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And the answer to the lingering question is, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. The series that actually inspired me enough to go back and watch Cardcaptor Sakura

It is an interesting thought to try adding characters from Devil May Cry to the mix. The problem with doing so is to portray them fairly, they would basically overshadow everyone else. Dante does not cast a small shadow.

As for Ranma getting a master key. As far as I can recall those were linked to Tsunami and her trees. So for the bulk of the story that is going to be unlikely. The Galaxy Police and other elements of the Tenchi universe may show up later in the story.

It seems like every time I sit down to write over the last two weeks something interrupts. At least with my new Iphone 3G I can read stories anywhere. Writing anything more than a short message on it is an exercise in frustration. Oh well here is the newest chapter.

disclaimer - I don't own Ranma 1/2, Sailor moon, Ruroni Kenshin, Negima, et all. this work is purely for entertainment and not for profit

single quotes (' ') denote thoughts or telepathy

forward slashes (/ /) denote translated speech

Chapter 29 - Threat Level

Near midnight Nabiki returns to the suite she shares with her sisters, to find Kasumi nearly dancing around the room. Akane just looks at Nabiki and rolls her eyes. "I take it you enjoyed going to the teachers reception with tofu-sensei tonight sis." Nabiki comments with a grin.

Kasumi stops floating around the room but stills smiles dreamily. "Oh yes, it was wonderful to meet the other teachers."

"So who was the other couple you had sitting at your table?" Akane asks.

Kasumi grins. "That was Li-sensei and her husband. You should meet her formally tommorow Akane-chan. She is teaching history at St. Ursula's while working on her doctorate in archeology." Kasumi's expression turns dreamy again. "Once she finishes, she is going to join her husband and father on digs all over the world."

Akane sighs and tries to bring her oldest sister back to reality. "So what were you talking about."

"Oh we talked about lots of things." Kasumi giggles. "They had so many wonderful stories about their children. Li-sensei is also instructor for the high school cheerleading squads, and invited me to help chaperone all the girls."

"That sounds like it should be fun for you Kasumi." Nabiki says with a smile.

"Oh yes," Kasumi replies. "She was shocked to hear the stories you both told me about Ranko's experience with cheerleading."

Akane and Nabiki both blink at this. "Do you think we should warn Ranko that Li-sensei might try to recruit her for the squad." Nabiki asks quietly.

"No, she promised she would not stand in the way of Ranma-kun playing on one of the sports teams if he wanted." Kasumi replies innocently.

"She knows about the relationship between Ranma and Ranko?!!" Akane nearly shouts.

Kasumi shrugs. "I never told her. The Li family is apparently good friends with the Himura clan. She is also one of the mage teachers at the high school that Obaa-san asked to help Ranma-kun keep his dual life a secret."

Nabiki sighs and makes her way off to bed.


Sometime after midnight, Kari returns to her suite carrying an glass globe with only a pedestal containing two teleport seals. Idly contemplating what to build in her diorama, she looks in on her charges. Grinning upon finding them, she quietly places the globe on the window sill and rummages through a craft box to find some sand and salts.

Returning to Ranma's room she holds the sand in her hands and quietly chants. After a few moments the materials merge into a hexagonal crystal with the suspended image of Ranko and Inhoshi sleeping peacefully with Akiri cutely snuggled between their twin forms. 'Now I have a perfect gift to give Onee-san.' Kari thinks while suppressing the urge to giggle.


Rei wakes up and discovers she is in her room at the shrine. Leaving her room she finds Hotaru asleep on one of the couches. She pauses with some confusion, just peaking out from the blanket covering the other girl, Rei can see she is holding tightly to what for all the world looks like a like a manju with a face, ears, and a red gemstone in its forehead. Rei is even more confused when she can see the creature breathing.

Hearing the voice of her grandfather from the kitchen, Rei makes her way there. Looking into the kitchen she finds him talking with a beautiful young woman about her age with green eyes and brown hair.

The elder Hino notices her at the door. "Good morning Rei. I was about to come wake you. Allow me to introduce the young lady who was with the young demon hunters who rescued you and your friend last night." Turning to the other young woman he continues. "Princess Sakura, allow me to introduce my granddaughter Hino Rei. Rei this is Princess Sakura from Clow kingdom. Apparently she and her friends are traveling between worlds and by some fortune appeared in time to rescue you." The two girls bow to each other as they were introduced.

"I am glad to see you are alright Rei-san" Sakura says politely.

"I am also glad for the assistance of you and your friends Sakura-hime." Rei replies. "May I ask where they are?"

