Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Crystal Tokyo, California ❯ Chapter 6

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Part Six

Sapphire finished his report quietly. The four sisters were scattered all around the camp, watching them talk while trying to look casual. Diamond was silent for a moment, then he lashed out, his slap sending Sapphire sprawling to the dusty ground.

"You let the shipment get through!" Diamond growled, his hands clenched at his sides and shaking. "You fool," he choked out, and began pacing reslessly.

"It's only one shipment," Sapphire quickly protested. "It won't last them long, and if we block the next few, we can still starve them from the town," he offered.

"Our backers are growing impatient with us," Diamond hissed, "if we don't provide results soon, they'll pull out!" Sapphire's face grew pale, and Diamond nodded his agreement. "I don't want to have Beryl as an enemy, which is exactly what will happen if we don't deliver the town to her soon," he sighed.

"So what do you want to do?" Sapphire asked quietly.

"There's no more time for any elaborate plans," Diamond said quietly. He pushed his white hair back, "Go down into the town and call Haruka out. With her gone, the town will have lost it's only real protector and we'll have it easy."

"Of course," Sapphire said softly, giving him a smooth bow. Diamond stalked off, leaving him alone with his thoughts. 'Haruka's very good. I just hope I don't end up like poor Rubius did when he faced her guns,' he thought grimly.

"We're coming with you," Catsy said to him calmly.

Sapphire turned in surprise, seeing the four sisters gathered there. "You should stay here with Diamond..." he started to say, when he was cut off.

"Without us, what's to stop Haruka from picking you off at a distance, or getting her deputies to arrest you?" Prisma explained.

"Not to mention Makoto just clobbering you," Birdy said to him reasonably.

"She got shot, dummy," Avery pointed out.

"Makoto could always use the other arm," Catsy pointed out.

"Shut up! Stay out of this," Avery and Birdy said to her together.

"I don't have to shut up!" Catsy scowled, and then she jumped on them.

Sapphire's lips twitched as he watched them scrap and fought to keep from laughing out loud. Prisma smiled over at him and with a little shrug of her shoulders she said, "Well, at least they're eager."

Haruka watched the sunrise in silence, standing at the window in only her white shirt. Michiru slept in their bed just behind her, and for a moment she just looked over at her beauty in the dawn's golden light. But again and again the same troubling thoughts intruded on her peace, driving her from her comfortable bed.

'Why did I hesitate?' Haruka wondered. 'I could have taken the shot, maybe even killed one of the gang, so why didn't I?' She shook her head, remembering the feel of the gun in her hand as she looked at the five members of Diamond's gang. But somehow, she couldn't seem to raise her pistol to line up the shot.

"What in the world's wrong with me?" Haruka finally asked herself aloud.

A gentle hand rested on her shoulder, and Haruka turned to meet Michiru's smiling gaze. "Nothing that I can see," she said, looking Haruka up and down admiringly. The short sandy blond hair shone in the light, her grave expression making her even more handsome to Michiru.

Haruka had to fight back a smile, "I'm being serious." Michiru gently led Haruka over to the bed, and pulled her down to sit beside her. She looked at Haruka expectantly, and Haruka hesitantly began to explain what happened.

"You're worried because you didn't want to hurt them?" Michiru asked her, an odd look on her face. Her long green hair rested on the shoulders of the shirt she had borrowed, and for a moment Haruka envied it.

"I guess so," Haruka admitted.

"Did you really need to shoot them, then?" Michiru asked.

"Ami would say so," Haruka said wryly.

"Not once she calmed down," Michiru smiled. "I suspect you'll do just fine when you need to, Haruka," she said, laying her hand comfortingly on her arm.

"I hope you're right," Haruka answered, laying her hand over Michiru's.

Voices passed by out in the nearby hallway, "You're not cooking today, Makoto. I just won't allow it!"

Makoto looked down at Ami fondly as they walked towards the stairs, "So who's going to make breakfast, then?" Her one arm was in a carefully prepared sling, and every know and then her long brown hair would snag on it.

