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Scryed Askew: Part 10 - Meetings
By Robster80
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Despite barely sleeping the night before, Cherise seemed full of energy when she boarded the transport that was going to the aid station out in the Wastes. A smile was on her face all morning; after all, she was going to see Kazuma again, and this time Ryuhou wouldn't be getting in the way. At least, she hoped that he wouldn't.
Mimori looked at Cherise as she sat down next to her. “You look happy this morning.”
“Yep. I'm hoping to meet someone at the station.”
“I see. But what if he doesn't show?”

“Oh, he will. I believe in him.” Cherise then checked her watch. So what's the hold-up? I want to get a move on! …God, I've been hanging around Cougar for far too long.
“Good morning.”
The warmth of her blood faded immediately at the familiar voce. Slowly, Cherise looked up. No! Not him, not now!
Mimori also frowned slightly. “Officer Teiren,” she said coolly.
Sure enough, Ryuhou stood before them. “May I inquire as to where you both are going, and why?”
“We are accompanying the team to the aid station in Sector Z284, where we will help deliver provisions and medical supplies, and also help treat any there who are sick or injured,” Mimori stated. “Officer Adjani is assigned to assist with these tasks and also double as our protection. Didn't you get the memo?”
“I did, yes.” Ryuhou never looked at Mimori, but at Cherise, who had turned her head form him and closed her eyes as if to brush him off. “However, the memo you mentioned didn't include Cherise tagging along with the team. Why are you going along?”
“Why are you so interested?” Cherise shot back, still refusing to look at Ryuhou at all.
“Because of what's out there. Have you forgotten about B-rank criminal NP3228? That monster took you hostage, wrecked my car, and on top of that… forced himself upon you.”

Mimiori was shocked. Her eyes, wide in surprise, locked onto Cherise. “Is this true, Officer Adjani?”

“All that guy did was kiss me.”
Ryuhou clenched his fists. “With his filthy tongue.”
Though she couldn't see this, Cherise's ears noted to her brain the jealousy and anger in Ryuhou's tone of voice. Somebody's wishing they had gotten to that particular base with me first.
Mimori noticed it, too. Oh, ho! No wonder he looked so ready to kill that afternoon. “I'm sure Miss Adjani appreciates your concern, Teiren. However, worrying about her and being ticked about her brief hostage experience should be her boyfriend's job. And the last I recall, that isn't you.”
Ryuhou roughly grabbed Cherise by the wrist and yanked her to her feet. “Excuse us,” he said coldly to Mimori as he dragged Cherise out of earshot. Cherise tried to pull herself free, but his grip was too tight; she could feel the loss of circulation in her fingers.
“You're not going out into the Wastes,” Ryuhou said after he dragged Cherise out of the transport. “I won't allow it.”
“That is NOT for you to decide,” Cherise snapped back, pulling her arm free and flexing her fingers to help restore the blow of blood into them. “Your behavior is exactly why I asked the Commander not to inform you I was going.”
“Cherise I don't want that… that bastard to get you again-.”

“How do you know he'll even show up where I'm going?” Aside from the fact that I sent him a letter explaining where and when I'd be today, but there's no way I'm telling Ryuhou this. “And you're not my boyfriend-!”

“And what would he tell you, Cherise? To go out into danger?”

“He'd respect that my job has its dangers.”
Ryuhou glared while Cherise gave a relieved look as Straight Cougar appeared between them. “I do hope I'm interrupting something,” Cougar said, lifting up his trademark pink sunglasses. “Ryuhou, Commander Zigmar would like a word with you, or five hundred, I can't remember the exact number.”
“Tell him I'll be there in a minute-.”
“Right. Now. Officer Adjani, you're holding up the transport and you're already 16 seconds behind schedule.”
Taking the cue, Cherise saluted quickly before dashing back into the Transport and yelling for the vehicle to go. The door shut behind her and the huge machine started up and took off for one of the gates.
“You were in on this, weren't you?”