"Please just call me Sakura Rei-san. After Hotaru-chan showed us the way to your home, Kurogane-san said he could smell demons and just turned to go hunt them." Sakura smiles happily. "Syaoran-kun and Fay-san went with him to help. Mokona and I stayed here to help look after you."

"Hino-san had Hotaru-chan call her family." Sakura grins impishly. "That was about the only time she let go of Mokona. I don't think Mokona minded though."

As if summoned by her name Hotaru walks into the kitchen, the now named creature still held close. "Ohayo mina-san" she says sleepily. Mokona grins widely and hums from her position.

Rei's grandfather politely coughs. "You girls should eat breakfast and get ready for school. Rei once you are back from school, we need to discuss why you were near those demons to begin with."

Rei sighs and sits down at the table. As she and Hotaru begin eating three men enter from outside. Rei's eyes move up and continue moving up the broad form of a man dressed in black. The sword the man carries is longer than she is tall.

"Welcome back Kurogane-san, Syaoran-kun, Fay-san" Rei hears the old priest say. "I hope your hunt went well last night."

The tall asian man bows. "It was a very good hunt honored kannushi."

When the man bows Rei is able to see the two men behind him. One is a lanky blond haired man wearing an eye patch over his left eye. The golden color of his remaining eye is disturbing to Rei. The other is a young man about her age with brown hair and eyes.

The young man is the next to speak. "We appreciate your offer of hospitality, but we met some other demon hunters last night that have more room to offer."

"That is good to know Syaoran-kun." The older man replies.

"Can I see Mokona and everyone else again?" Hotaru asks sadly while still holding tightly to the humming creature.

"We will be staying at a restaurant called the Nekohanten Hotaru-chan." The blond haired man replies in an airy voice.

"I am sure you will be welcome to visit there." Sakura finishes.

"Arigato Fay-san, Sakura-san" Hotaru replies happily

The conversations continue while everyone eats. Rei escorts Hotaru to Juban Middle School, before heading to her own school. The other five again thank the priest for his hospitality and leave for the Nekohanten.


Ranko woke up early, getting nuzzled by a small child with wings on her head accomplishes this much more gently then a bucket of water. Inhoshi, as a cabbit again, dozes quietly on her head as she works on making breakfast for everyone.

Kari wanders in a few minutes later carrying Akiri. Ranko can only smile seeing the cabbit girl still nuzzling her mama's neck. "So did you get better acquainted with the rest of your class Ranko-chan." Kari asks while settling the two of them at the table.

"They are all really nice. I am just a little worried that I might get swamped when I am able to change back into a boy." Ranko smiles happily, while placing large platters of eggs and hash on the table. "I think I can trust the friends I have made to help though."

"Well enjoy your clubs this afternoon. Library Island is an amazing place. If it peaks your interest in exploring I can introduce you to professor Kinomoto at the university. He became head of the archeology department a few years ago." Kari says with a smile. "His daughter used to look after me when Obaa-san first brought me to live here at the school. She is teaching at St. Ursula's now. Be sure to be on your best behavior in Li-sensei's class."

Ranko thinks for a moment. "Is she a lady about Oka-san's age with brown hair and bright green eyes?"

"Yes, did you get a chance to meet her?" Kari asks.

Ranko shakes her head. "I didn't get a chance to introduce myself yet. She and a man I assume is her husband, came into the restaurant last night with Kasumi and Tofu. We were leaving with Akiri and Kenji but Obaa-san stopped to say hello."

"Well she is a friend of the family, and a very powerful mage." Kari says with a grin. "She knows about your secret and promised to help keep the illusion up that Ranko and Ranma are two different people."

Kari quickly hugs her niece to forestal an outburst. "No one told her. Remember she is a very powerful magic user. She is also able to see the future in her dreams. Auntie had a dream of you with us in both your forms and called Obaa-san to talk about it." Kari left out that this was before Noriko intervened, and that very nasty things would have occurred without interference.

Ranko settles down after a short while, and Akiri adding a hug as well. "Well I guess if you trust her I can give her a chance." Inhoshi miyahs her support for this Idea from the top of Ranko's head.

The meal is quickly finished. Kari eats slowly while trying to restrain giggles from watching the other three try to outdo each other.


Syaoran and Sakura walk down the street with Fay and Kurogane leading the way to the Nekohanten. "You are certain you can't contact Yuko-san right now Mokona." Syaoran asks the creature doing its best to imitate a plushy in Sakura's arms.

"Mokona is sorry Syaoran, but she can't seem to reach the other Mokona." Is the response he receives.

