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What Happens When You Bonk A Kenshin Character on the Head...

A List Compiled By: S-chan & K-chan

What happens when you bonk:

~ Aoshi?

- Good effin luck getting any response at all! *grumblegrumble* You'd get more of a reaction from bonking a tree.

+ "..." (Yes really. Dot dot dot)

{^^^ Translation: "Yes?" , "Go away." , "Stop bonking me." , "Leave me alone." , "I'm going to kill you now..." , "Don't do that." (the major scary one -->) "What?" Oh, hell it could mean the cows are back from Jupiter! But if you're going to bonk Aoshi, I don't suggest sitting around to find out...}

+ He blinks at you. (You actually got a response! You win the new car!)

{^^^ About the new car: No, actually you don't get jack squat.)

+ He turns his head and blinks at you more than once. (Major achievement!)

+ "Yes?" (OK! That's just SCARY! You got him to TALK.)

+ He pulls his kodachi(s) by reflex and comes within millimeters of slitting your throat.

{^^^ Bonk-er's response: *passes out*}

{{^^^^ Note to female bonk-ers: Maybe he'll catch you once he realizes you're not an enemy! *hearts for eyes!*}}

+ *commanding voice* "Stop." (I'd SERIOUSLY stop if I were you!)

+ He doesn't notice. He's too busy meditating.

+ He doesn't notice. He's in therapy.

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