Cougar grinned at Ryuhou. “Actually… yeah, I was.” He then pulled back as Ryuhou took a swing at him. “Ha! Not this time-!” He dodged another punch. “No wonder you can't get a date with THAT attitude.”
“As much as I'm enjoying this, you do have to go see the Commander… unless you want to be buried in paperwork.”
With a low growl of frustration, Ryuhou turned on his heels and stomped off back into the building. The first chance he got, he told himself, he'd grab a vehicle and head after Cherise. There was no way he'd allow her to go unprotected.
And I want a second crack at that Kazuma!
***************************************************************** ***********************************
Kimishima had his buggy ready to go exactly at 7 am; he had spent the night with Kazuma and the still sick Kanami so they would be ready to go around the scheduled time for Cherise and the HOLY medical supply transport to leave the city. He and, especially, Kazuma hadn't slept much as they took turns watching over Kanami during the night, though Kazuma made Kimishima sleep more as he was the driver. By the time Kimishima had the engine running, Kazuma had come out of the abandoned clinic he called home, carrying Kanami wrapped up in a blanket.
“Please hold on, Kanami,” Kazuma pleaded softly. “We're going to get you some help.” After securing her in the back seats, Kazuma jumped into the passenger seat and they took off.
“We should get there roughly before the supply vehicle does,” Kimishima stated over the engine noises. He didn't bother to comment on that would be correct as long as they didn't get a repeat of what happened two days prior.
Though he didn't look it, Kazuma was torn. On the one side, he was happy he would see Cherise again. On the other side, the reason he was in such a hurry to get there was because of Kanami's illness. There wouldn't be much time for him and Cherise to be together.
Kimishima began to wonder if this was fate trying to tell Kazuma that he and Cherise weren't mean to be together. However, he kept his mouth shut about it. One thing he had learned over the time he and Kazuma spent together was to never get him upset if it could be helped. Let's just hope whomever is guarding the supply transport is friendly… but if it's that guy again, the one Kazuma told me about, we'll be pretty much dead in the water.
They were over halfway to their destination when they came upon a disturbance; Biff and his gang were seemingly accosting some older man, surrounding him.
Kazuma scowled. “Those guys again.”
“Should we detour?”
“…No. I'll go help that guy out quick, and then we'll get back on track.” Kazuma undid his seatbelt and partially climbed out the open side of the jeep. “Floor it! We'll take them by surprise!”
Simply nodding, Kimishima gave it the gas and charged towards the scene. He stopped as Kazuma suddenly jumped out, calling on his alter, and launched an attack that scattered Biff and his gang.
The huge punk, landing belly first on the ground, rolled himself back onto his feet. “Whomever you are, you're-!” but his threat died along with his voice upon seeing Kazuma. Scared at this man who had defeated him before so easily, and at the fear that Kazuma's presence would attract that HOLY guy once more, Biff took off running. His gang, or what was left of it, soon followed suite.
“Tch! Cowards.” Kazuma turned his attention to the man the gang had been tormenting. “You okay?”

“I'm all right,” the man replied, smiling. “Thank you, young man.”
“No big. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get going. Kimishima, who told you to kill the motor?”

The man followed kazuam to Kimishima's jeep. “Wait, pelase! Could you give me a lift?”

“We're kinda in a hurry, old guy,” Kimishima stated while turning over the engine. “We got a sick little girl we're trying to get to HOLY's medical station not too far form here.”
“I'm heading there myself. May I accompany you? I promise I can pay you for the trouble.” The man looked in and saw Kanami. “Oh dear; she doesn't look too good.”
Finally, Kimishima got the motor started up again. “There we go! Okay, pal, but I'm warning you, we're not cheap.”


“Hey, he's gonna pay us anyway, so why not seize this opportunity? Just be careful not to disturb Kanami back there, okay, pal?”
“Understood. And the name's Marty.”
“I'm Kunihiko Kimishima. The girl back there is Kanami, and my partner here is her guardian, Kazuma.”
Marty leaned closer to get a better look at Kazuma. “Oh, I know who you are. You're the guy who escaped from HOLY the other day. You're quite famous.”
Kazuma glared back at Marty. “You thinking of collecting on my head?”

