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Once again I open the release valve on my overactive imagination

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Chapter 20 - Raising Cabbits?

Paru and the others recovered from their shock slowly. Akane had been restrained by Happosai when she tried to charge Ranma. Kasumi sets about settling the other girls down. Kenji is holding on to Nodoka's Kimono sobbing over his friends safety.

"I am certain Obaa-san will be able to help Akiri. We will just have to wait." Nodoka stated calmly, as she tried not to cry over her sisters distress and comfort Kenji.

Paru had other plans saying "Abeat" her new card returns from the artifact form. Putting the card to her head she focuses on sending her thoughts to Kari. 'Kari-chan are you and Akiri-chan alright?'

'Paru? Oh gods, I was so scared. Akiri-chan will be alright.' Kari answers with some surprise. 'I had asked Obaa-san to make her a body that could grow with her. Her old body is a loss but we were able to transfer her soul into the new one. She is sleeping now while her spirit syncs with the new body. She is so adorable now.'

Paru sigh with relief. 'Can you summon me to where you are?'

'I am not sure where we are at the moment. I know if we can talk we are still in range for me to summon you. I don't think it would be a good idea for me to bring you here without asking Obaa-san first. Can you make sure that the other know we are all okay?' Kari replies.

Paru sends a mental affirmative and addresses everyone in the yard of the shrine. "I just talked with Kari. Akiri is going to be alright, but it may be a while before they come back" Approaching Kenji she asks. "If you would like I have some friends you can play with while we wait for Akiri to return."

Nodoka nods gratefully to the girl as she brings back her drawing tablet and summons a couple of child sized humanoid foxes that succeed in drawing Kenji away.

"Wait until he gets back I am going to pound him." Akane growls.

"I believe Obaa-san and Kari have things well in hand Akane, and they have the right to dispense any punishment this warrants not you." Kasumi replies mildly.

Nabiki takes this opportunity to ask Paru some questions. "So what is with that card and the sketchbook it turns into? From what you were saying earlier I take it you were drawing power from Kari somehow to use it."

Paru grins, "What is in it for me to tell you?" After some negotiation, Nabiki gets informed about Pactio and artifacts. The negotiations actually convince Nabiki that Genma was an aberration and the Saotome family is not a pack of idiots.


Noriko pulls Ranma and Inhoshi back in to the room where Kari is watching over Akiri. Inhoshi happily bounces off Ranma's shoulder to climb up on Kari's shoulder to get a better look at Akiri.

Glancing at the new weight on her shoulder Kari giggles. "And who are you little one?" Inhoshi happily miyahs. Noriko just stands back to watch her charges

"Her name is Inhoshi." Ranma translates as he sits down next to Kari on the other side. "I am sorry for not paying attention to what I was doing and hurting Akiri-chan."

In response Kari wraps her arms around Ranma in a tight hug. "I know you did not mean to hurt her Ranma, but you need to learn to control your powers before anyone else is hurt. I am sorry for trying to attack you myself but you nearly scared the life out of me."

Inhoshi bounces back on top of Ranma's head. "I think Obaa-san gave Inhoshi to me for that reason." He says while pointing at the perched cabbit. "She's bonded to me and I can feel her emotional and physical state. I guess having to look after something that really does need my protection should help me start thinking before I act."

Kari somehow succeeds in scratching Inhoshi behind the ear and ruffling Ranma's hair at the same time. "I guess there are some brains in there when you decide to use them. I am not the one you really need to apologize to Ranma." Now getting an evil grin she continues. "I do have a punishment in mind for you though. Let me see you as Ranko again."

Ranma's form shifts and Kari suddenly begins snickering. Glancing between Ranko and Akiri, Kari breaks down in giggles and squeezes Ranko tighter. "Hmm... This will be fun. With Inhoshi sitting on your head, her white ears almost make it look like you have wings on your head like Akiri. So your punishment from me is since Akiri is smaller now then she was, I need to buy her new clothing and you are going to get matching clothes as well so my daughter and niece can make a cute matched pair." Noriko and Kari share a laugh at Ranko's "deer caught in the headlights" look.

Becoming more serious after recovering herself Kari continues. "Also it would not have helped in this situation, but starting tonight I will be teaching you healing magic so you can work to correct any future accidents you might have. They will be far more minor than this." She finishes with a stern look.

Ranko gulps "Hai Kari-sensei."

Kari releases the death grip level hug she was holding her niece with and turns to Noriko. "So how much longer does she need to rest before we can wake her Obaa-san?"

