Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Samurai Sushi ❯ Vol. 1 Chap. 5 Amethyst, the Cupid ( Chapter 5 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Amethyst, the Cupid
The sun shone high over in the noon sky as Amethyst slept on the Kamiya dojo roof. She snuck over the hashi this morning and was enjoying the day in Kita Tokyo. Everything was perfect.
Then the works set in and woke her up. The "works" were the itch to play cupid in Amethyst. "Time to play!" she thought. But on whom?
Amethyst looked down and she found her first victim. Kaoru was walking back to the dojo. She had returned from running errands. Amethyst grinned with mischief. "Now to find a man." she thought. Soon she had that too. Kenshin was doing laundry on the other side. The Icelandic girl put two and two together and a plan was born. "Amethyst, you are a genius!" she thought. Then she got up and climbed off the roof.
Kaoru was almost inside when Amethyst cleared her throat. The sensei turned. The Icelandic girl looked asleep. Kaoru knew better. Amethyst was faking. The raccoon girl approached her slowly. Amethyst remained still. "Here she comes." the Icelandic thought as she peeked out. But she kept still. Finally, Kaoru came to her. "Uh….. Amethyst?" she asked. Nai answer. "Amethyst?" Kaoru tried again. The Icelandic didn't budge. "Konnichiha?" the raccoon girl asked. Amethyst didn't move. Kaoru began poking her. Amethyst tried not to move but it was useless. So the sensei kept poking.
Finally, Amethyst opened her eyes and laughed. "I knew it!" Kaoru exclaimed. She waited for a few seconds. Then Ameth stopped laughing and caught her breath. Silence passed between them both. Amethyst's face grew serious. "Tell me something," she began. Kaoru looked up. "Do you have a lover?" Amethyst asked. Kaoru just looked at her. "Well," Amethyst said. "Do you?" The kendo sensei shook her head. "Do you have anyone you love?" the Icelandic asked. The raccoon girl stared at her. "Oro?" she asked. "Do you have anyone you are in love with?" Amethyst rephrased the question. At this time, Kaoru blushed. "Well, uh…." she said. Amethyst all ready has her answer. "Ah! You do." said she. Kaoru nodded sheepishly.
"But who?" Amethyst asked innocently. The raccoon girl's cheeks went from sugar pink to candy ringo aka. (Jap. lesson: "Ringo" is "Apple") Amethyst was on a roll. "Keep going girl!" she thought. Kaoru could barely speak. How could she? But she had to answer. "Kenshin…." Kaoru mumbled out. "Nani?" Amethyst asked sharply. "Kenshin." the raccoon girl said again softly. "I can't really hear you." the Icelandic girl said. "Kenshin! I love Kenshin!!!!!" Kaoru yelled. Amethyst grinned. "Thought so." she said. The raccoon girl looked sour.
"Naze do you want know anyway?" Kaoru hissed. "Cause," said Amethyst. "I want to help you." The sensei looked at her lost. "What do you mean?" she asked. Amethyst grinned. "I have a load of tricks for you to win Kenshin." she said. Kaoru eyed her. "Really?" she asked. The Icelandic cupid nodded. The raccoon girl's eyes grew big. "Show me!" she squeaked. "Come with me." said Amethyst. Then Kaoru followed the cupid.
The girls came to the back of the dojo. Kenshin was still doing laundry. Kaoru and Amethyst watched him. "All right," the cupid began. "You're going to sneak up behind him and lightly rub his shoulders. "All right…." Kaoru said uneasily. Amethyst caught the uneasiness. "Look," she said. "It'll work. Trust me." Kaoru nodded. Then she got up and slowly him approached. Amethyst watched closely. "Phase one has started!" she thought.
Kenshin was unaware of the plan. He was away with his thoughts. That was until….. The rurouni stopped short. A pair of small soft hands was gently rubbing his shoulders. In a sense, it felt good, but in another sense, it felt weird. He didn't know what to do. Amethyst held her breath. "Here it comes!" she thought. Kaoru was feeling a bit dirty. But she knew she had to keep going.
Finally, Kenshin looked up. Kaoru stood over him blushing. The rurouni himself grew a little aka. Amethyst grew tense. "What will you say?" she thought to Kaoru. "Uh…." said the raccoon girl. "Oro?" asked Kenshin. "Uh…. Sayonara!" Kaoru yelled. Then she ran off. Kenshin looked lost. *Amethyst falls down*
Later that evening, Kaoru and Amethyst sat on the porch. "How was I?" Kaoru asked. Amethyst sighed and said: "Good, but we need more work." "Arigato!" the sensei cheered. *Sweat drop on Amethyst's head as she sighed* "This is going to be harder than I thought!" she thought. Then she sighed again.
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