Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Crystal Tokyo, California ❯ Chapter 8

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Crystal Tokyo, California

Sheriff Haruka Tenoh smiled in satisfaction as the sandy haired blonde walked down the main street of the remote California town. Wearing a simple white shirt, jeans, her vest and gun belt Haruka was both comfortable and ready to fight. She nodded greetings to several residents she knew and familiar faces, feeling a warm contentment at how the town had accepted her. With the craziness of the Diamond Gang behind them the small town was thriving, shipping out metals from the nearby mines and shipping in needed supplies.

The doctor's office was just ahead on Haruka's route, and she saw Ami Mizuno emerge, yawning tiredly. The blue haired doctor spent much of her time out of town, riding to visit smaller ranches where horses, cows and other beasts grew. She was willing and eager to help, of course, but the riding and the long hours were wearing on her.

“Evening, Doc,” Haruha tipped her hat respectfully.

“Sheriff,” Ami smiled wryly. “Are you joining us for dinner at the Palace tonight?” she asked curiously, the slim young woman dressed in trousers and a white shirt.

The Palace was the town's tavern and dance hall, a place the people went to relax and enjoy themselves. Setsuna owned it with Haruka as a silent partner, her aunt Setsuna playing the piano and keeping a eye on the place while Makoto Kino served drinks and cooked, Rei Hino and Minako Aino sang and Usagi Tsukino provided a comedy act as well as preforming with the others. Most of the women lived upstairs in the Palace, as did Haruka and her lover Michiru Kaoru.

“That's the plan,” Haruka admitted as they walked together. “You know,” Haruka admitted as the setting sun lit them up, “there's something I've been meaning to ask.”

“Oh?” Ami asked, looking at her curiously.

“Where so the babies come from?” Haruka had to ask, pausing to lean on one of the rails along the recently added wooden sidewalk..

Ami smiled, “Well, first you have a mommy and a papa, then....”

“Not what I meant,” Haruka cut her off with a chuckle. “This is a town populated entirely, or at least almost entirely by women. How...?”

Ami shrugged slightly. “Well, some of course arrive pregnant,” she noted flatly, “willingly or unwillingly. Whenever possible if the lady so requests I abort the later, but some women do choose to carry them to term.”

“I see,” Haruka nodded reluctantly. She looked at Ami, “If you find out who the rapists are, I believe I can help deal with them.”

“Where we can, we will,” Ami promised. She smiled slightly, “The other pregnancies happen about nine months after the traveling salesmen arrive.”

“Ah,” Haruka nodded knowingly. “Planned, I assume?”

“One of the two is usually a member of a committed couple,” Ami agreed as she covered her mouth to hide her yawn.

“Sorry,” Haruka urged her to start walking to the Palace once more. “We really need to find you another doctor,” she noted, “or at least a midwife.”

Ami shrugged as they neared the building, “I had a candidate named Naru Osaka considering to come, but she decided to stay with her husband Gurio Umino.”

“With a name like Gurio I'd be running away as fast as I could,” Haruka grimaced.

“No accounting for taste,” Amu shrugged then brightened, “I've also been exchanging letters with Shizuru Fujino, a doctor in San Fransisco.”

“Not too far away from us,” Haruka mused as they passed between buildings, “it wouldn't be a easy move, but not as bad as some residents.

By the steps up to the palace Ami put a hand on Haruka's arm to stop her. “The only problem might be that Shizuru wants to bring her lover Natsuki Kuga along,” she noted quietly.

“I've heard of her, she's a gunfighter,” Haruka nodded. She smiled, “I'd happily take her on as a deputy, too.”

“I'll pass that on,” Ami promised as they both headed inside.

The inside of the Palace was brightly lit as usual, but the usual crush of crowds was absent tonight. No one was driving cattle and there were no shipments coming in, so the inside was only lightly inhabited. A few women sat by the bar talking to Makoto, others listened to Rei and Minako sing a old ballad as Usagi accompanied them on the piano.

“Miss Tenoh,” Seiya Kou said flatly, the black haired young woman sitting with her sisters at one of the tables. When Seiya had first arrived she had tried to put the moves on Michiru, then challenged Haruka to a duel. Thankfully Seiya was not that good of a gunfighter and Haruka was able to shoot the gun out of her hand.

“Miss Kou,” Haruka smiled back sweetly. “How are your sisters doing?”

Taiki's long brown hair shimmered as she said with a cool smile, “I'm talking to Professor Tomoe in assisting teaching over at the school house.”

Yaten smiled as the white haired young woman said, “I've already talked to the manager of the general store, she thinks I can start tomorrow.”

“I'm glad,” Haruka agreed, silently resolving to keep a close eye on Seiya. Still, if she was the only trouble in town Haruka knew she had gotten off easily.

“Haruka,” a familiar voice drawled and Haruka forgot all about Seiya.
Michiru Kaoru slinked down the stairs like some kind of sex goddess, totally outshining Setsuna Meiou who was trailing a bit behind her. Not that Haruka noticed her aunt, her gaze focused on Michiru and the slinky green dress that hung like silk and clung sexily to each and every curve of her well formed body.

“Wow,” Haruka said weakly.

Michiru reached the floor and sauntered up to Haruka. “You like?” she purred, rubbing a hand along Haruka's cheek.

“Oh yeah,” Haruka agreed as she pulled Michiru into a gentle hug.

“Hmm,” Michiru messed up Haruka's hair as they kissed, leaning into each other's body.

“Told you that you didn't have a chance,” Taiki said to Seiya dryly.

“Oh shut up,” Seiya sighed, taking a drink of scotch.

Setsuna left her niece to her necking as she swept by the three young women, drawing glances with her own lush curves. She swayed her hips just enough to catch the eye as the green and black haired woman went up to the bar.

“Looking good,” Emi smiled as the green haired waitress carried bottles over, handing them across the bar then collecting more. “Hunting anyone in particular, or just trying out the warpaint?” she asked impishly.

“Just keeping in practice,” Setsuna answered her cheerfully. To be honest the older woman hadn't felt like dressing up since her wife Serenity had passed away.

“If this is practice, I'd be frightened to see the real thing,” the orange brown haired woman noted warmly, dressed in a rather dusty gown showing she had been traveling recently.

“Thank you,” Setsuna flashed a smile as she introduced herself.

“Kakyuu,” the woman nodded then gestured towards where Seiya and the others sat, “and I'm sort of stuck with them.”

“Hey!” Yaten protested, making a face.

“Well, if you want a vacation I'm sure I can ask Haruka to reign them in,” Setsuna offered, enjoying bantering with the strange woman.

Kakyuu gave Setsuna a thoughtful look as she took a drink, “Well, maybe I'll take you up on that offer some time.”

Setsuna smiled as she admitted, “I'd like that, too.”


Notes: A shorter omake focusing on unresolved issues, such as how women in a all female town can get pregnant. I might, repeat, MIGHT consider doing a Shizuru and Natsuki fic in the old west, if there's enough interest in the idea.