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I forgot to define it last chapter

Omiai - literally "looking at each other", is a custom in japan to introduce candidates for marriage to each other.

The Ginzuisho is the crystal of light and order. It is a powerful force but has no will of its own. That's why if its bearer is not using it it has no intent and appears neutral.

As for the close proximity of the Tendos the only one I think is a viable match for Ranma is Nabiki and I have other plans for this story. I actually have plans in mind for her that could prove interesting.

I like Kasumi better than Nabiki as created by Takashi-sensei but I think she makes a better couple with Tofu. I also am patently annoyed with Tofu having just disappeared from the manga. Given his personality he could have made a beneficial and much needed mentor for Ranma.

Mahora Academy is a coed community. there are multiple schools within it. Negi just happens to teach at the all girls middle school. The college is definitely coed.

Kotaro at the begining of volume nine states he transfered to the elementary school and that is why he wears the uniform.

Happosai could have some dates in the future :)

BTW I am a fan of how Terry Goodkind's works have multiple concurrent stories merging and diverging throughout his Sword of Truth series so I am trying something similar here.

disclaimer - I don't own Ranma 1/2, Sailor moon, Ruroni Kenshin, or Negima. this work is purely for entertainment and not for profit

Chapter 18 - In Life

Mu Se having been separated from Ami so quickly endures the ribbing from elder Ku Lon. Ku Lon's smile, as she sends him off to collect the rest of his team from the shopping arcade, is evidence that she is happy for him though.

Bu Fer who had been standing nearby grins and gives Mu Se a friendly slap on the back. "Your young lady is quite something to see Mu Se."

"Considering that the elders hope to play matchmaker, which one catches your eye?" Mu Se says with narrowed eyes and a grin.

"The one with the long black hair definitely has spirit, but the long drink brunette seems like she might have more training as a warrior. Maybe I can offer to help her improve her martial skills." Bu Fer returns with a chuckle.

Mu Se rolls his eyes. "So where are the girls?"

Chuckling Bu Fer points to a bookstore. "Har Bo somehow succeeded in dragging Xin Chi in there."

Entering the store the two young men find Xin Chi struggling to contain herself while the shorter Har Bo bounces through the racks of manga.Even Mu Se has to join Bu Fer in chuckling at the third time in a minute that Har Bo put a different graphic novel in Xin Chi's face, and started talking about it excitedly.

Bu Fer nudges Mu Se. "I think we best rescue Xin Chi before she tries to kill Har Bo."

Mu Se coughs to get the two girls attention. "Har Bo go ahead and make your purchases so we can continue the tour of the area." Xin Chi is torn between trying to maintain her composure and sobbing in gratitude as Har Bo dashes to the register.

The four teenagers leave the store and make their way through Minato Ward with Mu Se playing tour guide.

Xian Pu, in another part of the ward is having other issues. While she is happy to get to spend time with Par Fum, who is her best friend from the village, she did not plan on having to keep Bru Xi from trying to flirt with every girl they come across. Po Mad is not helping with simply pretending to study posters and notices anytime Bru Xi starts his attempts at poetry.

Before she can scream in frustration, they receive notice from their partners that a demon attack is eminent. Mas Cre contacts Xian Pu's team that they are closest, they quickly transform and move to the scene.

When they get to the scene they find a store front has been destroyed and a group of four small, man sized, demons are trying to chase down fleeing civilians. Bru Xi calls out "Vortex Shield" and a swirling wall forms between the red demons and their prey.

Xian Pu nods to Po Mad, "Drive them towards us."

Po Mad lifts his arms with the phantasmic chains wrapping around them and calls out "Ghost Dance". A bone white mist spreads around the demons pushing them away from the barrier. Any time the demons try to touch the wall they scream in pain as it drains their energy.

