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Sorry for the delay in creating a new chapter. I spent the last few days reading "Dragon Lady of Macross" by Calamity-Queen of Cordite. I never imagined Ranma 1/2 and Macross could be blended well, but it turned out to be a great story. It also gave me an idea for another story to write, but that will have to wait.

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Chapter 21 - Trading Knowledge

Slowly the man regained consciousness. Looking around he finds himself in a hospital room with his wrists and ankles strapped to the bed. A doctor and a police officer are standing over him having been alerted by the change in his vital signs.

"Can you understand what I am saying?" The doctor asks.

Unable to find his voice yet, The large man nods. "The doctor shakes his head and turns the conversation over to the police officer. The officer reaches over and locks a device to the man's wrist. "This is a tracking device. Now that you have regained consciousness we have to assume you are a flight risk. I would not suggest attempting to remove it." The officer backs away and allows the doctor to tend his patient.

After the doctor is assured of Genma's recovery, he is left alone. With the tracking device in place the straps are removed so the man can move around. Checking the door he determines it is guarded and the window is covered with heavy bars inside and out.

Sometime later that day he is visited by a man in a pressed suit. Genma is informed that the man is his court appointed lawyer and is presented with documents showing his list of charges.

"I believe we will be working together for some time. You will need to pick a new last name for court documentation. You have been fully declared ronin and are no longer allowed to use the Saotome name." The lawyer states.

"What of my wife and son?" Genma asks.

The suited man replies,"I have here the paperwork finalizing the divorce and their transfer to her family's register. There is also a letter here from the head of her clan for you." After some further discussion the lawyer leaves and Genma opens the letter.

To Genma

By the time you read this letter I will have seen to helping Nodoka and Ranma establish new lives. I left you in police custody so that the courts can have their turn at judging your actions and protect you from facing my wrath. I pray though that you choose to escape from their custody so I can deliver my judgement upon you. I don't see a need to show mercy more than once. I assure you, if you do not submit to the court's judgement, and I have to find you again, whatever terrors you believed you went through with Happosai will seem like fond memories

Himura Noriko

The man once known as Saotome Genma breaks out in a cold sweat.


After Ranko's fourth unsuccessful attempt to get Inhoshi off her head and into the water to wash, She settles for cleaning the cabbit while washing her own hair. Paru of course finds this entertaining, judging by her giggles. Akiri is slightly better behaved while Kari helps her wash.

In a different part of the bath Negi and Kotaro are valiantly and futilely trying to escape from the other girls. After suffering their own humiliation they settle into the bath and join Ranko and other members of her family in hopes of finding sanctuary. At least Paru is not one of the worst offenders in scrubbing attacks.

Kotaro takes a seat in the bath near Ranko. "Nee-san how did you make that wind tunnel you used to defeat me?"

Ranko snickers a little. 'I like him. He is either too young to be bothered by being near a naked girl or too engrossed in the art.' She sends to Kari, who chuckles in response.

"If that was a pure Ki technique, it was amazingly powerful." Negi says approaching the three of them having overheard the earlier question. Inhoshi now that washing is done is happily paddling around in the water near the other two.

"It was a Ki technique. The Hiryu Shoten Ha uses temperature differences in the air to create a maelstrom. Its actually a combination of several techniques that you need to master. That is why it can be changed and modified for different effects. I will make you a deal Kotaro-kun I will teach you the first technique you need to learn called the Soul of Ice, if you will teach me that split body technique. I really want to learn that Shadow Star of yours."

Kotaro nods eagerly. "Sure nee-san but you need to learn the Ki strike from Kaede-neesan. Then you need to learn ground contractor or void instant movement."

Negi jumps into the conversation. "I can teach you void instant movement if you will teach me the Soul of Ice as well."

"Well I guess I can teach ground contractor as well as the Ki strike for the same deal degozaru." Kaede says from the other side of Ranko causing them to nearly jump out of the water. Inhoshi simply swims over to her and miyahs happily when Kaede cuddles her close and scratches her ears. Kari and Paru having watched the silent approach, break down in giggles. Nodoka and Noriko are grinning from nearby as well, Akiri at the moment seems to be near asleep snuggled between her aunt and grandmother.

Ranko takes a moment to recover. "I think we could learn a lot from each other." She says to the group.

Kari on the other hand has moved close to Noriko to retrieve the dozing Akiri from the water and dry her off. "Obaa-san doesn't Negi-sensei look just like his father." She says with a grin.

Negi having overheard this approaches Noriko. "You knew my father Noriko-san." Negi says hopefully.

Noriko smiles at the boy. "I have known Nagi since he was a boy. I was the backer for Ala Ruba before they split up. I hope for your sake you take girls feelings more seriously than he did child."

Negi gulps and blushes. "Is it true that he made a Pactio with a thousand girls?"

