S-CRY-ed Fan Fiction ❯ S-cry-ed, renewed ❯ Rescue ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

That night
“Three days later and I'm ready to go home,” Ayanna complained, facedown on her cot. Her voice was muffled and Takena looked up.
“Sorry, what'd you say?” he asked. Ayanna sighed and sat up. The room was so bare. It created a depressing, poor mood about the cabin. She stood up and went to the window, as she did more than half the time she was stuck in the gloomy room. The night was not as cold; in fact, Ayanna did not even need her jacket.
They did not know how late it was, but they did know that they should have been asleep hours ago. Takena had guessed that it was about 4:00 in the morning. Nevertheless, Ayanna was not tired. Far from it.
“Hey,” said Takena, “Maybe we'll be rescued tonight,” he said, trying to lift their spirits (and his own). “I bet your friend is already here, huh?”
Ayanna stared out the window. “Maybe...” she replied, though her voice showed know indication of believing it was so.
“You'll see. Any second now we'll hear a huge crash!” Takena exclaimed. He made a sound, as if a car had driven straight into another head-on. The ground shook suddenly, and mixed with Takena's idiotic impression came the real thing!

Ayanna whirled around and they ran to the door, even Riok stood up. They looked through the small window. Their eyes widened as they stared at the column of fire and smoke that came from the central building where HOLD was set. They heard gunshots and suddenly they saw the silhouette of someone at the door. Takena and Ayanna jumped away and readied themselves to fight off the guard.
Whoever was there banged at the door, as if trying to knock it down.
And eventually, it was knocked down. Ayanna gasped and took another step back.
A strange man stood at the door. She was not sure what to do. He doesn't look like a guard, she thought, and for some reason, I do not want to hurt him...Her concentration was broken as she heard a familiar voice from behind the tall man. “Hey Ayanna!”

