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a quick note about the time of year. Reading the Ranma 1/2 manga I assume by the fact there were fans running with incense burners when the Saotomes first arrived, it was late spring or early summer. Going by the trips the the beach and that they went through one winter time period. I am assuming here that the events in the Manga comprised about 18 months. Which would have the wedding occurring in late fall to early winter. For simplicity, My story starts in February which is a month before the start of finals for the group. Which would have been Akane and Ranma's second year of high school and Nabiki's senior year.

Chapter 6 - the desire to learn

Shortly after Noriko and Ranma left for the dojo, Akane picks herself back up off the floor. "I don't understand why did she attack me like that?"

Kasumi looks at her sister in puzzlement. "You were angry with her answer to your question, but you attacked Ranma who had done nothing except try to keep from laughing at a good joke."

Nodoka has a much darker expression, "Yes I agree. Would you like to explain why you were trying to use my son for a punching bag?"

Akane starts washing her hands nervously under their gazes. "Well it was his fault. If he hadn't laughed I might have been able to convince her to let me be her student."

Nabiki snorts at this, "I can't even begin to follow that logic sis. Noriko stated quite clearly she would not train you as things stand now."

"I believe you owe Ranma and Noriko an apology when they return." Nodoka notes calmly.

"Hai Oba-san" Akane quietly replies.

The four women return to their breakfast in silence. Nabiki finishes her meal and uncharacteristically for her takes her plates to the kitchen and rinses them off.

"You don't need to do that Nabiki." Kasumi states.

Nabiki sighs, "It would seem to be in my best interest to turn over a new leaf. If you would let me, I would like to help with the cleanup around our new home here."

Akane looks at Nabiki oddly. Nodoka and Kasumi both have pleased smiles. "We would definitely appreciate your assistance Nabiki-chan," Nodoka replies.

Akane grumpily leaves the table and heads up to her room. Noriko walks back from the dojo and changes her shoes on the veranda. Sitting back at the table,"I apologize for leaving the table like I did. Should I ask what I missed?" Taking some of the remaining food offered by Kasumi, Noriko begins eating.

Nodoka asks, "Where is Ranma?"

"As I mentioned to you No-chan, I started my plans to repair the physical damage Ranma has had to endure and prepare for the spiritual efforts. I have taken him to a safe and secluded place until this is finished. I should have him back in two days time. Now about the girls."

Kasumi replies, "I could begin training Nabiki in basic Tai Chi forms and meditation. Akane needs to realize her lack of control is limiting her before we can do much."

Nabiki interjects,"Your serious sis?"

Nodoka answers instead, "We are willing to train you, if you are willing to learn. As for you doing the training Kasumi, Noriko-sama and I have discussed this and while you can begin your own training. You have sacrificed quiet enough for your sisters. I will be handling the girls training as they need it. You should concentrate on deciding what you want to do with your own life."

Kasumi looks to Noriko for confirmation and receives a nod of her head between bites in confirmation. Noriko smiles with a little pride in Nodoka at this.

Indicating Nodoka and herself, "As for our plans for all three of you girls and hopefully Ranma. Nabiki and Akane have been withdrawn from Furinkan High school and will unfortunately not be able to complete the school year. Though after looking at the quality of education they offer, I am not sure this is really a bad thing. You might have noticed in each of your rooms there is a new laptop computer and it is loaded with self paced home schooling materials. I would like each of you including Kasumi to work with these."

Seeing Kasumi's shock Noriko continues with a wry grin, "Yes Kas-chan I do intend for you to continue your education as well. There is plenty of time for you to learn this kendo style, and there is much more out in the world you should experience. When the new term starts I have made arrangements for all of you children to attend a prestigious private academy near Tokyo. Where they have classes all the way from preschool to graduate college level."

Noriko smiles, "I have been friends with the schools headmaster for some time. He has looked into the situation at Furinkan and would like all of you to take placement tests before the term starts to determine your effective education level. Meaning for Nabiki, if you place well enough you will be issued a high school diploma and begin taking classes at the University level. For Kasumi, they have agreed to test the knowledge you have gained from studying Dr. Tofu's books and give you equivalent college credit towards studying medicine. I assume you still wish to study in that direction."

Kasumi nods her agreement and bows to hide tears. Nabiki is struggling to contain her surprise. Kasumi regains her composure and answers for the both of them. "We are truly grateful Noriko-sama.

Smiling at Nodoka, Noriko continues."The children will be living in the dormitories, but I have a house in the township there where we will stay. This includes access to the training facilities on campus with the possibility of teaching martial arts there. I know we had not discussed this before No-chan but I thought it would make a nice surprise."

