S-CRY-ed Fan Fiction ❯ S-cry-ed, renewed ❯ Mad Script part one ( Chapter 8 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

“Kazu-kun, he's really hurt. What happened anyways?” Kanami asked, treating to Kimishima's wounds, as he lay unconscious in the seat similar to a dentist's chair.
Kazuma stood by, glaring as he thought of HOLY and especially Ryuhou! Silently, he looked down at the dollar Kimishima had given to him. I will get them back!
Suddenly a loud motor was heard as it drew up beside the house. Kanami looked up. “Who's that?” she asked. Kazuma ran to the window and looked out through the blinds. He quickly walked away.
“I have somewhere to go, Kanami,” he said.
“But Kazu-kun, you just got back!” Kanami complained.
“Take care of Kimishima!” Kazuma shouted as he slammed the front door shut. Kanami sighed.
Outside, Kazuma ran to the motorcycle parked near the house. Ayanna had one foot on the ground, and the other on the stand. She had a biker's helmet on and held another out to Kazuma.
“Whose bike is this?” he asked as he grabbed the helmet and thrust it onto his head.
“Kimishima's. I'm pretty sure he won't mind,” Ayanna replied. Kazuma looked at it.
“You can drive?” he asked.
“Oh...” Kazuma muttered. He could not even drive.
“Hop on. It's quite safe. Kimishima taught me how to use it. I can only drive motorbikes.”
Kazuma quickly jumped on behind Ayanna. She glanced back at him and revved the motor while still on brakes. “Ya might wanna hold on,” she warned. Kazuma looked back at her.
“Oh, yeah,” he replied. He wrapped his arms around her. “Uh, like this?”
“That's great,” she said and just as she finished her reply, they sped off. Kazuma's eyes widened in surprise and he clung on tightly.
Ayanna drove swiftly and skillfully through the desert and into a nearby small town. She stopped there a moment to let pedestrians pass by. She glanced back at her companion.
“You okay?” she asked. Ayanna couldn't see Kazuma's face, for it was half-buried in her jacket and he hugged Ayanna for dear life. He lifted his head and looked around nervously.
“Oh…Yeah, I'm fine, you just keep going,” he urged. Ayanna complied and Kazuma was almost thrown from the seat when she catapulted onward.
“Uh, Kazuma…We've stopped,” Ayanna spoke. Kazuma did not let go.
“Okay,” he replied. Still, he did not budge. Ayanna waited a moment before glancing back at him.
“We're here Kazuma…We can get off now…” she told him.
“Okay,” he mumbled, his face against her back. “Just give me a second to recover…”
Ayanna faced forward. They both remained silent for about sixty seconds before Ayanna felt Kazuma slowly lift his head. She turned back to him. “You alright then?”
Kazuma nodded and hopped off of the bike. Ayanna took off her helmet and did the same.
“Wow, ya know, you should've warned me. You're only fifteen and you can drive like that? Incredible!” Ayanna seemed to ignore the compliment and walked over to Kazuma. She reached up and Kazuma's golden-brown eyes followed her movement. She grabbed his helmet and lifted it off.
“You wouldn't want to go into HOLY with that on,” she explained. Kazuma grinned.
“Heh, no, I guess not!” he replied. Ayanna had parked the bike in a dark alley where few of the city people went with the exception of small-time gangs and drug-users. She set the helmet on the seat. Kazuma was busy peeking out of the alley at the busy city. Ayanna crept up behind him and ruffled his hair. Kazuma gasped and he spun around, being startled by the sudden touch.
Ayanna took a step back. “You have helmet hair,” she explained herself. Kazuma gave a funny expression as he tried to look up at his hair.
“Oh! Sorry, it just caught me by surprise,” he replied. Ayanna stepped forward again and ran her slender fingers through his soft brown hair. Kazuma stared at Ayanna as she did this.
“There!” Ayanna smiled and drew back her hand. Kazuma smiled, too.
“Thanks,” he replied. They both snuck out of the alley and walked casually side-by-side along the paved sidewalk. The city was so different. Buildings stretched so high that they pierced the clouds. Kazuma glanced around at the city peopled passing by. Some were laughing, smiling, holding hands. But others…
“Ayanna. People are staring at us. I think we look suspicious…”
“Hold my hand,” Ayanna whispered back. Kazuma looked at her with a surprised expression.
Ayanna grabbed Kazuma's hand and walked a bit closer to him. Some of the people who shot suspicious glances at the inners now watched closely. Ayanna laughed and hugged Kazuma's arm.
