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Chapter 5 - interlude from chaos...maybe

Ranma slowly awakens, puzzling at where he finds himself for a few minutes. He finds himself in an actual bed, the room is quiet and there is a sense of peace. He realizes what awakened him was the smell of cooking food to which his stomach loudly makes its desire known.

Stepping from the bed he quickly pulls back on his red chinese silk shirt and black pants from the previous day. Opening the sliding door to the room he follows his nose down the hall and stairs to a open large common room. Kasumi is setting dishes at a table in the middle of the room, and he can see his mother getting food ready in the adjoining kitchen.

Kasumi notices Ranma enter the room, "Ohayo Ranma-kun, your mother and I will have breakfast ready in a moment so please have a seat."

Sitting where he can see out of the room's open shoji, he can see two stepping stone paths leading through a sand and rock garden. One path leads to what appears to be a dojo larger than the Tendo-ke near the back of the property surrounded by an enclosing wall the other path leads towards the front gate of the property. This path meets up with a paved stone path running between the front gate and a large shrine. The size of the shrine mostly hides the dojo from view at the front gate. He can also see Noriko, dressed as a miko, sweeping the paved path.

His thoughts wander back to the previous night and their arrival at this place.

The trip from Nerima had passed quietly. Ranma spent the time talking with his mother, trying both to reassure her and learn more about what happened to his pop. He was mildly successful at the former but his mother refused to speak further about his father.

The Tendo girls spent their time differently. Nabiki sat quietly studying the scenery passing by the windows, trying to wrap her mind around how all her observation devices stopped working around Noriko. Kasumi spent her time meditating or trying to keep her youngest sister calm.

Akane spent her time with emotions warring across her face. Worry about where they were going and what had occurred held sway first. This was soon followed by anger over what had happened to her father, to her life, and trying to decide who to blame.

After several hours of travel Kasumi opened a basket she had brought, and distributed sandwiches and drinks to everyone. This included the driver and a bodyguard sitting in the front seats behind the bench seat occupied by Ranma and Nodoka.

After eating Akane asks, "So what is going to happen to us now?"

Nodoka replies, "For the time being all of you are being withdrawn from school. There has been arrangements made for all of us to meet with therapists starting next week for assistance adjusting to the new situation and resolving older issues."

Akane replies "So other than that what will we be doing?"

Kasumi answers this question, "We have a new city to get used to and explore. I and Nodoka have been invited to study the Himura family's kendo style. You, Nabiki, and Ranma can discuss options to either start or further your training with the school's Grand-master."

Nabiki perks up at this, "You seem to know a lot about this sis."

Kasumi calmly replies, "Father never told you about life before he and mother married and moved back to his family dojo. She was studying at the dojo we are heading to in order to take over teaching the Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu style there. Mother surrendered the title of heir to the school in favor of raising a family."

Akane interjects, "How do you know this Kasumi?"

Kasumi sadly smiles,"Father had made an agreement with the Grand-master that their eldest daughter would be allowed to come and take over that role if she wished. Mother started training me when I was four in meditation skills and healing arts. I dreamed of taking that option, but mother's death derailed those plans."

Akane is struck silent at this revelation, While Nabiki's mind churned seeing her older sisters behavior in a startling different light.

Kasumi continues, "Several years after mother's death I was nearing the end of my patience and contacted the Himura family looking for assistance. I was given a number to contact mother's teacher and have been calling her ever since when I needed someone to talk too."

Nabiki looks at her oddly at this, thinking 'I have had the phone tapped for years how did that slip by."

With an uncharacteristically sly grin, Kasumi pulls a cellphone from her pocket and waves it where Nabiki can see it.

Akane having settled into a funk earlier misses this and just continues staring at the road in front of the driver. Ranma on the other hand did not miss the interchange , and looks out the window away from Nabiki trying to hide his grin.

They journey continues with only quiet conversations. It's dark when they arrive in the city. The car pulls up next to a set of stairs leading up a stone supported embankment. The small group exits the car with the guard retrieving a few items from the trunk. Nodoka thanks the men for their assistance and leads the group up the stairs.

