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Switching places
Chapter one:
It was an exiting night at the Akabeko. The Kenshin-gumi was just celebrating the victory over Enishi and the safe return of Kaoru. Kaoru sat to the left of Kenshin while Megumi sat on his right; Yahiko was sitting by Ayame and Suzume who sat by Dr. Genzi with Sano to the doctor's side.
Tasbumi came over to the table that they were celebrating at and place the saka that Sanoska had ordered on his tab of course. Over all the laughing and cheering an unusually not pink Sano could be heard trying to get the attention of everyone in the group.
As they all started to get quiet, Sano spoke up "Hey Fox I'd like to ask you somthin' in front of all our friends…Will you marry me?" Sano and Megumi had finally gotten together about a month ago, and started to go on not so secret dates, and today was the day he had been planning on asking her to marry him. Everyone knew that Sano was going to pop the question tonight except for Megumi, who by now was as red as a cherry and in shock.
But somehow just before the night ended she had said yes and everyone cheered. Later though Sano said that he was going to go gambling so off he left with Yahiko who would return to the dojo late that night and shortly after Dr. Genzi and his sleeping grand kids had to call it a night as well, but just before they all left in there own directions Kaoru made one final toast.
"This toast is for Megumi and Sano," Kaoru continued "May you both live a long and happy life together." With this said Kaoru raised her cup of saka. Normally Kaoru doesn't drink because apparently she's a mad drunk but tonight Kaoru told herself one cup wouldn't hurt. As everyone over the legal drinking age said `To Megumi and Sano' Megumi had the most evil and mischievous glint in her eye.
Megumi's POV*********************************
`Hehehehe*fox ears* this has to work, there's no way that Sir-Ken could resist the temptation after this. He and the raccoon-girl will be all over each other! I owe the raccoon for putting Sano up to asking me out, so this little potion should make her very happy.' (AN: For all you people that didn't/don't get it, Megumi made a lust position thing so that Kenshin and Kaoru would admit their love for one another).
Kenshin's POV**********************************
`mmmmmm….. This saka taste strange today. Well it still taste really good…another cup or two wont hurt besides I so rarely have ever been drunk before so I'm sure I wont get drunk tonight with just a few cups.' Two bottles later. `Wow I feel weird…it's like I'm flying in a circle…and I feel dizzy…I should step out side for some air and take miss Kaoru back to the dojo.'
By this time Kaoru wasn't felling to well either so she paid the money for the meal then started to walk toured Kenshin, pretty wobble too.
`Oh my it looks like Kaoru had a little too much as well that she has*hick*.'
So staggering over to Kaoru whose face was just as red as his own they each put an arm over one an others shoulder for support. They continued to walk back to the dojo in zig-zags with rubber legs.
When they interred the dojo they were still pretty drunk but they were a bit more stable now after the walk and for some reason all Kenshin could think about was how much curve she seemed to have at the moment along with how much of her ripe, sensitive breast seemed to be exposed at that moment. The moon only seemed to make his little Kaoru more desirable as the rays made her skin around her breast glow and the blue in her eyes danced to life while her face was the most adorable shade of pink that only added to her beautiful fetchers. He wanted her right then and there.
`Oh my Miss Kaoru's outfit is a little loose and is showing me quit a view. What I wouldn't give to just rip that kimono off her and take her right here and now! Oro! What's wrong with this unworthy one? This unworthy one shouldn't be thinking these types of things about Miss Kaoru. But…but…to hell with it! I want what I want! I mean really I haven't had any action in nearly 12 long damn years! So who could blame this unworthy one? But I'll only go as far as Miss Kaoru lets me. I love her to pieces and I would never want to hurt her.'
Kaoru's POV****************************
Kaoru noticed that Kenshin's eyes kept changing color from violet to amber and finally it stayed amber. `Damn I love those amber eyes! It's like they see everything! Oh what I wouldn't give to be able to just stare into those eyes forever but no that stupid Rurouni doesn't even realize that I love him! The first and only guy that I have feelings for like this probable only sees me as a little girl still so he wouldn't ever do anything as rash as so much as to kiss me--.'
Kaoru lost her train of though because Kenshin had pulled her into his warm embrace and clamped his mouth over hers in a heated lock. At first Kaoru didn't respond but once she figured out whose lips those were she responded fully. Soon she was being pulled into his embrace even tighter and she noticed that his hand were roaming her backside and loosening her obi. As the obi became even looser Kaoru pulled back gasping for air.
"Mou Ken-shin what are you: hick: don'? And why are your eyes so :hick: shinny!?"(Still to drunk to talk right)
"I'm tiered :hick: of waiting. And I know you want this too. Just say you dow love me and I'll stop." His body somewhat sluggish as he waited for a reply.
