Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice ❯ Chapter 21

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Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice
Part Twenty
"We have to join after school Clubs, too?" Yaten complained as they walked the school's halls, his white hair shining, "When are we supposed to sleep, I wonder?"
"I don't think it's quite that bad," Ami Mizuno said mildly, the blue haired young woman having been asked by Taiki to come along. She had seemingly been adopted by the Three Lights as a guide, probably based on the fact she didn't squeal and faint when they talked to her.
"We do tend to have a very busy schedule," Taiki calmly explained, the reddish brown haired man shrugging slightly, "with commercials, concerts and other commitments."
"You don't have to join a club," Haruka said to them with a slight frown on her face, the sandy brown haired young woman walking beside Ami as she studied the three cautiously, "but it does help you to be sociable."
Much like a protective older brother Haruka kept an eye on Seiya when he was around Ami, a dynamic that Ami found amusing as well as oddly touching. She didn't have much experience with family, being an only child, and found her close association with the Outers' household enlightening to say the least.
"At least there's a fairly good variety of clubs to join," Seiya noted optimistically as he studied a print out, his long black hair flowing down his back in a ponytail.
"It still sounds stupid," Yaten scowled.
All of them were watched adoringly by the young women in the school, though at times it was a little difficult to tell who they were studying more. First of all the Three Lights were already quite famous with their good looks and singing, second there was the dangerous attraction that many girls had to Haruka, and finally there was Ami, who seemed unaware that her brooding, intense aura was drawing girls like flies.
'Of course,' Haruka thought to herself with some amusement, 'part of Ami's charm is that she is still unaware.' She, on the other hand, had been aware since she was a kid her effect on the fairer sex, and had used it as needed.
"I think I'll join the computer club," Taiki noted calmly, "and I note that the school has an astronomy club, too."
"You would," Yaten sighed. He peered at the list a moment before admitting, "I suppose there are a few fun clubs...."
"I've already been asked by the football team to join," Seiya confessed. He smiled winningly at Ami, "So which clubs do you belong to?"
"Hmm?" Ami looked up, the scar that ran across her face pale in the afternoon light. "Most of the science clubs," Ami admitted, "though I dabble in kendo."
"Japanese swordsmanship?" Taiki raised an eyebrow, "you mentioned that before. Still, it seems mildly out of character for you, if you don't mind my saying."
Ami's mouth tightened slightly, almost as if in pain, then she forced a smile, "I like being unpredictable, I suppose."
Yaten opened his mouth then closed it, unsure of what exactly to say. "Do we have that photo thing to deal with today?" he asked Seiya mildly.
"For the next few days, yes," Seiya agreed with a sigh. He noted the time then said apologetically, "Thank you for your help, but it looks like we'll have to be going."
"Good luck," Haruka offered cheerfully.
"We'll probably need it," Taiki noted as they headed off.
"Sorry about that," Ami murmured as they headed to the nurse's office, running a hand through her hair tiredly.
"I don't mind getting away from them early," Haruka said with a casual shrug. She looked over at Ami thoughtfully and asked, "Are you all right? With the patrols the last few nights you can't be getting much sleep."
"I can manage," Ami reassured her. Her eyes seemed haunted a moment as she remembered, "Chibi-Usa used to have nightmares pretty frequently when I first took her in, I got used to managing on very little sleep."
Setsuna heard them as they walked in the room, the black haired older woman finishing up a bit of paperwork. "I understand," she smiled gently at Ami, "Hotaru had similar problems after we adopted her."
"I never knew," Ami admitted, thinking of the confident young woman who cared so much for Chibi-Usa.
"You freed her from Mistress Nine and healed the damage she did," Haruka said quietly, "but that doesn't mean there weren't scars."
Ami smiled wryly, "One day we'll have to compare notes, Hotaru and I."
Setsuna closed her notebook and got up, stretching out with a sigh. "Done at last," she smiled, "are we heading home?"
"I think so," Haruka said. They headed out of the building, the sandy blonde frowning to herself as if she was deep in thought.
"Is something wrong?" Ami asked quietly as they walked, slipping her hand into Setsuna's once they were out of sight from the school.
"I'm just tryin' to think how to tell you I've got good news and bad news," Haruka confessed with a shrug.
"Bad news first," Setsuna said, "it's easier that way."
"I need to ask you two to take care of Hotaru on Saturday night for us," Haruka smiled suddenly as she continued, "but the good news is that you'll all get to go to the Three Lights orchestral concert on Michiru and I."
"How did you manage to get tickets to that? It's been sold out for weeks," Ami blinked. What she didn't add was, 'And why get tickets? I thought you hated them.'
"We got all the tickets for free, actually. Michiru is playing violin in the performance and she wants me there backing her up on the piano," Haruka explained, "so I can't be out in the audience keeping an eye on Hotaru as planned."
"Not that Hotaru needs someone to keep an eye on her," Ami said dryly. She looked up at Setsuna, "Do you mind?"
"I'd love to," Setsuna flashed a smile, "we could even consider it a date."
Ami blushed and Haruka fought back a grin. The two of them had been going very slow in the whole dating thing; understandable considering both of them had issues about relationships. Setsuna hadn't dated in all the time Haruka had known her, and Ami had been involved in only abortive relationships.
"I was thinking of sending a ticket to your mom," Haruka added to Ami impishly, "but I wasn't sure you'd approve."
"Knowing my mother she'd be cheering us on," Ami winced.
Setsuna suddenly chuckled softly and both women looked at her. "Sorry," she said with a smile, "I just had the sudden mental image of Nicole in the background of one of our dates waving around 'Go Ami!' signs."
Haruka and Ami both laughed at that. "So what does Chibi-Usa think of having Nicole as an honorary grandmother?" Haruka asked.
"They get along quite well now," Ami said thoughtfully, "though my mother had some issues with my taking care of Chibi-Usa originally."
"As any mother would, I think," Setsuna noted wisely.
"Maybe," Ami nodded, "but that was partially why I moved out finally. Knowing that mom disapproved of what I was doing was making an already stressful situation even harder."
"Something she regrets now," Haruka said thoughtfully.
"Hmm," Ami nodded. She smiled faintly, "Mom even offered to buy a bigger house for us to live in, but I find I value my independence."
"Once a bird leaves the nest it's hard to return," Setsuna quoted.
"Ain't that the truth," Haruka nodded.
To be continued...