Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ All's Fair in Love and War ❯ More Letters ( Chapter 15 )

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Chapter 15
~~ More Letters ~~

"Princess Selenity, it is so good to see you again, and feeling so well. You are the very picture of health and beauty," Ares said as he bowed over Selenity's hand.

She smiled at him, although it was a smile that she had practiced all night, trying to make sure it would not look sarcastic or not genuine. "It is nice to see you again, Lord Ares. It has been a while. I thank you for your concern, my physical health is much better." Well, at least she had not lied and told him that her overall health was better.

He grinned at her and then looked at Diana. "And you, My Lady, grow lovelier each day. It is such a pleasure to be in your presence again." He took her hand in his and bowed over it. Selenity felt like she was drowning in formality, even though this was not an overly formal occasion.

Diana inclined her head to him. "The pleasure is ours to have you here yet again. We were happy that you accepted our invitation."

Ares chuckled. "I fear, my Lady, if you had not sent an invitation, then we would have, or else we would have come uninvited."

Diana laughed a very diplomatic laugh. "We would not have minded at all." Yes we would have, Selenity thought to herself. "You are most welcome here at any time Lord Ares. But come now, let us retire to the library. I believe there are some refreshments waiting in there for us." Diana said, and led them into a small library, where a table was set with food and drink, and a cheerful fire crackled in the fireplace.

Diana sat in a chair next to Ares, and the two fell instantly into a quiet conversation. Mars sat himself in a chair next to Selenity. It was a moment that she had been dreading all day.

"I'm happy to see that you are feeling well," he said to her. She wanted to move away from him and sit on the other side of the room, but she knew she couldn't. Besides, despite everything, he was still her friend, she did not hate him. She thought that maybe she could reason with him.

She nodded at his comment. "Thank you. I'm sorry that I could not see you much last time that you were here," Fortunately I was sick, she thought.

He smiled. "Think nothing of it," he said. "At least we can talk now. It's been a while since we have, with you being ill. I don't think we've really talked since we left Kino's kingdom."

She nodded her head. "Well, we'll see each other more in the coming weeks. We have Venus' wedding to look forward to with my brother," she said, trying to stall the imminent. She hoped that he would hook onto the topic and they could turn the conversation to Venus.

However, he looked at her intently. "Selenity, speaking of weddings...Your mother already told you everything, didn't she?"

Selenity nodded, feeling her heart freeze over. "Yes she did. She told me yesterday," she replied.

"I know it probably shocked you. It shocked me when I found out. But-" he paused, "-but I don't think that this is a completely bad thing. We've known each other since we were born. I have respect for you, and affection. I hope that you don't feel like this could not work." He looked at her pleadingly, as though he wanted her to jump into his arms and tell him that she thought it would work out. Selenity almost felt bad for wanting to reject him. It was true that they had been friends a long time, and so she felt like she could be open with him.

Selenity wanted to keep a stony face, emotionless, so that she would not break down and cry, even if she was about to tell him the very emotional truth. "Mars, please don't take this the wrong way. I do like you, I have always seen you as one of my closest friends, and I always felt like you were a brother to me. I do not love you though." She winced a little for being so blunt, but she was not about to pretend to be in love with the man. She had left out the fact that she was in love with Kino for the time being, since it might arise some jealousy in Mars' heart, since he and Kino were always in competition. Granted it had always been friendly competition, but she did not want to test the bounds of that at the moment.

Mars nodded his head in understanding. "I didn't expect for you to love me right away," he replied, "I just want to know if you think that we can give it a fighting chance. Like I said, I have strong affection for you Selenity. I think that you are beautiful, and will be a good mother one day. You are a very good person, so you will also make a good Queen, something that I need."

She looked at him, pleading with her eyes. "Mars, please, is there no way that we can get out of this? I want your friendship very much, but I don't want to marry you."