Upon arriving at the amazon base, They are greeted by Ku Lon. "Welcome children. I understand you came to this world hoping to end a long journey. I hope you would be willing to continue offering your assistance with the demons we are currently facing."

/Honored elder we could hardly ignore the difficulties of others here./ Syaoran says with a bow. /We would gladly offer our assistance, but we do need the benefit of your information resources while we are here./

Ku Lon smiles. /I thought you looked like you might know the language of my country child. What information can we find for you?/

/We need to find a way to contact a woman known as the Witch of Dimensions./ Syaoran states and points at Mokona. /Normally Mokona can open a communication link to a counterpart she keeps with her, but for some reason we are unable to do so./

The conversation is interrupted by a deep laugh coming from the door to the living quarters. "That would only work if you were in different dimensions." Fuma says with a pleasant grin, while holding out a card to the group. "I have Yuko-san's phone number right here." Bowing to Ku Lon he finishes. "Forgive me for interrupting elder, but since I had the information available."

Shaking her head Ku Lon continues. "It seems you are already acquainted with our other guest. The assistance all of you offered last night was greatly appreciated. I will show you all to rooms where you can rest and clean up from your travels and efforts. I also have cell phones for each of you"

Syaoran takes the offered card from Fuma as they pass. Ku Lon hands him a phone as they reach their rooms. He finds the card has the name Ichihara Yuko and a phone number. Calling this number he is greeted by a female voice. "Welcome home Syaoran, are you ready to introduce the princess to your parents?"

"Mother probably already knows her better than I do." He replies calmly. "I take it we will need to defeat this apparent invasion of demons before I can return with her to Clow kingdom."

"Your not the slightest bit homesick?" Is the almost laughing response. "I am sure your mother is anxious to see you again. You have been gone more than a decade."

Syaoran sighs in defeat. "How can I find my family?"

"Once school is over ask your friend Rei to contact Himura Kari. She can come to guide you." Yuko chuckles at the audible groan. "I recommend getting some rest until then."


At the Juban High School gate Po Mad and Bru Xi are just entering the school grounds. "Thanks again for covering for me while I went on my date last night." Bru Xi comments to his quiet companion. Po Mad shrugs and tries to ignore his companion appraising all of the girls in the yard.

"You will need to ask the elders for permission from now on." Po Mad calmly replies. "I am not going to be able to cover for you not being there since they are rotating our teams between demon hunting and searching after last night."

"Well I don't believe that should be difficult to get permission from the elders." Bru Xi answers smoothly. "They let Par Fum and Xian Pu join the lacrosse club. I am not sure how they manage to pry Har Bo out of the manga club room. Now that I am certain my angel and her friends can help us, it should be an easy sell."

Po Mad snorts and shakes his head as they enter the school building.


Ukyo and Konatsu finish setup for lunch service, only to find Ranko, her head on the counter, with Paru, Honya, and Inhoshi all making consoling motions. Yue, Kaede and the Narutaki twins are off to the side with expressions ranging from amusement to rolling eyes.

"Rough morning Ranko-sama?" Konatsu asks before Ukyo can.

"Class was interesting this morning." Ranko says while raising her head to look at the ninja. "I actually enjoyed the classes, even the class with Li-sensei we just got out of."

"She teaches the 3-C homeroom I have with Akane." Ukyo replies with a grin. "Isn't she one of the nicest teachers you have ever met."

Ranko nods and settles her chin into her hands. "Yup, really nice. Hard to say no to as well." The Narutaki's break down in giggles at this statement.

"Okay, did she try to talk you into something?" Ukyo says with a puzzled expression.

"She is the instructor for the cheer squad as well." Paru says with a chuckle. "She announced there will be open tryouts Friday afternoon."

At Ukyo's still puzzled expression Kaede finally offers the missing piece of the puzzle. "She commented on Ranko-dono's previous experience, and expressed her hope that she would come to the tryouts." Ukyo has to suppress a a giggle when Ranko's head returns to the counter.

"Sorry Ranchan, but I still can't see what the problem is." Ukyo offers in her best consoling tone.

"Well not much other than this lead to other asking for an explanation of the cheerleading challenge I was involved in." Ranko says with a grumble. "Now the girls already on the team in class have invited me to go out for karaoke with them tonight."

"Just you?" Ukyo says with a grin. "Or are you shopping for support, to come along to keep them from ensnaring you into a short skirt?"

Ukyo can't help but laugh at the pleading expression on Ranko's face, before agreeing to join in a night on the town.


Rei goes to the Nekohanten to check on her new friends. On the way there she runs into the other inner senshi with Xin Chi walking beside the equally tall Makoto. Minako is currently telling her assembled audience about the wonderful man who rescued her the night before.

