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The Substitute Teacher Chapter 2 Onizuka’sGreat Dream

I don’t own Sailor Moon or GTO (but it would so cool if Onizuka was ever my teacher!)

Serena stared at her reflection for a while, as she looked herself over several times. Did she go just a little overboard? She noticed something on her arm.

“A tattoo?” she demanded, moving closer to the mirror and double-checking it while dabbing a tribal marking around her arm

“You have another one, Serena,” said Luna.

“Where?” Serena gasped.

“On your um, chest.”

Serena looked down while pulling down her shirt, revealing a rabbit over her left breast.

“My mother will go crazy if she sees me!” Serena shrieked.

“Do you have something you can put over it, Serena?” asked Luna.

“A disguise to go over a disguise?” Serena inquired, with a laugh, “no way. I’ll just go and be careful.” She tiptoed out of her room and down the stairs, keeping quiet as a mouse. She hid behind everything when she heard her mom or someone else coming. Checking if the coast was clear, she made a break for it for the door.

‘Almost there!’ she thought. ‘Almost there! Just a little closer…’

“Serena!” her mother yelled.

‘Busted,’ Serena thought, heaving a sigh. “Yes Mom I know it’s a little…”

“Since you’re going out,” her mother went on from the kitchen, “could you bring back some milk? We’re out.”

Serena chuckled. Her mother hasn’t seen. “Milk? Sure, heh-heh, I can get some milk, no problem!” Serena opened the door and ran out of the door, passing her father as he started to walk up from his Saturday morning jog. ‘Dad? Oh no, I’m toast!’

He looked up, “oh hello, you must be a friend of Serena’s.”

“Huh?” Serena gasped, “Yeah—uh-huh—yeah—I’m, Pam…Er, bye!” Serena ran top speed from the Tsukino household. ‘I wish a motorcycle came with this disguise!” she muttered to herself as she finally got to Mr. Onizuka’s place.

Gasping for air, Serena walked to Mr. Onizuka’s hotel and knocked on the door. She waited there for about ten minutes until he came to the door. He looked at Serena, confused. His left eyebrow was raised and his mouth open. Then, his mouth came back together in a grin and he opened his arms.

“Roxanne!” he exclaimed.

“Who?” Serena mumbled as Mr. Onizuka pulled her into a tight hug.

“I haven’t seen you in ages!” he cried. “It’s so good to see you again.” His voice went sexy and smooth. “So, couldn’t stay away from me, eh? Miss Foxy Roxy…”

Serena chuckled, “Mr. Onizuka, it’s me—Serena—from class?”

“Huh?” he checked her eyes under her sunglasses. “Serena! You look so…different!”

“Yeah,” Serena said.

Mr. Onizuka blushed and let go of Serena while looking her up and down, “what is it parents are feeding their kids today to make them grow so fast?”

“I had a little makeover,” Serena grinned. “Anyway, I brought loads of new video games with me. Let’s get started!”

“Sounds good with me,” Mr. Onizuka said as he took a spot in front of the TV.


They’ve been playing for about an hour when Serena decided to ‘pop the big question’.

“Mr. Onizuka?” Serena began as he looked through the game collection.


“I have a question.”

“Shoot.” Mr. Onizuka picked up a game console and looked at it as if trying to look through it.

“What’s your biggest dream?” Serena queried.

“What?” he brought the game down and looked at her. “My dream?”

“Yeah,” Serena nodded, “you’re biggest dream. The one you think about all the time and you work really hard at.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Mr. Onizuka replied, relaxing and looking up in thought. Serena’s eyes widened. Mr. Onizuka looked terribly irresistible when he was thinking.

“It changes,” he said after some time.

“How d’ya mean?” Serena asked.

“I’ve wanted to do loads of things since I was a kid. I can’t remember them all. But I remember I wanted to be a karate champion,” he explained, “and I did that. I wanted to be a leader in a motorcycle gang and I did that too.”

“What’s your dream now, Mr. Onizuka?” Serena asked sweetly.

Mr. Onizuka smiled. “I want to be the greatest teacher in the world!” he exclaimed.

Serena face faulted. It wasn’t quite the thing she was expecting but it was still a very good dream.

“Greatest…teacher?” she asked awkwardly.

“Yeah!” Mr. Onizuka jumped up, hand on hip and pointing in the air triumphantly. “I want to show all the teachers out there that they don’t have to be boring and mean all the time, that teaching can be fun! I want to be more than a student’s teacher, I want to be their friend! I always hated how my teachers made school such a pain but I won’t put anyone else through that, I will make school a home from home for the teachers, for students for, for everybody!”

