S-CRY-ed Fan Fiction ❯ love's pain ❯ One ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
I wrote this after watching Scryed, only saw one ep so this is going to be darn short.
Zech: you got that right!
“Aya, you may do the disclaimer, since he’s being annoying.”
Aya: the weirdo doesn’t own Scryed, no clue who does though.
“Thanks….I think.”

Kazuma landed hard on his back and bit off a scream, he watched the plane leave and a single tear slid down his face.
Hours later Ryuho finished climbing up and stood in front of him, “Kazuma? Are you ok?”
Instead of responding Kazuma turned away, Ryuho sighed. “I’m sorry Kazuma but I was just doing my job.” He turned back and Ryuho’s mouth fell open, Kazuma was, CRYING?!
He snarled, “Those were my friends onboard that plane! And thanks to you stopping me I couldn’t even fulfill my best friends last wish, I hate you!”
Ryuho nodded even as his heart shattered, “I- I’m sorry, very sorry.” As he spoke a few tears slipped down his cheek, he turned to go and Kazuma yanked him back. “What do you mean?!” Ryuho sighed. “I hurt you, even though I care so much about you I STILL hurt you!” Kazuma blinked then smiled slightly. “You care about me even though I just said I hate you, why?”
Instead of answering Ryuho leaned forwards and gently brushed his lips over Kazuma’s, when Kazuma stood still instead of returning the kiss Ryuho broke away and dashed off with a sob.
Kazuma stood there blink for a few minutes, *Did he really just kiss me? But I thought he hated, wait where is he going?!* He snapped out his thoughts and ran after Ryuho.
Meanwhile Ryuho was hiding in a small cave entrance among the rocks and he was sobbing his heart out but he knew nobody cared, after all the one he loved had just rejected him.
An hour later there was a scuffing sound that broke into his thoughts along with a voice he had thought long gone. “R-Ryuho?”
He didn’t look up but snarled, “Leave me alone!” Kazuma entered the cave carefully, “Oh Ryuho, I’m sorry.”
He sneered to hide his pain. “Just leave me be Alter, you made your thoughts on the matter plain enough for even a lovesick fool to understand.”
Kazuma sighed even as he flinched at the hated name, “What if this love sick fool told you he was sorry for not explaining why he froze?”
Ryuho blinked then looked up slowly, Kazuma was kneeling in front of him and smiling gently. “D-do you really mean that or are you just pitying me?”
Kazuma slowly reached out and brushed back Ryuho’s hair gently. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you by not realizing you meant it. I’ve been hold my feelings back for so long now that I didn’t even think about how you might feel.”
As they embraced the world outside faded away and all that mattered was them and the love they shared.
The end…
AN and muses
That was odd I know….
Zech: Silly, you shouldn’t write about something you only saw once!
“I know, but it got stuck in my head! I told you to give me something better to write but no, you had to be busy with Aya over there!”
“Fine, so next time I’ll write about one of you!”
Both:…….dead silence, you can even hear little crickets in the back ground.
“Wave bye to the readers now.”
Both waving: help us!