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The Substitute Teacher

Terror of Shu-mai

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon or GTO.

Note: This takes place in SM universe during the fight with the Amazon Trio. And when Molly’s speaking there’re no typos. I’m trying to write how the girl talks!

As always, Serena woke up late for school. She got up so quickly she fell right out of bed. “Late again!”

“You really shouldn’t be watching television so late at night, Serena,” Luna scolded.

“But my favorite program was playing,” Serena muttered as she jumped to her feet and went to her closet to get her school uniform. “Maybe I should start recording it for now on.”

“Serena, are you up yet?” her mother called up the stars.

“Yeah, yeah!” Serena shouted, pulling on her clothes. “I’ll be down in a minute!” Serena grabbed her socks and put them on her feet while trying to do her hair at the same time. “Oh, Ms. Haruna’s going to give me detention again!”

“Well maybe that will motivate you enough to come to school on time,” Luna said simply.

“Ooh!” Sailor Moon groaned, as she grabbed her bag and ran down the stairs. Serena ran into the kitchen to find the simplest thing for breakfast.

“Here Serena,” her mother said, “I made you some toast.” She pointed to the table.

“Oh, thanks Mom!” Serena exclaimed, devouring it and washing it down with some orange juice. “Bye!”

She pulled her shoes on her feet and ran turbo speed to school singing, “I’m late—I’m late—I’m late! Another day in detention, I just know it! Oh I how I wish we’d get a different teacher! One that doesn’t give out detentions would be nice!”

Serena’s legs were cramping once she got into school and she was gasping for breath. She was about to die when she finally got to the classroom.

“I—I’m s—-so--soorry,” Serena said as she opened the door, taking in deep breaths, “That—I’m laaate again Ms…Har—who are you?!”

Serena nearly fainted and not because she was out of breath, but who should be Ms. Haruna was a tall sexy man with blond hair which he no doubt bleached but it still made him look good. He was dressed not like the other male teachers, but his manner of dress was more casually dressed.

“Hello!” he said cheerfully, “I’m Mr. Onizuka, you’re new teacher!”

“New—teacher?” she mumbled, “Where’s Ms. Haruna?”

“Oh, she’ll be gone for a while so I’ll be here until she gets back,” he said.

“I’m sorry I’m late today,” she whispered, “If you want to give me detention…” for the first time in her life, Serena didn’t seem to mind getting detention.

“Nah, don’t worry about it,” Mr. Onizuka said, “You’ve probably just slept in. Happens all the time to me.”

“Yes…Yes I did,” Serena admitted.

“Go ahead and sit down,” he said, “you really haven’t missed anything.”

“Y-yeah,” Serena stammered as she went and took her seat.

Mr. Onizuka smiled and did something she never saw Ms. Haruna do—hop and sit on his desk.

“So,” he said, reaching for the roster, “I’ll just go through the role—give me a shout to let me know you’re here.”

As he went down the list, he said a little joke and talked with each student. Serena thought it was great. He got to Serena’s name and for a split second, didn’t hear him.

“Serena—is Serena here today?”

“Serena,” Molly whispered.

“Oh!” Serena exclaimed, shooting her arm in the air, “here!”

“Hello Serena,” he said, “so, what do you like to do in your spare time?”

“Spare time?” Serena inquired.


“Uh, I like to eat, sleep and go to the arcade,” she answered truthfully.

“Really?” he zoomed to her desk.

“Y-yes, sir,” she answered shakily.

“How often do you go to the arcade?” he asked excitedly.

“All the time,” she replied.

“Are you going there today?” Mr. Onizuka asked, leaning down.

“Well, I was planning too,” she said, staring into his eyes.

“We’ll talk later,” he said, giving her a wink as he straightened up and continued going through the role.

Mr. Onizuka went to the windows and closed the curtains after which he turned off the lights. Some students mumbled in confusion. Mr. Onizuka went to the board and picked up a piece of chalk. Thinking it was the assignment, the students pulled out their books. But the message on the board had nothing to do with math or anything. Instead it read, ‘Terror of Shu-mai’

“Huh?” Serena mumbled, “Terror of Shu-mai?”

