Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice ❯ Chapter 20

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Super Sailor Mercury: Shattered Ice
Part Nineteen
"So what are the Three Lights like?" Chibi-Usa asked eagerly, the little pink haired girl looking at them eagerly.
Ami chuckled as they sat at the table at the Outers' home, sharing dinner with their friends. "We haven't really gotten to know them yet," the blue haired young lady said mildly, "but they seem to be likeable enough."
"I wonder if we can sneak into the school?" Hotaru mused, sipping her tea. Black hair flowed over the young woman's shoulders, matching the black dress she wore.
"Just don't get caught at it, please," Haruka said wryly as she ate, "or poor Setsuna will have to go bail you out."
"Hold off on that idea," Setsuna said, her own long black hair tinted with just a bit of green, "I think we can arrange something eventually."
"Oh, all right," Chibi-Usa pouted.
Ami took a drink, washing down more of dinner. "Terrific as always, Michiru," she said warmly, "thank you."
"You're welcome," Michiru said from where the light green haired woman sat by her lover Haruka. She chuckled as she added, "Setsuna helped, tho."
Setsuna flushed slightly under Ami's admiring gaze, "Just with the final steps."
Haruka had to smile slightly, watching the two of them looking at each other so cutely. Giving them a moment she finally said, "To be honest I'm less interested in the Three Lights than in that group of mysterious senshi."
"You don't trust them," Ami said simply, studying Haruka thoughtfully. The older woman's boyish side was especially evident this evening, the white man's shirt and black pants giving her a remarkable androgyny.
"Don't scold her," Michiru said gently, "she's just a bit paranoid."
"Hey," Haruka protested.
"Understandably so," Setsuna said honestly, "we don't know who they are, other than they've helped us twice now."
"I want to see them," Chibi-Usa said to Hotaru softly, "especially if they're wearing the little bikini's Ami-papa described."
"Hentai," Hotaru chuckled.
Ami ate a bit, considering her answer. "It's as much a matter of instinct as anything else," she finally admitted, "I just don't think they're enemies."
"We chose you as our leader," Haruka acknowledged, "it's your call." After a second she flashed a grin, "But I reserve the right to say I told you so later."
That got a laugh from the others around the table. Luna bounced onto a chair beside them as the black cat said, "Those three do sound familiar, Artemis and I will do some research."
Artemis looked up from where the white cat was curled in a ball. "I may need to borrow your computer, Ami," he added, "to look into some of the more obscure sources."
"No problem," Ami said, "just get what you can quickly." She frowned, "These Phages have me a bit worried."
"You were able to transform that 'Guts' back to normal," Michiru pointed out, "though I'd love to know where you got the ability to do that."
Ami tossed a hesitant glance at Chibi-Usa, "Could we talk about it later?"
"Ah," Setsuna nodded in understanding.
Hotaru, picking up on the cue, rose as she finished her meal. "I have a new antique lamp," she said, "may I be excused to show it to Chibi-Usa?"
"Please?" Chibi-Usa bounced to her feet.
"Go ahead," Michiru chuckled as the two young people raced off. The four women and two cats finished eating then went into the living room, settling into their seats. "So what happened?" she asked, snuggling beside Haruka.
Ami sat beside Setsuna, and then surprised the other woman by resting her head on her shoulder. "It was Usagi," she said softly.
"What?!" both Haruka and Michiru blurted.
"I was fighting a Phage when my mercury broach opened..." Ami quietly explained the appearance of the spirit and how she had triggered the new ability in Sailor Mercury.
"Incredible," Haruka muttered, running a hand through her hair. Smiling wryly she continued, "Even with all we've been through, the idea of a ghost still unnerves me a little."
Hesitantly Setsuna squeezed Ami's shoulder in silent comfort, sensing her lingering distress. "There is a bond that connects us even past death," she explained, "its part of why we seem to be reincarnated in a group, too."
"Seriously?" Michiru asked.
"We are drawn together by fate," Setsuna gently said, "sometimes in the oddest of circumstances. From knight-champions in England to warriors of Japan and settlers in the west, we will always find one another."
"It's a comforting thought," Ami smiled. Getting back on topic she said, "I hate to cut into everyone's sleep times, but I suspect we might want to begin nightly patrols. If a Phage does appear it increases our chances of stopping it."
"You'll need to go out on all the patrol," Luna looked concerned, "as the only one who can cure a Phage."
"I'll manage," she reassured the cat. Ami looked up at the others, "But I would like to keep Chibi-Usa and Hotaru off the patrols, at least for now." With an almost motherly concern, "They're younger and need the sleep."
"Do you want us here to keep an eye on them?" Artemis asked. He had become a close guardian to Hotaru and Chibi-Usa, living here in the Outers' home with them.
"I'd appreciate it," Ami said as she rose. She gave the others a smile and asked, "Shall we start the patrols tonight?"
"I'm just glad we don't need much sleep," Haruka complained mildly as they headed out.
Meanwhile, in another part of the city a promotional dinner party continued, the famous and wealthy circling the small room. Seiya Kou took a drink of ginger ale, his expression carefully bland as he fended off the bosomy blonde.
"You know," the actress purred as she leaned forward a bit to highlight her best assets, "the hotel has us in suites nearby, and I'd like the company."
"I've kind of previously made a commitment," Seiya was actually blushing faintly, his long black ponytail flowing down the back of his blue suit.
"You already have a date?" she pouted then shrugged, "Your loss." Hips swaying she stalked off to try to ensnare some other young man, leaving a very relieved Seiya behind.
"Oh thank you," Seiya muttered.
"You really shouldn't be lying to the poor girl," Taiki said mildly, making Seiya jump in surprise. The reddish-brown haired man gave his brother an impish look, sipping his own drink.
Seiya shuddered faintly, "God, she was looking me over like I was fresh meat."
"We are," Taiki shrugged, "at least in the eyes of the media here."
"Did our agent say how long we had to stay at this thing?" Yaten asked crossly, his white hair almost gleaming. Grumbling, "I haven't been this bored in a long while."
"Not much longer," Seiya said firmly, "or I'm busting out."
"We just have to circulate a bit more," Taiki reassured his brothers. They paused a moment then he asked, "So who were you going on a date with, Seiya-kun?"
"I lied, remember?" Seiya frowned at Taiki.
"Putting it another way," Taiki continued, "who would you want to be going on a date with?"
Seiya was a bit surprised at who instantly came to mind, the intense, blue haired girl that they had only just met at school. He was tempted to say Ami Mizuno but restrained himself, mildly answering, "No one in particular."
"Right," Yaten drawled, clearly not buying it.
To be continued....