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Yesterday I witnessed the most hilarious thing I have seen in months. I was roped into doing yard work for my parents. While I was taking a break, their 12 week old german shepherd pup got a hold of a gallon ice cream bucket with his teeth and started to run to keep anyone from taking his prize. I have no clue why he did but he doubled back on the direction he was running and smacked full tilt into the back a glider chair in the yard. After checking on him to make sure he was alright, I saw his expression that just screamed "what happened". I was chuckling about that with my mom for the rest of the night.

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Chapter 26 - Call them Strong

Negi waited patiently for the cheering to die down. "I am pleased to be able to be your teacher for another year. I realize that most of us were together last year, but if you will allow me, I would like to introduce the newest member of our class."

Paru had to nudge Ranko a few times before she realized she should join Negi at the front of the room. The cascade of her unbound hair looks like fire against the black school uniform as Ranko quietly writes her name on the board. Negi proceeds with the introduction asking Ranko to tell the others a little about herself.

Ranko quietly addresses the class. "Until recently much of my life has been dedicated to studying martial arts. This spring I discovered my family is much larger than I thought on both sides, and I was able to spend time with my cousin Saotome Haruna and her parents this last week before school started. I hope to enjoy school life with all of you, and look forward to the coming term."

The members of the class reply with warm welcomes as Ranko returns to her seat with Paru and Kaede. Negi starts at the front of the room and asks a tall blond haired girl to tell everyone about what she did on break.

Ranko feels both of her sleeves being tugged on from behind and is surprised to see two cute twin girls behind her. Well more surprising to her is that they look like grade schoolers, and if possible have the cute pleading puppy dog eyes down better then she could hope for.

The one with short pony tails asks her, "Nee-chan if your a martial artist will you teach us techniques like Kaede-nee?" The twin with her hair in buns just turns up the puppy eyes even more.

Ranko giggles as she looks at them, 'So this is how the food sellers feel'. "We'll see, but if you want to hang out and have fun, I am more than willing."

The girls cheer and introduce themselves. The one who spoke, Narutaki Fuka, is the older of the girls. Fumika is the younger and quieter of the two.

Negi politely coughs to get their attention. "While it is good to make new friends, it is impolite to interrupt while Iincho-san was trying to tell us about what she did on break." The Narutakis blush and return to their seats.

Ayaka continues her story, and felt she had impressed the class with the story of her travels until half the class ends up taking turns talking about the trip they were invited on to celebrate Kasumi's engagement. Ayaka smiles when the discussion turns, with obvious interest for the rest of the class, to meeting Ranko's older brother. Ayaka barely suppresses an evil chuckle. 'If these peasants can be drawn away from negi-sensei I can have him all to myself.'

Ranko started getting a hunted look when the conversation started taking that turn. Paru puts an arm around her cousin's shoulders and whispers. "Don't worry, the ones that know you don't plan to take advantage. They can just be a little boy crazy at times being in an all girls school." Ranko blink-blinks a few times and does her best to relax.


Because all the schools at Mahora have only one head master, it was necessary for the welcome ceremonies to be staggered throughout the first day of classes. Staring with the schools with the youngest children first. Which meant the high schools and university would have their welcome ceremonies after lunch. The morning at St. Ursula's, after homeroom introductions, was taken up with returning third year students giving tours of the school grounds to any new classmates and their junior class-members.

This was what Akane and Ukyo were thinking about after being snapped up by the class 3-C representative, and another girl, to be their tour guide, as well as help her run crowd control on the younger students.

"Might I ask why you asked us to assist you Takane-san" Akane ventures politely.

The blond haired girl smiles. "Well Tendo-san I wanted to chat with both you and Himura-san. As to why I asked for your help, since you both mentioned you practice martial arts I hoped you might be able to assist me in keeping control of a class of troublemakers that has been brought over as a unit from Mahora Central Girl's Middle School." The slim, black haired girl introduced as Eiko nods affirmatively.