"Oh he is so handsome and gallant." The starry eyed blond gushes.

"That is the fourth time you mentioned that Mina-chan." Ami calmly observes. "You still haven't mentioned why he is involved."

"You know, I forgot to ask," Minako admits. "but he is really so cute he can't be a bad guy." This hopeful statement is met by long suffering stares.

Rei just smirks and thinks about how 'he could not possibly be as handsome as her Ranma.' Unknowingly the reborn moon princess shares similar thoughts for Mamoru.

Once they arrive at the restaurant, Mas Cre introduces everyone to their new allies. Rei is forced to concede that Fuma might be a bit better looking than Ranma.

Rei smiles as Syaoran walks over to speak with her. "I understand you have a phone number to contact Himura Kari."

"Do you know Himura-san, Li-kun?" Rei asks quietly.

"I don't know her personally," Syaoran replies. "But I believe my mother's friend Noriko-san mentioned that was her granddaughter's name" Rei holds back a squeal at the mention of the clan matron's name.

"I can contact her, but why do you need to speak with her?" Rei tries to hide her enthusiasm.

"I was informed, by a contact, that she could guide us to where my parents now live." He says with a solemn expression.

Rei nods while taking out her cell phone. All the while trying to think of an excuse to tag along. 'If they live near Kari, then I could get a chance to see Ranma."


Kari hums happily in her lab, tending to the growing structure within her diorama when her cell phone rings. "Moshi moshi Kari desu"

"Hello Himura-san this is Hino Rei, we met a few days ago in Harajuku. I am talking to a Li Syaoran who says you might know where his mother, Li Sakura, lives and was hoping you could guide him there." Is the muffled response.

"I do know Li-sensei and I know she is anxious to see her son." Kari looks into her scrying mirror and her grin is near giddy. "Where are you right now?"

Rei tries her best to keep her own excitement from her voice. "We are currently at a restaurant in Minato ward called the Nekohanten. It's just a few blocks from the Azabu-Juban station." Rei finishes giving exact directions.

"Oh is that elder Ku Lon's restaurant?" Kari says with a wolfish grin. "Ran-chan told me that their ramen is incredible. Can you ask them to have twenty or so takeout orders ready for me to pickup? I can be there in just about an hour."

Rei talks to Mas Cre in the background and Kari hears a loud cackle.

"They say that shouldn't be a problem." Rei's voice takes on a curious tone. "They just want to know if they should all be Ranma sized orders or not."


mina - everyone

kannushi - shinto priest

Ichihara Yuko: the "Dimension Witch" from CLAMP's xxxHOLIC and more importantly Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Mokona - a.k.a. white manju - character inspired from Magic Knight Rayearth given to Li Syaoran and his group in TRC to act as their agent of travel between dimensions. Yuko has a black twin that she uses to communicate with them between dimensions. Mokona in MKR and TRC refers to itself with female pronouns, this makes no difference in it being cute and cuddly to teenage girls.

Li Syaoran II - Son of Kinomoto Sakura and Li Syaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura, looks like a twin or older clone of his father from that series.

Sakura - while looking much like a older version of Sakura from cardcaptor, she is the princess of Clow Kingdom in TRC. Daughter of King Fujitaka and High Priestess Nadeshiko, who likely are that worlds parallels to the Kinomoto family, she even has an older brother named Touya.

Kurogane - Ninja character in TRC sent from a feudal version of Japan by his ruler, Princess Tomoyo, to Yuko to learn true strength, eventually joining Syaoran in his quest.

Fay D. Flourite - (Fye D Flowright?) Former Sorcerer and Enchanter from Celes country, now a Vampire in TRC. Transported himself to Yuko in hopes of getting lost enough on a quest from her to escape the wrath of King Ashura, who he had just sealed away to stop the king's murdering rampage.

Fuma - a.k.a. the dark Kamui in X/1999, in TRC he becomes the younger brother of Seishiro , X and Tokyo Babylon, both brothers are dimensional travelers. Fuma travels for unknown reasons possibly treasure hunting, but pays the price to Yuko for the power by running "errands" for her. The best way to describe him would a very masculine pretty boy, i.e. everything Kuno wishes he were. For a better idea of his appearance just do a google image search for Fuma

Li-sensei - Li Sakura, formerly Kinomoto Sakura from Cardcaptors.

Oh ya, I am taking the crew from TRC after they have rescued princess Sakura from Fei Wong Reed. That has not been reached in the manga, but come on this is CLAMP we are talking about.