This time it was he who winced a little at her bluntness, but he remembered his own feelings when he had first found out. "I don't think we really have a choice," he said, wanting to give her some time to adjust to the idea instead of cancelling the entire engagement. Even though he knew that she did not love him, or at least not yet, he didn't want to give her up without a fight. He had been watching her for some time now, and he knew that she would make a good wife.

She gave a sigh. "Maybe if you talked to your father…" she said wistfully.

"No Selenity. I'm sorry," he replied, just as bluntly as she had told him she did not want to marry him. "I…It would really mean a lot to me if we tried this. I know that father is keen on me having a good wife, and I'm sure that your mother would like to see you well looked after. I promise you that I would never allow any harm to come to you. I will also do anything to have you satisfied and content."

She stared at her hands, fighting the urge to start crying. He sighed, and he tried to move the conversation elsewhere, at least for the time being.


"My daughter did not take the news very well at all," Diana said to Ares as they strolled along the paths in the garden in the dark. Everything was illuminated with torches that had been set up along the path for the two. She knew that it would take a while for Selenity to adjust to the idea, and she hoped that her daughter would find love in Ares' son.

"I was hoping she would take it well, but I suppose I cannot complain, since my son was not happy at first either. However, as long as she accepts it…" Ares was not one to take no for an answer. He was determined to have the moon princess as a wife for his son, especially since she had been promised so many years ago.

"Yes, she does. She has accepted her responsibility," Diana said, glad that she could be truthful about that.

"Good, I am happy to hear that. We will arrange the wedding then to occur soon after she turns eighteen, correct?" Ares asked cheerfully as he squared his shoulders and walked more briskly.

Diana nodded her head slowly. "Yes, I suppose," she said, and then looked up at the War Lord. "Let's not set an exact date yet though. I do not know when Selenity will fully accept this, and I don't want to push her too much. Mars has, after all, had much more time than she has to adjust to the new circumstances. The two should also spend some time together in their new situation so that they can get to know each other better in a more….intimate sense, not just as friends."

Ares nodded thoughtfully. "That sounds fair. I have no objections to that," he said, then turned his eyes to his companion. "Who knows, perhaps soon they will be eager to marry as quickly as possible."

Diana smiled. "I'm not putting my hopes on that too highly, but it would be nice." In fact, Diana was almost certain that they had no need to expect that.

Ares chuckled. "Have no fear, My Queen, I do not put high hopes on it either."

They smiled at each other and continued their stroll. Diana glanced over to the palace, glowing in the light of the stars. Selenity had retired soon after their meeting in the library, looking rather fatigued. She will be happy, Diana thought to herself. I won't be able to have peace until she is.

Seleni ty paced back and forth, unable to think of what to do. It had been nearly an hour since their meeting with Ares and Mars had ended, and she had escaped to her room as soon as she could. She had been racking her brain trying to figure out a way to let Kino know without breaking his heart. Everything she thought of though, would not accomplish that.

No matter what, he is going to be hurt. He is going to try and stop me from doing it, I know he is. He is going to come here, cause a scene, and make this harder than it already is. It's not that I care if he makes a scene, but it will be completely pointless, and he will only end up with more pain at being defeated. I have to think of a way to keep him from doing that, but how? If I tell him straight out that I am marrying Mars, he will want to know why. As soon as I tell him it's an arranged marriage, he'll come here and try to find a way to break it off. I can't tell him I'm doing it because I want to, he would not believe me. He knows that I love him too much. But what else can I do? I can't just wait around until the day before I marry Mars to tell him the truth. He would hate me after that, and probably murder Mars on the spot.

She gave an agitated sigh as she sank down onto her bed and rubber her temples. Her mind felt like it was numb, and she could not bring it to think strait. She knew she had to figure out something, but what?

I could plead with him not to come. I could tell him that things are better this way. No, he wouldn't take that. He would come anyway. No matter how much I begged, he would see if has his obligation to come and try to straighten things out. Even if I made him promise…but how could I do that? I can't go and see him, and I can't argue with him if I just send him a letter. He would read it, and come right away. I can't send someone for me, he would not listen, but come right away. Is there now way to keep him from coming?

