Sailor Moon Fan Fiction / Digimon Fan Fiction ❯ On Silver Wings ❯ The Locket ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Clutching her books to her chest a solitary girl navigated the crowded hallways of her high school to her locker. Throngs of girls formed crowds together, talking loudly, and flipping long stylish hair. Quickly she worked the dial of her lock and opened her locker her eyes locking on to her reflection. She really didn't know why she bothered with a mirror. It was actually there when she was first assigned her locker from whoever used it before. Long brown hair, green eyes, and a pale fair complexion stared back at her from the mirror. Tessa wouldn't say she was a beautiful girl, not ugly though. Tolerably pretty. No make up on her face, no product in her hair. She was just herself. Quickly she deposited her books from her last period of the day and started gathering up her bag.

Coming along the hall, flanked by a girl on each side came the queen bee of her class and up and coming bee of the school, Jessica Forest. As she approached and chatted with her perfect girlfriends she gave her a snarly look that said, 'move aside you know this is my time to get my stuff freak.'

Tessa turned her back to the approaching trio and moved over to allow Jessica to get into her locker without further confrontation. A high pitch squeal of “Sweetie!” announced to Tessa that the up and coming jock of the school and Jessica's boyfriend Matt was approaching. Sickening endearments were exchanged and Tessa rolled her eyes to herself as she pulled on her zip up hoodie. Slipping her shoulder straps on she slammed close her locker door and walked away from the everyday scene stifling a yawn. 'I don't know why I'm always so tired, not like I have a sizzling social life or my after class hours are packed with activities.'

They hit the door and the late afternoon sunshine of a fall day greeted them, a welcome exchange from the harsh florescent world of the classroom. "Come on, I want to play you again," Sam said as she put her arm around Tessa's shoulders and walked with her among the throngs of students then down the steps of the school. The autumn had bleached the world of it's color and the trees of most of their leaves signaling that winter was not far. Even with the chill in the air it was perfect walking weather to the cold harden Wisconsin girls.

"Again? Come on Sam I always beat you in Digimon." They walked past the buses and out to the road. Sam's mom commuted to work so she stayed at Tessa's house after school almost every day. As they walked off the main road and on to one of the many back roads, they stopped walking in single file and started to walk side by side. They lived in a small town and they would be able to see any cars coming, so the girls always walked like this. Conversations were just so hard to have in a straight line.

Sam smiled and came in close to her friend nudging her side with her elbow. "Sooooo," she drawled out, "Did you see Alex watching you? Oh my god! That boy is such a cutie!"

Tessa blushed and pushed her away playfully, "Whatever! Alex is one of Matt's friends."

Sam looked at me a bit confused, and eyebrow arched, "I thought you knew him."

Tessa wouldn't meet her friends gaze. “Of course I know him, we grew up together. So did everyone in my class, we've all been together since kindergartener. We were best friends all through elementary and middle school but then when we got into high school he started to get into all the jock sports stuff and I. . . I dunno I didn't really fit with that image. I made him look bad so I broke off our friendship.” Sam was listening with rapt attention. She was a transfer new from half way through the school year last year and was soaking up all the information regarding her bestie should could. Tessa did not often talk about her prior social life to Sam, it was rather embarrassing since it really did not exist.

The two friends came to the beginning of Tessa's long dirt drive way. “You broke up a life long friendship because you wanted him to be happy?  You think of everyone but yourself. Tessa, why do you keep doing things like that to yourself."

Tessa did not respond as they trudged up the dusty driveway toward the farmhouse. 'Because I lack self esteem and am chronically depressed,' she told herself.

The old door creaked on it's hinges as the entered from the porch into the kitchen and slugged off their packs onto the tabletop. Suddenly Tessa felt her self sweep up from behind in the second bear hug of the day. “Hello, my dearest little sister!”

"Kyle!" Tessa exclaimed, "What are you doing here! Aren't you supposed to be at college? I didn't even see your truck" He dropped her and turned her around to face him. “And of course I'm your dearest sister, I'm your only sister.”