Trying not to gape at this revelation Nodoka replies, "Hai Noriko-sama."

"I have some things to take care of today, so I will be leaving things here in your hands Nodoka" Noriko finishes while gathering up her plates and utensils.

Noriko heads to her room to collect some items and then leaves the house. Nabiki quickly heads up to her room. Nabiki is in the first room in the hallway towards the front of the compound on the side with the onsen. Akane's room is down the hall from Nabiki's and Kasumi is in the room across the hall from Nabiki. Nodoka and Ranma are in the rooms at the start of the other hallway with Ranma's room facing the sand garden.

A large wooden overhang blocks her view of the bathing area from the open sliding windows. The rooms on the second floor are all similarly furnished with a bed, a desk, and a storage closet built into the wall away from the room next door.

Nabiki finds the laptop in the top desk drawer and its AC adapter. Setting up the laptop, she powers it on for the first time and goes through the first time user setup. The setup helpfully includes a tutorial on using the self study program.

Nabiki happily discovers that there is already a wireless high speed connection ready. Nabiki sets to work getting her affairs in order with her crew in Nerima. Gladly turning all responsibility over to her second in command. Having completed this task nabiki starts exploring the study program.

Konatsu had spent the morning checking up on the Kunos and looking for signs of Ryoga in the area. Now nearing noon, he is making his way back to Ucchan's to check up on Ukyo and assist with packing.

Entering the restaurant. Konatsu finds Noriko and Ukyo chatting in one of the booths. Ukyo is going over the details of packing up and transporting her personal affects.

Konatsu clears his throat to announce his presence. Ukyo smiles at the kunoichi, "Welcome back Ko-chan, anything interesting to report.". Konatsu looks to Noriko.

Noriko sensing his question answers, "Don't worry, Ucchan was worried about your safety so I told her about the duties you would be performing."

Nodding gratefully he responds, "The Kuno siblings are as yet unaware of Ranma-san and the Tendos having left the area. I received word from some reliable friends that Mr Hibiki was seen sulking around the Unryu farm earlier today. I did happen to see the three amazon's leaving the Nekohanten on my way back so I believe they are going to the appointment you had scheduled for Mu Se. The establishment was locked down well with the closed sign out. I suspect they intend to take a look around the new facility you have acquired for them later today."

Noriko smiles, "You have proven well that my faith in you was well placed Konatsu-chan."

Konatsu bows to the two ladies and excuses himself from the room. Pausing out of site but within earshot he listens to the rest of the conversation.

Noriko asks, "So you have been unable to reach any of your family to inform them of the current situation?"

Ukyo sighs, "I've not really spoken with any of my family for the last year. My father hardly admits I am alive, let alone his daughter."

Noriko places her hand on the young girls shoulder. "Your father has proven himself a fool multiple times over. I can't help but feel pity because he places covering his foolishness over knowing a beautiful young woman like you. He does not deserve your concern."

Ukyo smiles at the older woman,"Thank you for your kind words Noriko-san."

Noriko asks, "So have you decided what you would like to do?"

"Is it still possible to move to that academy and get tutoring for placement tests for the new school year." Ukyo asks quietly.

With a secretive grin Noriko responds, "That can easily be arranged. I have even received approval from the manager of the cafeteria for you to work there cooking okonomyaki or other foods to earn spending money. You can work what ever hours you like."

"Then I think I will go there." Ukyo responds

Nodding Noriko replies, "Good if we can get things packs to be moved. We can arrange for housing there to be ready for you the day after tomorrow. Now as disappointed as I am in your family's lack of interest in your life, I have a proposal to remove them from consideration."

Seeing Ukyo's confused expression Noriko smiles indulgently,"I am asking if you would like to become my ward."

"I-I-I would be hon-honored Noriko-sama," Ukyo barely gets out.

Hugging the girl and giving her a kiss on the forehead, "Then just call me Noriko please Ucchan."

Stepping back Noriko smiles, "This makes things easier then. I will be back tomorrow with the official paperwork. I realize you don't necessarily need protection but I would like to add looking after your safety to Konatsu's duties."

"I would not mind if it is Konatsu." Ukyo states.

"Then you would not mind if I arrange for the two of you to share an apartment?" returns Noriko.

Smiling Ukyo returns, "I believe I can live with something staying constant in my life."

Konatsu smiling happily leaves the ladies to the rest of conversation in peace. Konatsu sees Noriko leaving an hour later. Meeting her outside he bows. "I am forever in your debt Noriko-sama."

"It is my honor to assist this child. Life as treated her nearly as harshly as Ranma. I hope she can remain friends with him. I ask one thing of you Ko-chan, If you truly care for her, be her friend before all else. Let her decide where her heart lies."