"Waiting? Waiting for wha!?"
"Kao-ru I wuv you and I :hick: don't want to wait any longer."(Also still somewhat drunk) With this said Kenshin dove for Kaoru again with kisses.
In between kisses Kaoru said "I…Wuv …You…To" That was all Kenshin needed to here before he ripped off her kimono. (Author: This is as far and I can go because I've never written a Lemon and as much as I would like to I would need A LOT of reviews for me to do that.)
****In the morning (Kenshin's POV)(AN I assume you know what happened last night between the two…:blushes:)
Rays of the sun shown into Kenshin's window hitting his and Kaoru's face.
`Uag…ouch man my head hurts, along with my lower region…hmmm…what happened last night and why am I naked and when did I get such big boobs?' (Still only half awake)
Kenshin turned to get up but noticed that there was an extra arm around on his now thin waste. He looked to his side following the hand slowly. And he nearly lost it when he realized whose arm it was.
`What the heck? That's me!? :Gasp: Am I dead?' Quickly getting up and walking over to a small hand mirror he looked in it. He put down the mirror his eye twitching.
Kaoru's POV******************
Kaoru awoke to a slight shake. Then it came back to her…what had happened to her and Kenshin last night. She felt a gentle shaking of her arm telling her that she needed to wake up. That's when she remembered what they did. But for some reason she didn't feel any pain like some of her friends had told her she would after the first time. She smiled before opening her eyes knowing who it would be that was trying to wake her.
"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" `This isn't right I'm not a lesbian! I love Kenshin not girls! Wait that's me! What am I doing over there?! Where's Kenshin?'
"Shhh! Don't worry Miss Kaoru I'm just as freaked out as you are but if Yahiko wakes up to find me…err…you screaming what's he going to think?"
Gasping "Ke-Ke-Kenshin?"
"Yes Miss-Kaoru it's me. Sort-of. I don't really remember what happened last night except for when me and you…hehehe." Kenshin dazed off.
Kaoru hit him in the head "Stop! Focus! What are we going to do?"
Kenshin looked kind of annoyed that he didn't get to finish what he was thinking but replied gently "I don't know Miss Kaoru. The saka tasted weird last night and I do remember seeing Miss Megumi have this freighting glee in her eye…so maybe we should ask her."
"Alright but she might think were crazy…"
"Well then will just have to tell her something that only one of us knows. That way she'll have to know that it's us."
At hearing this Kaoru glared "So now you and Megumi have your own special secret together?"
"Oro! No, no not like that I promise!" Kenshin tried desperately to persuade his new lover with gentle caresses.
Kaoru giggled and gave him a mischievous look "You know if I wasn't in your body I'd be all over you…" Kaoru continued ":Sigh: we should get dresses and eat so we can go pay a visit to Megumi."
Just then it dawned on Kenshin that they were still not dresses so he looked down and started to remove the blanket slowly with a wide grin on his face. Kaoru hit him over the head before he got to good of a look at the body he was currently in.
"What it's not like I haven't seen these treasures before!" Kenshin said rubbing his head where Kaoru had hit him.
"Just get dressed and don't do that because if someone saw you looking at yourself that way they might think that…well just don't do that ok!"
"Alright, but no blushing in my body. I already look girly enough as it is with the long hair and what not."
"Deal. Now let's get some breakfast I'm hungry. Oh and Kenshin you might want to go get your kimono off the front lawn before Yahiko wakes up and sees it." Saying this Kaoru giggled.
"The lawn? Why would it be-OH! Yah I guess that would be my fault huh?"
"Yes it would be and don't forget that your training Yahiko today so go get your training close on."
"But why do I have to train him today aren't you his teacher?"
"Not in this body I'm not :giggle:. Besides won't he get suspicious if I just out of the blue start to train him?"
Grumbling Kenshin said, "Indeed it would Miss Kaoru."
At this Kaoru got annoyed "Hey Kenshin you don't need to call me miss or dono or anything formal anymore got it?"
"Well alright mi-Kaoru." Kenshin said putting on a smile.
"Thank you" Leaning forward Kaoru gave him a gentle kiss. Simply just a lover's kiss, until Kenshin started to stiffen and felt a surge of weirdness shoot through him.
"What's wrong Kenshin? I know I'm not the most experienced kisser but I learned a lot last night."
Chuckling Kenshin said, "You sure did. But that's not why I felt weird. It's just strange kissing you when you're in my body because well…" He blushed slightly "Because it feels like I'm kissing a guy." At hearing this Kaoru fell over laughing. "Hey it's not funny that it most certainly isn't!"
"Oh your right Kenshin I'm sorry." Kaoru said wiping the remaining tears away. "Hey you know what? Our voices haven't change I still sound like me I guess it's just our body's that changed."