She hit the pillow in frustration.

I wish that I had never told him that I loved him. Then maybe I would not be in this mess. He would find someone else to love, and forget about me. Perhaps even Aminiha, although I doubt that he would want to marry her. Who knows, maybe he would have married her eventually if I had not told him how I felt about him. Why did I have to get so sick and heartbroken? He should have never come. But now, he can't have closure if he knows that I still love him. He won't be able to forget about me, and he'll waste his life wanting something that he cannot have. If only he didn't believe that I loved him…..

She paused at the thought.

If only he believed that I didn't love him…..

Selenity jumped off her bed and walked over to her writing table. She finally had a clear thought, and although her heart was beating so hard it felt like it was going to leap out of her chest, she knew what she could and had to do. After getting out a piece of paper, she began to write the hardest letter of her life.

I can't do anything that won't break his heart. At least I can prevent him from coming and making things harder. At least I can allow him to have closure and move on.


Venus knew something was wrong. As soon as she had set foot on the moon, she could sense that something was just not the way it was supposed to be. When she saw Selenity, her feelings were confirmed. One look at the princess, and she could already see that her heart was once again shattered, although not to the point where it should kill her.

The two were not been able to talk freely until they were alone in Selenity's room some time later. "Selenity, what is going on?" Venus asked as soon as she was sure no one was listening in on them.

Selenity sank to the bed, and looked up at her friend sadly. "I'm not going to marry Kino," she said, not bothering to delay telling Venus what was going on.

Venus looked at her with pure shock on her face as she sank down onto the bed beside Selenity. "What? Why not? You love each other!" She could not think of a reason why the two should not be together.

Selenity felt tears prickling her eyes. "I know that. But I never knew that I was already promised to someone else. I was promised to Mars soon after I was born, and this has been brought to my attention in the past couple of days."

Venus stared at her friend who was trying to hold back tears. "That is ridiculous, surely they can't force you to marry him!"

"Yes they can, and they are."

"But….what does Mars have to say about all this?"

Selenity looked at her hands as a tear slid down her face. "He-he agrees with it. He wants to give it a chance," she paused and brought her gaze back up. "He doesn't want to break the arrangement. I already asked him about that, and I think that even if he did, we are powerless to stop it."

Venus shook her head. "There must be something that can be done. They can't just tear you and Kino apart like that. It's not fair."

"It doesn't matter if it is fair or not. It's too late for anything," Selenity wailed.

"No, no it's not. First, we have to let Kino know what is going on. Perhaps if he came we could straighten everything out!" Venus wanted to help Selenity badly, but even she did not have very many ideas.

Selenity shook her head miserably. "It's no use, Venus. It can't be done." She then went on to recount what her mother had told her two days before.

Venus sat there shaking her head. "It can't be as complicated as that. I'm sure that Kino would be more than happy to live here on the moon with you if you can't leave."

"I know that, but what would happen if something awful should happen to his father? He would have to take his father's crown, and then what? You know it would tear us to be so far apart all the time if we were used to spending all of your time together."

Venus sighed. "It just isn't right. I still think that you should let Kino know about this, and talk to him about it. Maybe you two can work it out still." She was surprised to hear a sob come form Selenity's lips. She looked at her, and wrapped the girl in her arms.

"Veuns, I-I can't. He would come and fight for me, y-you know he (sob) would." Venus stroked Selenity's hair as the crying princess spoke. "I-I-ve already made sure that won't happen."

Venus pulled Selenity away from her so that she could look in her eyes. "What do you mean? What did you do?"

Selenity looked ashamed almost. "I did something awful."

Venus felt a pang of horror in her stomach. "What did you do, Selenity?" she asked a little urgently.

Selenity averted her gaze from Venus'. "I wrote him a letter two nights ago, and sent it off right away. "

"What's so bad about that?" the confused Venus asked. Selenity choked back a sob, and told Venus everything that had been in the letter. Venus put her hand to her mouth. "Oh gosh, you didn't. Selenity, please tell me you didn't."

