Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice ❯ Chapter 18

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Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice
Part Seventeen
The looks on all three young man's faces were priceless, surprise and confusion both warring for dominance. "Did you just say...?" Yaten finally managed, his white hair falling into his eyes.
Ami smiled as they walked on, "Of course." She continued on calmly, "I understand it's already going around school, so I may as well be frank."
Seiya seemed oddly unbothered by the news, the black haired young man following casually. Taiki had a slight blush on his cheeks as the brown haired boy remarked, "I thought that the Japanese tended to be more reserved about this kind of thing."
"For a long time I was," Ami conceded. She reached up unconsciously to touch the scar on her face, "I've learned that holding back only leads to regrets."
"You know," Seiya finally said with a grin, "I'm looking forward to getting to know you."
"It's nice to see there's at least one girl who isn't screaming and fainting over you," a grinning Yaten teased Seiya.
Ami turned back to noticed they were still being followed by a mob of adoring Three Lights fangirls. "I tend to think they do that over all three of you," she noted dryly.
"It's our curse," Seiya chuckled.
"So, where to next?" Taiki asked curiously.
Ami shook her head as she noted the time, "Sorry to say I'm going to have to abandon you." She grinned as she moved off, "I have a lunch date."
"See you later," Seiya laughed as they headed to the lunch room.
Setsuna smiled as they sat at the desk in the Nurse's office, shaking her head wryly. "You actually told them that?" she asked, black hair flowing around the older woman like a wave.
"It seemed a good idea at the time," Ami set the lid to her bento box aside, snapping apart her chopsticks and beginning to eat.
"So what do you think of them?" Setsuna asked, feeling an odd stirring of jealousy.
"I'm not sure, at first glance they seem," Ami was searching for the right word before finally settling on, "light weight,"
Setsuna nearly laughed, something that would have been embarrassing with a mouth full of food. "A little harsh?" she suggested.
"Taiki seems quite capable academically," Ami noted, "and Yaten seems to have an interesting sense of humor. I guess I'll just have to get to know them better."
"And Seiya?" Setsuna raised an eyebrow.
Ami looked thoughtful, "I think he reminds me a bit too much of Mamoru, honestly, especially back when we first met him."
"I hadn't thought about that," Setsuna reached out to lay her hand on Ami's.
"I'll manage," Ami reassured her lover, "it'll just take some time."
"Haruka stopped by," Setsuna looked amused as she continued, "I suspect that she and Seiya are not going to get along."
"Two alpha wolves," Ami agreed, "I suspect it's purely instinctual."
Setsuna looked intrigued, "So why doesn't Haruka have issues with you being leader?"
Ami smiled slightly, "I approach it differently, I suspect. I don't go head on, so I don't trigger Haruka's competitive side."
"Makes sense," Setsuna agreed, thinking about how Ami tended to defuse the rare arguments in the Senshi. She smiled impishly, "Getting back to the Three Lights, you do realize that Chibi-Usa and Hotaru are going to want an introduction?"
Ami made a face, "I hadn't thought of that."
Meanwhile, three new students were eating their lunch in relative privacy, having politely begged off several invitations to eat with other students. Taiki ate with smooth efficiency, Yaten much more roughly while Seiya took the middle ground, more or less.
"I don't think I've seen you shot down that way before," Yaten commented with a smile, barely pausing in eating.

"I was not," Seiya said defensively, "shot down."
"I was surprised that she hadn't heard of us," Taiki smoothly changed the subject, "it worries me, in all honestly."
Aware of the fangirls nearby Seiya dropped his voice a bit, "You think that the princess hasn't heard our message yet?"
"It could be," Taiki nodded gravely.
"I keep forgetting how big Japan is," Yaten commented as he munched, "even though we've narrowed down the Princess' location to here."
"We'll just have to step up our promotion," Seiya said firmly, "and make sure that everyone in Japan has heard our message."
"And then there's the star seeds," Taiki noted. He looked over at Seiya intently, "You're sure that was Iron Mouse you saw?"
Seiya nodded grimly but it was Yaten who spoke up to say, "I still can't believe that Sailor Mercury could actually cure a Phage." His voice had a gentle awe to it as he remarked, "This could change everything, you know."
"Yes it could," Seiya agreed, the young man momentarily distracted by the memory of the striking girl dressed in blue.
"Uh oh," Taiki sighed, recognizing the signs.
"What?" Seiya said to the two of them defensively, loudly snapping the cover on over his now empty bento box.
Before anything else could be said there was a disturbance by the entrance and the three of them looked up to see Ami Mizuno stride inside. Seemingly unaware of the reactions the girl clad in a boy's uniform cased she walked over to their table, smiling slightly in greeting.
"How was lunch?" Yaten asked impishly.
Ami colored slightly, "We had fun, yes."
"So, are we continuing on with our tour?" Seiya rose smoothly as he flashed Ami one of his more charming smiles.
"I suppose so," Ami said, appearing entirely unaffected as they headed out of the dining hall together. Walking down the hall she said, "We have several sports teams, including American style football, soccer and track and field."
"Do you compete in any sports?" Yaten asked curiously.
"Kendo," Ami answered a little uncomfortable, "Japanese style fencing. Other than that I tend to stick with the science clubs."
Taiki looked at her thoughtfully, "It's odd, you never competed before you began this year but you've shown remarkable skills. I'd almost call it miraculous."
A muscle in Ami's jaw jumped as she clenched it, a old pain rising up in her eyes. "You could call it a gift," she answered, picking up the pace a little.
Yaten was about to say something but Taiki gently elbowed him in the ribs. The taller boy shook his head, knowing that somehow he had poured salt on some half-healed wound. They walked in silence out of the building, the warm sun shining down on them.
"I'm sorry," Taiki finally said softly.
Ami shook her head, making herself smile again. "It's not your fault," she said softly. She looked around, "I think the football team is supposed to be practicing, why don't we go see?"
"Why not?" Taiki agreed, gracefully accepting the change of subject.
To be continued....