The demons are formed into a rough line by the encircling mist the only exit leading towards Par Fum who is flanked by Xian Pu and Bru Xi. The demons charge the group. Par Fum grins swinging the glowing Falchion towards the enemy she calls out "Rift Divide" and a seeming wall of energy springs up sailing forward and bisects two of the demons.

Of the remaining two demons one falls to Xian Pu's Vorpal edge attack. The other tries to attack Bru Xi who blocks the incoming claws with Crimson Gale's blade edges. The demon screams for the last time as Dire Wight's spikes pierce it and fades from existence.

Par Fum does her version of the amazon glomp on Xian Pu when Mas Cre confirms there are no more demonic signatures. The quartet quickly leaves the area and continues exploring the ward.


After the Senshi left Hinode shrine Ranma finally decided it was safe to come back. Noriko and Nodoka smile at him. "Ranma while I though several of those girls were quite lovely I would not have tried to make you marry any of them." Nodoka says with a grin.

Ranma sighs, "I know mom. I just didn't feel like picking up any new admirers right now."

Noriko chuckles. "Well do you think you could handle the addition of a few more girls?" Ranma looks at her with wide eyes.

Nodoka gives Noriko a sideways glare. "What Obaa-san means is that my little sister Kari will be joining us on Wednesday and we were considering inviting your cousin Saotome Haruna to stay with us for a while as well."

Ranma pulls on his braid. "I think I can live with that."


Paru is packing her bags Tuesday evening. Honya and Yue watching her can't help but chuckle at their friend debating what clothes to pack.

"I am sure if you just dress and act like you normally do they will be fine with you Paru." Honya quietly ventures.

"This is definitely different from your normal behavior." Yue calmly states while drinking a juice box.

Shivering slightly Paru stops fussing with her clothing choices. "I know, but I finally get the chance to meet my cousin and aunt, and I want to show them that my family is not all bad."

The smaller Honya hesitantly gives Paru a hug. "I am sure they will like you."

After Paru finishes her packing, the girls settle in for the night. Paru's guide is planning to make an early start the next morning.

Around eight the next morning Yue opens the suite's door to allow in two visitors. A tall young woman, wearing a grey long coat and slacks, with auburn hair and light blue eyes and what appears to be a blue eyed ten year old girl wearing a blue hooded cloak.

Paru introduces her roommates to the newcomers and the auburn haired girl introduces herself and companion

"I am Himura Kari and my companion is Karakuri Akiri." Indicating her friend who removes her hood to reveal red hair and wing like curved antennae behind her ears.

The three girls blink-blink for a moment. "Karakuri? is she like Chachamaru?"

Kari nods. "Back in high school I helped create the magic circuit that powers Chachamaru and Hakase promised I could have one of the second generation units as a companion."

Akiri bows. "It is a pleasure to meet all of you. Since you seem to know her, can I ask if my older sister is doing well?"

The girls spend a few minutes regaling the little gynoid with stories about their adventures with Chachamaru, while Kari smiles at them. "I hate to interrupt, but we need to leave soon if we are going to get to Obaa-san's home in time for lunch."

Akiri collects all of Paru's luggage, Kari just smiles and shakes her head at Paru's protests. They board a tram that takes them to the Mahora subway station where they pick up some bento boxes before getting on the train to get to the Tokyo Shikansen station.

"Since you have a robot as a Ministra, can I assume you are a doll master like Eva." Paru quietly asks.

Kari shrugs. "Much as I would like it to be otherwise, being a doll master is one of my few offensive abilities. I like to think of Akiri being a little sister for me to look after. I am still in training to become a Magistra Magi myself."

Paru thinks about this for a while and has to wait for further questions until they switch trains at the main Tokyo terminal for the Tokaido Shinkansen.

"If your in training to become a Magistra, how come we did not see you during the final event of the festival last year?" Paru asks.

"I was there. Having my dolls out would have been counterproductive with Chao's droid army." Kari giggles. "I am a fairly good healer so I dressed up as a nun and helped in the first aid clinic. Sister Shakti was not pleased with my choice of clothing."

