Who's next?" Amethyst snapped out of it and stood up. All eyes were on her. "Here goes!" she thought. "I'm Ólafssonar Amethyst and I moved here five weeks ago." she said. Amethyst was always glad to talk to people. So this was a breeze.
When she was done, Amethyst bowed and sat down. The other twenty-three students introduced themselves. The Icelandic girl found their lives to be pretty interesting. "I'm really going to like it here!" she thought. "Especially with Miguel!"
"Okay class." Okimasa-sensei said when everyone had finished. The students listened with intent. "We will go over the basics." he continued. The younger ones were a little disappointed, the older ones knew it was for the best. Amethyst was with the older ones on this. "How many of you have some experience with kendo?" the sensei asked. Eight of the twenty-six raised their hands. Ameth knew a little bit. "Good. Good." the sensei said. "I need to give the newbies a show of nani they will be learning." Amethyst grinned. "Show time!" she thought.
Amethyst and this lady named Toki were the first ones to duel. Toki was a twenty-nine year old Japanese woman with violet short hair and chocolate eyes. "I wish you well." she said to Amethyst. "You too." the Icelandic girl said. "Ready….. Go!" Okimasa-sensei yelled. And duel began.
In the first two hits, Amethyst fell to the ground. She quickly got up off the ground and tried to attack again. The second attempt was as foul was the first one. Amethyst began to feel sore. But she knew she had to continue. So she got up and charged again. This time, Icelandic managed to hit Toki three times. But the glory was short lived.

In the end, it was close but Toki won. "Excellent ladies!" Okimasa-sensei said. Toki helped Amethyst off the ground. "Amethyst." the sensei said. The Icelandic looked up. "You have great potential," he said. "You just to tighten up some." Amethyst nodded.
The other three battles took place. All of the other students watched closely. Soon after, Okimasa-sensei began his basic lecture. The younger students were bored out of their minds. The older ones listened closely. The sensei talked until it was time to go.
The students all bowed and left. Amethyst was grinning completely. She was doing one of her hobbies and she met her first crush. "I really am going to enjoy this class!" she thought.
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