Noriko smiles. "The process was necessarily rushed, but she should be ready soon. Her new body will require a spiritual link to you to help stabilize her new form."

"So your saying I need to make a Pactio with Akiri-chan in order to wake her?" Kari continues with a false innocent look. "I always wanted to play a part in sleeping beauty, but I never thought I would be the prince"

Ranko blink-blinks and wonders if she should mention a certain tomboy.

Noriko chuckles and has Kari hold out her arms. The Amber egg dissolves into light and Akiri settles into Kari's embrace. Noriko snickers when Ranko notices Akiri is now wearing a red tunic and black slacks to match her cousin. Noriko pulls Ranko and Inhoshi away and nods to Kari. Kari settles Akiri into lap and gently holds her chin while giving her soft kiss.

The two of them are surrounded by a soft blue light and Akiri's eyes flutter open. Akiri quietly says, "Kari-mama?" Kari sobs while holding the child tightly to her and nodding. Inhoshi lets out a loud miyah and jumps to Kari's shoulder to be able to nuzzle Akiri's cheek, which earns a smile from the girl.

Kari finally lets Akiri out of her grip and allows her to stand. Akiri picks Inhoshi off her shoulder and hugs the cabbit. Ranko notices Akiri now looks almost like a six year old and barely reaches her waist. Ranko kneels in front of her cousin. "Akiri, I regret what I did to you. Is there any way I can make it up to you?"

Akiri looks at Ranko with some trepidation for a moment. Then reaches out and gently wraps her arms around Ranko's neck, and allows Ranko to draw her into a hug. Inhoshi squeaks in protest of being caught between the two before wiggling free. "Inhoshi says you would not want to hurt me. I believe her." Akiri giggles when she looks up at Inhoshi perched on Ranko's head again.

Akiri nuzzles Ranko's cheek and turns back to Kari. "Kari-mama, I'm hungry" Inhoshi miyahs her agreement.

Noriko chuckles. "Time for a shopping trip then. I don't have enough food here to feed three bottomless pits." Kari snuggles Akiri into another hug and along with Ranko takes Noriko's hands. The group floats back through the ceiling.


Ukyo had been enjoying the last few weeks. Setsuna had been praising her on her skills with her battle spatula and begun teaching her how to make seals and wards. Ukyo had also developed quite a following among the students at the cafeteria. The other vendors had begun doing showboating of their own to attract people, but in most of the students opinions, they were still well behind the curve.

Konatsu had also taken to the training with Kaede and Kotaro. Konatsu could quite easily maintain the split body technique for extended periods and was working on learning "Ground Contractor". Kaede promised that once Konatsu mastered this technique he would be ready to learn the "Shadow Cross". In all Konatsu's life was looking up. Now the only question is can he score well on the placement test.

Ukyo pauses in fixing okonomiyaki in the cafeteria and smiles wistfully at a boy with a pigtail walking away with his food. "Ko-chan do you think Ranchan misses me?"

"I could not say Ukyo-sama. I am sure he will be happy to see you again when they come to Mahora." Konatsu quietly replies. "Have you tried calling him to see how he is doing?"

"Your right Ko-chan, I think I will give him a call once dinner is over."


Ranko found herself in a large van on the way to the shopping district. She silently prayed that Akiri and Inhoshi were made of really sturdy stuff otherwise the hugs Kasumi, Akane, and even Nabiki were giving them would crush them. Now if only she could get Paru to stop putting Inhoshi on her head and giggling.

Noriko was sitting in the front passenger seat and ordering a lot of food to restock the pantry. Somehow in the twenty minutes it took to get the van to the shrine, Akiri and Inhoshi made it in there and succeeded in devouring everything that could be considered safe for consumption without cooking, and somethings that normally would not have been.

Nabiki catches the happily bouncing fireball also known as Akiri. "How can you possibly still be hungry?" The small whine Akiri gives in response accompanies the cute puppy eyes that would melt even the "Ice Queen" at her worst. Nabiki does not even try to resist anymore. Kasumi giggles and Noriko snorts while doubling her original food order.

Once they arrive at the shopping district Kari takes Akiri, Ranko, and Inhoshi to a women's clothing boutique. Ranko starts to sweat when she sees the sign in the window advertising "Angelic Pretty". Nabiki and Kasumi start planning a fashion show for later. Paru just tags along to offer additional advice.