With that Noriko leaves down the street. Konatsu returns inside to assist Ukyo with packing.

Having finished the initial exam for Mu Se before 4 p.m., the amazons make their way from Shinjuku. From the station they take the train to the Minato ward. They get off at the Azabu-Juban station.

Mu Se leads the way with Ku Lon sitting on his shoulder guiding him. With his eyes having been dilated for the exam and wearing dark sunglasses for that reason. his vision is even worse than normal.

They find the large warehouse with a storefront that they can make into a new restaurant. Walking through the storefront they come to the warehouse area. Noriko is waiting for them there.

Ku Lon smiles, "I suppose I should not be surprised to find you here."

Noriko replies, "It made sense that you would come here today as you had to be out for Mu Se's eye exam. So may I ask what the prognosis is?"

Ku Lon states, "Koru-sensei assures us that Mu Se's vision can be corrected to where he could have perfect vision or at worst mild nearsightedness. The surgery is scheduled for three days from now and recovery in his case will take until the end of next week. Since today was a Friday."

Walking over to Mu Se, Noriko gently touches his face and makes sure he could see her if he is looking straight forward. "You have beautiful eyes Mu Se. I hope you can see the world more clearly soon."

Not having met the woman before Mu Se asks, "Do I know you?"

Noriko smiles, "Not in this life, but I know of you. I am called Himura Noriko."

Interrupting Ku Lon states, "I assume you are here for more reason than to check on the young man otherwise a phone would work quite well."

Noriko laughs, "Your directness is always refreshing elder. You are correct, I wanted to discuss if you have been able to contact the council and received a response. I also come bearing gifts for the three of you I think you will like."

Xian Pu who was sitting idly by the side now perks up and joins the small group. Ku Lon responds, "I have contacted the council and as this was your request they are arranging for 14 more youngsters to join us here. Eleven are girls and three are boys as you requested. All are high-school aged, proven warriors, intelligent, and willing to learn. They all understand that they will be working as demon hunters and will be arriving within two weeks. They also will be bringing a Elder who is a friend of mine with them to help support our cause"

"Excellent work elder. Now for the presents." Noting the teenagers lack of surprise,"I take it both Xian Pu and Mu Se understand what is expected of them."

Both young amazons nod to confirm their understanding. "We appreciate the chance to be involved in this project, great lady," Mu Se states for them both.

Nodding, Noriko presents them with three bracelets of different colors with rounded gems set inside. "Ku Lon and I have agreed with your martial training what you lack is the firepower to be effective against demons. These are the primary equipment you will be working with."

She hands the first bracelet, gold with a red stone, to Ku Lon. "Yours is called jingu, put it on whichever wrist is comfortable and say, 'jingu combat alignment'."

Ku Lon puts the bracelet on her right wrist and finds the smooth bracelet seems to mold itself to her arm. Saying the command the bracelet shimmers, and the gem separates, revealing itself to be a perfect sphere. The bracelet continues to shimmer and her clothing is replaced by golden robes and warriors skull cap, trimmed in red, covers her head. where the gem was is now a staff sized to fit Ku Lon with the red stone in the center.

Ku Lon floats off the ground. "I see the tools are individual to each fighter and can communicate with us. Mine is named after Ruyi Jingu Bang I see. How very appropriate. Jingu ningen alignment." Settling back to the ground, Ku Lon's clothing returns to normal and she is again wearing the bracelet.

Noriko states, "the modified clothing acts like armor. It will also be clean and repaired after each transformation. Another function you can activate is a disguise field, so that no one can remember your face or details of appearance for more than a few seconds."

Smiling Noriko hands the second bracelet, gunmetal blue with a green stone, to Xian Pu. "Before you put it on I should tell you this has a special power for you that will remove the water trigger for your curse and allow you to change at will. Your cat form will be convenient tool for gathering information then. Its name is Voulge"

Xian Pu places the bracelet on her right wrist as well. She looks sad,"Shampoo no can say words Nice Lady said earlier."

Noriko simply steps forward and hugs Xian Pu. She whispers, "Don't worry I just wanted to see if I could get the elder to say something like out of a Mahou Shojo manga. You wouldn't be able to use words as a cat anyway." Ku Lon chuckles, having played along happily.

Stepping back Noriko continues in a more normal voice. "Simply think the command and Voulge will respond."

Xian Pu's bracelet shimmers and her clothing is replaced by a pantsuit similar to what she would normally wear in gunmetal blue trimmed in green. The gem has now transformed into a short staff like weapon with a metal axe like blade on the end. She lets out a whoop as she also floats into the air and begins twirling the weapon around herself. The Elder coughs and the girl returns to the ground.

