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Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice
The Dinner Party ( Chapter 14 1/2 )
Doctor Nicole Mizuno smiled to herself as the car came to a stop in front of the small house, taking a deep breath to quell any nervousness. Her dark blue hair was nearly styled, her clothes casual but stylish, and a subtle makeup tinted her face. It almost looked like she was going to a formal event, not a dinner among friends.
'Of course,' Nicole thought to herself wryly as she got out of her car, 'this isn't your average dinner party, either.' After her recent meeting with Setsuna the other woman had suggested this night out to help ease her concerns for her daughter, as well as give the others a chance to get to know her a bit better, too. 'So why am I so nervous?' Nicole wondered as she picked up the bottle of wine from the passenger seat then headed to the front door.
Michiru Kaoru answered the door shortly after Nicole knocked, the green haired younger woman smiling up at her warmly. "Welcome to our home, Doctor," she smiled gently, murmuring thanks as she examined the bottle.
"Thank you," Nicole slipped her shoes off, following Michiru inside towards the living room. Haruka Tenoh looked up from where she sat, a slightly cool smile on her handsome face. 'I can see how Ami could have mistaken her for a boy,' Nicole thought.
"Nice to see you," Haruka said, sandy blonde hair falling into shrewd eyes as she invited Nicole to take a seat.
"You, too," Nicole agreed, a bit surprised at the warmth that both women were showing her. She was still a relative stranger to them, despite being a parent to one of their friends. 'Of course, making friends is why I'm here,' she mused.
"Ami and Setsuna took the kids for a walk," Haruka said casually, "they were getting a bit restless, I think."
"The kids," Nicole found herself asking, "or Ami and Setsuna?"
Michiru chuckled to herself softly at that. "A bit of both, I think," she said, settling beside Haruka on the couch. "Luna and Artemis would have been here, too, but I understand they're out on a date," she explained.
"How can two talking cats have a date?" Nicole blinked only to get shrugs in reply. She settled down into a comfortable chair even as she looked at the young women across from her. Even if Ami hadn't told her they were a couple she would have known, Haruka and Michiru seemed to fit together so comfortably.
"Is there some problem?" Haruka asked Nicole directly, an arm gently holding Michiru across the shoulders.
Nicole blushed, realizing she had been staring. "Sorry," she said sheepishly, "I suppose I'm still getting used to this whole situation."
Michiru gently poked Haruka in the side, "Be nice, love. Nicole is taking things better than most parents would, I think."
Haruka smiled wryly vas she conceded, "Sorry, you certainly have taken it better than our own parents did."
Nicole felt a moment of surprise, looking at the two clearly content young women. "You're parents didn't take it well that you're lesbians?" she asked tentatively.
Michiru sighed softly as she admitted, "My father took it badly, though I think my mother is still trying to bring him around."
"My dad took it pretty well," Haruka smiled impishly at the memory, "though I think my parents already guessed. Mom, on the other hand.."
"A tomboy growing up?" Nicole guessed and Haruka grinned.
"I've seen photos," Michiru said to her cheerfully, "I don't think Haruka wore a dress unless it was by force."
The sound of the front door opening was quickly followed by a young girl rushing inside, gently tugging a taller black haired girl. "We had some chocolate and..." Chibi-Usa started then the pink haired girl trailed off on seeing Nicole there. "Hello, Mrs. Mizuno."
"Good evening Mizuno-sensei," Hotaru said to her shyly, the young lady's long black hair hiding part of her face.
"Mother," Ami Mizuno smiled warmly, her blue hair gently ruffled by the wind, "I see you got here a bit early." The scar that cut across the bridge of her nose still startled Nicole even though she had months to get used to it, that and her daughters more somber attitude. Still, she seemed happier now, especially because of her....
Nicole felt mixed emotions as she saw Setsuna enter, this older woman who stood so protectively close to Ami's side. On one hand she was glad that Ami had found this caring older woman, but on the other hand she did wonder if Ami might be a bit too young for all this. 'Then again,' she admitted, 'I though she was young for taking care of Chibi-Usa, and I was wrong about that.'
"Welcome to our home," Setsuna bowed gracefully, the simple dress she wore hugging her slim body, her long mane of greenish black hair flowing like a ebony wave.
"Sorry for being early," Nicole said with a smile, "I got a bit impatient."
"The last time you were introduced it was a bit of a mob scene," Setsuna continued smoothly, "I'd like you to meet Hotaru, our adopted daughter, more or less."
Hotaru Tomoe smiled slightly as she bowed. "It's very nice to meet you," she said a bit nervously, "Ami has told us so much about you."
Nicole had to fight back a chuckle, knowing that Hotaru had just politely fibbed. Knowing Ami she hadn't said much about her mother, if anything at all. "To be honest I'm honored you all invited me," she answered.
Michiru smoothly rose, "Haruka, could you help me with dinner?" She smiled, "Hotaru, didn't you have a new lamp you wanted to show Chibi-Usa?"
Nicole blinked, just a bit surprised at how deftly Michiru had just arranged it for the three of them to be alone. 'Remind me not to underestimate that girl,' she thought.
"Thanks for coming," Ami flashed a smile, a certain gentleness in her eyes.
"I'm glad to have been invited," Nicole felt herself smiling slightly, "especially after the grilling I gave Setsuna the last time I saw her."
"Eh?" Ami blinked.
Nicole raised a eyebrow at Setsuna, "You didn't tell her?"
"No," Setsuna blushed a bit. She looked over at Ami shyly, "Nicole stopped by the nurse's office to have a chat about you,"
"Mother!" Ami blurted.
"Nothing too bad," Nicole quickly reassured her daughter, "I just wanted to find out Setsuna's intentions towards you."
"Oh god," Ami blushed.
Setsuna's cheeks were also faintly red as she looked over at Nicole, "I can't believe you just told her that."
"With my daughter I've always felt honestly was the best policy," Nicole smiled suddenly, "especially since the birds and the bees incident."
"Oh?" Setsuna had to ask.
Nicole smiled fondly in memory, "When Ami was seven she asked me where babies came from, and I tried to put her off. Instead she got into my medical texts and found out herself."
"Mom," Ami wailed.
Setsuna patted Ami's hand comfortingly, "I could see you doing that, too."
"My friends used to tell me how much fun it was to embarrass their kids in front of suitors," Nicole chuckled, "they were right." Her eyes lit up with glee as she added, "Oh, I wish I brought the embarrassing baby photos!"
"You could always bring them next time?" Setsuna grinned.
"I'm going to die," Ami moaned as she covered her face with her hands to try to hide her now nearly beet red blush.
To be continued....