Noriko chuckles and hugs the boy. "Nagi for all his flaws was honorable and never strung that many girls along. I think he choose the members of his team to avoid getting involved in a deep relationship with any one girl." Giving a resigned sigh she continues. "Nagi is a brilliant strategist when it comes to a fight. Unfortunately if it did not involve learning a new technique or a fight he had the attention span of a gnat. He was charming and enjoyed talking with girls. His aloofness towards relationships was one of the things that drew girls too him. He earned the title "Thousand Master" by surviving what seemed like a thousand fights and coming up with a new technique or a new variant on an old one for each fight. I wonder how many new variants he has come up with by now."

"You seem certain he is still alive Noriko-san." Negi quietly states.

With a flick of her wrist Noriko holds a card, and states simply. "None of my Minister Magi would be foolish enough to die. If they did I would bring them back and give them a dressing down they would not forget."

Negi stares wide eyed at the card and sees his fathers name on it with a picture of his father as a teenager wearing his signature robe. Noriko smiles. "The robe is an artifact giving him better defense than any armor. Nagi always was a good friend, and I grew tired of seeing him beaten up in the fights he sought out."

"Do you know where he is?" Negi asks eagerly.

Noriko hugs the boy closer. "I am sorry child but I do not. I care for your father's safety, but if I tried to contain him his spirit would have been crushed. That's not to say members of my family would not have tried." With a half-chastising glare and Kari she finishes. "No girl, you don't get to hound Negi either." Kari fake pouts at this.

Ranko coughs. "Um if you want to come back over this way Negi-sensei I was getting ready to explain the soul of ice."

Noriko lets Negi go to rejoin the group. "By the way Ranko. Before you get involved in new techniques how are your studies going for the proficiency exam on Monday."

Ranko chokes. "I am pretty sure I am ready Obaa-san but I am having a little difficulty. Inhoshi ate my laptop yesterday, and somehow I can see what she is checking out on the internet. I am trying to use the study program still, but it is nearly a full time activity keeping inhoshi from going to websites she shouldn't looking for new costume ideas. I am thinking of just asking if I can start high school over so I can be in the same class as Paru anyway." Paru cheers along with most of the other girls in the bath. Chisame grumbles about hit counts.

Negi sits back down next to Ranko. "So you are planning to attend class as a girl. Are you going to try some of the clubs as a boy though? How will you explain where Ranko disappears too?"

Kari chuckles and Ranko joins her. "I have a plan for that, but I need some help." Ranko grins at Inhoshi who had taken up a perch on Kotaro's head. The little cabbit pulls a card nearly as long as she is from somewhere and quietly says "A-de-at".

Now for most other young teenage boys the position Kotaro now finds himself in would be interesting to say the least. For Kotaro being on the receiving end of an affectionate embrace of a golden eyed twin of Ranko is cause for alarm.

The neo-girl giggles as Kotaro breaks away and basically hides behind Kaede. Inhoshi snuggles up against Ranko and nuzzles her nose. The scene, while innocent, would still have all the boys of Furinkan passed out from blood loss. Nabiki notices and starts thinking about new possible photo sets for the website.

Ranko succeeds in getting Inhoshi situated next to her. "I have been working with her since we determined she could take this form. She still has difficulty understanding the need for clothes and her vocabulary is limited. I think she is doing well for being less than two weeks old though. If Paru or someone else could keep an eye on her, she could play my double, and get a better chance to socialize at the same time." All the girls recover from their shock and nod in eager agreement.

Chachamaru walks over to the group. "Does Akiri have an artifact form as well? I would be interested in seeing what other new abilities my little sister now has."

Kari breaks out in giggles. "I would be happy to show you after she finishes her nap but there is now where near enough space here for that." Grinning at Eva she finishes. "Perhaps if Eva-chan is willing to let us use her desert area, we can let Akiri spread her wings."

"Only if I can take part as well." is Eva's quick response.

Kaede brings them back to their earlier subject. "About the Soul of Ice technique Ranko-dono."

"Oh yah, The Soul of Ice is a ki technique that creates a temperature differential. The technique I was taught by an Amazon matron uses Ki flow to absorb heat and internalize it. This has a limit to how much heat you can absorb before you spontaneously combust. The one I used earlier is a modification I created that pulls the heat in and I can project it outward creating the temperature differential. I can cause a much greater differential this way and by flying fast I leave a trail of cold in my wake. the superheated air collapses back in and follows my path of travel. You need to master the first version so we will work on that first."

Kotaro looks thoughtful but Negi states the what is on both of their minds. "So that was how you created those flames. It was not magic, it was just superheated air"

Asuna and Setsuna were drawn by the discussion in time to hear the answer. "Yah the only magic I know so far is the healing spells Kari-neesan taught me. I used those to patch Kotaro and myself up while he was out."