“Since it’s our first day together,” Mr. Onizuka began, pulling out a flashlight. “I thought I’d tell you a story. A scary one and it’s true. There were rumors of a place that sold Shu-mai made out of human flesh. One guy thought the rumors were a bunch of crap and he wanted to prove it. So one night he went and bought himself a box of Shu-mai.” Mr. Onizuka turned on the flashlight and shined it on his face. “On the way home, he got a strange feeling like someone was rubbing an ice cub up and down his spine. But he was alone; just him and the box. He opens the box sees that one is missing. But he doesn’t think anything about this he just says to himself, ‘hey, what am I worried about, maybe they just forgot to put one in, that’s all.’ And he continues to walk home. Again, he gets the same creepy feeling. He opens the box again. And two more are missing!”

Serena gasped and clamped her hands around her mouth. Everyone leaned forward, waiting for Mr. Onizuka to continue.

“He starts to get scared now. He closes the box and waits a minute. What if the rumors are true? But he can’t help but get the feeling to open the box. He opens it and two more Shu-mai are gone!”

The students gasped. Some tightened their fingers around their desks.

“He closes the box again,” Mr. Onizuka said creepily, “What if there was a demon that likes to eat human flesh and it has been eating the Shu-mai and it was going to eat him too? He decides to open the box one last time.”

Mr. Onizuka paused for a moment. People waited their hearts in their throats.

“The whole box is completely empty!” he shouted. “Frightened he screams like a banshee! AAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHH!”

Serena screamed and fell out of her seat. She looked up at Mr. Onizuka.

“Then—what—happened, Mr. Onizuka?” she asked urgently.

“What happened?” Mr. Onizuka echoed, his voice went from scary to a more toned down, humorous voice and he turned off the flash light, “well, he looks down and sees that they weren’t really gone—but they were stuck on the inside of the lid the whole time.”

Serena stared for a minute or two, trying to figure out the punch line. Serena got up off the floor and slid back into her seat. Then a few of the students started laughing.

“Human Shu-mai?”

Serena giggled, “Oh, now I get it!”

The classroom erupted with laughter and Mr. Onizuka went back to his desk. “Now there’s a moral to this story kids, you can never judge a book by its cover but boxes are a whole different kettle of fish.”

The rest of the class period Mr. Onizuka just talked a bit about his old motorcycle gang days and the kinds of things he likes to do besides teaching. Serena could not believe he was a teacher the way he made the class seem so fun. The bell rang and she felt reluctant to go.

Sighing, Serena grabbed her bag and got up. She started to walk out with Molly when Mr. Onizuka called her.

“Hey Serena,” he said, “you didn’t forget, did you?”

“Huh?” she mumbled, turning around.

“I wanted to talk to you about the arcade.” He reminded.

“Oh yeah, sure, Mr. Onizuka,” she nodded. “What about?”

“Well there’s this new game I’ve been playing,” he said, “it’s called Space Man 3—do you know if it’s at the arcade in town?”

“Hmm, I think so,” Serena said.

“Why don’t you shaw ‘im whar the ahcade is, Saranah?” Molly suggested.

“Err,” Serena mumbled. “I—I—,”

“Excellent idea!” Mr. Onizuka exclaimed. “Can you come back to this class after school?”

“Uh, right after?” Serena asked, “I mean—you won’t have some teacher’s meeting or something?”

“Nah, I hate meetings,” he flicked his hand in disgust.

“Okay, sure, Mr. Onizuka,” Serena said. “I’ll come right here.”

“Don’t be late!” Mr. Onizuka said as she walked away with Molly.

“Wow,” Molly breathed, “isn’t our new teacher great or what?”

“Oh, he’s great all right!” Serena exclaimed. “I think Mr. Onizuka’s the greatest teacher I had!”

“I don’t think any girl student got to go on a date with a teachah befoah.“ Molly said.

“What are you talking about?” Serena demanded.

“You and Mr. Onizuka going to the arcade.”

“That’s not a date!” she exclaimed.

“Well, you’ll both be there alone, won’t ya?” she asked. “And he asked ya to take him thar.”

“Actually, you said I should do it,” Serena reminded.

