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notes on characters and their behavior.

Genma was the one who made the seppuku contract, check volume 20 part 3 "A Man's Vow" from VIZ media. Genma makes the pledge after Nodoka beat his head bloody with various objects trying to make him give her son back.

As for how Noriko defeated the Yamasenken and Umisenken attacks, remember knowledge is power.

Happosai was able to trap Genma because even the Umisenken does not allow for him to move through barriers.

Disclaimer - I do not own the rights to Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, or Ruroni Kenshin. This story is produced without intention for profit and solely for entertainment

forward slashes (/ /) designates spoken Mandarin Chinese

Chapter 4 - leaving Nerima

After packing Akane's and her own things, Kasumi leaves the bags by the entrance and returns to the common room where Nodoka is already sitting with Noriko.

Upon seeing her enter the room Noriko quietly states, "Kasumi-chan I am
sorry it came to this. I hope you and your sisters can forgive me someday."

"There is nothing to forgive Noriko-sensei." Kasumi replies. "I greatly appreciated the assistance you have given me over the last several years."

"Your welcome Kasumi-chan." Noriko sighs tiredly. "I imagine I would still be chasing around china if you had not contacted me when Ranma arrived at your doorstep. I was hoping that if the four of you could have a stable home here I would not need to intervene personally. The boy just seems to draw chaos to him here as naturally as breathing."

"From her expression, I think you succeeded in teaching Nabiki that she is not prepared for intense negotiations where she has something to lose."
Kasumi smiles as she refills the tea cups and sits down herself.

Nodoka smiles and adds. "Hopefully between the three of us we can convince her to put her mind to less shady dealings."

"I hope so as well No-chan." Noriko states as she gets up and stretches. "I rather like Nabiki, and I would hate to see her destroy her life. A van should be here shortly for the things you have packed. I trust I can leave the two of you to direct the caretakers in loading what is to be taken. I must go tend to some other issues myself"

"Hai Noriko-sensei" Kasumi replies.

With that Noriko leaves out the front door and slides her sunglasses back on. Nabiki sighs with annoyance that now the static is gone from her listening devices in the common room.


A while after the lunch rush ends at the Nekohanten, Mu Se is working on cleanup in the dinning area and Ku Lon is minding the kitchen and register. Both react with surprise when a young woman walks in wearing the robes of an Amazon Matriarch, in grey trimmed in silver.

Elder Ku Lon prepares to berate the impudent child, until she takes a very good look at the woman's ki signature, and swallows the invective painfully.

Ku Lon bows to the girl as she approaches the counter and says quietly. /Lady Artemis to what do we owe the honor of this visit./

The former goddess smiles. /I have not used that name in a millennium, please call me Noriko. I am just here to discuss a few issues with you honored elder./

Unsure if she should be pleased or sweating bullets, Ku Lon calls out. "Mu Se please put out the closed sign and take care of the remaining customers."

Bowing humbly to Noriko the elder continues. /Perhaps we should discuss this further in privacy./ This is stated quietly while pointing to the open office door behind the counter.

Noriko smiles and walks into the office with Ku Lon following quickly after and closing the door. Ku Lon offers her a seat and begins preparing tea.

/There is one thing about that name you might find entertaining Elder./ Noriko offers as she sits down. /I used that name for so long because it was the name of a male I knew who thought much of himself. I am sure he has endured much discomfort having his name associated with a goddess, but he was not particularly a bad sort./ Ku Lon does chuckle politely at this.

/So what may I do for you my lady./ Ku Lon replies while serving tea.

Noriko looks at the elder over the rim of her tea cup. /While I am pleased to see members of the tribe outside Joketsuzoku, I am troubled by the stated reason for it./

/We are simply trying to convince a young man who would be an asset to the tribe to marry Xian Pu and return with us to china./ Ku Lon offers.

Noriko responds, /I take it this is from the outsider laws? I ended my debate on their value long before I left the village for the last time. I assume none would attempt to apply those rules to me./

/Of course not founder, none would dare to do so./ Ku Lon hastily responds.