Akane shrugs and Takane turns her attention to Ukyo. "If you don't mind my asking Himura-san, are you related to Himura Kari?"

Ukyo smiles at the taller girl. "I guess you could say we are cousins. I was recently adopted by the head of the Himura family."

Akane perks up. "Kari-ne is my cousin. My grandmother was a Himura and I and my sisters were taken in as wards of the clan head as well. Akiri-chan is so cute, I just want to squeeze her tight."

Takane blinks in confusion, but is unable to ask further questions as they have arrived at the door of the class she volunteered to guide this morning. Knocking on the door, she is slightly concerned at the quiet voice that invites them to enter.

"N-negi-sensei? W-we are here to show your class around the school." Takane says while barely containing her surprise, and maintaining her composure.

Ukyo, behind her, waves to her friends in the class. Akane playfully salutes Ku Fei.

Negi smiles at the older girls and invites them in. "It is good to see you again Takane-san." Takane gets a bit flustered as Negi introduces the other three girls with her, without asking names, and proceeds to introduce his class to the seniors.

After introductions, Takane watches her plans, to try and teach the new students their place, go down the drain when Ukyo happily gives Ranko a hug and Akane bows politely to Ku Fei. Eiko just stares at Negi with hearts in her eyes. The moment captured expertly by Kazumi's camera, the photographer's snickers not withstanding.

Takane discovers that her concerns over the groups behavior during the tour are unfounded. Much to her distress at not getting more ammunition to use against a ten year old being a teacher.

Ukyo and Paru can only grin when Ranko practically bounces around the room when they get to gymnasium where physical education classes are to be taught. 'Even I can't jump as high as these ceilings.' Is the redhead's main thought. Akane and Kaede each take one of the girl's arms to escort Ranko from the room when its time to leave. Akane sighs when Inhoshi takes to bouncing around their shoulders instead.

Tour almost finished the groups converge on the food court, and Ukyo leads them to the okonomiyaki stand where Konatsu is prepping the grill for Ukyo, while wearing his boys high school uniform. The girls with them collectively groan when Ukyo hugs Konatsu and gets a kiss on the cheek. Ukyo shares a giggle with Ranko.

Konatsu grins at the two girls, and hands them both aprons. "I propose a challenge Ranko-dono. Between you and I, let us see who makes a better presentation as a server for Ukyo-sama's wonderful okonomiyaki."

Ranko puts her index finger to her lips thoughtfully and smirks. "Loser buys dinner for the entire group tonight."

Konatsu, instead of responding, backflips over the grill, grabbing a pen and paper in the process. Turning to the startled Takane, he bows politely. "What may this humble server ask be prepared for you lovely lady." The flustered girl stammers, blushes, and promptly faints.

Ranko giggles, grabbing pen and paper herself she starts taking other peoples orders. Asuna and Setsuna take pity on Takane, and lift her gently by the arms and set her in an unoccupied booth.

The acrobatic antics never stop as both servers expertly snag plates out of the air with completed orders, while still taking the other students orders. Inhoshi happily bounces through the chaos bringing completed order slips from both competitors back to Ukyo.

Considering the cheering from the group draws more attention to the competition, both competitors are kept quite busy for a while. Ukyo gleefully has up to a dozen orders cooking at a time.

With less than an hour before the welcome ceremony is to start, Ukyo calls a halt to the challenge. Much to the audience's disapointment. The last orders she fixes are for herself, Konatsu, Ranko, and of course Inhoshi. They settle into a booth that Kaede had been saving for them Ranko carrying two large plates, piled with okonomiyaki, for Inhoshi and herself.

Ranko sits next to Kaede and sets one of the plates in front of her with a wink. Ukyo chuckles as Konatsu takes her plate and she slides into the booth. Konatsu sets both plates down and slides in next to her. "Well Ranchan I will tell you truthfully, we can't go off the cheers you two were getting, and we can't compare tips since they don't give any here. Since that leaves only completed order slips, I must give the win to Konatsu-chan."