“Oh I think it will be fun, Sahena,” Molly insisted, “think of it, you’ll spend hours playing video games with Mr. Onizuka!”

Serena grinned. Actually, the idea sounded amazing. “Yeah! Yeah, I think it will be fun, I mean, Ms. Haruna would go nuts if I asked if we can go to the arcade or something. I think it’s great that Mr. Onizuka wants to be—well—you know—our friend.”

“I hope Ms. Haruna doesn’t come back,” Molly said. “And Mr. Onizuka stays.”

“Me too!”


Serena made haste to Mr. Onizuka’s classroom. “I’m here, Mr. Onizuka!” she cried. “Got here as quickly as I could.”

“Good,” he said. “So what’s this arcade like?” He followed her out the door with his hands in his pockets.

“Oh it’s great,” she replied. “Probably the best I’ve been too.”

“How many games does it have?”

Serena thought hard for a minute, “I’m not sure. Over fifty maybe.”

“Not bad,” Mr. Onizuka said.

They went to the arcade and Serena showed him around. The game he asked her about, Space Man 3 was there and she played it with him and she was thrilled when she learned they were interested in the same games. He asked her questions on some of them and how far she gotten. It was nice to coach him through one of the Sailor V games. For a twenty-two year old man, he found it enjoyable and wondered why he never played it before.

“Okay Mr. Onizuka,” said Serena, “you’re doing very well. You’ve got enough life left but you’ve got to be careful. Bad guys can pop out at anytime. Quick, grab that package—you might need it.”

“Cool, it’s a new gun!” Mr. Onizuka exclaimed. “Let me try it out…”

He pressed the button and learned that it could fire really fast.

“Careful!” Serena cried, “You’ll run out of ammo!”

“You know where I can get s’more?”

“Yeah, go run into that building—wait! There’s a bad guy, get rid of him first. Yeah, way to go, Mr. Onizuka!”

Serena ended up teaching him how to get to the thirteenth level and he was so close to the end when—

“Oh no! There’re way too may of them!” Mr. Onizuka shouted, “What do I do?”

“I don’t know, I never got this far!” she said, “Look out! The zombies will drain your energy. Quick, you need to change to a more powerful weapon. Blast ‘em!”

“Eat this!” Mr. Onizuka snarled to the machine as he fired at all the bad guys. There were a crowd of people swarming behind Serena, cheering Mr. Onizuka on.

“Yeah—that’s it!” a girl cried.

“Way to go!”

“Uh oh—here comes one of the bosses! He’s really tough to get passed!”

“Auugh!” Mr. Onizuka screamed. “He’s friggin’ huge!”

The monster slammed his giant arms down to the ground, making vibrations so strong that Sailor V lost her footing and fall.

“Quick, get up, get up!” Serena was banging on the back of Mr. Onziuka’s chair.

“C’mon,” Mr. Onizuka hissed, tapping the controls rapidly, “get up!”

Sailor V was had just gotten up and fired at the monster when he picked her up over his head and tossed her, taking away a lot of life. The life bar started flashing.

“Not good! Not good!” Mr. Onizuka groaned.

“Mr. Onizuka, quick--use your rocket launcher!” Serena exclaimed, “I think you’ve got one left!”

“Take that!” Mr. Onizuka sneered, scrolling through the weapons and firing at the big monster. It threw him back and took a third away from his hit points.

“Bulls eye!” cheered one of the boys.

“Jump on him!” a girl fried frantically. “Jump on him!”

“Kick ‘im while he’s still down!”

Mr. Onizuka went to do so and kicked the monster a few times and body slammed him but then it came back up and took Sailor V in a big bear hug, crushing her back and upper cutting her. She screamed and landed down on the ground. The lifebar was empty and Mr. Onizuka had no more lives left.

“NO!” Mr. Onizuka wailed. “I was so close!” He buried his face into his arm and pounded his fist on the machine.

“You made a new top score though,” Serena said, pointing at the screen.

“I did?” Mr. Onizuka sat up. “All right!” He put in his initials. “Serena, do you know if this game’s already out? I want to practice.”

“Sure, I think so,” Serena answered. She looked at her watch and realized it was getting late. “Oh no, my mom’s going to kill me! Well, I got to go now Mr. Onizuka!”