With a warm smile Noriko returns, /Then they would be equally inapplicable to one of my blood. Not to mention the questionable nature of the challenge they were applied to in this case./

Now certain breaking out in a cold sweat is the correct course of action, Ku Lon ventures the next question. /You are referring to Saotome Ranma?/

With an arctic cold glare Noriko responds, /The Saotome name has never legally applied to Ranma. Himura Nodoka is my granddaughter and by extension Himura Ranma is my great-grandson. Xian Pu is welcome to court his affections in a normal manner, but I will tolerate no further attempts at coercion, physical or otherwise. If we are clear on this we can move on to other topics./ Ku Lon agrees to this with an emphatic nod.

In a much warmer tone Noriko continues, /As I said earlier I am pleased to find members of the tribe here, it presents us with a opportunity. I did not endeavor to bring the remains of the amazons to china from greece three thousand years ago to watch them die out because they are clinging to methods that have been in use since the mongols invaded from the north./

/Yes Noriko, but what would you have us do./ Ku Lon responds, feeling on safer ground.

With a sigh Noriko explains, /Knowledge and lives are what need to be preserved. We have a unique situation unfolding in Japan at this time. You recall the legend of the Moon Kingdom?/

Ku Lon again nods her agreement.

Noriko gets a distant look and continues, /The Moon Princess and the other champions of the kingdom have been reborn. You may have heard the reports of the Sailor Senshi operating in Minato ward. These are the princess and her protectors as well as the champions of the outer planets. They have succeeded nobly in defeating the remaining dark elements that lead to the fall of the Silver Millennium./

Ku Lon notices her pause and interjects. /Do you wish for us to fight them and lay claim to the Ginzuisho?/

Noriko smiles sadly, /No these children have done nothing except fight to protect themselves and others. They are lacking in overall skill but they have acquitted themselves well. The opportunity I refer to is that with the dark crystal gone, the Ginzuisho is acting like a beacon drawing actual demons from the spirit realm. The senshi are unprepared to deal with them and the "Guardian of Time" intends to use the devastation they will cause to feed into her plans to re-estabilsh her vision of the Moon Kingdom. Setsuna refers to this place as "Crystal Tokyo".

Sneering now, /She is only willing to sacrifice the lives of six billion people to accomplish this but that does not matter to her. I can not affect the "Eternal Gate", so I have been forced to watch the time stream as Setsuna Meioh resolves issues by distorting peoples lives or arranging their deaths before they were even born./

Noriko calmly replies, /What we lack is an understanding and acceptance of the modern world and it's capabilities. What the Senshi lack is proper instruction in how to fight skillfully. Do you believe you can acquire fifteen to twenty young people from the village that would be willing to come to Japan to study in the schools here. They would also be trained with equipment I can provide and be acting as demon hunters. I already have clearances for this with the JDF. If we can show the Senshi there are others they can turn to for assistance and training, we can pull them effectively away from Setsuna's influence./

With an evil grin Ku Lon says, /I believe that can be arranged./

Noriko responds, /Now a few last issues. I expect Xian Pu and Mu Se to be involved in this effort. Xian Pu needs experience to help her mature. As for Mu Se I have arranged for him to meet with a vision correction specialist tomorrow. Perhaps if he could see the world more clearly he can see past his obsession with Xian Pu./

Receiving an affirmative nod from Ku Lon, Noriko continues with an impish grin, /The last thing is, I would like for at least three more of the youngsters to be young men of good character. While the Senshi may reincarnations of powerful warriors they are still young girls. If it comes to having to rebuild the tribe we could not ask for better blood to work with. I have here the details of the new facility and what armaments are available. I will leave the choice of how to match them effectively to our young warriors to you./

Handing Ku Lon a package, Noriko quietly fleshes out her plans and Ku Lon considers the logistics of moving to Minato ward.


After lunch, Akane was finally getting over her anger about last nights dinner and was willing to talk to him again. The two of them were heading for the entrance when they notice a large black sedan parked on the other side of the street from the gate, with its driver standing looking into the school yard.

When they approach the gate the driver opens the rear door and both teenagers slow when they see Kasumi step out of the car. Kasumi bows to them. "Akane, Ranma if you both could come inside we have much we need to discuss.

More than a little curious at this situation, They climb inside the car to find Nabiki and a somber Nodoka sitting in facing seats. Ranma takes a seat next to Nodoka, "'Kaa-san what's goin' on?"

Kasumi climbs back in an takes her seat next to Akane and Nabiki. The driver closes the door behind her and upon his entering the driver's seat the sedan begins to drive away.