Selenity shook her head sullenly. "I did," then she looked at Venus, a fierce look in her eyes. "Don't you dare go to him again to talk to him!" she snapped, making Venus flinch a little. She nodded her head though.

"I won't go to see him. I can't anyway. I'm heading to see Mercury right now to handle some issues going on between his parents. Mama sent me, so I can't back out." But that sure as hell isn't going to stop me from writing my own letter to Kino, she thought.

Selenity nodded her head. "Good."

Venus felt bad for her friend, as she felt her heart crack more. She pulled Selenity to her in a tight embrace again. Selenity hugged her back, her whole world drifting around her as though in a dream. She was exhausted, and before she knew it, she had fallen asleep in the comforting arms of her friend. Venus sighed.

I need to talk to Mercury. It's been too long since I've seen him. I'm glad that mama sent me there. Although I have my wedding to worry about…..Venus sighed, and laid the sleeping princess on her bed. Sweet dreams, Selenity. Things will work out, you'll see.


"Very well, we can do that. Now, about this area over here….." Lord Takahashi and Kino were pouring over maps laid out on the table, all of them concerning the areas that they controlled and the ones directly surrounding them.

It had been a week and a half since Kino had returned from the moon, and a week and a half since he had told Aminiha that he would not marry her. She was no longer on the planet, having left a couple of days after he had returned. Kino was somewhat relieved, although he was not happy that it meant a war was on the way. His father seemed calm about it though, and supported Kino's decision. It helped put Kino at ease at least a little.

"But dad, what if she attacks this area first? If we move our forces from the north here to block her, she could easily come in from behind and wipe out this entire camp." Kino was eager to plan out everything so that Aminiha could not get at them.

Lord Takahashi nodded. "I see what you mean, but if we move a few men from here, then that should be enough to counteract most damage." They had been in the library for hours, and had dismissed many of the general an hour before to go and survey all of the troops so that they could have a full report by sunset.

Kino pointed to a spot on the map. "So if we bring half of General Sumataki's men here…." he was interrupted by a knock on the door.

Lord Takahashi turned to the door. "Enter," he called.

The door opened and Artemis walked in. "Your majesty, your lord brother is here now. Shall I send him here or would you meet him in the War Hall?"

Lord Takahashi glanced at the maps. "I think the hall. We have better maps in there." He looked up at Kino. "I hope that brother of mine has enough of an army still to help us."

Kino smiled. "I'm sure he does." The two men walked ever to Artemis.

Artemis cleared his throat. "Prince, a letter arrived for you a few moments ago as well, from the Moon Kingdom." He handed a sealed envelope to Kino.

Kino quickly looked at the seal. "It's from Selenity," he said, a little surprised to have a letter from her already.

Lord Takahashi chuckled. "Read the letter form your Lady, then join us in the War Hall."

Kino nodded and walked over to one of the window seats. The door closed behind his father and Artemis, and he broke the seal of the letter, allowing the little remaining sunlight to fall on the page.

Dear Kinotsu,

It has been a week since you left, and I know that it is time that I made a confession to you. When you came here, I was very ill, and I was not myself. Although nobody realized it, I was delusional. Soon after you left, mama used the Silver Crystal to heal me, and I started to get better. Many people were telling me that I did and said many things that I do not recall.

I found it very troubling when Venus and Helen told me how you and I had spent our time together. I fear that I may have said some things that were misleading, or outright lies. I didn't believe what they told me, until I saw the new chain that I was wearing around my neck, with the ring that you always wear. Even then I did not want to believe that it was true, but I see now that it is. Venus said that I told you I loved you, and that I had promised myself in marriage to you. I fear that I cannot marry without love, and I cannot therefore marry you.