“I'm so glad you could come, Darling. We're going to have such a wonderful time!” she smiled up at him. Kazuma's face was a picture of disbelief and confusion. He saw two bystanders watching them and he blushed. The strangers giggled as Ayanna and Kazuma walked past.
Ayanna nudged him in the side. “Play along, they're still watching us,” she told him. Kazuma looked up. Sure enough, people had stopped to watch them go by. “Hunny, what are we going to do when we get home?” she asked loud enough for the watchers to hear. Kazuma finally caught on and almost smiled.
“Sweetheart, we shouldn't talk about that in public!” Kazuma said as loud as Ayanna had. A few of their `audience' walked away, satisfied they were normal citizens despite their strange clothing. Kazuma and Ayanna started to laugh together. The rest of the strangers departed as the couple walked on.
Kazuma looked back after a moment, and when he saw that no one was watching, he sighed. “Oh, that was close,” he breathed, then winked at Ayanna. “Quick thinking, dear!”
Ayanna smiled sweetly, “Anything to help you my beloved,” she batted her eyelashes. The two natives laughed. They walked until they stood in front of the largest building in the city. HOLY.
“Kazuma, are you sure about this?” Ayanna asked, unsure. Kazuma nodded once, his facial features depicting determination at the mount of its limit. He strode forward, and Ayanna followed.
“He's here, Commander,” a boy spoke. Martin Sigmar, the commander of HOLY, stood beside the boy with blue hair. The boy's alter looked like a large orb that enveloped his upper body. It allowed the boy to know what is happening at any given place, moment, and with any person.
“Thank you, Elian. Unkei will take care of him,” Sigmar replied. He was an older man, mid-thirties perhaps, with a long brown mullet. “I'd like to greet him first.”

“Commander,” Elian interrupted. An image of Kazuma walking towards HOLY HQ focused on the alter's screen. “He has someone with him.”
Sigmar spun around and peered closely at the image. He saw Kazuma glance to his side and speak to another. “Elian, close up on that one.”
“Yes Commander.” Elian tapped a few keys on the keyboard attached to his alter. A larger image of the stranger appeared beside the first, but it was blurry. Elian focused it until it was clear.
“A girl…” Sigmar stared at the picture.
“Sir, I don't have any information on her. Do you think she's an inner?” Elian asked. Sigmar smiled.
“Shouldn't we be looking for Tachibana?” Scheris asked. They were inside HOLY's main lobby. Along with Scheris was Urizane, Ryuhou, and Seyaa.
“It's been a few days now. He probably didn't make it,” Urizane replied. He dug his teeth into a dark, juicy melon.
“Asuka Tachibana had already been dismissed when he attacked Kazuma. He is no longer a part of HOLY,” Ryuhou told his comrades calmly, although Seyaa already knew this. Ryuhou shared all of his information with her. Scheris looked up at Ryuhou, surprised.
“You're kidding! Why didn't anyone tell us?” she asked. Ryuhou shrugged.
“The commander decided he was too weak. He couldn't even defeat Kazuma.”
“Oh, so it's all that guy's fault, huh?” Urizane spat out a watermelon seed. “Who does that bastard think he is?!”
“Hey, someone talking about me?”
Every HOLY member turned at the sound of a familiar voice just inside Headquarters. Scheris gasped. “What are you doing here!?”
Kazuma stood innocently at the entrance only slightly in front of Ayanna. “Listen, we didn't come here to start a fight.”
“Why did you come here then?” Seyaa asked.
“Well, we think it's about the right time to join up!” Kazuma grinned. Everyone gasped in disbelief.
“What'd you say?” Ryuhou clarified.
“There's no way!” Scheris squealed.
“What made you change your mind anyways?” Ryuhou asked hotly. Ayanna answered.
“With that last fight, we finally realized how strong you guys are,” she shrugged. Kazuma nodded.
“My policy's always been go with the power!”
“Besides,” Ayanna added, “We don't want to fight a battle we can't win.” The HOLY members exchanged outraged whispers.
“Do you think we're just going to buy into your lies?” Scheris shouted.
Kazuma frowned. “What do you want us to do so you will believe us?”
“Nothing you do can change our minds!” Ryuhou snarled. Rallies of agreement came from the others around him.
“There must be something to bring us together…” Kazuma trailed off as another voice answered his.
“Friendship, trust, and love.” The Commander appeared beside Kazuma and Ayanna. “The solution to everything begins with believing in each other. Everything starts from that point.”
Kazuma and Ayanna turned to see Sigmar. “Oh, so you must be the commander,” Ayanna smiled.