"I will, or Rei, or maybe Minako," Ami said simply, looking remarkably boyish right then with her short blue hair and doctor's clothing.

"Remember the fire we had after Minako helped in the kitchen?" Makoto pointed out to her with a smile, going down the stairs first.

"Well, not Minako, then," Ami admitted, following her down.

"And Rei's not that good either, plus we won't be able to keep Minako out if she does it," Makoto sighed as she walked past the dining tables towards the bar.

"Then I'll do it myself," Ami said, sounding quite determined even as she worked to keep up with her girlfriend.

"You're the town doctor," Makoto said reasonably, "you have to be ready if needed." She entered the kitchen and one handedly tied her apron around herself.

"Makoto, I'm trying to take care of you!" Ami protested, a few unshed tears glimmering in the corners of her eyes.

Makoto slid her arm across Ami's shoulders, gently pulling her close, "And I appreciate it. But I'm the best cook we've got, and the Palace is open today."

Emerald listened to the good natured argument with a little smile, then she pushed open the pantry door. "I can cook," the green hared girl volunteered, "or at least I can help."

Ami smiled at her in obvious relief. "Thank you, Emi," she said quietly.

Makoto smiled slightly as well, "Thanks."

Setsuna stepped away from the door with a little smile before heading back to her office. 'I'm glad Emi offered to help,' she thought, pushing her long black hair away from her face. She noticed Hotaru skulking down the stairway and then sneaking out of the Palace's front doors as quietly as possible.

Rei smiled slightly, shaking her head as she watched as well. "Doesn't she realize that she stands out even more when she does that?" she chuckled to Setsuna.

Setsuna shrugged eloquently, "I hope she and Usagi decide to tell me about them dating soon. I don't think I can keep playing stupid for much longer."

Rei laughed softly, even as Setsuna went into her office to do some paper work. Rei walked over to the stage to check everything over for their performance tonight. She and Minako had some new numbers they wanted to try, and she wanted everything to be perfect.

Minako stumbled down stairs, her long golden hair messy with sleep. But in Rei's eyes, she still was beautiful. "Good morning," Rei smiled.

Minako was up on the stage like a shot, her arms around Rei's neck. "Good morning," she smiled at her wickedly, and then quite thoroughly kissed her dark hared lover.

"Not in public," Rei protested, her cheeks flaming.

Minako smirked, "Does that mean I get to take you back to bed?"

Rei sighed, Minako was just relentless sometimes. "Sorry, love," she smiled at her gently, pushing Minako's blond hair back from her face. "We have to rehearse for tonight, remember?" she then reminded her.

Minako pouted, but nodded. "I guess you're right," she admitted.

Minako smiled, pointing, and Rei turned to see a slightly sheepish looking Usagi coming down stairs. Her long blonde hair was messed up, and a distinctive flush marred her cheeks. "Morning quickie?" Rei speculated quietly to Minako.

"Probably," Minako snickered softly.

Usagi walked over two them, "What are you talking about?"

Rei elbowed Minako in the ribs as a precaution even as she smiled at Usagi. "We're just talking about the songs were going to practice," she said.

Usagi sighed, "I was hoping you had some good gossip."

Both Rei and Minako went beet red at that, but Usagi thankfully didn't notice.

Before anything more could be said, Hotaru rushed inside, her eyes wide and shoulder length black hair in disarray. "Sapphire and the Diamond gang, they've been spotted coming towards town," she exclaimed.

There was a moment of silence, then Rei turned to Minako, "Get Setsuna." After the blonde took off Rei ran upstairs and hammered on Haruka's bedroom door.

Michiru looked over at Haruka in surprise. Haruka got up from the bed and answered it, looking sourly at Rei, "What is it?"

"The Diamond gang's coming," Rei explained simply.

Haruka's eyes widened just a bit, "I'll be right down." Michiru began to dress quickly, even as Haruka started to do the same. "I hope you're right," Haruka commented on what they had been talking about before.

"So do I," Michiru said softly.