Ranko grins and holds out her hand to Konatsu. "I bow to your greater experience Sempai. Since I am paying, can I pick where we go for dinner?"

Konatsu grins in return and shakes Ranko's hand. "I see no reason you should not choose. That was very entertaining Ranko-dono, we should do this again in the future just for the fun of it."

Ranko turns to ask Paru, in the next booth, advice on local restaurants. While her back is turned Inhoshi tries to attack her plate of food, but is deftly snagged by Kaede.

Ranko turns back and seeing Inhoshi's slightly embarrassed look from Kaede's grip and already empty plate shakes her head. "I have an Idea then." she says with a smile before digging into her own food.


Fuka finds herself fuming as she sits with Fumika to her right during the welcoming ceremony in the gymnasium. The cause of this is that on her left sits the now taller Eva, which leaves the two sisters being the least developed in the class. "Eva-chan, what did you do over the break? Did one of Hakase's growth inventions finally work?"

Eva laces her fingers behind her back and stretches her shoulders. "I guess I just finally hit a growth spurt." she replies with a wink. Fuka is kept from an angry retort when the students are called to attention for the headmasters welcome speech.

Ranko sits through the welcome speech with Inhoshi quietly in her lap or nestled in her arm. She studies the crowd to avoid falling asleep, and is rewarded by seeing Happosai sitting with a pretty blond woman in the teachers section. During a break between speakers, Ranko quietly asks Paru who the lady teacher is.

Paru glances over and quickly and quietly replies. "That's Shizuna-sensei. She is one of the academy counselors." Paru notices who she is sitting with to attract her cousin's notice. "Why is Happi sitting with the teachers?" Ranko can only shrug in response.

Their questions are answered soon after the welcome ceremony ends. Shizuna brings Happosai over to their group and introduces Ku Fei as the Chinese Martial Arts club captain to the clubs new faculty advisor. Ku Fei bows to the elder martial artist. "Congratulations on becoming a teacher here Happosai-sensei." With a hopeful expression she continues. "What classes will you be teaching, Aru?"

"Until I am able to obtain state recognized teaching credentials I can't setup an official class. The headmaster is allowing me to take on willing students in martial arts from the entire academy on a voluntary basis until then. Would you know of anyone that might be interested?" Happosai grins at the girl's eager expression.

The students then are dismissed for the day but encouraged to visit the booths the high school clubs have setup.

Ranko decides to go change clothes before going to look at the booths. At inhoshi's insistence. she changes into a scarlet dress with black lace trim ending just passed the knee showing black stockings and scarlet leather flats. Putting on a pair of black, wire rim sunglasses she smiles at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. Walking out of the bathroom with Inhoshi happily perched on her head, she is surprised to find Eva wearing a similar dress in white and ivory.

Eva giggles while Akatsu miyahs happily to her sister from a similar perch. "I thought we might compare notes on clothes since we seem to have similar tastes."

Ranko nods and allows Eva to lead her through the various club offerings. Ranko can't help but laugh at the color commentary Eva gives for the available groups. They are soon joined by Kaede and Kazumi, the later eagerly holding her camera. Inhoshi greets the newcomers by jumping to Kazumi's shoulder and making off with Sayo-chan's focus. Since the doll was eagerly clinging to the cabbits back this gains only laughs, even from Eva.

Ranko scratches her head. "Since when can a doll make a 'V' sign?" Kazumi snickers as the duo is already making their eighth circuit around the group.

Kaede smiles as Sayo and Inhoshi make a dash up her arm and jump back to Kazumi's shoulder, where the ghost gives her friend a hug upon landing. Inhoshi makes a leap back to Ranko and grins like a fox making a three point landing on her partners head.

"So Ranko-dono, have you thought of joining any clubs other than martial arts?" Kaede quietly asks.

"The sports clubs were really trying for a hard sell, but I promised Paru that I would give the Library Exploration Club a try." Ranko grumbles a little before continuing. "The Narutaki's used their Ultimate Puppy Eyes attack to convince me to join the Strolling Club as well. I did get them to agree to teach me how to use that trick better in exchange though." Kaede's grin widens at this.