“I'm the commander here at HOLY. My name is Martin Sigmar. And you, NP3241 and NP…No. Tell me your real names,” Sigmar requested.
“Kazuma. I don't know if it's registered legally, and my last name is Torisuna.”
“My name is Ayanna. I have no last name, Commander,” Ayanna told Sigmar.
“Ayanna is good enough. You are both welcome in our organization. I congratulate you on becoming members of our ranks here at HOLY,” Sigmar accepted. The HOLY officers all exchanged looks of disbelief, muttering things like: `What?' `Is this a joke?'

Kazuma grinned and nudged Sigmar in the stomach, as if they were life-long pals. “Hey, you really understand everything, Commander!”
The commander smiled. “With your abilities, it's a matter of course.” Urizane stepped forward, a watermelon in one hand.
“Hey, what the hell's going on here, Commander?”
“They're joining the force!!” Sigmar snapped. Kazuma smiled at the HOLY members and gave a little wave.
“My new friends! Hi guys!”
Ryuhou steamed silently.
“Commander, I don't think we can trust him,” Ryuhou proclaimed. He stood in front of Martin Sigmar who sat at his desk.
“I'm not so sure about him, either, Ryuhou,” Sigmar closed his eyes.
“Then why did you let him join so quickly? And you don't even know about that girl!” Ryuhou's eyes shone with frustration.
“Calm down, Ryuhou. We have a powerful playwright on our hands. The best of the best it would seem.”
Ryuhou looked up at Sigmar unexpectedly. “You're planning to use Unkei?”
“Yes. With Unkei's power, Kazuma will want to become a member of HOLY with all his heart,” the commander smiled maliciously. Ryuhou shook his arm.
“But what about the girl?” he asked. Sigmar swiveled in his chair so that Ryuhou faced his back.
“She's the key.”
“Wow, this place is huge,” Kazuma marveled. Ayanna agreed as she stared at the ceiling far above them. Scheris left them, having just finished touring them around.

“Kazuma,” Ayanna whispered, “How are we going to find them?” she asked. Kazuma just looked back at her when a hand fell on his shoulder.
“Look who finally decided to join up!” came a friendly voice. “It's Kazuya!”
Kazuma glared at the man. “It's Kazuma!” he corrected.
“Oh right,” the man smiled sheepishly. “Well, you could always change your name.”
“Shut up,” Kazuma mumbled. Ayanna just stared at Kazuma and the strange, orange-haired man blankly.
“Kazuma, who's that?” she finally asked.
“Hmm?” the man looked up at Ayanna and his eyes glittered. He immediately stepped in front of Ayanna and bowed.
“Excuse me, my name is Straight Cougar!” he introduced himself. Ayanna stared at him nervously.
“Uh…I'm Ayanna,” she replied. Kazuma just gazed at Cougar, disgusted.
“My, that's a beautiful name! You're a HOLY member now? Are you seeing anyone? Am I too late? Do you have a boyfriend? Are you engaged? Married? Going steady?” Cougar asked. Ayanna twitched.
Ryuhou stood beside Seyaa across the room, studying the three. Seyaa said nothing. Ryuhou watched as Kazuma became suddenly defensive of Ayanna over Cougar. “Interesting,” Ryuhou whispered and turned on his heel. Seyaa silently followed him out.
“How do you know Kazuya, Ayenna-chan?” Cougar asked as they all sat at a booth in the lobby.
“Ayanna!” Kazuma corrected.
“Kazuma!” Ayanna corrected. They glanced at each other and barely suppressed a blush. “He saved me.”
Kazuma looked down at the table, pretending to be uninterested. He especially hated the fact that they had to be sitting with Cougar.
“How long ago was that?” Cougar asked, staring at Ayanna dreamily. Ayanna fiddled with her white gloves on either hand.
“Uh, `bout a week ago or something,” she replied. Cougar sighed inwardly. Only a week, he thought, nothing could have happened in a week.
“Ayanna,” came a voice. “Kazuma,” it added. They both looked up, as well as Cougar. A young woman with long black hair stood at their table. It was Seyaa. “The commander says that you two should probably get to know the city. I suppose neither of you can drive. There's a car waiting outside with a driver,” she informed them.
Kazuma and Ayanna exchanged glances. Then, Kazuma smiled at Seyaa. “Thanks.” Seyaa nodded and left. Cougar's face dropped.
“What?” he asked himself as Kazuma and Ayanna slowly left him and the building together. “Did I say something wrong? Was my timing horrible? I know I'm already handsome enough, so what is it?”