Paru tilts her head to the side and looks at Kari in confusion. "My main talent is being an enchantress and I am not popular with the nuns there at the school." Kari says snickering slightly.

Paru blink-blinks at this. "By Enchantress do you mean maker of enchanted items or one who charms and seduces men."

Kari grins devilishly. "Both definitions work. The first is an end result that a lot of magi seek my services for. The second is a entertaining way to gain energy for making said items, but why be limited to men?"

Seeing Paru's stunned expression, Kari hugs Akiri close to her side and breaks down in giggles. "Really now, the mangaka behind Mahou Shojo Bibulion is surprised."

Recovering slightly Paru asks. "Ano... How do you stay out of trouble with the mage teachers there at school?"

Still snickering a little Kari replies. "It's not really difficult. I agree not to play with anyone who is not willing and I get left to have my fun. Like I said there are quite a few magi that are interested in what I can make for them. I have had a few interesting parties in the last few years since I started college but I think they would rather not risk getting on Obaa-san's bad side by trying to punish me for having them."

"Obaa-san? you mean Noriko? I heard she was Eva's teacher. Does she really worry them that much?" Paru asks.

Kari grins, "Obaa-san has been behaving herself well and her children and grandchildren over the centuries have built a reputation as amazing fighters and demon hunters. I am sort of the black sheep in not trying to shall we say buck the natural tendency of our family. As for being dangerous, I think the mages would hesitate to anger the ancient succubus who destroyed Atlantis in less than an hour."

Paru's eyes seem to try expanding to the size of dinner plates. "she what? And the mages let her wander around unwatched. I am surprised no one has tried to punish her."

"Again they would have difficulty trying to match her power and don't want her angry." Kari replies with a shrug. "As for punishment they don't have the right. Atlantis belonged to a totally different society here on earth while the mages lived on Mundus Magicus, before they discovered what they call the old country."

Paru settles back to think about this for a while. The train passes through Shinagawa Station without stopping on its way to Maibara.


Ku Lon was happy to receive another fire message from the Senshi Sunday evening. Chuckling she finally gave them her and Mas Cre's cell phone numbers for easier contact. She laughingly advised the girls her teams could handle the demon incursions for the rest of the week so the Senshi could concentrate on their finals.

Mu Se and his team final were getting their turn at bat that morning. At the crown arcade. Har Bo was enjoying her teasing of Mu Se for the planned double date with Ami to celebrate the end of term. Bu Fer was trying not to draw her attention since he was going as well, for a first date with Makoto. Xin Chi just was pretending to read a newspaper to hide her grin.

The fun was interrupted by an alert of a new demon attack. Rushing to a nearby park they find a group of three winged female demons attacking. Mu Se uses Flying Bind's chains to snag the demons and throw them to the ground away from bystanders. Bu Fer opens Storm Roar and with a flourish of the fan calls "Cyclone Dome". what appears to be an inverted tornado appears around the combatants preventing the demons from taking to the air again.

The two smaller demons fall first. Xin Chi holds up Guisarme and it takes on the appearance of a tuning fork with the amber stone centered between the tines. A white beam appear with a call of "Ion Pulse". The first demon only has enough time to notice a large part of its chest is missing before collapsing and disappearing. Har Bo Grins and holds Saber in a one handed overhead ready stance with her free hand forward, pointing at the other small demon. With a call of "Legion Charge" the girl appears behind the demon leaving a trail of afterimages in her wake. The demon disappears without realizing what hit it.

The last and largest of the demons is enraged but still bound by Mu Se's chains. Xin Chi charges forward with Guisarme transformed back to a pole arm and pierces it through where its heart should be. The demon vanishes after a triple slash through its torso from Har Bo and Saber.

Powering back down the boys valiantly make an attempt to escape, but are soon dragged away to clothing stores by the girls, so they can benefit from a woman's opinion on what to wear for their dates.