The Tendos, and the Himura matrons get food from a cafe and wait for the show to start. Paru and Kari are having a wonderful time having the other two girls try on matching outfits. Even Inhoshi gets ribbons to match Ranko's outfits.

Nabiki had settled in to study the people around the cafe when Kasumi suddenly starts shaking her shoulder. "Nabiki where is your camera this has to be saved for posterity. The vendors may never recover from a triple shot of the 'Puppy Eyes of Doom'." This is said while pointing to a loli-goth Ranko, with her hair loose and a well groomed Inhoshi perched on her head, leading a identically dressed Akiri over to a to a seller of yakisoba.

Paru and Kari, having chosen similar dresses for themselves, follow a short distance behind and laugh merrily as Ranko leads in charming the seller out of a large amount of food. Granted the sight of the four pretty girls is enough to draw a crowd to the yatai. Nabiki manages to get several good pictures before they are hidden from view.

This process repeats until they have visited every food vendor in the area, and Kari returns to the others carrying a contently sleeping Akiri. Paru and Ranko follow with a dozing Inhoshi cradled in Ranko's arms.

"Cousin I swear your new partner had to have eaten ten times its own weight." Paru notes with widened eyes.

Ranko shrugs. "Inhoshi did say she was hungry, but I think she managed to keep pace with Akiri. Ano... Kari-neechan you promise I won't have to dress like this all the time right?"

Kari giggles as she sits down with Akiri. "Ah but your so cute." Seeing Ranko shudder slightly she smiles. "I thank you for putting up with this Ranko and I don't plan to make you dress like this often, but you have to admit the vendors would have basically given you their entire stock for free if you had not insisted on paying." Ranko sighs with relief as she sits down.

"How could she force you to dress like that Ranko?" Akane inquires.

Nodoka answers for her daughter. "We have made arrangements with the Academy that Ranko, Akiri, and Kari will be sharing a suite in the dormitories. Likewise you, Nabiki, and Kasumi will be sharing another suite in the same building, along with Ukyo and Konatsu."

Ranko's cell phone rings at this moment, she chuckles, 'speak of the devil'. "Heya Ucchan, how are you?... I am doing great. I have an aunt and two cousins that are students at Mahora that are staying with us. .... Really you want to see pictures. Nabiki what's the website address you and Paru were putting up." Before Nabiki can respond Ranko answers a question from Ukyo. "Ya Paru is here. .... My other cousin is Himura Akiri and my aunt is Himura Kari. There should be pictures of them on the website too."

Paru puts a quickly written note in front of Ranko saying the site will be up later tonight. "Ucchan the website isn't up yet I will call you later with the address. Just please promise you won't laugh to hard." Nabiki and Paru snicker.

Later that evening they do get the website up, and Konatsu has to wonder if he needs to call a doctor as hard as Ukyo is laughing.

Akiri happily made her hair grey with twin pony tails and put on a t-shirt and coveralls for a picture with Kari wearing a dog costume. Paru added a diagram of Ruri's explanation of the phase transition engines before posting the pictures.

The Tendo sisters dressed up as the Norns. Kasumi was Belldandy. Nabiki insisted on being Urd, with a little help from Kari. Which left Akane to be a mallet wielding techie.

Inhoshi was judged too cute to dress up further than bows, and had her own section of pictures.

Ranko and Happosai did end up posing as Lina and Gourry from Slayers. Happosai amazingly was staying on his best behavior, even when they convinced Nodoka to play as well.

Nodoka was given a glamor that made her hair long enough to braid. Noriko dressed up as Natsumi and Nodoka became Miyuki from Your Under Arrest. Paru happily takes the role of Yoriko from the same series.

Kari and Noriko somehow convinced Nodoka to dress up, exceptionally well, as one Ms. Croft from England. If alcohol was involved or not was never discussed later.

The real surprise for the site was when Kasumi asked for help making a particular photo of herself. Kari created a glamor for Kasumi that made her look like the cat girl Nina. Some fun shots made it to the site. Pure cheesecake was given directly to one Ono Tofu the next morning with a message asking if he wanted to be her Prince Astral. Kasumi's smile through out the weekend said that their date the next night was more than entertaining.

By the next weekend a brown haired girl wearing glasses was shrieking at her floating mice minions because they were unable to bring the site down, and a lecherous rodent had passed out from nose bleeds several times in Negi's room.


Ranma spent the week training in martial arts from Happosai. Teaching the others Kempo, including Kari, Akiri, and Paru. Learning healing magic from Kari and studying for the placement tests.

