Sailor Moon Fan Fiction ❯ Tales of Minako and Hotaru ❯ Birthday (Gangster AU) 2 ( Chapter 17 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Tales of Minako and Hotaru

Hotaru Tenoh-Kaioh smiled just a bit nervously as the black haired woman looked around the house, checking to see if everything was all right. The Christmas tree in the living room glittered with decorations, the walls shone with garlands and the sweet scent of food filled the air.

“Would you calm down?” Haruka Tenoh advised her daughter gently, the taller sandy haired woman patting the younger on the shoulder.

“Sorry,” Hotaru made herself stop her restless movement, “I just want to make sure that everything’s perfect.”

“It will be,” Michiru Kaioh smiled from where she was sitting on the couch, the green haired woman feeling more than a bit amused to see her normally stoic daughter looking so badly flustered. ‘She reminds me of Haruka on our first date,’ she mused.

Setsuna Meioh emerged from the kitchen, the greenish black haired woman briskly wiping off her hands with a towel. “The dinner is on as per Miss Kino’s instructions,” she reported to them calmly, “it should warm up fine.”

“Thank you for doing this,” Hotaru smiled, “but I don’t trust papa in the hitchen....”

“Hey!” Haruka protested as she settled down beside Michiru.

“...and Michiru-momma had to preform in the big Christmas concert for charity earlier today,” Hotaru explained.

“It was my pleasure,” Setsuna answered, a slight smile on her lips.

‘I guess it was,’ Hotaru thought as she hid a smile.

Going out to Makoto Kino’s restaurant also gave Setsuna the chance to go up the street at Luna’s and visit her own girlfriend, Ami Mizuno. A former medical student fallen on hard times Ami had found a home in Luna’s, and brought to the place an aura of education and grace the establishment usually lacked. At first Setsuna had seized on any excuse to visit the lady, though now they seemed to have settled into a comfortable relationship.

“Thank you for letting me invite Ami to our dinner, by the way,’ Setsuna added as she addressed Haruka and Michiru.

Michiru smiled, “To be honest I’m looking forward to getting to know Ami better.”

“Try not to scare her off,” Hotaru suggested.

“We wouldn’t do that,” Haruka looked embarrassed.

Hotaru rolled her eyes, “Tell that to my last girlfriend.”

Michiru sighed, “That wasn’t our fault... and you have to admit she wasn’t good for you.”

“At that point, I don’t think I cared,” Hotaru admitted.

Haruka reached out to stroke Michiru’s hand, “I know how that feels.”

The doorbell rang before any more comments could come and Setsuna rushed to get it. Following her usual wary peer through the peephole she opened up the door and smiled at their guests, “Welcome Ami and Minako.”

“Thank you,” Minako Aino entered first, the blonde carting a load of gifts.

“Let me help you with that,” Hotaru hurried over, soon taking over about half the large pile of stuff. As this was accomplished their hands brushed together lingeringly and both of them exchanged shy smiles of welcome.

“I told her she didn’t need to bring gifts,” Ami explained as she stripped off her large overcoat to reveal a simple but sexy looking little black dress that clung to her every curve, “but Mina doesn’t usually listen.”

“For me,” Setsuna said as she took Ami’s coat, “the most wonderful gift is merely having you here with us today.”

“I’m glad to be here with you, too.” Ami blushed charmingly and looked down, but it was obvious she was pleased with the compliment.

“Those two are so adorable,” Minako softly whispered to Hotaru as they piled up the presents under the tree.

“I know,” Hotaru agreed, kneeling down to set a gift and not incidently taking a look up Minako’s legs towards her skirt.

Minako noticed she was looking and winked, watching Hotaru blush as she pulled her up. “I think that’s cute too,” Mina grinned.

“No messing around before dinner,” Haruka ordered, looking amused as she gracefully rose to greet her two guests.

“Thank you for inviting me, Mrs Tenoh,” Amu bowed just a bit, well aware of Haruka’s high station in life.
“Just call me Haruka,” she smiled charmingly as she took Ami’s hand.

“The only Mrs Tenoh we know,” Michiru added with some amusement, “is my mother in law.”

“Mother on law?” Minako whispered to Hotaru.

“Mean old bat,” Hotaru whispered back to her, “she pretty much said that we’d all be going to hell for living like we do.”

“Ms Aino,” Michiru moved forward to smile warmly at the slim blonde and say, “welcome to our home.”

“Minako, please,” she laughed, “or Mina if you want to be friendly.” She shook Michiru’s hand, “I saw your concert on television, it was lovely.”

Michiru smiled, “Thank you.”

“Mina then,” Haruka nodded agreeably, “nice to see you again.” She looked amused, “Hotaru’s been visiting Luna’s quite a lot lately.”

Hotaru blushed, “You make me sound like a pervert.”

“You’re not?” Minako looked innocent.

Haruka snickered softly at that comment as Hotaru rolled her eyes. “I think I’m going to like you,” she admitted.

“I’m SO glad,” Minako winked as she took Hotaru’s hand.

Christmas dinner was a tradition on the Tenoh household, one that Haruka had picked up traveling in the west as a racer, and they went all out with it. Turkey, stuffing potatoes and all were consumed, toasts were made and conversation flowed easily.

“So you’ve been dating for nearly a year,” Michiru addressed Setsuna and Ami, “when are you going to make each other honest women?”

Ami blushed charmingly while Setsuna buttered a roll calmly. “We’re talking about it,” Setsuna revealed, “these things take time.”

Minako smiled at Hotaru, “It has nearly been a year for us too, hasn’t it?”

Hotaru chuckled softly, “Yes, since my birthday gift of a visit to Miss Luna’s place.”

“Does that mean I was your present?” MInako winked impishly, “Too bad you never unwrapped me completely.”

“Mina!” Hotaru blushed.

Minako kissed her cheek gently, “Well, this year you’ll be getting something special.”

“So, what do you think of her?” Haruka whispered to Michiru as they watched the young women talk.

“I like her,” Michiru admitted, “she seems to really care for Hotaru.” A grin, “And she doesn’t let us intimidate her, either.”

Once dinner was over they socialized a bit, Minako proving she could keep up with both couples while staying close by Hotaru’s side. Finally the two young ladies slipped away, standing together out on the balcony as they gazed out at the city.

“You have a lovely family,” Mina admitted as she swirled her drink around in the glass.

Hotaru leaned against the railing, looking at Minako fondly. Chuckling softly she added, “I think they like you, too.”

“I’m glad,” Minako admitted, “I’ve been on my best behavior.”

“No need,” Hotaru stroked her arm, “I think you’re wonderful.”

“Sweet talker,” Minako leaned forward to kiss Hotaru gently.

Hotaru reached into her pocket as she said, “I have a Christmas present for you.”

Minako’s eyes sparkled as she asked, “Ooh, what is it?”

Hotaru popped open a small box, revealing a ring glittering with diamonds, “This.”

Minako gasped at the ring, then looked up questioningly at Hotaru. “Does this mean what I think it does?” she asked softly.

Hotaru got down on one knee as she took Minako’s hand in hers as she softly asked, “Will you marry me?”

Minako smiled, a few tears glistening on her cheeks, “Yes, oh yes.”

To be continued....