Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice ❯ Chapter 17

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Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice

Part Sixteen


"The school is surprisingly busy this morning," Ami Mizuno noted, the blue haired girl carrying her school bad over her shoulder.


As the four of them neared the courtyard they saw that the place was packed, nearly wall to wall students. Despite it being early, there were not only the regular students but apparently kids from other schools were mingling with the crowds gathering there.


"Negaverse trouble?" Haruka raised an eyebrow, the slim sandy haired woman looking ready to move at a moment's notice. Beside her Michiru echoed her lover's stance, eyes narrowed as she studied the scene around her.


"No, I don't think so," Setsuna actually looked amused at that, the raven haired woman looking around her with amusement. "From what I understand, three new transfer students are arriving here today," she explained.


"Three students could cause this much of a stir?" Ami blinked.


"They can if they're the idol group called the Three Lights," Setsuna shrugged casually.


"Ah ha," Michiru nodded sagely, "I heard Hotaru listening to one of their songs, apparently they're very popular."


"Idols," Haruka sniffed disdainfully.


The four of them made their way through the crowds just as a van pulled up, decorated with a stylized emblem of three shooting stars. The crowd held it's breath as the door opened only to release it as a squeal of happiness as the three figures emerged in customized school uniforms. The tallest had reddish brown hair and moved with an dignified air, the next had black hair and a devilish smile while the third carried a boyish innocence along with hair that was white as the driven snow.


Ami's eyes widened as she recognized the odd young man she had met only a few days ago, "Guess he really was famous."


Seiya Kou looked up, his long black ponytail flowing and grinned as he recognized Ami. "Hey Mizuno," he waved to her casually, "good to see you!"


Ami instantly felt many eyes resting on her, the crowd clearly wondering how Ami knew the popular idol. Silently wishing she had not been put on the spot Ami gave the three young men a wave, "I look forward to being classes with you."


"See you," Seiya waved back as he and the others were quickly ushered into the school and away from their adoring fans.


"That's the odd young man you met at school the other day?" Setsuna asked.


Ami shrugged, "How was I to know he was really as famous as he claimed?"


"We can't leave you alone for a second," Haruka sounded amused.


"That young man seems to like you," Michiru teased.


"Even so," Ami reached out to take Setsuna's hand, "I'm not interested."


Setsuna squeezed Ami's hand as she murmured, "Thanks."


Not long afterward Ami was sitting in class, watching with mild amusement as the teacher stood up front with the members of the Three Lights. The teen idols were casually basking in much of the class's adoration even as the teacher hesitantly introduced them, "This is Seiya, Taiki and Yaten Kou, they'll be attending classes with us until the end of the year." He paused, "Gentlemen, you may take whichever seats are available."


Immediately several girls popped up, waving towards empty seats by them but the three moved smoothly, taking three seats relatively close together... and near where Ami was sitting. Casually Seiya settled into the seat behind Ami as he murmured, "Hope you don't mind."


Ami dryly answered, "I'll manage."


Yaten flashed a surprisingly cheerful smile, "You're right Seiya, she really is unimpressed by us." He paused, "I think I like it."


"Please don't tease Miss Mizuno," Taiki scolded his brothers good naturedly.


Ami found herself smiling slightly, unwillingly charmed by the three young men's antics. "We have a class, remember?" she asked, keeping her voice down.


A few moments later Seiya softly whispered, "Would you mind showing us around the school later on?"


"Why me?" Ami asked, keeping half her attention on the teacher.


"Because if we ask one of our many fangirls," Seiya said to her wryly, "I don't want to think about what would happen."


"Miss Mizuno." the teacher interrupted, "would you mind translating this passage?" Despite only having been half listening Ami rose, smoothly translating the passage from Japanese to English, while also noting the words that had multiple connotations. The look on his face was priceless, clearing his throat before muttering, "Ah, yes. Good job."


"Very nice," Taiki whispered with a smile.


Once class let out Ami found herself with three companions, the brothers looking around eagerly. Dressed in her own boy's uniform they almost looked like some kind of odd gang, if a remarkably good looking one.


"All right, I'll show you around," Ami finally gave in to their half joking pleas, "but I warn you, it'll be my interests first."


With that Ami took them to the computer lab, the well stocked library and over to the science labs, Taiki looking on with interest and Seiya and Yaten looking dismayed, Only then did she relent to take them by the gym, where a very interesting game of five on one was being played.


The sandy haired figure dodged and weaved through the guards with ridiculous ease, running at the hoop. A thrust of powerful legs threw her up into the air, the basketball leaving her hands in a graceful arc then with a swish it went in!


"Hey, Ami," Haruka toweled herself off as she walked from the court, Michiru soon coming from the sidelines to join her side. She raised her eyebrows as Ami's companions and asked, "Making some new friends?"


"I'm sort of an involuntary tour guide," Ami said, flashing a smile to ease the sting of her words. "Seiya, Taiki, Yaten I'd like you to meet my friends Haruka and Michiru."


"Nice to meet you," Seiya offered his hand. Haruka took it and squeezed down hard, Seiya matching her pressure for pressure. For a moment they stood there, some dangerous spark passing between the two of them, an invisible clash of wills.


"I believe I heard the two of you playing a duet recently," Taiki offered gentlemanly to Michiru, "it was very beautiful."


"Thank you," Michiru murmured.


"Would you care to join us?" Ami offered.


Haruka looked towards the court where another group of players were impatiently waiting. "I think I better take care of this, first," she remarked, "you still joining Setsuna for lunch?"


"Of course," Ami laughed, leading the young men away.


"What was that between you and Ami's friend?" Taiki asked Seiya softly.


"I'm not sure," Seiya conceded, "but I think we're not going to get along well."


"Maybe she just doesn't like men," Yaten offered.


Ami had to fight back a smile at that comment, 'You have no idea.' Noting all of the Three Lights fangirls that had been trailing them so far she added, "You know, I don't think I realized quite how popular you are." As Seiya brightened a bit she added, "Of course, since I don't listen to popular music I wouldn't know."


Both Taiki and Yaten laughed softly at that even as Seiya winced, "Mizuno, you're going to do permanent damage to my ego." He casually looked over at Ami, "Do you have a boyfriend?"


"No," Ami said, mildly surprised.


"Good," Seiya smiled slightly, "then I have a chance."


"But I do have a girlfriend," Ami added firmly.


To be continued....