Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ A SM Funny Story ❯ and it continues ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
A Sailor Moon Funny Story

Silver- this fic contains random things!Serena- she means that!Silver- I don't own sailor moon!
part-2___________________________________________________________ ____

Rini- like hell I did! * punches Chibi-Usa in the face* stupid brat!

Usagi- heheh the little bitch getting, what the hell she deserves!

Serena- I know what you mean Usagi!

Darien & Mamoru- Usagi/Serena, what are you talking about thats our daughter!

Silver- how can you 2 stand these dumbasses? *points to mamoru and darien*

Serena- *glance at Usagi* thats because we DON'T!! * Usagi nods in agreement*

Usagi- in fact we usual hit him on the head
Serena- in the face

Usagi- in his ass

Serena- his stomach and other unmentionable body parts!

Lita- I don't even know how to cook for real!

Mina- you mean

Raye- that all

Silver- those

Amy- yummy

Michelle- cookies

Haruka- cakes

Setsuna- pies

Hotaru- were FAKE?!

Lita- no actually Serena and Usagi made all that stuff. I can't even boil water right!

Raye- wait how come meatball-heads and mamo-baka's japanese form is here and not ours?

Silver- because they're not suppose to arrive yet!

Serena- wait that means Seiya isn't coming yet?

Silver- wow, your alot smarter now!!

Serena- I've always been smart!

Silver- sure you have!

*Lita at her house*

*Lita on the 1st floor phone*


*Amy picks up second floor phone*

Amy- hello

Lita and Raye- WAZZZ UP!!

Silver- creakhead

*Silver's phone rings play ' we belong together' *

Silver- hello?

Amy- WAZZ UP??!!!

Lita- WAZZ UP???!!

Raye- WAZZ UP??!!

Serena- retards.

*everyone exept Lita and Raye hang up*

Lita- nothing, just chillin

Raye- *nods head* know what you mean

Lita- what you doin'?

Raye- nothin just smokin * puts a rolled up weed to her mouth and takes a long drag*

Lita- I hear ya!

Silver- thats so wrong!

Serena- *pouts* they didn't even include me!

Silver- retard

That was funny as hell! to me anyway. I got that seen from Scary Movies. It was funny as hell when I watched it over again.