Noriko tells the grinning girl. "The commands for your transformation are, neko alignment, ningen alignment, and of course combat alignment."

Xian Pu nods and her whole body shimmers. Moments later there is a dark grey cat with lavender highlights where she was. The cat meows, and prances around the floor. Shimmering again, Xian Pu is dressed once again in her normal clothes. Impulsively she hugs Noriko saying, "Shampoo no naked, thank you nice lady."

Hugging her back Noriko says, "Your welcome Xian Pu, but there is a price. I expect you to study hard when you attend school."

Nodding eagerly Xian Pu steps back from Noriko. Noriko approaches Mu Se last. "I have done the same for you but gone a step further Mu Se."

Having barely been able to make out what happened with the others. "What special benefit do you have for me?"

"A duck is easy for people to dismiss but difficult to defend yourself as. A cat at least has its claws. For you I have modified the avian form to that of a falcon. With the transformation phrase of taka alignment." she replies handing him the last bracelet in black with a midnight blue gem. "Your partners name is flying bind."

Mu Se puts the bracelet on his left wrist. His normally white robes turn to black with dark blue trim the gem is still at his wrist. No weapon is apparent. Mu Se floats in the air, closing his eyes and concentrating. Suddenly a half dozen black chains materialize in the air wrapping between several support columns in the warehouse. The chains vanish just as easily. Mu Se shimmers again and a black falcon with blue highlights on the wing feathers like the edge on a katana on each feather flies around the room instead. The falcon flies towards Noriko and lands gently on her scaled forearm guard. Crossing one wing in front of its body, it sketches an impression of a bow to her, and flies back to land on the floor.

Shimmering again Mu Se stands in his normal robes. "I could see clearly as a falcon, and I could somehow sense everything in the room in combat form. Thank you so much great lady."

"I am glad I could be of assistance to you. I pray for your operation to be a success next week, so you may see clearly and enjoy life always." She replies while bowing.

"I have only one thing I ask of you and the others who will be arriving soon. These tools give you great powers. I ask that you use them to protect others and not to force your will on them."

All three amazons reply, "Yes great lady."

Noriko says, "I believe I will take my leave now. You need to practice with these tools. I have a question for you Mu Se, can you teach the other males coming some of your hidden weapons techniques? Once everyone is here, I will train you in using what is essentially a elementally enhanced antitank weapon for use on very large and powerful demons. If the others were able to make these appear at will it would be a great benefit to your teams."

Seeing the sense in this Mu Se replies, "that can be arranged but it will take some time for them to master it."

"The last thing I need to mention, Ku Lon already knows but these devices work by converting your Ki into pure spiritual energy that can be used to manipulate existing elemental energies. The more you use them the more Ki you will need to generate. That is why they can't be used by ordinary individuals. Please be cautious about this. I have asked Ku Lon to train you in techniques to increase your Ki reserves but still,use up all your Ki and your body will collapse."

With that she begins to leave the warehouse. Ku Lon politely escorts her to the door. Idly Ku Lon states, "That was well done, not even the council would have guessed you wanted to help the boy with his curse from the start."

Shrugging Noriko replies, "It may be more than a dozen generations removed, but he is still of my blood and I wanted to help him."

Ku Lon only smiles in response.

Just before leaving Noriko asks,"Since I know you have already plumbed the available information in the A.I., will you and the other elder be able to handle making the charge cartridges? I believe you can see the benefit of being in an advisor or support role for these youngsters."

Laughing Ku Lon replies, "I believe we can cover that yes."


Mahou Shojo - magical girl

ningen - human

taka - falcon

Voulge - european pole arm weapon similar to a bardiche. (That is a hint where I got the inspiration from if I haven't dropped enough already)

Ruyi Jingu Bang - The size and length changing staff wielded by the monkey king of chinese myth.

Now we get to the point where I start basically running two story lines. The Amazon's assisting post Sailor Galactica Senshi, and Ranma and other parts of the MWC attending a new school where chaos is rampant but not so life threatening. Ryoga as always is a wandering wild card.

By the way for those of you catching the liberal hints in this chapter. Due to the time frame of 2004, Ranma is not likely to meet up with Ala Alba, but Ku:nel Sanders might be up for a new apprentice. Wonder if I can work Kaede-chan in somehow degozaru.

One last note I am planning to use Mas Cre (mascara) for the other elder but I am looking for suggestions for 14 more amazon amazon names and names for their weapons. I will start a forum topic on this after I post this story. Any suggestions would be appreciated.