Serena jumped up, “Oh, Mr. Onizuka, that’s a wonderful dream!” she started clapping. “Great! And just so you know, I think you’re a great teacher!”

“You do?” Mr. Onizuka asked, leaning down.

“Uh-huh,” Serena answered. “Much better than my old teacher, Ms. Haruna. She’s nothing like you. She was boring and mean and always gave me detention! But you’re not like that, Mr. Onizuka, you’re the greatest teacher I ever had!”

“Really?” he breathed.

“Really!” Serena said firmly. “Really, really!”

“Yeah, all right!” he exclaimed. “At least one of my students thinks I’m great!”

“Oh, I’m sure everyone in class does,” Serena said. “Molly and…”

“Hey, let’s go and celebrate,” Mr. Onizuka suggested. “Know any good food joints in town?”

“Yeah!” Serena exclaimed. “I know of one!”

She grabbed him by the hand. “Come on, Mr. Onizuka, you’ll just love this place!”


She took him to Flavor Factory and they had hamburgers, fries, milkshakes and other junk food. Unbeknownst to them, Fish Eye was outside searching for her target.

“I know he’s got to be here somewhere,” she said to herself, walking right by their window. “Where is he?”

“It’s good of you to spend—er—quality time with your students, one on one!” Serena exclaimed.

“Yeah, I know,” he nodded, picking up a fry.
”Are you going to stay at Crossroads permanently?” Serena asked eagerly.

“I don’t think so,” Mr. Onizuka answered.

“What?” Serena dropped her burger. “Why not? I don’t ever want Ms. Haruna back!”

“Sorry, Serena,” Mr. Onizuka said sadly. “I wish I could stay. I don’t really want to go back to my school either, but Ms. Haruna’s your real teacher. I’m just standing in until she gets back.”

“Where is she anyway?” Serena inquired.

“She’s on holiday,” he answered. “She should get back in another week.”

“Who’s teaching your old class while you’re here?” Serena asked.

“Oh, one of my buddies from my motorcycle gang,” he answered with a shrug.

Serena laughed, “Well this is new, motorcycle gang members becoming teachers.” Serena’s communicator beeped and she sighed. Of all the times to be beeped, it had to be now!

“Mr. Onizuka, could you excuse me for a minute?” she asked, sliding out of the booth. “I’ll be right back!”

“Sure, Serena,” Mr. Onizuka answered.

Serena stepped away to the doors and opened her communicator. “What is it?” she demanded. “This is so not a good time!”

“Serena,” said Ami, “there’s a scout—hey—is that a nose ring?”

“It’s just a disguise,” Serena muttered, “What is it, Ami?”

“Scout meeting at Raye’s temple.”
”What? Didn’t we just have one?” Serena shouted in a whisper. “I’m really, really busy!”

“We have to report on the dreams we got,” Ami explained. “See you there!”

“But wait--!” Serena cried and groaned as Ami’s face disappeared. She closed her communicator and went to Mr. Onizuka. “Sorry, Mr. Onizuka but I really have to get going.”

“That’s all right, Serena,” Mr. Onizuka said.

“I had fun today,” she said, pressing her index fingers together. Usually at times like this she would just kiss the guy but Mr. Onizuka was still regardless of how hot he looked. “Erm, see you in class?”

“Okay.” He said, “And don’t be late or it’ll be detention.”


Mr. Onizuka chuckled, “Only kidding, Serena.”

Serena laughed and left the restaurant. “Bye Mr. Onizuka!”


Serena made it at the shrine, still in her motorcycle gang member disguise. “All right people, I’m here.” She said angrily. “Let’s get this over with!”

“Wow, where did you park your motorcycle, Serena?” Lita inquired with a grin.

“How’d you know it was a motorcycle member disguise?” Serena asked, surprise.

“Lucky guess,” Lita said.

“Serena, could you please get rid of that disguise?” Raye demanded. “You have no idea how stupid you look!”

“What, stupid?” Serena snapped. “Let’s see you wear a nose ring!” Grumbling, Serena changed back to her Meatball Head self.

The girls talked about the people they spoke to and their dreams. None of them had a flying horse by the name of Pegasus in it.

“Mr. Onizuka’s dream is to become the greatest teacher,” Serena stated. “And I think he’s well on his way!”

“Yeah, he is a great teacher,” added Lita. “I hope he stays for good.”

“Too bad he isn’t,” Serena frowned. “When Ms. Haruna comes back from her vacation, Mr. Onizuka will leave.”

“Well,” Rini said, “if we don’t know who has Pegasus and then we don’t know who the next target is.”

