Rurouni Kenshin Fan Fiction ❯ Samurai Sushi ❯ Vol 2: Chap 8: Stalkerís Watch, Careful Amethyst! ( Chapter 8 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Summary: Someone is spying on our Icelandic girl. Who and why?

Stalker’s Watch, Careful Amethyst!
    “Bai Ono-mama!” Amethyst yelled. “Have a good day Amethyst!” Umeko called back. “I will!” the Icelandic called out. Then she headed out the door.
    Amethyst staked on slower than usual. She just couldn’t get Umeko’s warning out of her head. “Remember Amethyst,” she had said. “Others seek the hashi for the wrong reasons.” Then, Amethyst didn’t pay the warning any mind. But now…
    Amethyst thought she heard something. So she paused and looked around. No one was there. But she heard something or someone. But who or nani?
    When the answer didn’t come, the Icelandic went on. But the game wasn’t over yet.
    First, Amethyst went to the bookstore to buy some textbooks for school. She would need them for the up-coming entrance exams. Blah! Exams! Amethyst could brave exams once. But twice? Heh! She was lucky to pass the first one! Otherwise, the girl wouldn’t be here.
    Amethyst remembered it like yesterday. The World Tour Club was offering scholarships to different colleges around the world. Only two were left for Japan. And Amethyst wanted it so badly. There was just ichi problem: her grades were mostly C’s and D’s. “The only way you can get a scholarship Katrin,” the president of the WTC told her. “Is if you’re making A’s and B’s.” Throughout high school, Amethyst worked like an inu to pull her grades up. Hard work was her only saving grace.
    It all paid off in the end. Amethyst got her scholarship in the mail. And in two months, she was on a plane straight to Japan.
    Nani was she thinking? The girl could pull through. She just had to work hard! Yeah! That’s it! Work hard again! Amethyst felt much better.
    Amethyst looked around the bookstore. So many textbooks presented themselves before her. Finally, she picked out the right books and placed them at the register. But as the cashier was making the purchases, Amethyst got a dark feeling. “Someone’s watching me!” she thought. Out of nervousness, the Icelandic turned to the door. She saw nobody. “Someone’s watching me!” the Icelandic thought.
    “Moshi-Moshi!” the clerk yelled. “Oro?” Amethyst asked as she turned back. “That will be 20,000 yen.” the clerk replied. “Oh, right.” the Icelandic said. Then she got her money and paid for her books. “Have a nice day.” the clerk said. Amethyst nodded and headed out the door.
    She was hearing things. But she knew something was there. Nani was it? Could it be a stalker? A stalker? Nah! Amethyst was just out of her mind today. Or was she?
    Amethyst made it to the stake store. The wheels on her roller blades were going flat. She needed speed!
    But as she was picking out her wheels, Amethyst got that uneasy feeling again. “There it is again!” she thought. The Icelandic looked around. Again, no one was in sight. “All right,” she thought. “Someone’s been watching me!” But who is it?
    “Sumimasen dono!” the clerk yelled. Amethyst looked up. “Is there any problem?” the clerk asked. “Uh… iie san! In fact, I’m ready to make a purchase!” the Icelandic said quickly. Then she grabbed the wheels and made it to the counter.
    Throughout the whole day, Amethyst kept feeling like she was being followed. Finally at wit’s end, the Icelandic turned and yelled: “All right! I know you’re there! Come out and show yourself!” But yet again, nai answer. “This is starting to bug me!” she thought.
    At long last, Amethyst made it to the jikan hashi. “Maybe I’ll fine some peace here!” she thought. Then the Icelandic girl took a deep breath and staked across the hashi.
Watch Out Amethyst!
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