“Yeah sure,” he yawned. “Thanks Serena. See you in class then.”

Serena waved goodbye and ran out of the arcade home, laughing to herself. Finally she got a decent teacher! “I hope he stays here forever!” she said. “He’s the greatest teacher in the school—the whole world even!”


Serena made sure she didn’t sleep in on a school day after that. She set her alarm for 5 am and got herself ready. Her family thought she had all lost her mind, even Luna. She showed up to class with some of her games and game guidebooks. Mr. Onizuka had a game console and she would play with him almost every day with other students. Mr. Onizuka would start off each day with a joke and they played board games and such in class a few times. He did teach a lesson some times and when did, they weren’t boring at all. He would act it out or have a funny story to go with it. Serena never knew how much fun school could be.

“Hey Serena,” Mr. Onizuka said as she started to leave homeroom, “I got a new game you want to come and play it with me after school?”

“Sure Mr. Onizuka!” she replied with a grin and then she suddenly remember the scout meeting after school, “Oh, no, I forgot! I can’t!” Her grin disappeared and her face turned miserable—I have to go to a—club’s meeting today. I’m sorry!”

“Okay,” he said, “no problem. You’re not the only game master in the school.”

“What new game is it anyway?” she asked, “I might have played it before…”

“It’s Robot Wars.

“Yeah—I’ve played it. I got up to level five. I think the best robot for you to pick is the VZD200. He’s easy to use for beginners and after that you can use the bigger bots—like the Bladearm74.”

“All right thanks!”

“You’re welcome, Mr. Onizuka!” she said as she left the room.


Serena met the girls at Cherry Hill Temple, “Hi everyone!”

“Hey, you made it!” Raye said as she was sweeping the broom.

“I’m here on time, aren’t I?” Serena demanded, hands on hips.

“I thought for sure you’d be playing video games with Mr. Onizuka again,” Lita said with a grin.

“I think he’s really cute,” Mina grinned. “You know he was in a motorcycle gang?”

“I wonder how he became a teacher,” Ami said.

“Doesn’t matter,” Serena said, “he makes school fun! Since he’s come, I haven’t been late since! One the first day instead of giving use work he told us a story about the Terror of Shu-mai.”

“I know that story,” Ami noted, “Teachers say it to their students to get their attention.”

“Well it worked,” Serena muttered.

“I don’t think he has to say it to get your attention, Serena,” Lita grinned and Serena’s face went red.

“What’s new on the Amazon Trio?” Mina inquired. “They haven’t tried attacking people for a while.”

“Yeah,” Lita nodded.

“Maybe they’ve given up,” Rini suggested.

“I doubt it,” Raye said, “I get the feeling that they’re running out of victims or they’re trying harder to find the on they need.”

“Well, they’re dreaming if they can win,” said Artemis.

“You have to keep your eyes open scouts,” Luna insisted. “And learn about other people’s dreams.”

“Yeah, they’re after Pegasus,” said Rini, “and if we find that person before they do, we can protect them.”

“Right.” Ami said.

“Good thinking,” said Raye. “We’ll talk to people at school and ask aground.”

“They can’t get what they need,” Luna said. “So be very careful.”


“You three!” Zirconia shouted at the trio. “I have a job for you!”

“Who’s next, Zirconia?” Hawks Eye inquired.

The little creepy eye Zircon bobbled and gave Zircona a picture. “It’s this man,” Zircona said. “He through it at the three and Fish Eye caught it.”

“Hmm, looks like the catch of the day,” she said with a grin. “Quite handsome if I don’t say myself.”

Hawks Eye and Tigers Eye groaned.

“I bet he dies his hair,” Tigers Eye muttered.

“Oh, who asked you?” she snorted. “I’ll take care of it, Master Zirconia.” And she jumped into her water-swirling vortex, Hawks Eye and Tigers Eye watching.


Serena was so happy that today was a Saturday. She was going to go and play video games with Mr. Onizuka and she could spend hours talking about his dreams. She had a feeling it wasn’t about Pegasus, but she was sure it had to be a sweet dream. She could just see it now…

“Mr. Onizuka, what’s your dream?” she asked as they were playing a game.