"It's Thanksgiving break, we get to come home to gorge on free food and do laundry. Didn't ya know? I parked on the side of the barn to surprise you. Oh, this is going to be so much fun!" He rubbed his sister's hair roughly. Her brother was an undeclared freshmen in college just relishing his new found freedom and caught up in the excitement of the “after high school” life. He stood a good foot taller then his sister, was lean, with thick wavy brown hair and blue eyes like their mother.

It took Sammie's help to extract Tessa from beneath her brothers hands. “You can harass your sister all vacation and on the holiday it self Kyle, I get her now!” Amidst Kyle's whines of protest Sammie dragged her friend up the stairs to her second story bedroom. As soon as the door closed her friend began to complain.

“You're brother is so messy! A real grease monkey, I mean literally.” Tessa just smiled at the truth of the statement. Her brother was mechanically inclined and helped keep their mother's clunker of a car going as long as it did. Sammie flopped down hard on the bed with a rebounding bounce and fumbled around underneath the bed where they stored their cards. “Ah ha!” she exclaimed as she dragged out a rubber band bound cigar box. Tessa settled cross legged on the bed and pulled out her stack of cards from their shared box.

“Alright, we'll play for a little bit OK. Like three games at the most. That's It.” Tessa said to her silent grinning friend. Several hours later and many more then three games later Sam's cell began to buzz out her mother's ring tone. Glancing out her double hinged window they saw Sam's mother just pulling in front of the house. She walked with her friend down stairs and waved goodbye to her then went back in to cook dinner. Her mother was asleep, getting acclimated for her coming night shift and was still locked away in her bedroom. There was no way that her brother would make himself anything more then a slapped together sandwich so she cooked a meal for two and hung out with her brother until late in the evening. With another rough hair rub from her brother she slipped off back up stairs to bed. Stretching and yawning Tessa snuggled under her sheets and fell fast asleep.

Tappa tappa tappa. Screek.

Tessa awoke with a start and sat bolt up in bed. She scanned the rooms as her eyes adjusted to the moonlit room.

“Murrroow..” came a soft sound from outside her bedroom window. Curious she got to her feet and approached. Just outside on the over hanging roof sat a pure white cat. Making cooing noises Tessa quickly unlocked the window. “Aw come on in little kitty.”

The cat turned and looked at her. It was then she noticed the strange yellow crescent shaped mark on it's forehead. Cocking it's head to one side the cat regarded her. “Don't mind if I do!” Soft cat paws bounded from the ledge and into the room coming around to face her.

Tessa let out a sharp startled cry then quickly clasp her mouth shut. 'I must be asleep.' “You, You can talk.” She said one hand still covering her mouth the other pointing at the little cat.

“Why yes, yes I can.” The little white cat had a masculine sounding voice and brilliant blue eyes.

Tessa opened her eyes large, shook her head, then clamped her eyes close. To her dismay the cat was still sitting there, still staring at her when she opened her eyes. “Um.. ok am I missing something...? I must be dreaming right?”

The little cat shook his head. “Nope, not dreaming. I just need to give you something, she wouldn't want me too but this is my JOB." In front of the cat a small puff of mist began to materialize and then a locket appeared from the fog. He grabbed it in his mouth and walked over to Tessa, "Here, you'll know what to do with it when the time comes, keep it with you at all times!" She bent down and took it from his mouth. "Ok then, I'll see you around." And with that the white cat jumped up to the window and was gone just as quickly as he had come.

Tessa quickly stood and ran to the window holding the locket, and feeling very confused. Rubbing her her eyes with the palms of her hands she gave her head a shake, groggily tossed the locket on her bedside table and collapsed onto her bed.

A/N – I hope that people like the changes, I think that they make the story seem not so marysue-ish. Thanks for reading! If you have some time send me some thoughts. I had originally thought to keep the old chapters up as place holders but I've now decided to delete them all and post them back up as I get them redone.