They are met at the top by the shrine's only current resident. The young woman wearing a shrine maiden's outfit introduces herself as Himura Noriko. Nabiki wisely does not risk her sister making a scene by pointing out Noriko was the one at their home.

Noriko then leads everyone to the house adjacent the shrine and shows them where their rooms are. They find their clothing and other belongings already there, the van having arrived several hours earlier.

The house not having a direct opening to the front gate does not have a recessed tiled area for exchanging shoes instead there is a series of boxes for this purpose next to the shoji doors to the common room on the wooden veranda running the length of the house. To the side of the living towards the back there is the large kitchen. On the other side of the common room is a room setup for a business office for the dojo and shrine. It has sliding doors opening to both the common room and a hallway leading down the side from the common room to where Noriko's room is. on the far side of the hallway is a changing room and a door to an open air hot spring behind the house.

Closer to the common room in the hallway is a water-closet. At the back of the common room before the hallway starts is the stairs to the upper floor. past the stairs is large pantry and lastly a utility/storage room where the washing machine and dryer are located. This last room having a door opening out towards an open area to the side of the dojo with frames for hanging clothes to dry. Next to the house on this side there is a building that is used for maintenance equipment and housing the boiler that provides hot water for the buildings and hot spring.

Going up the stairs it comes upon a screened sitting area overlooking the garden. Two identical hallways brach to either side. down each hallway there are two sets of facing rooms that open with sliding shoji. At the end of each hallway is another water-closet.

Noriko had explained the building was designed to accommodate for residents studying here and visiting monks or martial artists. The kitchen was sized for preparing food for festivities held here.

Ranma assumed that he had never visited this dojo before because his father would not have gone near his mother's family. Ranma is shaken from his reverie by Akane entering the room and demanding in a loud voice, "So who or where is this Grand-master we need to speak with about out training."

Noriko having returned to the house and in the process of changing her shoes walks into the common room and states calmly, "That would be me."

Akane turns to her doubt etched on her features, "You could not be older than Kasumi, How can you be the Grand-master of any martial art?"

Sitting gracefully at the table, Noriko arches an eyebrow, "Given what you have been through recently. I would think you would not judge on appearances alone child. I am the master of several martial art styles and was your mother's sensei."

Collapsing with much less grace on the other side of the table Akane can only stare. Yawning while negotiating the last set of stairs, Nabiki enters the room and sits at the table. Nodoka and Kasumi bring the last dishes to the table and sit down as well.

Ranma asks, "So did ya live here too mom?"

Nodoka replies, "No I lived at our family home in Suginami ward, but I came here to visit often, though I fear I was not a diligent student of the art."

Noriko sighs, "Yes, I well recall you and Takara staying up all hours gossiping."

Akane excitedly interjects, "So our mother lived and trained in the art here. Kasumi has not practiced in years, would you let me be your student instead?"

Noriko's eyes had gone cold as the last question but she calmly replies. "Your mother was my ward, her parents had died when she was young. I had trained her to be my heir to the Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu style of kendo. I was glad to see her happily married and was prepared to wait for Kasumi to train with me instead. As for taking you as my student. At present, I would sooner train Nabiki."

Ranma is unable to contain a laugh at this direct statement and cringes. Akane turns her pent up frustration on Ranma and with a scream of "Ranma no Baka" prepares to smash him with her mallet.

Noriko places one hand on Ranma's shoulder and the other opens casually towards Akane. A rippling in the air flies from her hand striking Akane in her abdomen and sends her flying across the room into the wall by the pantry.

Before Akane can recover her senses. Noriko gracefully stands up and walks around the table. Glowing with a pure white battle aura she speaks icily to Akane's prone form. "You consider yourself a martial artist? You let your anger rule you and strike only at opponents who will not or can not strike back. I will not teach bullies how to better abuse others."