"Oro! Your right Kaoru! I guess that means that I'm going to have to try my best to sound like you."
"That's for sure but at lest now that we still have our own voices this will make it easer to convince Megumi that we've switched places."
By this time Kenshin was trying to tie the obi on his kimono deciding that he would wear a fresh kimono until training he chose one of Kaoru's that was purple with sakura prints on it. Kaoru got tears in her eyes in remembrance of when she wore it. It was the night that Kenshin left her to go to Kyoto.
Kenshin saw this and asked, "What's wrong Kaoru? Did you not want me to wear this kimono?"
"No it's nothing I'm fine believe me!"
Kenshin crouched down beside her "Your tears always have meanings Kaoru. Tell me what's bothering you."
Deciding to tell him Kaoru said "Kenshin you'll never leave right? Like to go off to Kyoto again?"
"That's the Kimono that I wore the day you left." Kaoru pointed out.
`Oh so that's what this is about.' He looked lovingly at her and said "Of course not I love you to much to leave you I will never leave you again. I promise." He gave her conferting hug.
"Thank you Kenshin I love you to."
After a moment of holding her he said "Alright now you have to get dressed because I'm starting to feel weird again."
Giggling Kaoru got up and walked over to Kenshin's clothes and put on his hakana and walked out the door to his room where she put on her favorite gi that Kenshin owned. His dark blue one. She always thought that Kenshin looked good in any color but to her the darker colors brought out more of his beautiful hair. And to complete the look she put her hair up into a high ponytail. With being fully dress (finally) she walked out of Kenshin's room and toured the kitchen where it smelled delicious.
She walked in to find Kenshin cooking.
"Yahiko should be waking up soon so I thought he might want something to eat." He said without turning around.
"Oh well that's nice of you Kenshin." It was then that he turned to face her and nearly jumped out of his skin grabbing his heart and gasping.
"Whoa what's wrong Kenshin?" Concern radiating off her.
Regaining his composures Kenshin said "Sorry Kaoru it just seemed like I turned around and saw myself 12 years younger."
"Oh so is this how you dressed when you were 18?"
Giggling he said "Something like that anyway."
"Hey Ugly! Hey Kenshin!" Yahiko suddenly came into the room.
"Hello Yahiko-chan." Kaoru said much to buffly.
"Huh? Somthin' wrong with your voice Kenshin?"
Hearing this Kenshin laugh at how Kaoru tried to change her voice and Kaoru red faced cleared her throat saying "Of course not Yahiko," Sounding more like Kenshin now "After breakfast Kaoru would like to start your training she told me that she would like to practice for two hours longer then usual so why don't you go ahead and put on your training outfit while we're wait for breakfast." This caused Kenshin to stop laughing at once.
"Alright I can handle just as much as that ugly hag can."
"Well we will see isn't that right Miss Kaoru?" All she got as a response was a grumbled `sure'. `Well that will teach him not to laugh at me.'
As Kenshin sat the food down in front of them Yahiko looked shocked "Wow this actually looks edible!"
"Well it should Kaoru has improved a lot your sensei is a quick learner that she is."
Kenshin flashed her a mischievous look that said `you sure do' remembering last night. Even if Kaoru was in his body she was still Kaoru and it was obese to Kenshin.
Yahiko stared at his food for a minute looking to see if it would taste as good as it looked. He took one bite of the soup, dropped the bowl and backed away.
"What's wrong with your soup Yahiko?" Kaoru asked.
Looking around and at the sky Yahiko said "Kaoru cook edible food? Is the world coming to an end?!"
Yahiko's POV********************
`The hag made something edible even delicious! Something's not right here.'
Just then Kenshin (Yahiko's point of view people) snapped his chopsticks in half while Kaoru chuckled. `Hmmm…this is weird usually if this ever happened it would be the…other…way…around. Something is definitely up. Oh well might as well finish eating.'
Kenshin's POV********************
`This could be harder then I thought.'
Authors note: well here's the first chapter! Wow this took me awhile to write! Well please tell me what you people out there think about what I've done with the Kenshin gumi! I'd like to thank VolleyGurly(she has awesome story's by the way) for all her help and support with this story. I'd like to know what you all think before I write the second chapter so please review. Also this is my first story so please be nice.
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Oro- as one of my favorite author's once said `I swear, it's Kenshin's all-purpose Save-Your-Ass word. It's what he says when he doesn't know what to say; it's what he says when he knows what to say but doesn't want to say it; and it's also what he says when he figures that whatever he says will do no earthly good for him.'
Mou- It's basically the same thing as Kenshin's oro but as mou.
Saka- is a Japanese alcoholic drink.