You have always been like a brother to me, so any feelings of love that I bear toward you are purely on a brotherly level. I do not remember what conversations passed between us while you were here, but I was horrified to discover that I had told you I was in love with you, on a different level than that of a brother. I was even more shocked when Venus and Helen told me I had accepted a proposal of marriage form you, although I have already mentioned that. Please forgive me, but I was not in my right mind when I accepted that offer.

I hope that you will find it in your heart to forgive me. It pains me to say that I do not love you in the way that you have feelings for me, but I thought it best that I tell you now before you get your hopes up too high, and things get out of hand. I wish to put the matter behind us. It would be best probably if we did not see each other for a while. I will be getting married soon, to Mars. It is a match that was arranged soon after I was born, so perhaps it would be best if we did not see each other until then. Please believe I am not trying to cause you pain, and I hope that you can find the will to love someone else, and forget about me.

Goodbye, my friend,



Kino stared at the letter in his hands, speechless. He didn't believe it. He couldn't believe it. Yet he had seen how sick she was when he had arrived. The signature on the paper was her's, and the seal on the letter too. But he could not bring himself to believe it.

He re-read the letter, hoping that he had misread it the first time, but the words and meanings were the same on the second time through, as well as the third and fourth. His hand was trembling by the time he laid the paper in his lap, and gazed out the window, tears glistening in his eyes. He knew she would not try to hurt him on purpose.

He searched his mind trying to find a reason why she could have sent this, but every time he came to the same conclusion. The words had to be true. He felt his heart slowly cracking and shattering, an odd coldness seeping form the shards to his entire body.

I guess Aminiha wins, he thought to himself. Selenity does not want me. Why cause a war over something that I cannot have? Aminiha is just like any other woman. None of them matter to me except Selenity. It does not matter which on it is.

He got up and walked to the door, clutching the letter in his hand. He knew that his father would not be happy about this. He had nothing to lose now though.

He felt his entire body trembling, and leaned on the door for a few moments, trying to collect himself. The happiness he had felt only moments before, even with the prospect of war, was gone. He should have been happy now that there would not be a war, but it pained him instead.

He brought his hand up to his eyes, trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill over. He was not one to cry easily, but this…..the first tear slipped down his face, landing soundlessly on the carpet.

She had now made him cry twice, the first time when she had promised to be his wife, and now when she had broken that promise. This can't be happening, I-I love her….a sob came out of his lips, something that he could not stop. His whole body was shaking with raw emotion.

Why? This can't be happening. We were supposed to be happy together. Is it really possible that everything was a mistake? Could she really have said all those things to me without realizing it, and without wanting to?

Kino paused. There has to be something more to it, but what? He glanced down at the paper, and his shoulders slumped. No, the truth is staring me in the face, and I just don't want to accept it. She wouldn't lie to me.

He stopped the outflow of tears, and took a couple of deep breaths. He tried to clear his mind, but her smiling face kept taking any space he freed. Finally, after an hour, he walked down the hallways to the War Hall, not really knowing that he was going there. His whole body moved of its own accord, and it wasn't until he was reaching for the door handle did he realize where he was. Just before he touched the handle, he heard his name called out.

"Prince Kinotsu!" He turned around to see a rather breathless Artemis come running to him.

"What is it Artemis, I really don't have the time right now," he said coldly, his own voice surprising him.

Artemis paused only for a brief second to catch his breath. "A (gasp) messenger form (wheeze) Venus just arrived (deep breath) says he needs to talk to you (swallow) very urgent…." Artemis trailed off as his prince glared down at him.

Kino sighed. "Very well, lead me to him." He followed Artemis until they reached the small parlour near the main doors.

A man sat in a chair, drinking water. As soon as Kino and Artemis entered, the man stood and offered the prince a bow. Kino could see that he had been travelling long and hard, without rest. There were dark circles under his eyes, his hair was un-kept, and he looked like he had not bathed in a week. Kino waved for him to straighten up. "Artemis tells me you have urgent news. I have no time to waste, so if it is urgent, please deliver your message."