“Not really. There's been no mention of a reward for your capture. Also, I heard you were originally taken in by a man named Ryuhou Teiren, and people out here seem to dislike him more than he cares whether or not if they do. Not to mention you don't look like a dangerous criminal to me.”
Kazuma raised an eyebrow at Marty, taking in his features; Marty seemed to be in his late 40's or early 50's, sporting long brown hair that went past his shoulders and a matching goatee. But what seemed to bug Kazuma the most was how Marty's voice sounded vaguely familiar. I should know his voice from somewhere… but from where I can't figure out.
“So, why are you heading out to the station, Marty?” Kimishima asked, trying to stir up conversation.
“Just my annual check-up. I know a few of the doctors there, and they're nice enough to look me over and treat me for certain diseases. What about you? I assume Kanami back here's the reason?”

“Mind your own business,” Kazuma snapped. However, he then replied, “Our local doctor couldn't treat her, so we're trying our luck elsewhere.
“That,” Kimishima grinned, “and the fact that we got word Kazuma's sweetheart will be there today, too.”
“Kimishima, he doesn't need to know THAT!”
“You'll have to speak up, Kimishima,” Marty said, “I sometimes go deaf at times for no apparent reason.” He winked at Kazuma.
It took twenty more minutes before they saw the station ahead of them; along side of the building was a transport, the one that Cherise and the supplies were riding in. However, Kimishima stopped his vehicle a good distance away. “We'd better not get any closer,” he said to Kazuma. “Remember, you're wanted in HOLY's eyes; they catch you and we're all going to be in deep trouble.”
“Well what are we supposed to do, Kimishima? Cherise is waiting for me, and Kanami needs help.”

“Why not ask Marty to take her in for us-?”

“I doubt Kazuma would be that trusting to turn over that little girl to a person he only just met,” Marty spoke up. “However, I have a plan; I know where they keep spare clothing in there for medical staff and HOLY soldiers.” Taking a stick, Marty drew a quick diagram of the building. “Wait five minutes, and then sneak over to this side here…” he pointed at the one side of the diagram. “I'll come let you in and you can slip into the changing rooms right there. From there, we'll pretend you found Kanami at the doors and she'll get help.”
“It's worth a shot.” But Kazuma grabbed Marty by the front of his shirt. “But if I sense anything wrong, you'll wish we'd left you where we found you.”
“Understood, and please don't worry. That little girl's wellbeing is more important than some criminal's capture right now.”
***************************************************************** ***********************************
Ever since they had arrived, Cherise had done almost anything to get her mind off of when Kazuma would show up to see her. She had helped transfer the supplies off the transport, double-checked the inventory of what they had brought, and even took a break to get coffee and a snack from the vending machines. However, she still appeared anxious about her boyfriend showing up.
He shouldn't have any trouble getting in, she thought to herself. There are only two or three guards, so sneaking in should be easy. …Unless they and the staff here were alerted about Kazuma by the Commander or Ryuhou… I hope not.
Cherise was once more torn between staying in the city and with HOLY, or giving up everything she had grown accustomed to over the last two years to be with Kazuma at least everyday in the Wastes. Her determination and courage to willing up and leave two days prior seemed but a hasty impulse, one that she wondered if it would have been the right thing to do. After all, she had wanted to get out of the Wastes so badly when she and Kazuma first met, and he had helped her achieve her goal. If she ran back now, would that betray that kind deed even though she just wanted to be with him? And what if Ryuhou chased after her, right to Kazuma's doorstep? After all that had happened with Kazuma getting captured by HOLY and then escaping, there was no way any future battles could be avoided.
“Cherise, there you are!”

Blinking out of her thoughts, Cherise looked at Mimori, who rushed up. “What's the matter?”

“Two guards found a little girl just outside the back of the building. She's burning up with fever.”
Little girl? …Wait, Kanami is-! No, I'm just jumping to conclusions. “Where is she now?”
“The two guards who found her are new here; they don't know which way to the examination rooms, and I'm still learning the layout myself. Could you help us?”

