Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Samurai Sushi ❯ Vol. 1 Chap. 4. Noizchild and Jun-Jun ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Noizchild and Jun-Jun
Amethyst staked up to Aphrodite's workshop. The building blended in with the ancient-style buildings. "Guess this is it." she thought in shock as she looked at the address on the card. The Icelandic girl spent all of last night trying to find Noizchild. After thirteen failed attempts on-line, success met her through an on-line directory. Noiz was in Mina Tokyo at 200 meters.
Amethyst took a deep breath and staked up to the door. "Here goes nothing!" she thought. The Icelandic girl pushed the door open and staked in.
The store smelt of incense. Amethyst was amazed. "Aphrodite's Workshop." a woman spoke up. "How can I help you today?" Amethyst looked up. A woman in a red kimono stood at the desk. "Uh…. Are you Noizchild?" the Icelandic girl asked. "Hai!" the woman answered. "Ameth-yst!" Noiz said. Amethyst nodded. Joy flooded Noiz completely. "IT'S YOU!!!!!" she yelled as she left the desk and rushed over to hug her. Ameth was lost at first, but then hugged her back.
"You moved here to go to school?" Noiz asked her friend. "Uh-huh." Amethyst answered. "Entrance exams start in five months." "Are you studying like you should?" the matchmaker asked with a stern look in her eyes. "You better." Noiz said sharply. Then they heard footsteps coming in. The girls looked up to see a tall slender woman with red hair pinned up in mini-buns on the sides standing in the doorway. "I got your papers you wanted." said she. Then she looked and saw Amethyst. "Who's this?" the woman asked. "Jun-Jun, this Amethyst. Amethyst, this is Jun-Jun." Noiz spoke up. "Hi." said Amethyst. "Hey!" Jun spoke up. "Come and join us!" Noiz said to her. "Sure!" said Jun. So she walked over to them and took a seat.
The three girls took until late noon. "Oh my Kami!!!" Amethyst yelled. (Jap. lesson: Kami=god) "What's wrong?" Noiz asked. "I'm going to be late!!!" the Icelandic girl shrieked. Without warning, Amethyst shot up like lighting and hurried out the door. Noiz and Jun were confused. "Why did she have to leave so soon?" Jun asked. "You're asking the wrong person!" Noiz answered. Then a wave of mischievousness filled Jun-Jun. "Noiz…" she began. "Hai?" the matchmaker asked. "Let's spy on her." her friend said. "Naze?" Noiz asked. (Jap. lesson: Naze=why) "Don't wanna know what she's up to?" Jun asked. "Well…." Noiz began. The redhead's eyes grew big with eagerness. "All right." Noiz said at last. Jun squealed in joy. "Let's go!!!" she yelled. Then Jun leapt up from the chair, put on her boots, and fled out the door. *Sweat drop on Noiz's head*
Noiz and followed Amethyst through the streets in secret. The Icelandic girl seemed not to notice. "Are you sure this is right?" Noiz whispered to her companion. "Of course it is." Jun whispered back. They trailed their friend to the aka hashi. Noiz and Jun were stunned. "She….knows…..the secret?" Jun asked. Noiz didn't answer. Amethyst crossed the hashi. They had their answer. "Let's go!!!!" Jun yelled. "Shhh!!!" Noiz hissed. Then she nodded. The two girls dashed from the alley and across the hashi.
The site of Kita Tokyo greeted them. "So, it's true!" Jun gasped. "It does exist!" The people didn't seem to notice them. Noiz was too shocked for words. But a thought nudged her. "Jun." the matchmaker spoke up. "What?" Jun asked. "We shouldn't be here." her friend said. "Naze?" Jun asked back. Suddenly, a wooden cart rushed towards them. "Get out of the way!!!" the driver yelled. The two women ran out of the road. "Stupid bitches!!!" he yelled. Jun stuck her middle finger up at the driver in anger. Noiz pulled her away.
"Did you forget the rule?" Noizchild asked Jun-Jun. Jun looked confused. "What rule…..?" she asked. Noiz smacked herself in the face and sighed. "We're not supposed to be here!" she hissed. "If word got out about this place, tourists would invade it like a swarm of locusts!" "Oh yeah." said Jun. "Right," said Noiz. "So let's just get Amethyst and get out of here." "Uh-huh." Jun replied. Then the two women ran out of the alley.

"How do we follow her?" Jun asked. "By her skate trail." Noiz answered. The women were following Amethyst's roller blade tracks in the dirt road. "But what if this trail has too many paths?" Jun asked. "Nonsense," Noiz spoke up. "This path should be short and easy."
But unfortunately, the tracks dragged on and on. The women were growing exhausted. "Short and easy, oro?" Jun snapped. "Shut up." Noiz hissed. The women kept walking on. The trail seemed endless.

At long last, the trail ended. They came to the Kamiya dojo. The women laughed in tired relief and fell face down in front of the door.
Moments later, the door slid open. Kenshin stepped forward and looked down. He saw Jun and Noiz lied out onto the ground. "Oro?" he asked. "Are you…..okay?" Noiz and Jun groaned. "Uh…..Konnichiha?" Kenshin asked. Still nai answer. The rurouni fell confused. Amethyst walked to the door and looked down. "Oh konnichiwa guys!" she exclaimed. The women didn't answer.
"Yum! This is good!" Jun yelled moments later. The whole crew was at the table eating. (I.E.: Amethyst cooked.) Amethyst got a lot of compliments. Noiz didn't say a word. Her mind was elsewhere. "What's wrong Noiz?" Amethyst asked her. The matchmaker looked up. "Oh, nothing." said she. "Ya sure?" Ameth asked. Noiz nodded. "All right." her friend said. Then they went back to eating.
By dusk, Noiz, Jun, and Ameth set out to Mina Tokyo. All of them seemed in smiles. "Amethyst…" Noiz began. The three girls stopped in the middle of the bridge. Without turning around, Amethyst said this: "I know the rules all ready. Umeko told me the whole story. I promised never to tell a foreigner about the bridge. You have your answer." Then she staked off without them. Noiz and Jun just stood there in silence. "We need to get Amethyst and leave. ORO?!?" Jun-Jun snapped. "Shut up!" Noiz hissed back. Then she walked off and Jun followed behind.
To Be Continued…..
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