"So you can use both Ki and magic?" Asuna asks while contemplating if it was worth the risk to have another Kanka user to train with. Ranko gives an affirmative nod in response.

Eva steps into the conversation. "I have heard of these Amazons and they are very protective of the techniques they claim as their own."

Noriko snorts. "I believe they will allow my great grandchild to teach whoever they want."

Asuna and Setsuna decide to offer to share in the exchange of knowledge as well.


Later after Akiri woke up from her nap the entire group decided they wanted to see Akiri "test her wings". Inhoshi is now dressed in some of the clothes Kari purchased for Ranko and looks adorably cute.

Eva leads the group with the addition of Happosai and Tofu to the desert, Chamo is currently trussed up on Happosai's shoulder. Eva glances over the smaller girls shoulder as she pulls out her card. The card has a picture of Akiri over a solid red black background. Kari waves everyone close. Once Akiri is satisfied everyone is close enough together, she says "Adeat" and the others see a wave of red black pass over them and feel themselves rise into the air.

Once everyone regains their feet they find themselves in what looks like a large room surrounded by windows with a cluster of floating crystals in the center. Looking out the windows they discover they are in a crystalline spaceship the size of a Boeing 787.

Kari says, "lets see what you can do Akiri-chan." The group is surprised when the spaceship giggles and they see the landscape slide tumble and roll without feeling any sense of movement.

"Obaa-san can you create some targets for us to play with?" Kari asks Noriko.

Noriko waves her hand and a wave of energy passes around them calling up towers and moving golems from the sand. There are even a large number of flying gargoyle like creatures flying out from the towers. Kari puts her hands on two of the floating crystals and energy beams flash from crystal points on the outside of the ship. Instantly five of the towers are vaporized to fall on the sand golems on the ground as molten glass. Kari and Akiri proceed to use many more smaller beams on the moving ground targets, while more gargoyles appear from the remaining towers. Akiri giggles more while playfully dodging around the thickening cloud of airborne assailants.

Kari finishes off the last of the towers and ground targets. She then turns her attention to carefully sniping the aerial targets. "So Negi-sensei with Akiri and Paru's help do you think I would be able to play the villain if we decide to have another war game to end Mahora Fest this year?" Negi's awed silence gazing out the window is answer enough.

Glancing at Eva Kari asks another question. "I think you can see why there is limited places Akiri and I can practice with this form. Do you mind if we use your resort?"

"If you think you can chaperone all these children who like to play here so I can do other things? I think I can agree to that. You will be responsible for fixing anything you destroy in the process though." Evangeline responds.

After an hour of flying around, Akiri returns to the portal platform. With a call of "Abeat" Akiri returns to her normal form. Kari nearly collapses and leans on Noriko and Nodoka for support. "Kari-mama!!!" the little girl cries while wrapping her waist in a hug.

Kari tiredly smiles and places her hands on Akiri's cheeks. "I am fine little one. I just need to get used to the drain your artifact form causes. I just need to rest and eat something and I will be fine. We just need to practice more." Akiri nods while tightening her hug.


The next morning after kempo training on the palace balcony, which Inhoshi participated in as well, Asuna offers to teach Ranma Kanka. Hearing the description, Happosai brokers a deal to learn the technique as well.

Eva challenges Ranma and Happosai to go through her week long survival training. She gives up when Happosai, Ranma, and Inhoshi spend a full day playing in the frigid stream in her arctic area like it was a hot spring.

Noriko is finally cornered by nearly everyone at the resort, with the exception of Ranma and Kari. "Yes there are more cabbits and I might be convinced to let you bond with them."

She continues in a stricter tone. "There are things to keep in mind though. While they are developing they require a great deal of spirit energy from whoever they are bonded to. They are nearly always hungry and can eat more than they weigh in a day. Anyone who wants a cabbit will have to prove they are able to provide for one in both those respects"

Noriko smirks at the eager Negi and Kotaro. "You must also consider that all cabbits are female. While they take on humanoid form similar to the one they bond to, in the case of a male they will look like you would had you been born female."

Negi does not even blink while Kotaro seems to consider for a moment before agreeing. Tofu-sensei is thoughtful for a moment but does not consider for long. Happosai has a grin that almost makes Noriko smack him before he promises to not take advantage of the situation.

Of everyone there, only Negi, Konoka, Kaede, Kotaro, Ku Fei, Eva, and Happosai have the necessary energy reserves to support a cabbit. The others look to find teachers to help them develop their reserves.

Noriko promises them she would get cabbits for them by the start of the new term. Eva corners Noriko away from the others. "Ranma can feel what Inhoshi experiences right." Noriko gives an affirmative smile and Eva continues in a near whisper. "Can I have a cabbit sooner please?" Noriko pulls the sniffling girl into a hug and nods.