“Yeah,” Ami nodded, “but lately the Dead Moon Circus’ targets are random people. They don’t know who it is anymore than we do so their next target can be anybody. Everyone in the city is at risk.”


Fish Eye searched the city until the late hours of the evening and then she found him. Walking through the park. She squealed in surprise. But before trying to take his dreams, she wanted to get his heart as she did with all her victims.

“Yoo hoo,” she called.

“Huh?” a man with blond hair and black eyebrows turned. “Oh, hello.” It was Mr. Onizuka. If Serena knew he was the target she wouldn’t have left him.

Fish Eye didn’t look like an Amazon, but instead a pretty lady wearing a light blue dress. “Hello, handsome.”

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing out on a night alone like this?” He grinned walking up to her.

“Waiting for you to take me out,” she answered, sliding her finger up his chest.

Mr. Onizuka took her hand. “I hope you’re in the mood for sushi then,” he started to walk away. “I was just on my way to get some!”

“Sushi?” Fish Eye demanded. “Uh, how about a walk instead?”

“Nah, I’m starved!”

He took her to a sushi bar and she nearly got sick how Mr. Onizuka could eat sushi so quickly. “Hey, aren’t you hungry?”

“Er, I’m afraid I’m not much for sushi,” she replied, giggling.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “Maybe they might have something special. I’ll take a look.” He got up and left.

Fish Eye sighed and leaned back. “This guy’s going to be trouble.”

“Fish, what are you doing?” demanded a familiar voice. She gasped and turned around. It was Tigers Eye and Hawk Eye.

“What are you two doing here?” she cried. “Can’t you see I’m busy?”

“You answer our question first,” Hawk Eye said. As he interrogated her, Tigers Eye was eating a plate of sushi.

“I’m trying to take care of this guy’s dream, okay?” she said.

“What are you doing in a sushi bar anyway?” Tigers Eye looked up from his plate. “Isn’t that totally against your nature?”

“I’m not eating it,” she retorted, “and what are you doing, Tigers Eye? How dare you eat it!”

“Hey, I don’t mind it,” he replied, continuing to eat. “Hurry up and get that guy’s dream mirror, Fish or we’ll do it for you.”

“Don’t you dare!” she jumped up. “You two just stay out of it! Go away!”

“What’s the matter?” Mr. Onizuka demanded, walking up. He looked at Tigers Eye and Hawk Eye. “Are these guys bothering you?”

“Yes they are!” she replied.

“What?” Tigers Eye gasped, getting to his feet. “No we weren’t!”

“Fish Eye, what’re you doing?” Hawk Eye said out of the corner of his mouth.

Mr. Onizuka cracked his knuckles and punched both Hawk Eye and Tigers Eye in the face. They fell onto the floor and Fish Eye pressed her foot on Tigers Eye’s hand.

“Oh! Ow!”

“Shall we go?” she asked Mr. Onizuka dreamily, “I lost my appetite!”

“All right,” he put his arm around her shoulders and walked out of the sushi bar. Tigers Eye looked up. “That was so uncalled for!”


Serena went around thinking of her day with Mr. Onizuka. He’d be leaving soon and she didn’t know when she’ll see him again. Then a scary thought hit her, what if he was the next target on the Amazon Trio’s list?

As she passed a sushi bar, she smelt something fishier than the sushi.

“Fish Eye,” she muttered, “I bet you’re after Mr. Onizuka!”


They were walking down the street and Mr. Onizuka realized he didn’t’ even know this girl’s name.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t ask you your name.” He grinned. “That happens to me a lot when I meet pretty ladies.”

“Quite all right,” she stepped back and held her hand on her chest. “I am Fish Eye!” her pretty dress and skin was replaced to her fishy attire.

“What kinda name is that?” he demanded, backing up.

“Relax,” she said, “All I want to do is look into your dreams.”

“My dreams?” he gasped, “how are you going to do that?”

“Oh, it’s just as easy as,” she began, “ONE!” A pink board appeared behind Mr. Onizuka. He looked around.

“This is weird…”

“TWO!” Silver cuffs went around his wrists and ankles. He struggled to move.

“Stop!” Sailor Moon cried. “I thought I smelt something Fishy!”

“Sailor Moon,” Fish Eye grunted, “you ruined my counting!”

“I will not let you destroy his dream,” Sailor Moon exclaimed, “he is going to be the greatest teacher in the world and how dare you attack him! Do you know how hard it is to get decent teachers these days? You deserve detention! On behalf on the moon, I will punish you!”

Mr. Onizuka looked up at Sailor Moon, “Do I know you?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you out of this!” Sailor Moon exclaimed, running to him but Fish Eye took out a knife and threw it at her, cutting her arm. She jumped back and put her hand over the cut. “No!”

