Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Samurai Sushi ❯ Vol. 1 Chap. 3 Iceland Meets Japan ( Chapter 3 )

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Iceland Meets Japan
"O-hi-o go-zi-mas." Amethyst tried to pronounce aloud. She was learning Japanese and again pronouncing it wrong. Her stress was rising higher each time. Amethyst could pick up well with the English language, so why couldn't she do the same with Japanese?
"O-hy-o go-zi-mas." Amethyst tried again. It sounded flat and twisted up like a poorly nurtured tree. Even the girl's face looked sour. "Having trouble Amethyst?" a voice asked. "*Sigh* Yeah. I could use some…." Amethyst said. Then she looked up. Umeko was looming over her. The Icelandic girl became startled.
"Ahhh! Umeko! How long have you been listening to me?!?" she yelled. Umeko giggled. "Long enough to say you need more practice." she answered. "*Sweat drop and twinge* Thanks for the support!" Amethyst said. "Anyway," said her guardian. "You need to come in, it's getting dark." "All right." Amethyst sighed. Then she packed up her Japanese-learning kit and followed Umeko into the apartment.
Language wasn't the only problem Amethyst had. "Amethyst!" Umeko screamed. "What?" Amethyst asked. "You have your stakes on again! Take them off!" her guardian barked. Amethyst sighed as she did so. "Sorry Umeko." said she. "I forgot." "Try to remember neat time." her guardian sighed. "All right." Amethyst sighed. She kept forgetting the customs of Japan and she was lousy at using chopsticks. "I just need some help." Amethyst thought as she ate another night with a fork.
The next morning, Amethyst found it hard to study her Japanese. A baby in one room was crying, dogs were barking outside, and the traffic of people could give anyone a headache. "It's too noisy here." Amethyst thought. Then an idea hit the Icelandic girl. So she packed her learning stuff into her trusty dark blue backpack, put on her roller blades, and headed out the door.
Amethyst had to sneak across the alley in order not to be stopped and questioned. She had made it through the ally to the beautiful bridge. "So I'll go somewhere quieter!" Amethyst thought with a grin. Then she staked across with the speed of a usagi.
When she had made it to the Kamiya Dojo, Amethyst seated herself down in the front, took out her book, and practicing some more. Little did she know, Kaoru was coming around the corner. She had just finished her kendo lesson and was going to take a bath. Kaoru was almost there when…..
"Is someone there?" she thought. The assist master heard someone talking. Or struggling to talk rather. Kaoru decided to who it was. Amethyst kept trying until she heard footsteps. She looked up and saw Kaoru walking towards her. "Oh hi." the Icelandic girl said as she waved. Kaoru froze and stared at her. "*Sweat drop* Okay, she didn't understand me!" the Icelandic girl thought in distress.
"So you're learning Japanese?" Kaoru asked. Amethyst nodded. "I need some help!!!" she said. Then, as if she understood her, Kaoru sat down beside Amethyst and took the book. Amethyst looked up. "Wha-What are you doing?" she asked. "Ohayo gozaimasu." Kaoru said aloud. Amethyst quickly figured it out. "She's trying to help me!" she thought. "O-hi-yo go-zi-must." she tried. "You're close try again." said the assist master. Amethyst sighed and did so.
The two girls practiced Japanese until it got dark. "Sayonara." said Amethyst and staked back to Mina Tokyo. Their lessons continued on like this until Amethyst completely learned the language. Now the customs and chopsticks were left to tackle.
Amethyst began writing herself notes to help her take her stakes off when she went into a building, bow, and everything else in between. Some of the people of both Kita and Mina Tokyo helped her remember. Soon, she remembered the customs by heart. Now there was only one problem left.
Amethyst, Kenshin, and Kaoru were all eating lunch that Amethyst brought with her outside. The Icelandic girl was struggling with her chopsticks. Kenshin watched her closely. Finally, he stopped her. Amethyst looked confused. "Kenshin, what are you doing?" she said. The wanderer didn't answer. He just moved one of sticks into the correct position and went back to his food. Confused, Amethyst tried out her sticks. She picked up some rice perfectly and ate it. "Arigato Kenshin!" the Icelandic said. "Do Itashimashite." Kenshin said. Amethyst grinned.
That evening, Amethyst fell onto her bed in Mina Tokyo. She had learned so much in six months. "Ah yeah!" Amethyst thought. "Iceland has met Japan!"
To Be Continued….
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