Ranma had enjoyed the how the last two days had passed peacefully. Much to Happosai's surprise Ranma was judged ready to learn how to phase through objects before his master.

Happosai and Ranma hold off groans when they find out the trick is imagining themselves becoming less solid and moving through things. Ranma quickly finds it is easier said then done as the concentration has to be maintained constantly and it is a massive drain.

Happosai and Ranma are enjoying the onsen by themselves after an extended workout. The girls having already finished.

Happosai chuckles, "It will take practice but my technique for removing an opponents weapons from their person is based on Noriko's technique."

"You mean stealing a girls panties without taking off the rest of their clothes don't you." Ranma drolly observes.

Happosai rolls his eyes. "I admit that is what I used it for a great deal boy, but I am trying to reform." Ranma snickers.

"So what can you tell me about my aunt Kari?" Ranma asks while reclining back.

"I was never a welcomed presence in Kenjiro's home Ranma, so I never got to know the girl. The last year I have spent around your group, have you tried asking Noriko." Happosai says with a shrug.

"I tried asking, she just chuckled and said I would find out for myself soon." Ranma continues with a slight shudder. "She did warn me to be careful and not let Kari try to use Ranko as a dress up doll." Happosai simply studies the far wall of the onsen.

Having soaked for long enough they leave the onsen and get dried off. Happosai grumbles a little when Ranma just materializes his clothes. "I need to ask Noriko to teach me that trick."

Entering the common room they find Noriko and Nodoka working on lunch. Nabiki and Akane can be seen from the open shoji wearing miko outfits and clearing the grounds. Kasumi went along for the ride in the car with Tofu to his work at the clinic. Then to the station to collect their new guests.

They offer their assistance with the preparations. Happosai is told to relax until lunch. Ranma is asked if Ranko would be willing to put on a miko outfit as well to assist the girls and so they can take some pictures. Ranma groans but does not see any harm in the request. Ranko joins the two sisters and keeps from rolling her eyes when Nodoka herds them in front of the shrine so Noriko can take a picture.


Kasumi is waiting patiently at the station when the train arrives. Kasumi smiles at the girl who could easily be mistaken for Ranko's older sister by appearance. "Welcome you must be Kari-chan. I am Tendo Kasumi." Turning to the sable haired girl with her, Kasumi continues. "You must be Haruna-chan then. I am afraid I had not heard of your other companion." Indicating the smaller girl with her hood up.

Kari grins and pulls Akiri close. "This is my Akiri-chan. She is my friend and companion. I am curious how you recognized me so easily Kasumi-chan"

Kasumi chuckles. "Your hair is the same color as Nodoka's, and by your face I would have to wonder if you were not her daughter considering how much you look like Ranko."

Paru almost stumbles. "Kasumi-san who is Ranko?"

"Please call me Kasumi Haruna-chan, and I will explain in the car." Kasumi says with a wink.

"Then please call me Paru, all my friends do Kas-chan." Paru returns with a grin.

Kasumi fills them in on all the details of all the goings on in the Hinode Shrine on the car ride there. This conversation is hampered somewhat by Kasumi gushing over how adorable Akiri is.

Ranma has returned to his male form when the others arrive for in time for lunch. He is surprised by Kari's unreserved nature and cautiously warm towards Paru. Ranma did not get much chance to talk to Akiri as Kenji happily dragged off someone closer to his own age to play video games after lunch.

Noriko pulls Ranma a the three new arrivals into the privacy of the office, assuring Kenji he can play more later. "So Kari-chan did you get what I asked you for?"

"The security on it was very tight Obaa-san but I called in a few favors." Kari says while holding out a set of optical disks.

Seeing Paru and Ranma's confused expressions she explains. "Paru you may not have heard but I have arranged a challenge match between Ranma and Kotaro. I want Ranma to understand the level of challengers he can expect to meet around Mahora. What Kari has given me are recordings of past fights Kotaro has been involved in so Ranma can have an idea what he faces. Would you be willing to use the "Imperium Graphicus" to create golems of Kotaro for Ranma to spar with? They won't be near as powerful but it will give him a better idea."