“Butt out, Sailor Moon!” she hissed. “I have a job to do. THREE!”

A pink mirror came out of Mr. Onizuka’s chest and he screamed in pain. He fell unconscious as Fish Eye came up to him.

“Now, let’s have a look,” she said excitedly.

“But he doesn’t have Pegasus!” Sailor Moon shouted. “I already told you, his dream is to become the greatest teacher!”

But Fish Eye stuck her head in the mirror and she looked around. “Pegasus, where are you?” Mr. Onizuka was screaming. “He’s not here. Only a bunch of students, girls, video games…agh, boring!”

“It’s not boring!” Sailor Moon snapped.

Fish Eye took her head out of the mirror and looked at Sailor Moon. “Well, I guess you’re right.”

Mr. Onizuka’s head fell to his shoulder, weakened.

“Here’s a friend of mine to teach you a few lessons,” Fish Eye said, “Toko, come out and play!”

A giant book with arms and legs came out of the ground. “Time for a good book?”

“Have fun!” Fish Eye cackled as she jumped into her water portal.

Sailor Moon gritted her teeth and backed up. “Uh oh!”

“How about a story,” Toko opened up and turned her pages and rested on a page, “Oh here’s a good one! Goldilocks and the three bears!”

Sailor Moon’s fuku changed to a blue dress and her hair came in braids. “What the?”

Three bears came out of Toko’s pages and she closed up again.

“Someone has been getting in Master Zirconia’s way,” said the papa bear.

“Someone has been making the trio angry,” said the mama bear.

“Someone has been preventing us to getting to Pegasus,” said the baby bear, “and here she is!”

“That’s not how the story goes!” Sailor Moon shouted and the bears began chasing her.


A Frisbee of lightning shocked through the three bears.  The sailor scouts came to Sailor Moon’s aid.

“Nice out fit, Sailor Moon,” Sailor Venus joked. “So who we got?”

“Some…some mad story book!”Sailor Moon exclaimed when her fuku returned.

“Time to end this story then!” Sailor Mars cried. “MARS FLAMES SHOOTER!” She released her fiery arrow to the giant book and she easily repelled it.

“There are rules against book burning these days, you know.” Toko muttered.

“No way!” Sailor Mars gasped.

“Another story,” Toko said, turning its pages. “let’s see, once upon a time there was Cinderella…”

Sailor Venus took the place of Cinderella with a broom in one hand and a feather duster in another with soot on her cheeks and her hair up in a bun. Sailor Venus cried and threw them to the ground.

“Snow White…”

Sailor Mars’ hair went short and she was dressed up as Snow White. “My hair!”

“Princess Jasmine…”

Sailor Jupiter’s fuku changed to an Arabian’s princess dress. She jumped up. “Hey!”

“The Little Mermaid…”

Sailor Mercury’s legs failed her and she fell on the ground. The lower half of her body became that of a fish. “I...I can’t move!”

“You’d better not turn me into Goldilocks again!” Sailor Moon exclaimed.

“Sleeping Beauty…”

“No! Not that!” Sailor Moon shouted and she was struck down fast asleep.

“And Little Red Riding Hood!”

Sailor Mini Moon turned to run but she was hit in the back. She was wearing a red cloak over a red dress and holding a basket. “Oh, great!”

“We have to find a way to stop that stupid book!” Sailor Jupiter shouted. “Before it turns the whole city into story characters.”

“Take this!” Sailor Venus threw the feather duster at the giant book and it bounced off.

“Nothing’s working,” Sailor Mercury cried. “And I can’t summon my visor to find its weak point.”

“Shall we read another story?” Toko flipped her pages again.

“NO!” all the scouts cried.

A rose hit one of the pages and the girl’s fantasy selves changed back to their alter egos. Sailor Moon sat up.

“Did I miss anything?” she asked sleepily.

“Sailor Moon,” Tuxedo Mask said, “be careful. Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

“Hmm, that sounds familiar,” Sailor Moon said, tapping her mouth. “Where have I heard that?”

“Now there’s a moral to this story kids, you can never judge a book by its cover but boxes are a whole different kettle of fish.”

Sailor Moon blinked. Mr. Onizuka’s story! She knew how to stop it.

“We have to open the book!” Sailor Moon exclaimed.

“But it will start reading a story and turn us into its characters!” Sailor Mars cried.

“I know, but if we get it before it starts telling a story, we can stop it!” Sailor Moon told them.

“Worth a try,” Sailor Mercury stated.

Toko turned its pages, “now this one is a real classic.”


The giant book backed up. Sailor Jupiter threw her thunder at it and it backed up again. The scouts grabbed the book by its sides to keep it open.