Nodoka turns to Ranma, her voice strained trying to control her emotions, "I am sorry Ranma, today I learned what kind of man and father the creature I formerly considered my husband was. I should have never let him take you from me in the first place. I do not have the right to ask, but can you find it in your heart to give me another chance to be your mother."

Taking a few moments to process this, Ranma responds, "Of course I want you as my mother, but wha'd ya mean former husband, and where's Pop."

Nodoka replies, "I signed the divorce paperwork earlier today and that Animal is in the hospital under police watch. They will be spending months sorting out what he needs to stand trial for and where. With luck we will not see him again for some time."

Visibly distressed Ranma replies, "How did he end up there and why are the cops watchin' him."

Nodoka calmly replies, "His activities have finally caught up with him. The police were unsure they had the ability to bring him in safely, so the grand-master of my family's kendo school offered her assistance in exchange for making sure you were left out of any legal actions. He is in the hospital because he was soundly beaten when she challenged him."

At this point Akane interjects, "Oba-san where is our father and where are we going?"

Nodoka more calmly replies, "Your father was also challenged today and was beaten less severely. Soun is recovering in the hospital pending a psychological evaluation. Out of respect for your mother, my family has taken guardianship of you girls and we are headed to a temple and dojo operated by my family outside of Fukui."

With the newcomers to the situation subdued the ride continues with the older girls trying to comfort Akane and Nodoka attempting the same for her son.


Kunoji Ukyo found herself becoming concerned when her Ranchan and Akane climbed into that car leaving school. This feeling quickly grew to near panic as she saw the vehicle start to leave the ward and make haste to leave Tokyo behind entirely.

Heading to the Tendo Dojo thinking to find Nabiki and buy an explanation from her. Ukyo instead finds unfamiliar people inspecting the property, discussing how to properly go about restoring damaged sections. One of the men notices her standing by the gate and calls in greeting, "Konitiwa Kunoji-san, I fear if you are looking for the Tendo family they are no longer here and may not return for some time."

Ukyo stares at the man and replies, "What do you mean?"

Shrugging the man replies, "My name is Sano Kentaro, I am a caretaker hired by the Himura family to oversee restoring this property. Himura-dono has been observing the lifestyle lived by the daughters of one of her former students for some time. She decided today that she could not tolerate the situation any longer and challenged Tendo Soun earlier today for the control of this property and guardianship of his daughters. The fight was a short one and he is recovering pending a psych evaluation."

Blinking at this Ukyo ventures, "And what of Saotome Ranma?"

Kentaro returns, "I am sorry miss, no one by that name exists. If you will excuse me I must return to work."

Seeing a dismissal for what it was Ukyo returns to her restaurant. Finding Konatsu she quietly asks him what he knows of the Himura family. The Kunoichi had proven quite resourceful in gathering information since coming to live and work for her.

Konatsu quietly responds, "Ah, Ukyo-sama I have heard the name and know them by reputation only. The only advice I can offer is it would be best not to make them your enemies."

Shocking both kunoichi and chef a voice calls from a corner booth, "But we can also be very good Allies." This is shocking since the store was not open yet and neither had noticed anyone else enter. Turning to where the voice came from to find a young woman slightly older than Ukyo smiling at them with her chin resting on her interlaced fingers and elbows propped on the countertop.

Ukyo heatedly asks, "and who are you?"

The girl still smiling replies, "I am Himura Noriko, and before we continue I am not looking for a fight. I have already put two men in the hospital today, beating them in formal challenges. I came here today simply to speak with you Kunoji-san."

Visibly paler at this response, Ukyo ventures, "What would you like to discuss?"

"Ah directly to the point," Noriko replies," a good habit for a young business woman. I wish to discuss with you possible re-mediation of the effects of involvement with one Saotome Genma has had on your life."

Stoically Ukyo replies, "If your concern is for my family honor, I intend to marry Saotome Ranma and honor the agreement between our parents."

No longer smiling warmly, Noriko replies, "I fear you are mistaken, it will soon be sorted out that Man never had a son to hold to the promises he made. As for your family's honor, I believe what you have been put through by your own father leaves me with no sympathy. As I stated earlier, my concern is what can be done for you personally at the present."

Ukyo is unable to find a appropriate response to this. Noriko indicates the bench opposite her in the booth and Ukyo sits down dumbstruck.