"So where were you planning to take everyone in the class for diner tonight?" Kazumi casually inquires.

"Well we need to meet up with Akane, Ukyo, and the other two sempai. First though I need to go visit Kari-nee and pick up Akiri." Ranko sighs a little. "I kind of promised to look after her for the night."

"Oh so your baby sitting your cute cousin tonight." Kazumi chuckles near maniacally. "Please tell me you will let me take pictures of the fallout. Especially if the twins give you coaching on the dreaded attack." Eva shares a look with Kazumi saying she is eager to see waiters falling all over themselves.

"Well I was wanting to try out this nice Italian restaurant in the shopping district Paru suggested." Ranko's brows knit in thought. "I think it's called Tavlo du Fore."

Kazumi blinks a few times. "You mean Tavolo di Fiori?" At Ranko's nod she continues. "Are you sure you can afford that, meals start around four thousand yen a person?"

Ranko smiles. "I have it covered. Could you get the word out to everyone Kazumi-chan, and ask them to meet up there around six? I already made a reservation for six thirty. I called Akane and Ukyo, but I don't know the other two sempai's names."

Kazumi excuses herself with a call of, "I am on it." Sayo waves happily to the group as they leave.

Kaede falls in next to Ranko as she prepares to head to the university. Ranko looks curiously at Eva as she moves to join them.

"Would you mind if I tag along." Eva asks simply. "I need to ask Kari if she still wants to practice with Akiri inside my resort. The girls in the 'British Culture Research Club' are getting antsy since I declared their club house off limits. So I was hoping she would be willing to look after the others while they play."

Ranko just smiles, and a little to Eva's annoyance does start comparing notes with her on clothes while they walk.


"My queen, I need to speak with you." Astarte's newest lead minion, a girl with long legs and brown hair, interrupts her contemplation of her mirror.

'These humans are so fragile, and there are so few girls in this land that can complement my beauty properly.' Sighing Astarte turns to the girl wearing a school uniform. "What is it child?"

"I have made contact with a student at Juban High School who could be a powerful ally." The girl enthuses. "He recognized your blessing on me and asked to meet the goddess I serve."

Astarte gives the girl a smile that in no way reaches her eyes. "Excellent child. Where does this young man wish to meet?"


Eva and Kaede follow Ranko to the chemistry building on Mahora University campus. Eva raises an eyebrow when they head towards the labs in the basement.

"Kari-nee is studying material science here and somehow was able to get her own lab." Ranko replies with a smile.

Knocking on a heavy set of double doors, Ranko smiles at the security camera. Hearing the sound of several magnetic locks being released, Kaede opens one of the doors for Ranko and Eva. Once they enter the lab they find Kari talking with Kasumi and Nabiki.

Kari smiles brightly. "So how was your first day of class Ranko?"

"It was... It was fun Kari-nee." Ranko replies quietly. "Lots of people were willing just to talk to me and be friends."

Seeing her niece might need a moment Kari turns to her other guests. "So what can I help either of you with?" Kaede simply takes a step closer to Ranko.

Eva makes her reply quite simply. "I was hoping you were still wanting to train with Akiri in privacy and would be willing to keep track of a few other girls while there."

Looking down at Akiri's smiling face, Kari replies. "We can work out something for that Eva." Finishing with a bright tone. "I would be happy to help you with your guests." Eva simply gives Kari her cell phone number.

Seeing Ranko has recovered. "So will you be coming here to practice with us tommorow Ranchan. I think I might have a design that we can work on together." Kari finishes with a wink.

"I will be here after the club meetings are over at five." Ranko blushes and tries to cover by taking Akiri's hand to lead her from the room. "We need to go meet Akane, Ukyo, and Konatsu for dinner."

Akiri waves as they head out the door. Kaede follows shortly after. Eva gives an evil grin before parting. "I will be waiting for your call Kari."