Hearing Nabiki snicker at her sisters plight, Noriko turns her attention to her. "And you Nabiki, I want to like you. Of your sisters you remind me the most of your mother. But I suppose you will continue to look after your little sister. After all she will make an excellent enforcer for when you join the Yakuza. Since if you continue with your activities, no honorable organization would have you."

Noriko looks to Ranma, "Forgive me but would you join me in the dojo. There are things I would like to discuss with you."

Turning on her heal, She glides quietly from the room. Ranma follows quickly after her. Nodoka and Kasumi simply continue eating, not even bothering to look at the other two girls.

Entering the dojo, Ranma finds Noriko sitting in a lotus position with her back to the door. Walking around to face her, finds her meditating. "How'd ya do that? What was it ya did? I couldn't feel nothing"

Opening her eyes, Noriko gestures for him to sit in front of her. "Not all projections of force are chi based Ranma. If you don't mind I would like to make sure our conversation remains private"

Placing her hands together in front of her chest, the white glow returns around her body and a translucent dome appears around the two of them.

Noriko continues once Ranma sits down. "I can explain that better later, but for now let me simply say that aside from martial arts I also use techniques that many would call sorcery. If you will allow me I would like to examine you to see what I can do to try and sort out your curses."

"How would ya do that?" Ranma asks nervously.

Noriko responds, "I simply need you to sit and relax and I will place my hands on your head. you might feel hot or cold sensations but there should be no pain. if there is I would want you to tell me immediately."

"I ain't sure as I can trust ya. let me ask ya some questions first. First off, I know your related to mom's family going by your name. With what ya told 'kane your older than ya look. Last I know ya were the one that put pops in ta the hospital. So who the hell are you to me and why should I trust ya"

Smiling Noriko tilts her head and looks at Ranma, "All very good observations. You are correct, at present I have not given you very much reason to trust me. I did put your father in the hospital but I do not wish for him to die. I want to make sure he suffers for a very long time. I already offered to the police that if he causes them more trouble I can lock him as a Panda"

Now giving a grin cold enough to make Nabiki shiver,"A female panda at that and toss him into a zoo's endangered animal breeding program. As for my age, hmmm... how to put this, Happosai and Ku Lon together don't even come close to being as old as I am."

With a sigh,"Now to your actual question, your mother Nodoka is my granddaughter so you would me my great-grandson. If you hate me for what I have done and can not trust me now, I am prepared to wait. All of my blood have long life-spans, your grandfather is one hundred twenty years old and Nodoka is his eldest child by his third wife. I suspect you might be like me and have a life-span better measured in centuries."

Trying to recover from his shock Ranma responds, "How would ya be able to know anything about my curse?"

Shrugging Noriko's shape begins to swell. The young man now looking at Ranma simply states in a deeper voice, "I happen to know a few things about shape changing spells that can even modify a persons gender."

Ranma can see the ki flows through the man's body and is certain he is not looking at an illusion. Noriko changes back to normal and shrugs to rearrange her clothing.

Ranma recovers from his shock, "So are ya my great-grandmother or great-grandfather?"

Noriko smiles,"I told you the truth earlier, this is my preferred form and gender. If you would like I can tell you about the more entertaining experiences I had with your great-grandfather."

Flinching, Ranma responds, "Ah... no , no thanks"

"Would you trust me to examine you now?"

Hesitantly nodding his consent, Noriko climbs to her feet and comes to kneel behind Ranma placing her hands gently on both sides of his head. She quietly says "Now just relax and let your mind drift."

Ranma's experience feels like warm and cool streams of water begin to flow around his skin and through his body. I doesn't hurt but it is distinctly odd. Ranma is not sure how much time passes but eventually the sensation recedes and then stops.

Ranma blinks a few times while Noriko comes back to sit in front of him. She begins by saying, "So would you like the good, bad, or otherwise news first."

Ranma deciding to get the pain out of the way says, "The bad news."

Noriko replies, "From your perspective the bad news is that there is no cure for your gender changing curse. You should be glad Happosai disposed of the Nannichuan water at the wedding otherwise things may have become very weird."

Ranma asks, "hows that?"