During this time the Senshi started training seriously with the amazons. The inners were drilled in team tactics and basic martial arts.

Xin Chi took a special interest in helping Hotaru learn to master a pole arm weapon. Michiru and Rei took lessons from Mas Cre in divination. Ku Lon started tutoring Usagi in responsibilities of leadership, and martial arts after correcting some Ki flow issues the Ginzuisho had made worse turning the girl into a klutz.

Haruka's pride in her fighting skills took quite a few more blows before she agreed to train with Par Fum and Har Bo in the sword.

Ami and Makoto had firmly staked their claims to Mu Se and Bu Fer by now. The other girls were still undecided.


On the next Saturday, Ranma and the Tendo girls finally were able to get their first look at the Mahora Academy city. Tofu-sensei came along to investigate a job offer he had been given. It was a lost cause trying to convince Ranma not to climb to the top of the tallest tree he had ever seen in his life. Inhoshi called happily from her higher perch on Ranma's head. The view for them both was truly incredible. Akiri was only a few steps behind them, and asked Ranma to let her sit on his shoulders.

Paru and Kari gave everyone the grand tour for most of the day. After dinner that evening, Paru led them to Eva's cottage.

"Are you sure this is the place where my match with Kotaro is going to be?" Ranma asks, puzzling at the small two story building.

"Trust me Ranchan, the inside is amazing." Ukyo says as she, Konatsu, Kotaro and a boy Ranma does not recognize approach from the side. Ukyo introduces Negi and Kotaro officially. Chamo, the ermine fairy, waves from Negi's shoulder and is introduced as Albert Chamomile.

Ranma walks up to Kotaro and offers a hand shake which Kotaro accepts, "Let's have some fun tonight Kotaro-kun. I am not worried about if I win or lose."

Kotaro's eyes widen in shock. "Your not worried about going to school as a girl? What kind of man are you?"

Ranma grins and shifts to Ranko still holding on to Kotaro's hand. Ranko gives the boy a kiss on the cheek and winks. "One who was never able to have much fun as one. I now have a choice and would rather enjoy my time here instead of worrying about proving how strong or manly I am." Inhoshi from her perch on Ranko's head miyahs in agreement.

A gasp at the kiss announces the presence of a group of more than a dozen girls. Kotaro and Negi handle the introductions starting with the heavily blushing slight, brown haired, and freckled girl, Murakami Natsume, who was the one to gasp.

"I see you have had a major influence on your great grandchild since she came into your care Noriko." Eva says from the door of her cottage, with Chachamaru standing beside her. Noriko shrugs

Eva leads everyone into the basement of her cottage where they find what looks like interconnected dioramas. One has a giant castle surrounded by waterfalls the others are a desert, a jungle, a frozen tundra, and a mountain range. Noriko walks calmly forward and the floor starts to to glow with a white seal. Ranko and the others follow her lead and they suddenly find themselves on a bridge spanning over a waterfall heading towards the palace in the central diorama.

Eva appears last and leads everyone on to a permanent seal. After another flash they find themselves on a giant balcony overlooking the falls.

"So where should we have this match Noriko?" Eva asks with a grin.

Ranko turns more serious as she shifts back into Ranma, and gives Inhoshi to Akiri's care. Kotaro also takes on a more serious expression. Noriko just smiles. "I have some business to discuss with Kotaro-kun first." Turning to the boy she hands him some documents and an identification badge. "I had to pull a few strings to get this, but I was able to get authorization for you to be a high security courier. The pay is good and should leave you plenty of time for your studies. I warn you though, if things go bad you will have to be ready to defend yourself." Kotaro grins and looks over the information.

"I think of your available areas, the mountain forrest will give them equal benefits and handicaps." Noriko replies to the slightly steamed Eva.

"So what are the official rules for the match?" Eva inquires, her tone dripping annoyance.

"I think a sparring match without potentially lethal attacks and transformations is in order." Noriko states.

"What do you say we keep things friendly Kotaro-kun." Ranma asks the younger boy.

"As long as you promise not to k-k-kiss me again in any form." Kotaro grumbles.

Ranma grins. "Lets make a bet then between us. Win or lose I promise not to kiss you anymore." Ranma barely keeps from laughing at Kotaro's shudder. "If you win I will teach you a powerful technique. If you lose though you have to pose for a cosplay photo shoot of my choice with my cousin Akiri."

Kotaro nods, "I am going to win so it does not matter."