"My Lord, a thousand apologies for inconveniencing you. My lady gave me instructions to get here as fast as I could to give you this," the man said as he handed Kino a letter, his hand shaking from fatigue.

Kino looked at the man apprehensively, but took the letter and broke the seal. Please Venus, you've done it before, please help me again. Tell me this is good news. He looked over the letter, and a lopsided grin spread across his face. The coldness that had enveloped his body melted away, replaced with warmth that one feels in the first real days of spring after a winter with no sun.

He slapped Artemis on the back, making the advisor nearly lose his balance. "Make sure this man has everything he needs and wants. He is a guest now, and I want him treated as such," Kino ordered as he turned to the man. "You have served your mistress well, and I thank you for your speedy delivery of this." The man gave a quick bow, and Kino turned to leave, followed closely by Artemis. A few of the servants were already rushing around to make sure their Princes orders were carried out.

Artemis caught up to Kino. "My Lord, may I ask?..." Although Artemis was his father's advisor, he was the closest friend Kino had on the planet. He handed Artemis the letter.

"Read for yourself. Venus just saved me from making the biggest mistake of my life," Kino replied, his whole body losing the look of a man defeated, and taking on an appearance of a man who was not about to give up, who could conquer the whole universe.

Artemis took the letter and read it as they walked.

Dear Kino,

I hope that my letter reaches you before you do something rash that you will regret. I know that you must have received Selenity's letter by now, although I pray that my messenger was able to overtake the messenger Selenity sent. I do not know the exact contents of her letter to you, but I tell you she was not in her right mind when she wrote it, but rather was overcome with grief and shock.

I know that she told you of her engagement to Mars, which is true. However, it is not something she is going to of her own free will. It is a marriage which was planned soon after she was born, and she did not find out about it until a few days ago, so therefore she is being forced into this without her consent. She wanted to refuse because of her feelings to you, but her mother stopped her.

Venus then put in an explanation as to what Diana had explained about Selenity's connection to the crystal and moon.

Please don't be angry with her Kino. She only had you in mind when she wrote the letter. She wanted for you to forget about her, to hurt as little as possible, and to not try and get her back. I know she loves you, despite what she told you. She has told me many times her feelings to you, even when she was not sick. I beg of you, don't hate her for this and forgive her. I know that it is unlikely that things can be fixed, but I think there is still hope. You need to come here, if possible, and I will do everything in my power to help the two of you. I can't do anything unless you're here though. Please don't doubt her love to you, no matter what she said. You know that I can't tell you what is in her heart, but would I be writing this letter if I knew that things could not be?

Please come to my planet, Kino, and we can plan then. I wait eagerly for a reply, or for you to show up. Hurry!

Your friend, Venus.

Artemis looked up at Kino just as they reached the doors of Kino's room. Kino went straight away to his table and wrote a quick letter. He then went back downstairs to the War Hall, where his father and uncle were pouring over maps.

"Kino, what took you?" his father asked, not sounding annoyed though.

Kino explained all that had happened. "I need to go to her. Please let me," he said to his father.

Lord Takahashi smiled at his son. "Very well, you have my leave. We can handle things here without you for now. Just make sure you come back here as soon as things are straightened out. Wait, if you are gone longer than five weeks, what do you wish me to tell Queen Aminiha?"

Kino handed his father the letter he had just written. "You can give this to her. Read it over if you like."

Lord Takahashi nodded, and waved to the door. "Go now, pack and leave. Don't keep your lady waiting. Take Artemis with you too."

Kino smiled at him, and left, followed closely by Artemis. Lord Takahashi smiled, and looked over to his brother. The two men shared an understanding glance, and then Lord Takahashi's brother chuckled. "What?" Takahashi asked, an amused look on his face.

"Oh nothing. I'm just remembering what you went through with Kino's mother."

Lord Takahashi laughed at his brother, a little sorrow in his eyes for his lost love. "I know. That's why I'm not stopping him." Both men then returned to their maps.