Noriko responds, "Remember Taro and what happened with him? The curses don't counteract each other they blend. How would you like your cursed form to be a hermaphrodite?"

"A hermapro ... what?"

"A hermaphrodite is a creature that has both male and female sexual organs." Noriko explains.

Ranma asks, "then the good news is?"

Noriko grins, "Well there is actually two pieces of news. The first is I can teach you to control the effects of both the Nyannichan and Neko-ken. The second is that I am impressed, you are the first person I have met with the strength of will to be even able to function somewhat normally while being 'demonically' possessed. No one should be able to survive the Neko-ken with their sanity intact, and I have never heard even a rumor of someone not being completely berserk until they were killed under it effects. The people who created that ritual simply wanted to turn the children of their enemies into monsters."

Now curious, Ranma asks,"And the otherwise news?"

At this Noriko frowns, "Do you recall him using any odd punching techniques during your training?"

Ranma wryly responds, "Most all of his teaching techniques could were odd. What are you hinting at?"

Noriko shrugs,"There is some impairments and irregularities in your ki flows. None are life or health threatening but they appear deliberate. A technique to cause this would have had to be done repeatedly to have this much effect."

Ranma worried now, "And what is the effect exactly?"

Noriko calmly states, "The first affected area would impair your ability to think rationally outside a life or death situation. leading you to act impulsively and emotionally. The second area would cause you difficulties with responding to adult emotional impulses."


Noriko covers her mouth to hide her grin, "You would find it hard to get turned on mentally even if a naked girl was lying on top of you. Even if your body would respond normally."

Noriko continues a little more professionally, "The good news is I can correct these issues and I will need too before we could proceed further."

Ranma responds, "I sense another big shoe waiting to drop, what's the worst news?"

Noriko responds," I can correct them and the healing technique I know would be able to fix the issue today. I would be encouraging your body to create new pathways that would be correctly aligned. The bad news is this takes time and energy, once the process starts you would be unconscious until sometime tomorrow. Once the changes are complete you will need to learn to deal with a whole host of new reactions from your body."


Noriko smiles, "You are more perceptive than people credit you for. There is two more pieces of bad news related to your curses and one request that I have. The one you really wont like is that I could sense even in your male form that your female form is just as real. Even if I teach you to control the change trigger at will, you will still need to spend time in your female form or both forms will suffer. the second is that as you are possessed by a spirit entity, once we succeed in integrating it fully into your spirit you will become a cat Hanyo or half-demon."

Ranma shrugs, " ' was beginning to guess at the first since ya said there aint a cure and the second don't sound so bad. So what's the request?"

Noriko impishly grins, "Just be wary of demon hunters who don't know you. You might not get a chance to reason with them. As for the request, while I am creating the new ki pathways I can also imprint some extra knowledge on your mind. Most of it will be language skills that you will still need to work with to use effectively. You should notice your normal vocabulary improves. For the rest, think of it being a reference of skills like one of your martial arts references. I will either teach you them later or you may have a desperate need of them in the future and they come to you."

Ranma replies, "I guess I can live with that, when do we start?"

Noriko replies, "We can start now. I will need to put you in a trance like state. Otherwise the effects of the changes can be unpleasant."

Ranma nods, "Let's get it over with then."

Noriko returns to kneeling behind him, he closes his eyes and try to relax. A much brighter glow surrounds Noriko and Ranma seems to slump. Noriko glances around and checks with her other senses for anyone watching. Without seeming to move they both seem to drop through the floor leaving no mark.

Elsewhere, Noriko and Ranma float down through a smooth ceiling. Noriko floats with Ranma over to some equipment. Ranma is surrounded by an amber glow and when she floats back from him he is now suspended in an amber crystalline egg. Noriko smiles and runs her hand over his face. Turning she passes through another featureless wall and emerges into another chamber with similar equipment holding another egg.

Noriko looks into this egg and finds Happosai no longer quite as small and shriveled as he was last night. Spending a few moments to check her patients health, she then passes back through the ceiling.