Noriko's expression becomes warmer again and she continues. "I did not say that you could not continue a relationship with Ranma, but I wish for you to consider a few things first. Do you honestly believe that the two of you share similar goals in life? Are you certain you know what your goals even are? Please answer honestly"

Shaken Ukyo responds, "I... I don't know Himura-san."

Seeing a crack in the armor Noriko continues,"Please call me Noriko. I am not sure of how much you know about psychology. Do you believe Ranma to be emotionally prepared for adult interactions and relationships? Do you think he cares for you as more than a friend."

Eyes downcast now Ukyo laments, "I think he sees me as a friend. I had hoped if I stayed close to him he would come to see me as his best choice."

Noriko responds, "But that is not love. I have had several psychologists look at Ranma's life and reactions and they seem to agree that, for whatever reason, he has the emotional maturity of a much younger child. The only conflict was in their assessment of his emotional development level. Most agreed that he did not make a firm decision on who he wishes to marry because he desperately craves the attention he has been receiving. This leaves out any concerns over his or anyone else's honor."

Watching the house of cards she had built with Ranma at the center crumble. Ukyo begins sobbing, "What is it you want of me?"

Noriko slides onto the bench next to Ukyo, "My desire is to help you find what you want to do with your life. As for being involved with Ranma, I fear he will be leaving the area for the time being and I do not plan to tell anyone where he is going."

Looking at Noriko beside her, "And where will Akane be during this. Is she going to get to be with Ranma?"

Noriko nods, "I have taken guardianship of the Tendo girls. As the least controlled and most physically aggressive member of Ranma's former fiances I will be keeping an eye on her personally."

Mollified slightly by this Ukyo nods in agreement.

Noriko continues, "Now back to my previous question. I assume with Ranma leaving the area you have less reason to continue at Furinkan. If you wish to move on for a better education I will provide you with the funds to live in reasonable comfort while you study."

With some suspicion showing now Ukyo asks, "Why would you do this for me?"

Noriko warmly replies, "Simply because I like you, you have had to survive much more than should be expected of a young woman. In the years I have been tracking him, you are the closest thing Ranma has had to an honest friend. Admittedly there have been some issues, but I feel for your part they are more due to the responsibilities forced on you by your father."

Quietly now Ukyo asks, "What would happen to the Ucchan if I left?"

Noriko calmly responds, "If you take my offer it would need to be sold. The money from this would be held in trust for you until you decide what you want to do with your life."

They continue to discuss the details for a while longer. Once she and Ukyo come to an agreement and put it in writing, Noriko prepares to leave the Ucchan. Catching Konatsu's attention, "Konatsu-chan, it appears since this business will be closing soon you will need to seek new employment. I find I have need of someone with your skills to keep track of issues that might still exist in this ward. Would you be interested?"

Konatsu responds, "Hai, Noriko-sama."

Giving Konatsu a business card and promising to work out the details later Noriko makes her exit from Ucchan's.


As evening falls we find Happosai smoking his pipe sitting on top of the Furinkan HS clock tower. He is joined shortly after by Noriko quietly touching down beside him.

Noriko opens with a smile, "You had little trouble keeping things quiet till the children left, I trust."

Happosai chuckles, "Yes my lady, and I did not even have to cause any serious damage to do it. Making the buckets of cold water disappear or miss their target in the boys locker room during the last period proved quite entertaining."

More seriously, "I am forever grateful for you breaking the seal my students trapped me with, but umm...what about the promised payment for my services."

Grinning now, Noriko turns to Happosai and spreads her arms invitingly wide.

With his absent of late call of "Hotcha!!" he enthusiastically glomps onto her chest.

Far from reacting negatively to this she wraps her arms around Happosai and smiles as he begins to glow.

Shortly thereafter she pulls her arms back from her chest to show Happosai now encased in an amber colored, egg shaped crystal. Followed by her leaving the roof as quietly as she arrived.


Minato - literally meaning the docks. This is the ward of Tokyo where the Tokyo Tower is located and home of the fictional tenth district. Where the senshi focus their activities. Azabu-Juban train station is located there.

'Kaa - Okaa - mother, Kaa-san this use would be more informal. like saying mom

Oba - aunt

Kunoichi - female ninja. Konatsu, while male, was raised to act almost like a traditional girl in japanese culture and trained in a family ninja art style generally reserved for females.

Fukui - Fukui is the capitol of Fukui prefecture in the Chubu region, Japan. I chose this place because it is as far west of Tokyo you can go without entering the Kansai region.