Paru blink-blinks, "I could but to use my artifact I have to use Negi-sensei's magic energy. If I ask permission they will get an idea what we are doing."

Grinning Kari wraps her arms around Paru from behind. Kari whispers in her ear loud enough for everyone else to hear. "Make a Pactio with me, and then there won't be a problem." Paru's eyes open quite wide.

Not immediately breaking away Paru turns her head to look at the older girl. "Let me think about it." With a grin that could make Happosai blush, Kari releases her.

"Noriko-sama," Akiri interjects, "I have analyzed those files, and can reproduce most of the physical techniques Kotaro uses. I am also of similar size. I would be willing to spar with Ranma-sama if it would please you."

Kari nods her approval. "I have no problem with that as long as Ranma promises to go easy on her. Akiri is no where near as durable as Kotaro. Maybe you can spar after dinner. I think Kenji would be unhappy if you did not come back to play Akiri."

Noriko grins at Akiri's affirmative nod. "Well then Ranma perhaps you should go and get on your studies until then." Akiri and Ranma leave the room.

With Ranma out of the room Paru turns to Kari. "Your serious about wanting me to be your Ministra Magi?"

"I took an interest in you after the festival." Kari returns with a grin,"Your powers are quite impressive and would be a good compliment for my dolls. I get the impression that you are not interested in Negi-sensei for yourself. If you make a Pactio with me you can still use Imperium Graphicus as that is a part of you and not the source of power. Even if we make a Pactio over the break, I will not hold you to it if you decide to stay with Negi."

Paru has an almost evil grin. "Are you nearly as powerful as Negi?"

"I don't have many non-chanted offensive spells but I would wager I have nearly as much raw magical power." Kari rolls up the left sleeve of her blouse to show a guard that seems to be made of glowing crystals. "I also have ways of storing up power for later use."

"How could we make a Pactio Here?" Paru asks quietly.

Noriko chuckles. "I have a Pactio seal permanently inscribed in the floor tiles out in the shrine, and I have presided over creating several Pactio as well as permanent bonds."

Paru grins. "Your offer is tempting Kari-chan, but let me think about it for the night." Paru leaves them in the office saying she wants to get to Nodoka better.

Noriko grins at Kari. "Cute girl. So what plans were you wanting my help with in trade for the disk?"

Kari smile back at her grandmother. "Hakase created a A.I. that can grow and mature. I want to give my Akiri a body that will do the same. Will you help me with that Obaa-san."

"I think we can come up with something child." Noriko mildly replies.


Honya - Miyazaki Nodoka, I am going to use her nickname to avoid confusion

Karakuri - japanese for machine or mechanism
gynoid - robot that appears to be a female human.

Hakase - "professor" - Satomi Hakase, member of class 3-A and the university Artificial Intelligence and robotics group. Chachamaru's creator

Ministra - latin "female servant", Ministra Magi - female partner or companion to a Magister Magi. Ku:nel Sanders (Albireo Ima) is the only male companion mentioned in the manga to have made a pactio and would be called a Minister Magi

Pactio - "temporary contract", a bond formed between a candidate for Magister Magi and a Ministra Magi. A Pactio is used in the manga series because Negi is too young to form a permanent contract. Its rumored that Negi's father earned the title "Thousand Master" by having a Pactio with a thousand girls. A permanent contract also implies something close to marriage even though a Magister can have multiple Ministra, if they are powerful enough

doll master - magic user who can animate and control magically enhanced/created dolls to attack their enemies with. Dolls that have been used for a long time actually take on their own personalities.

Magistra Magi - feminine version of Magister Magi - master mage.

Mahou Shojo Bibulion - magical girl manga in the world of Negima that both Negi and Kotaro are fans of.