“My dream?” he echoed. “How d’ya mean?”

“Well, what is it that you dream about the most?” she rephrased.

“Hmm,” Mr. Onizuka thought. He dreamed about lots of stuff. His old days when he was in his motorcycle gangs, he would dream about pretty girls and stuff like that. “I don’t know.”

Serena smiled and leaned closer, “Oh, I’m sure you have to have a big dream you’re working for.”

“They were always changing,” Mr. Onizuka explained, “First I wanted to be a leader in a motorcycle gang, and I wanted to become a karate master—,”

“Didn’t you do those already?” Serena asked.

“Yeah, yeah I did actually,” Mr. Onizuka said truthfully, nodding his head.

“What is it now?” she asked eagerly.

“I guess my biggest dream now would be…”

“Yes—yes?” she prompted.

“Playing video games with a pretty girl like you!”

“Oh wow!” she sighed, dropping her controller and grabbing his buff arm, “what a wonderful dream, Mr. Onizuka!”

“And it’s coming true, too!” he exclaimed. “But I’m going to beat you!” he said playfully.

“I don’t think so!” she giggled.

Serena grinned at the thought. She was so excited. She wanted the day to be perfect and she was getting ready as if she was going on a hot date. She vanity set trying to do something new with her hair with clothes pulled out of her dresser and closet on top of her bed.

“Blah!” she groaned, letting her hair down, “I’m not getting anywhere!”

“Serena, what are you doing?” Luna demanded. “It’s a school day. Why are you up early?”

“I—I just wanted to make a new hair style,” Serena answered, “that’s all.”


“I—I well, get tired of the meatballs of course,” Serena said, turning red. “Now let’s see—I’ve got to have something here I can use.”

Serena tried putting half of her hair up in a bun like Sailor Pluto’s, but it was too long and wouldn’t stay. She tried putting bunch of little clips and pulling it up in a messy, crazy way but it just didn’t look right.

“Augh!” she grunted. “Luna, this isn’t working!”

“Why don’t you just use your disguise pen?” she inquired.

“I would if I knew where it was!” Serena spat, she looked at the clock. “I have to get going in an hour and I still need to figure out what to wear!”

“Where are you going anyway?” Luna demanded, jumping onto the dresser. “Do you have a date with Darien?”

“Er, yeah—yeah,” she nodded, “yeah and I want it to be perfect you know. Heh-heh.” Serena looked in her mirror once again. “Now if I can just do something with my hair!”

Luna hopped off the dresser and batted stuff around as Serena continued to fuss with her hair. Ten minutes later Luna jumped back on the dresser with Serena disguise pen in her mouth.

“You found it!” Serena squealed, taking the pen.

“You really ought to be more careful where you put your things, Serena,” Luna told her.

“Yeah, I know,” Serena got up. “All right, what shall I disguise myself as?”

“Just make sure Darien will be able to recognize you.”

Serena thought hard. She didn’t want to look like a junior high school student since she’ll be with Mr. Onizuka—but he’ll have to know who she is too. However, it might be more fun and maybe it would be easier to get to know his dreams. It wouldn’t be fun if she disguised herself and pretended to be someone else and he didn’t know she was Serena. He would just think she did something different with her hair. He probably wouldn’t treat her like a student—of course—he never treated the students like students anyhow. Then she got it. It was perfect. It would bring her right into Mr. Onizuka’s world. Serena grinned in anticipation.

“DISGUISE POWER! Turn me into a—a motorcycle gang member!”

“A what?” Luna gasped.

Serena’s school clothes, hair and whole body changed dramatically.

“Serena, look at you!” Luna cried.

Serena turned to the mirror, “yeah, don’t I look gr—whoa!” Serena ran over to the mirror. “What happened to me?”

Serena’s silly pigtails were gone and her hair now reached her chin. It was spiky with red tips. She had a dog color with spikes, a purple midriff top and a black leather mini skirt and knee high black boots. Her right hand bore a black spike bracelet and skull ring to match her earrings. She took the sunglasses off her face.

“I have a nose ring!” She brought her finger up to her nose and jabbed it.

“You’ll need to disguise yourself again just to go downstairs!” Luna exclaimed. To Be Continued