The two fighters head towards a portal seal that Eva indicates. "Once you arrive you will have one minute to separate and take whatever starting positions you want. The fight will proceed until one of you can not continue to battle. No strikes with intent to kill or maim will be allowed." Eva solemnly instructs

Arriving on the field the two separate quickly. Kotaro takes of to find a position in the trees. After traveling a short distance Ranma activates the revised Thief's cloak that Happosai taught to him and starts tracking Kotaro by flying soundlessly. When the minute is up Kotaro takes a fighting stance and searching the breeze for Ranma's scent. Ranma catches Kotaro off guard with Haku Dato Shin Sho (white snake venom reliable fist). Looking where Kotaro collapsed on the ground Ranma is surprised when he hears a voice next to him. "Wow that looks like it hurt."

Ranma turns and sees Kotaro standing on his right. He misses the second Kotaro who grabs his left arm and the one on the right does the same. Ranma tries to break the two handed grips or phase through them but the swirling dog spirits prevent the later and Kotaro's grip is tenacious. In front of him the downed Kotaro is replaced by a new one going for a flying side kick to Ranma's chest. Kotaro yells "Inugami Ninpo, Howling Burst Kick." The kick flies over Ranma as he sinks into the ground Pulling the clones together hard enough to knock their heads together and dispel the technique.

Ranma spends several minutes trading high speed blocks punches and kicks through the air with Kotaro. Kotaro suddenly splits into six clones and surrounds Ranma in the air. All of the clones suddenly have glowing palms out ready to strike. The Kotaro's call out "Kaede Ninpo revised, Shadow Star". With trails of energy they seem to pass through Ranma at high speed. With obvious injury, Ranma falls to the ground and passes through the surface.

Kotaro merges back to one form and heads back to the ground looking for his opponent. What he does not expect is for Ranma to come blasting back out of the ground with streams of fire flowing from his hands and spinning. Ranma calls out "Hiryu Shoten Ha revised, Path of Fire and Ice". Kotaro only has time to hear the name before he is caught in the cyclone winds following Ranma's path of travel which pull him along to crash into the ground hard as Ranma passes harmlessly back through.

Kotaro having been knocked for a major loop comes too several minutes later. Finding Ranko above him casting a healing spell. Ranko grins and says, "I guess I win. This was really fun though, I hope we can spar again later." Ranko helps Kotaro back to his feet. Ranko grins evilly "Now for the payoff of our bet" Kotaro gets a sickly look.

Several hours later Kotaro is actually getting into wearing the all black threads Ranko picked out for him. The ankle length duster coat and the white mask with the tear mark under one eye is pretty cool. Akiri turned her hair white wearing it in a high pony tail and is wearing a modest purple dress with black sleeves and shoulder wraps. Almost everyone is having fun watching the photo shoot. That is except for Chisame. "Those two should not make such a cute chibi Hei and Yin." She grumbles.

Since they still have most of a day left the ladies decide to make use of the jungle hot spring, including Ranko who got dragged along. Kotaro and Negi being kids who can't be trusted to bathe on their own of course are forced to join. Ono and Happosai are offered the use of the baths in the palace. Chamo tries to sneak off to the jungle bath but Happosai stomps on him. "No you don't rodent, I have heard about you, and I don't plan to risk getting caught up in your antics"


Abeat - command used to dismiss artifacts. I don't believe it has a meaning

Shadow Cross - Kaede Ninpo - Ki infused strike with four clones. Starting from close range and channeling Ki into a palm strike. four clones pass through their target using ground contractor. unconfirmed but damage level expected to be massive.

Angelic Pretty - Gothic Lolita clothing brand in Japan, founded 1979.

Gothic Lolita - highly cute clothing stylized to seem like dresses for victorian era dolls. For true Ranma fans think about how Azusa of the golden pair dresses for an extreme example

loli-goth - another term for Gothic Lolita clothing style.

yakisoba - fried noodles

-neechan - means sister. Ranma would be asking for trouble calling Kari Oba-san

phase transition engine - hypothetical drive system used on the ND-001 Nadesico. Ruri and Yurika had a in episode Omake with the costumes described where Ruri explained the theory of the engine.

Norns - Skuld, Belldandy, and Urd. goddesses of time in norse myth. specifically characters from Ah Megami Sama in this reference

Nina and Prince Astral - characters from Words Worth

chibi - small or little

Hei and Yin - characters from the series Darker than Black

As to the prevailing warm and fuzzy feeling of this chapter, I blame it all on the cabbits :)