Noriko smiles at her granddaughter's progress. 'Nodoka may not want to inherit the school, but she is could be a force to be reckoned with soon.' When Nodoka completes the kata she was working through, Noriko claps her hands to get the younger woman's attention. "You are doing wonderfully Nodoka, but if you remember correctly, this evening you promised to accompany that handsome young man to the faculty reception."

Seeing the younger woman hurriedly check the time, Noriko smiles. "You should have plenty of time to get ready if you start now." Nodoka bows her way from the dojo and disappears into the house.

Noriko makes her own way into the house to fix a small dinner for herself and Tofu-sensei. 'I wonder if Happi will join us tonight.' She muses with a grin. The two story house she enters is designed to have the main hall be direct run from the main entrance to the attached dojo she enters from. The stairs to the second floor and the house's four bedrooms runs parallel to the hall on the right with the access by the door to the dojo. The entrance to the furo is on the left of the same door. The small common room is further up the hall on the left with the kitchen being next to the front door. The side of the hall under the stairs is given over to closets and storage.

Noriko was just approaching the kitchen when there was a knocking at the door. Opening the door revealed three of young Negi's friends.

"Please pardon our unannounced arrival Noriko-sama, but Ojosama wished to speak with you." Setsuna politely offers.

"Please Set-chan I am always happy to see you girls." Turning to the other two girls Noriko smiles. "Konoka-san, Ku Fei-san please all of you come in. I was just preparing to fix dinner. Would you care to stay for it?"

"We appreciate your offer but Ranchan already invited everyone out to dinner this evening." Konoka offers while walking into the main hall.

"I get to try italian tonight, Aru. Is it good?" Ku Fei asks Noriko with a hopeful grin.

"I have found it quite tasty myself." Noriko chuckles as she leads the girls to the common room.

Noriko settles the girls around a kotatsu, and quickly retrieves tea for everyone from the kitchen.

Having served her guests, Noriko sits down at the table herself. "So what can I assist you girls with this evening?"

Konoka smiles over her tea cup at Setsuna. "Noriko-san, before the trip you mentioned that I could have a cabbit too. Is it possible for more than one person to bond with a cabbit?"

"It is quite possible actually." Noriko replies.

"Then I would like to share mine with Set-chan" Konoka announces and giggles at Setsuna's wide eyes and blushing face.

Noriko turns to Ku Fei. "I think I have to decline offer, Noriko-san. I good with Ki but I no understand chants mages at academy use." The girl offers sadly.

"You don't have to be able to use chanted spells for this Ku Fei-chan. If you insist on wanting to be able to use spirit techniques I can always teach you Onmyodo." Seeing the girls face brighten she leans over and whispers conspiratorially. /I can even teach you how to make the charms in Mandarin./

"So what restaurant is Ranko-chan taking everyone too?" Noriko asks throwing off the girls thoughts.

Setsuna responds first. "Tavolo di Fiori Noriko-sama, We are supposed to start meeting there around six."

"Happi did you hear that?" Noriko calls out and is rewarded with a thunk from the hallway.

"Hai Noriko-san," A slightly abashed grand-master says as he jumps over the banister on the stairs while rubbing his head.

"I think it would be a good idea if you were to join your potential students this evening." Noriko continues with barely contained mirth. "If needed you could always bring your new friend with you. I will trust you to inform Tofu-sensei that he will need to fend for himself tonight and invite him as well." Konoka shares a too innocent grin with Noriko.

Happosai tries his best to divert that line of thought. "Since you were discussing cabbits earlier Noriko-san, I believe I will wait to get one myself for a time. Things are just in a bit too much flux for me right now."

Noriko smiles to the three girls as they finish their tea to cover giggles. "I think that will be alright Happi. Well girls if you want to come with me now, I think we have just enough time to retrieve your cabbits before we need to meet the others." That said she leads them to the dojo where they all disappear in a flash of light.

Happosai sighs. 'Three hundred years and I still can not understand women.' Answering a knock at the door Happosai exclaims happily. "Takamichi-kun how are you this evening. No-chan should be ready soon."