“Now Sailor Moon!”Sailor Mars cried.

“Let’s go,” Sailor Moon exclaimed.

“Please, Pegasus,” Sailor Mini Moon said, “Protect people’s dreams! MOON TWINKLE BELL!”

Calling Pegasus, Pegasus came and Sailor Moon lifted up her Kaleidomoon Scope.


Unable to move, Toko screamed as the attack tore her to pieces.

“And they lived…happily…ever…after!”

The big, imitating story book disappeared and Mr. Onizuka’s dream mirror returned to his body. He fell to the ground and Sailor Moon went to him.

“It’s Mr. Onizuka,” Sailor Jupiter said.

Mr. Onizuka blinked his eyes a couple of times and stared at the Sailor Scouts. “Can…can you tell me what’s going on?”

“Don’t worry,” Sailor Moon smiled. “Your dream is safe, Mr. Onizuka.”

“Hey…who are you? How’d you know my name?”

“Sailor Moon,” Sailor Moon nodded and she backed away with the scouts.

“No, don’t go!” Mr. Onizuka cried. “Can’t I at least get your number?”


Mr. Onizuka stood at the front of class. “Well, it is time for me to leave. Ms. Haruna will be back to teach you tomorrow.”

A few boys groaned and the girls started sobbing. Serena started chanting, “It’s not fair! It’s not fair!”

“And since it is my last day,” Mr. Onizuka said, “I figured we’ll have a party!” He walked to the door and opened it, pulling out a cart of sushi and hamburgers and other food. There were movies and games galore. Everyone cheered and jumped up to play with the toys. Serena couldn’t remember when she had so much fun.

After the school day was over, she went to Mr. Onizuka’s room to ask if he’d go to the arcade with her.

“Sorry, Serena,” he replied. “But I have to get back.”

“Is there anyway that you could stay a little longer?” she pleaded, following him out of the room.

“I already tried,” he answered.

“How about I transfer to your school?”

“Well, you’d have to talk to your parents about that,” he told her.

They came out of the school and Serena wailed. “But…but I don’t want you to go!” she fell and threw her arms around his legs, nearly knocking him off balance. “You’re the greatest teacher in the whole universe! Ms. Haruna wil give me extra homework! She’ll put me in detention for coming to school late! And she never goes with me to the arcade!” Tears began spilling down her cheeks.

“Please don’t cry, Serena,” Mr. Onizuka whispered.

“I can’t help it,” she whined, “the school isn’t going to be the same with out you! Whaaa!”

Mr. Onizuka sighed, patted her head and knelt down. “Don’t worry. Maybe I’ll be back one day when Ms. Haruna is sick or something.”

Serena sniffed, “you mean, you could be our permanent substitute teacher?”

“Yeah. Yeah, maybe.” He said. “I’ll see what I can do, okay?”

She gave a brave smile. “Okay.”

“Now practice hard on your video games,” he said. “And remember all those tips I gave you.”

She nodded. “Yes, Mr. Onizuka.”

“Bye Serena.” Mr. Onizuka kissed Serena on the cheek and walked off. Serena gasped, gingerly touching her cheek while waving goodbye to Mr. Onizuka.

“Bye,” she said and she sighed as she watched the greatest teacher she ever had walk out of her school and out of her life.


Serena woke up five minutes before her alarm rang. She got up, showered and started to dress. “You’re getting up early still?” Luna asked. “But I thought your new teacher left.”

“He did,” Serena said sadly. “I guess since Ms. Haruna’s back I should make an effort and get there on time until she gives me detention again.”

Serena picked up her bag and went downstairs to make her a bowl of cereal. She wasn’t really hungry, but she made herself eat it anyway. Now that she didn’t have to run to school any more, she took time to walk and think about her fun times with Mr. Onizuka. She sighed, dreading that Ms. Haruna was back. Sure, Ms. Haruna was a good teacher but she just wasn’t as fun as Mr. Onizuka was.

She arrived to school and went to homeroom and sat in her seat. Mr. Haruna looked up at Serena in surprise.

“Serena?” she inquired.

“Y-yes, Ms. Haruna?”

“Anything wrong?”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re here…well…early.” She said. “Since when have you been coming to school early?”

Serena sighed, “Since Mr. Onizuka came to substitute this class.”

“What did Mr. Onizuka do to get to come to school on time?” Ms. Haruna asked eagerly.

“Nothing really,” Serena shrugged, “he was just himself. His great…self.” Serena sat back.

Mr. Onizuka had to be great, to get Serena Tsukino to get to come to school on time. He had to be the greatest teacher in the world. The End