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Letters From A Marriage: Venus
by Sailor Phoenix

Comander Kunzite 14 February
The Golden Kingdom

Dearest Kunzite,
Last night I lay awake staring at the ceiling until the grim,
gray morning finally seeped between the meeting point of the red velvet
draperies in my bedroom. And I thought: Kami-sama! Its Valentine's
I began to cry. There would be no present from you--the sentimental
gesture ended shortly after our seventh wedding anniversary. But I long
gave up the idea that I might spark some small romantic passion still
left in you.

My tears were for myself. This was the first Valentine's Day in two
years that--despite the knowledge my gift would not trigger a romantic
gesture in you--I had not sent you some small token to mark this very
romantic day.

Despite the fact that I am the senshi of love, I am not sure I have
ever believed in love--at least not the lasting they-lived-happily-ever-after
sort. Perhaps this disenchantment shared by all who have never thought
they would find it. But I did believe in romance. Now I fear I may never
believe in anything at all.

Do you recall the eve of this holiday some three years ago? I shall
never forget it. What should of been a night of romance for us, turned
out to be the coldest night for me.

You had just returned to our home in the City of Cyprus to begin
a two week vacation, which I had hoped would give us time to recapture
the love that was slowly fading from our marriage. I was excited and
had the kitchen prepare us a romantic dinner for two and Dione to look
after our two girls, nine-year-old Aphrodite and seven-year-old Harmony.

The moment of your arrival had come and, like every member of the
household, both the children and I came out to greet you. I can almost
hear the girls squeal in delight upon seeing their father home and their
never-ending display for affection. I watched the girls take the treasures
they had recieved from you and disappear.

"Welcome home," I greeted, giving you one of my best smiles.

"Is it?" You ask coldly.

"Why wouldn't it be?" I return. The smile fading from my lips.

Without a word, you headed up the stairs leaving me to wonder
what I had done wrong to make you so distant from me. I made my way
up the stairs to your room. Your door was closed. I knocked and you
coldly bid me to enter.

"What has happened to us?" I ask softly.

Your white gleamed faintly in the brightness of the overhead lights
but your face was a blurred shadow. I don't really know him, I thought.
Perhaps I never will. I started to cry, and you got up and came
close--but you didn't take me in your arms.

"Get ahold of yourself," you ordered. "You're acting childish. Grow
up. Kami-sama! You are the leader of Princess Selenity's royal senshi
and the mother to two future senshis. That was the glittering prize you
so valued. You never loved me. You loved who I am. We struck a

"I hoped we might come to love each other," I cried in despair.

"Foolishness," you snapped, and then--in that gentler attitude of
yours that sometimes unsettles me and stirs an unexpected warm
response--you added,"I did not intend for you to be unhappy. The
problem is that your expectations and your youth only remind me
of my own uselessness and inabilities."

I then threw myself into your arms but you pushed me away.
From that moment on, we have been separated.

This has never been my choice. If it were up to me, I would
give up everything to have you with me all the time. I have failed

Do you note a tone of hope in me? Hai, dearest Kunzite love,
blame it on my youth if you will--but I do still hope. We both know
that we can never truly be rid of each other. The bond between us
is still very strong and I doubt it will ever be broken.

I will admit that I have enjoyed my privileged position as
both leader of the senshi and wife. When I was younger,
I never thought I would be good enough for such a role. Being
your wife has made me not only deliciously happy but feeling
truly beautiful. Now I have Aphrodite and Harmony, and my life
is completed.

Still, some people have it all--why not us? Hai, us, Kunzite-love,
for the crazy thing is that I find myself falling more in love with you
as the years go by. I have worked hard to achieve growing up,
believing in my heart that this will one day turn your head and your
love back to me. One day I want to be a good queen for Venus. But
I would like to have a loving husband. If only you would give us a
chance. You have given me so much--is it possible that you could
also give me the love I so crave from you?

To err is human,
To forgive divine,
Would you be my Valentine?