“Uh, sure.” New guards? Nobody told me anything about new guards. Shrugging, Cherise followed Mimori out into the hallway where she saw two guards in HOLY soldier uniforms standing. One of the guards, the taller one, held a little girl with long brown hair in his arms. One look at the guard's lower face and Cherise instantly knew it was Kazuma in disguise.
Kazuma, using the same trick twice is too risky-! Waiiiit a minute! If he's here, then… this girl…
Cherise checked the girl's temperature and pulse quickly. “She's sick, alright. Follow me, all of you! And be gentle with her!”

“Ma'am!” the two soldiers replied as they and Mimori followed Cherise.
I'm sorry, Kazuma/Cherise… that we had to meet again like this.
They walked through the building until they came to a room with several beds hooked up to devices that had various monitors, dials and lights. Cherise pointed to the one bed and the guards set the girl down gently onto it. She then took a scanner hooked up to the bed/machine and carefully ran it over the girl from head to toe, shining a small green light over her as she did. Mimori checked the monitors, which showed x-rays and infrared scans.
Shouldn't we go before-?” one of the “guards” whispered to his partner, which earned him a quick elbow-jab to his ribs to silence him.
Cherise then giggled. “Oh, Mimori? Can you keep a secret?”

“…Depends. What kind of secret?”
“You'll see. Would one of you two mind closing the door and locking it?”
Unsure what Cherise had planned, one of the guards nodded and did as he was asked.
Smiling, Cherise then said, “Okay… Kazuma, Kimishima, take off the helmets; I know it's you two.”
“How'd you know?” Kimishima blurted out before he let out a yowl of pain as Kazuma elbowed him in the stomach for evidently giving themselves away.
“It's okay, Kazuma,” Cherise laughed, “I recognize your face anywhere, even if most of it is covered by a helmet. Now I believe introductions are in order… Mimori Kiryu, meet my boyfriend Kazuma Torisuna and his partner and friend, Kunihiko Kimishima, and the little girl they brought to us is Kanami Yuta, Kazuma's ward. Guys, meet Mimori Kiryu, daughter of one of HOLY's primary backers and also a skilled medic.”
Kazuma and Kimishima took of their helmets and gave a sort-of bow towards Mimori, who replied in kind. “So what's wrong with Kanami?” Kazuma asked directly.
“It's called the Las virus; it looks severe, but it's just a worse incarnation of the flu that can be easily treated, given the proper medicine. I can have a prescription ready in one hour if I start now.”
This made Kazuma's eyes light up. “Miss Kiryu, if I wasn't seeing Cherise already, I'd kiss you.”

“I'd be glad to fill in for him,” Kimishima offered, resulting in yet him getting hit once more by Kazuma. “Damn it, can't you cut that out?!”
“SSSSH!” Cherise and Kazuma went, trying to quiet Kimishima down. Mimori only giggled.
“I… appreciate the offer, Mr. Kimishima. However, I am seeing someone right now. Sorry.” She then started for the door, but then stopped. “Oh yes. Mr. Torisuna-?”
“Kazuma, please. I'm not THAT old.”
“Alright, Kazuma. I was asked to give you this.” Mimori got out a piece of paper from her one pocket and handed it over to Kazuma. “It's from Commander Zigmar himself. Funny, though; it was as if he knew I'd find you here today of all things. …Oh well.” With that, she left the room to retrieve the medicine for Kanami.
“That IS strange,” Kimishima muttered, rubbing his chin. “What does it say, Kazuma?”
“Dunno, duncare,” Kazuma huffed, slipping the paper into a pocket. “I got other things to worry about right now. This can wait.”
“Are you sure about that? What if it has a transmitter in it?”
Cherise agreed with Kimishima; there would be no telling what they all would be in for if the commander of HOLY was trying to track Kazuma. “Here, let me take a look at it, Kazuma.”
All three turned to see Kanami stir weakly. Naturally, Kazuma rushed to her side, gently taking one of her hands into his. “I'm right here, Kanami.”