Bru Xi waits where he promised the young lady he would be earlier in the day. Upon seeing the vision he had been hoping for he exclaims, "My lady you truly are a goddess. Please allow this lowly mortal to serve you."

His new companion laughs merrily in response.


The three girls appear with Noriko in the meditation room of Hinode shrine. "Please wait here, I will return shortly." She tells the girls before disappearing into the floor.

"Ojosama are you sure about this?" Setsuna nervously asks Konoka.

Konoka hugs her oldest friend tightly in response. "I want this to be something we share Set-chan."

Ku Fei does not talk while they wait, but her shinning eyes and rocking back and forth on her feet betray her eagerness. Their wait is not long as Noriko soon reappears with an ebon egg in each hand.

after giving the eggs to Konoka and Ku Fei. "Shall we start with you Ku Fei-chan?" Noriko asks with a grin.

Setsuna volunteers to move the tatami when Noriko asks. In short order Ku Fei stands on the seal with her egg and Noriko activates the Pactio.

Moments later a crack is heard and Ku Fei lets out a surprised "Aru?"

When the illumination from the seal reduces they find Ku Fei nuzzling a golden cabbit with white ears. The cabbit quickly climbs on her shoulder and waves to the others. "This is Obiru." Ku Fei exclaims happily while stepping off the seal

Konoka holds the egg in one hand while holding tightly to Setsuna's hand with the other while leading her into the seal.

Setsuna smiles hesitantly before closing her eyes and placing both of her hands on top of Konoka's on the egg. With a crack she suddenly feels something floating between herself and Konoka.

Setsuna opens her eyes to see a white cabbit with steel grey inner ears smiling at her. The fur on the cabbits ears is brushed into group giving the impression of feathers. "Kon bon wa Shugotenshi." She hears Konoka warmly greet their new friend


Hino Rei relaxes back from starring into the sacred fire with a groan. "Two days now, why can't I find Ranma-kun anywhere. I want to see him."


Narutaki Fuka and Fumika - members of class 3-A that while the same age as the rest of the class look like grade schoolers.

Iincho - "Class representative" - this is the term/title often used to refer to Yukihiro Ayaka

Yukihiro Ayaka - as mentioned, the class rep for class 3 - A. She is the second oldest daughter of the Yukihiro family. In Negima her obsession with Negi is played up for a good deal of comedic elements. Aside from that she is a dependable friend for both Negi and Asuna. though by chance she lives in the dorms with Kotaro and they get along like oil and water.

Takane D. Goodman - In negima, a second year student at St. Ursula's and a student mage. A young sorceress who is set on becoming a magister magi. She comes off as being a bit arrogant and is a letter of the law type person. Nearly every scene she was in during the mahora festival leads to her getting stripped of her clothes.

Eiko - a student at St. Ursula's and captain of the school's dodge ball team, the Black Lilies. In the first volume of Negima she and her team tried unsuccessfully to claim Negi to be their teacher by challenging 3-A to a dodge ball match. Later asking him to join their team.

Sempai - literally means senior.

Library Exploration Club - group of Mahora students from at least the middle school up to the university level that work in the academy libraries and explore Library Island.

Strolling Club - club that has the stated purpose of being tour guides to those new to the Academy. Kaede and the Narutaki's are the only members mentioned in the series

Tavolo di Fiori -Italian restaurant in shinjuku. (I needed a name since there are not any mentioned in the manga). Full course meals are that expensive in the actual restaurant. Current exchange rates have 4,000 yen = $36 US

British Culture Research Club - name Asuna created for Ala Alba to be recognized as by the Academy.

Ala Alba - White wing - Name given to Negi's group of allies by Eva, based on Nagi Springfield's Ala Ruba (crimson wing)

Ojosama - way of referring to a daughter or sister of someone with high political standing or status. Setsuna often uses this term for Konoka regardless of how many times she asks to be called by name

Obiru - "To be entrusted"

Kon bon wa - good evening

Shugotenshi - "Guardian Angel"