Noriko agrees to teach Tofu-sensei and Nodoka in sorcery.

Akane swallows her pride, and gets up the courage to ask Ku Fei for instruction in the martial styles the younger girl knows.

Nabiki finds time to quietly ask Kari if she would teach her to be an enchantress as well. Kari simply grins and suggests she will think about letting her join her apprentice Kasumi.


The group finally returns to normal time space and calls an end to Saturday night. Sunday morning dawns and Noriko leaves saying she will be back in the afternoon after taking care of a promise.

Noriko called in a favor with Takahata-sensei, to play tour guide for Nodoka, Tofu-sensei and Kasumi. Fortunately she was not there to spoil the meeting with snickering when he first meets Nodoka.

Ranma had stayed the night in his new suite with Kari and Akiri. Kaede arrives and introduces Ranko to the Narutaki twins, Fuka and Fumika, the Strolling Club's designated tour guides. Inhoshi chooses this point to make her presence known looking like Ranko's twin again. The Narutaki's take it in stride having been familiar with Kaede's shape-shifting ability and suggest they all go out looking like young girls.

Kaede had traded teaching this skill to Ranko in exchange for learning how to produce a Ki blast, Inhoshi then learned it by extension. Kari decided it be fun to escort the group of grade school girls and invited Paru to watch the fallout. Without question the ice cream sellers were completely unprepared. After cleaning out several ice cream stores and taking in a movie on the cheap, Fuka and Fumika gave everyone an in depth tour of the Academy City.

Nabiki latched onto Akashi Yuna and Okochi Akira, two of the class' better athletes in basketball and swimming, to guide her around the city.

Akane did not have time for a tour as Ku Fei took her request seriously and dragged her off for training at the break of dawn.

Evening found everyone back in their dorm suites with Tofu-sensei again staying at the modest house Noriko had obtained to share with Nodoka. Fortunately for him there was an extra bedroom he could have if he accepted the position with the university hospital. Noriko did keep from chuckling at Nodoka's starry-eyed look, somehow.

Chachamaru found her mistress that evening watching the sunset while quietly snuggling a pure white cabbit with golden eyes and pink ears.


The headmaster was easily convinced to give Ranko special permission to keep inhoshi with her during the test and class. He realized there was little choice after the third time the cabbit simply phased through walls including a lead lined safe when they tried to prevent her from being with Ranko.

Ranko admonished Inhoshi to let her answer the questions on her own, and succeeded well enough to qualify for eleventh grade just barely. Headmaster Konoe agreed to enroll Ranko in the tenth grade at St. Ursula's. Akane, and Ukyo were able to qualify for third year at the same school and promised to be good Sempai to their new Kohai. Konatsu due to lack of previous opportunities asked to start from the begining at the men's high school even tough he scored better.

Nabiki and Kasumi both qualified to enroll in the university. Kasumi as a sophomore in their medical fast track program.


Ranma and Happosai spent several days in Evangeline's resort to be able to use Kanka and Ground Contractor. The others worked to master the soul of ice and Hiryu Shoten Ha. Ranko teamed up with Inhoshi to each produce a clone, and used the advanced Soul of Ice to create an impressive sandstorm in the desert.

Tofu-sensei was accepted for the position with the university. After this was confirmed he took everyone out to diner and proposed to Kasumi. Kasumi said yes almost immediately, but Tofu-sensei insisted they would make no wedding plans until Kasumi could finish college and enter medical school.

Noriko insisted on taking everyone on a trip to Okinawa for the next two weeks including Paru's mother to celebrate the engagement. Evangeline hesitantly asked her former sensei to take her golden eyed copy with her.

"What is your name child." Noriko asks.

"I am Akatsukiyami, Noriko-sama, but please call me Akatsu" The blond cabbit-girl replies.

Noriko hugs both of the girls


I believe I forgot this one last time

Hiryu Shoten Ha - Flying Dragon Ascension Strike - uses a conflux of hot Ki or energy from opponents tricked into moving into a spiral with the soul of ice to create a miniature tornado

Kanka - Kankaho - a combat technique that combines Mana and Ki energies together for powerful physical power ups and attacks

Void Instant Movement - mana based high speed movement technique. Can be utilized even in the air

Narutaki twins - class 3-A's designated cute pair. while being near the same age as Konoka and the others neither has apparently gone through puberty and look much younger than they are.

Age Shape-shifting - Kaede showed this skill in a side story with Mana where she made herself look like a grade schooler to get a cheaper ticket into a movie theater. This likely also is why she looks older than 15 normally.

Sempai and Kohai - roughly translates to senior and junior. many different uses are made for this in Japanese society.

Akatsukiyami - moonless dawn