Slowly, the little girl opened her eyes to see Kazuma. Glancing about, she saw Kimishima, and a woman she recognized form the pictures Kazuma kept under his bed. “Miss… Adjani?”
Cherise gave a warm smile. “And so we meet at last, Kanami Yuta. It's nice to meet you; although, I wish it wasn't like this.”
“It's okay, Kanami,” Kazuam said soothingly, “we're at a medic station. Someone's getting you some medicine for your fever right now.”
Kanami smiled. “Thank you. Sorry… to worry you.” She then turned back to Cherise. “Kazu-kun was… sad last night… after coming back… to see you… Miss Adjani.”
“Just Cherise is fine. As for that, well… let's just say some of my coworkers and Kazuma got off on the wrong foot, and we had to cut our date day short. But never mind that. How do you feel?”
“Tired… hot…”
“We'll get you some water.” Cherise stood up and looked at Kazuma. “Shall we?”
“Sure.” Kazuma grabbed his helmet.
“Cherise?” Kanami said.
“Yes, what is it?”
Kanami smiled. “You have my… my permission. One day… you can… can marry Kazu-kun.”
Cherise's face went red quickly, and Kazuma landed face-first onto the floor. Kanami, though weakly, laughed along with Kimishima.
~M-M-Married?!~ Cherise thought. ~T-that's going wayyy too fast for us! We only started dating officially months ago.~
“K-Kanami, that's not funny!” Kazuma stated after getting up, his face red from the impact. Jamming his helmet on, he took Cherise by the hand and walked out of the room, but not before checking first to see if anyone was heading their way. “Cherise, I'm sorry. I dunno what Kanami was thinking with that.”
“No, no, it's okay. I mean, she's only a kid after all. And it got her to laugh despite her illness.”

“…Y-Yeah, I guess so. Anyway… where to now?”
“Follow me,” Cherise replied as she took her hand into Kazuma's. She didn't care if anyone else saw them now; after all, if anybody asked, neither of them would give Kazuma's name out. And it would throw Ryuhou off the trail about exactly whom Cherise was dating. “…I'm glad you're here, Kazuma; even if it took Kanami getting sick to bring us together.”
Kazuma blushed slightly under his helmet's visor. “So am I, Cherise.” ~Me, marry Cherise. Kanami had to be joking. I mean, how could I support Cherise, not to mention buy her a ring and whatnot? I can barely make ends meet supporting Kanami, and I'm not going to throw that girl to the wolves, either. …Although… it would be nice if I didn't have to resort to sneaking around to see Cherise. Too bad she'd never agree to come back to the Wastes.~
~And here I thought Kanami was more of an adult than a kid, from what Kazuma told me about her. I never expected to hear her joke about Kazuma and me getting married. Besides, it's too soon to even consider that kind of planning. And I'd have to come back out here for good. But… I wouldn't say no if… if Kazuma did ask me to come live with him.~
Little did either of them realize they were being watched by security cameras. In the security room, a lone figure sat in front of several monitors; one showing Mimori working on medicine for Kanami, another showing Kimishima watching over Kanami, and several more showing Cherise and the disguised Kazuma walking hand-in-hand. Laying on the counter in front of the monitors was a false beard.
Leaning back in the chair, “Marty” smiled. “Let's see how you are without someone like Ryuhou Teiren around to trouble you, Mr. Torisuna…”
To Be Continued…
Author's Notes: A million apologies to you all, loyal readers! I assure you that I have not abandoned this storyline, yet. In all honesty… I was a lazy bum. Well, between working my real life job, video-gaming (FF7 and trying out a Wii before I buy one, IF it ever gets back in stock), discussing story ideas with a friend online, taking a week's vacation in Florida to visit said friend and my one aunt… you get the idea. Anyway, I again apologize for the lateness in getting out this chapter.
So, how many of you all who Marty really is? Well, please don't tell anybody else (IE mention it in the reviews, if any)! Let's keep it quiet until I unveil his identity. With that said, what happens now? Well, I have some ideas to kink out, especially if I want to tie the little lemon scene I wrote for Cherise & Kazuma into this story, but I'm going to do that as I write to try and make it easier. Believe me, fellow writer's, it works.
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