Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice ❯ Chapter 22

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Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice
Part Twenty-one
Nicole Mizuno looked across her office's desk as she ate her lunch, an amused look on her face. "I think Setsuna is right," she smiled, dark blue hair falling into her eyes, "I probably would be playing cheering section if I went along on your date, too."
Ami Mizuno chuckled softly, her eyes clearly amused. The scarred young woman had never been much for laughing even before her injury, but now it was pleasantly surprising to hear her laugh once more. "It's not really a date," she protested, "we are bringing the others along and all."
Nicole raised a delicate eyebrow, "Close enough, I think." She ate a bit then asked, "I'm still surprised to hear you know the Three Lights, the nurses here would just die with jealousy."
"It's not as if I have much choice," Ami said wryly, "they do attend our school, and besides that they seem to have adopted me."
"Eh?" Nicole looked curiously.
"They seem to find it pleasant that I'm distinctly unawed by them," Ami explained, the black clad young woman looking surprisingly comfortable in the office chair.
"I may not care for their musical stylings," Nicole noted mildly, "but they are quite popular." She smiled, "There are even quite a few patients who are fans."
Ami shrugged, wondering if in other circumstances she might have been one of those big fans too, then she dismissed the thought. "Do you want me to suggest paying a visit?" she asked, seeing Nicole's eyes light up.
Reigning herself in Nicole said, "Yes, but let's save it for an emergency maybe. A seriously ill person can be helped to recover by positive influences...."
"I'll warn Seiya not to try to charm too many of the nurses," Ami added, thinking of the black haired young man.
"He's that much of a playboy?" Nicole asked.
Ami hesitated, wanting to be fair. "I'm not sure," she conceded, "though that's certainly the image he's trying to project."
"It's an act, then?" Nicole stabbed a sausage and munched delicately.
"Sort of," Ami said thoughtfully, "Taiki comes across as a reserved intellectual, Yaten as a bishonen innocent and Seiya is the wild playboy."
"So it's all a marketing ploy," Nicole said cynically, "setting out to appeal to the broadest female demographic."
"Or they could just be lucky they fit those roles," Ami noted. She got up, stretching, "Michiru wanted me to tell you that a dinner invitation is always open, mother."
Finishing up her rice Nicole got up as well as she smiled self-mockingly, "I'd actually like to invite all of you over, but being on call makes it a bit difficult."
"I understand," Ami reached out to take Nicole's hand, squeezing it gently.
"I feel terribly guilty at times," Nicole said as she walked her daughter through the halls.
"Hmm?" Ami looked over at her curiously as they entered the elevator, pressing the button for the first floor.
"I was gone so much when you were younger," Nicole admitted, "while it made you self-sufficient, I wish I had been there more."
Ami gently squeezed her mother's arm through her white lab coat. "The work you do here is important, you're saving lives," she said, "I've always understood that."
They walked through the busy first floor, and Nicole fought back a smile as her daughter simply didn't notice the adoring gazes as the female staff. The brooding, intense young woman dressed in a boy's school uniform was surprisingly attractive, and it was her innocence about it that made her even more charismatic.
"When you were younger, I'd always comfort myself with the thought that I'd make it up to you later," Nicole confessed as they reached the doors, "then later came and you were gone."
Ami turned and hugged her mother, the slightly smaller young woman holding on a comforting moment. "You're a good mother," she reassured her softly, "believe me."
"Liar," Nicole teased, trying not to cry at the sudden surge of caring that she had for her daughter. Reluctantly letting her go she asked, "Are you and Setsuna seeing each other tonight?"
"No, not today," Ami waved as she walked out to the parking lot, "I've got to clean house sometime, I suppose."
"Have fun," Nicole chuckled, "and say hi to Chibi-Usa for me as well."
"I will," Ami nodded then was off. In a few moments she was in her little car and off, driving with the same focus she brought to almost everything in her life.
"I'm glad she gets permission from school to skip out like this," Nicole sighed, "or she'll really be in trouble." Silently she added, 'Though considering her grades she could skip classes for weeks and probably pass.'
Ami made her way home, eventually arriving at her apartment, watching as Haruka pulled up to drop off a pink haired little girl. "Thank you," Ami bowed as Chibi-Usa got out, her backpack also a blazing pink.
"You helped take care of Hotaru for us before," the sandy haired woman waved it off as Haruka continued, "giving Chibi-Usa a ride home is the least I can do." She leaned up against the car, "Setsuna is tied up tonight by a teacher conference."
"I know," Ami admitted, "or I think I'd be inviting her over, or something." She bent to give Chibi-Usa a hug, "How was school?"
"Not bad," Chibi-Usa admitted, "and Hotaru and I had lunch together."
"Did you share one of Michiru's bentos?" Ami chuckled as Chibi-Usa nodded eagerly. She looked up at Haruka, "Should I meet you later for our patrol?"
"Ten p.m.," Haruka agreed as she climbed into her car, starting the engine up then driving off with a cheery wave.
"I'd like to go out on patrol with you all," Chibi-Usa said as she held on to Ami's hand while they walked into the building.
"If you weren't in school I'd think about it," Ami admitted as they walked to the elevator, the eyes of other residents on them. She knew that she was considered a single mother, a odd position for a teen like herself, especially with a daughter who looked so different than she did. The looks annoyed her at times, but she tried not to think about it.
"Ami," Luna sat up from where she lounged on the carpet by the doorway, the little black cat falling into step beside them as they entered.
"Hello Luna," Chibi-Usa picked her up and hugged the black cat affectionately.
Ami saw the panicked look on the cat's face and had to grin. "Anything new on our new enemy?" she asked the cat curiously.
"Artemis and I met earlier today," Luna wiggled free of Chibi-Usa's grip, "but neither of us could remember anything from the Moon Kingdom era that might relate." She brightened, "I do know something about the three new Senshi."
"Really?' Chibi-Usa asked eagerly.
"I think they're the Starlights," Luna said, "the Moon Kingdom had an encounter with them, but there's little detail on them other than a name and description."
"I guess what I'm wondering," Ami asked seriously as she set her school bag and Chibi-Usa's backpack on the dining table, "is are they enemies or allies?"
"In that era they were allies," Luna said, "though as Artemis pointed out to me that it doesn't necessarily apply to now."
"Still, it's useful to know," Ami mused. She looked over at Chibi-Usa, "I want you to do your homework first, then you can go play."
"But Ami," Chibi-Usa pouted.
"You'll have plenty of time later," Ami was firm, "and if it helps, I'll be cooking dinner and doing housework while you do it."
Chibi-Usa nodded reluctantly, "Yes Ami."
As the little girl was leaving the kitchen Luna murmured to Ami, "You're sounding more motherly every day."
Ami shuddered, "There's a pleasant thought."
To be continued...