Ayanna was surprised. She grinned and ran past the man, right at Kimishima, and hugged him. “Kimishima!” she exclaimed. She let go and looked back at Takena, still smiling. He took a step forward.
“Come on,” said the stranger. Ayanna looked over at him. “We haven't got the time, let's get out of here!”
“Wait, what about all the others?” Ayanna asked him.
The young man, only a year older than Ayanna, glanced at her. “Already taken care of,” he replied. In a flash, they were out of the cabin and racing away from the camp as fast as their legs could take them. Apparently, Kimishima had his precious car parked not far away now.
They were cut off suddenly by three alter-users of HOLY. “Get out of here! I'll finish these guys!” the stranger shouted. Kimishima nodded and the small group ran the other way. The alter-users tried to get after them when the man attacked. Ayanna stopped to look back. Her eyes shone with admiration as she saw the stranger's alter. It was his arm. He attacked the HOLY members fiercely. Nevertheless, one of the alter-users slipped past him and headed for Ayanna.
She gasped and turned. Kimishima, Takena, and Riok had not noticed she had stopped. She ran forward but tripped. She started to panic and scrambled to her feet. The member of HOLY rushed at her. Not having enough time to run with the alter-user this close, Ayanna used the moisture in the air stab the HOLY member in the shoulder.
This slowed him down, so Ayanna quickly rushed to her right. She could hear the alter-user behind her so she sped up. Ayanna stopped abruptly as she came to a sheer drop right down to the sea surrounding the Lost Ground. She turned to see the alter-user run straight at her.
At that moment, the strange alter-user who had arrived with Kimishima dropped out of nowhere and plummeted down upon the HOLY member. This startled Ayanna and she took a step back. Unfortunately, there was nothing there to step onto. Ayanna screamed as she fell down over the side and closed her eyes.
“Gotcha!” Ayanna heard the man's voice as she dropped into his arms. She opened her wide, violet eyes and saw that the stranger used his alter to hover in mid-air. She looked up at him, for the first time focusing on his face.
The stranger saw her staring and looked back at her. After a moment, he smiled. Right then, the alter-user of HOLY jumped down and tackled the young man. He gasped and Ayanna fell. She screamed and braced herself just as she hit the water. She fell right down into it and opened her eyes, which seemed to glow under the water.
Ayanna swiftly floated back up to the surface and took a deep breath. She looked up and saw the man fighting off the strange HOLY member. She glared at the enemy and splashed up at him. She immediately transformed the spray into a very blunt sword (so as not to seriously stab the HOLY member, she didn't want to kill). The sword hit him, and both the member of HOLY and the stranger fell down into the sea with a huge splash.
Ayanna swam over to the spot just as the stranger surfaced and gasped for air. He looked past her and suddenly dunked her and himself underwater, yelling: “Look out!”
The other HOLY member's alter flew past them in the shape of a hand made of alter. The two native-alters resurfaced and swam out of the way. A replica of the same alter flew out of nowhere straight at Ayanna. She was struck hard on the side of her head and fell back into the water.
The stranger retaliated and with one blow, destroyed both of the alters as they became one again. Without his alter, the HOLY member above was defenseless, so he ran. The stranger now looked around and quickly dove underwater. He swam furiously until he came close enough to Ayanna.
He held her gently around the waist and spun back up to the surface. He gasped for air and looked at Ayanna. Her eyes were shut. “Oh no, come on,” he pleaded. His alter reformed around his arm.
With his alter, he punched down at the water's edge, which forced him to leap through the air and land not-so-gracefully onto the land above. They skid across the dirt. The man quickly lifted his head and looked around. He saw Ayanna and quickly scrambled over to her.
Kimishima drove like a speed-demon and stopped abruptly beside them. He and Takena jumped out of the car. “Hey, Kazuma, is she alright?” Kimishima asked, racing over to Ayanna.
Kazuma checked her breathing. There was none. “She's not breathing!” he panicked. “What do we do?” he asked frantically.
Kimishima leaned over her. “She's swallowed too much water. Maybe if we pat her back she'll spit it all out,” he said quickly.
“That's not gonna work, you have to give her mouth-to-mouth!” Takena shouted, already stressed.
“I can't do that!” Kimishima exclaimed.
“She'll die!” Takena retaliated.
“I can't kiss my best friend, that's horrible!” Kimishima shouted.
“It's not a kiss!” Takena said, freaking out.
“What's the difference?” exclaimed Kimishima
“You're so immature!” Kazuma butted in. He swiftly bent over Ayanna and gave her a breath. He looked up, not knowing what he was doing. “Now what?” he asked. Takena pushed down 5 times on Ayanna's chest, forcing her lungs to exhale.
Again, Kazuma gave Ayanna mouth-to-mouth. She woke suddenly, bent over, and coughed the water out. Kazuma put a comforting hand on her back while Kimishima asked, “Are you okay, Ayanna?” Kimishima was pale at the thought that Ayanna might have drowned.
Ayanna nodded meekly. Kazuma stood up. “Come on,” he said, grabbing her hand and helping her up. “Let's get out of here.” They ran back to the vehicle and Kimishima started the engine. Takena and Riok rode in the front, while Kazuma and Ayanna sat in the back.
He sat beside her. “Hey, are you sure you're alright now?” he asked, staring at her. Ayanna looked back at him and nodded.
“Is HOLY following us?” she asked.
“Nah, I think we gave them the slip for now. By the way, I'm Kazuma,” he introduced himself.
Ayanna's eyes flickered in recognition of the name and he stared at him. Her face softened as she replied. “My name's Ayanna.”
Kazuma smiled. “Well, don't worry Ayanna; HOLY can't get to you now. Not while I'm around.”
Ayanna stared at him, and then smiled. “Thank you,” she said, her eyes wet with unshed tears.
“No problem,” he replied confidently. “I could take those guys down again if I had - ,” he was cut off and gasped as Ayanna suddenly hugged him tight as tears welled up and started to stream down her face.
“Thank you, Kazuma,” she repeated.
Kazuma was startled at first, but then he wrapped his arm around her. “It's okay. They can't get to you now.” He reassured her.