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Authors Note:
This is an AU of their world.
They are in terms of age.
Gojyo and Hakkai 18-19.
Sanzo is 18-20...I haven't decided for him yet.-_-.

Warnings: It's Saiyuki, Hopefully that was self-explanatory.:p.

Sanzo, Gojyo and Hakkai already know each other.
They get a mission that someone from Heaven assigned to the sanbutsushin(Spelling?). And they handed it to them.
Their latest job is to go and kill a creature in the process of being born from the Earth itself.
But can they do it?

Pairings: So far none. I'll give any warnings in advance if that comes up. But it's quiet doubtful.
Oc's: Hmm......only a couple for villains but that won't come for a good while yet.

On another note I'm counting days until my B-day. Woot.
9 and half to go.:D.

Onto chapter 1.

Getting the mission.////////

It was late May and the day seemed like any other.
Sanzo was doing paperwork continuing to be bored and annoyed by it.
The day was going by too slow, Tonight was one of the nights he went over to Hakkai's and Gojyo's place for poker.
*Knock Knock*

"Who's there?"
Sanzo looked over to the door.

"Forgive me for disturbing but you have been summoned along with mister Sha Gojyo and mister Cho Hakkai. wish to see the three of you."

Sanzo could practically see the monk bowing in front of the door or something like that. He knew who were, best to get it over with.

Not too long later himself, Gojyo along with Hakkai were
seated at a diner in town.
"I can't believe they want us to do something like that!?"
Gojyo frowned.

"They certainly left out a few details though didn't they."
Hakkai had his arms on the table with head on top of them l thinking.
"What do you think Sanzo?"

"Tch, I think we should get this over with."
He continued to look out the window.

"How can you act so casual about this!?"
Gojyo was getting a little angry.

"Hey, Hakkai. It's the 25th right?"
He asked outright ignoring Gojyo.

"Yes, why?"

Sanzo and Hakkai were looking at map that was provided to them by the ones who handed this task over to them.

"If everything goes right we can get there in about 10 days time on the 5th of April and make it back by the 15th."

"And this is assuming all goes well."


"Alright then let's get going!"

"Well that was certainly a fast change in attitude Gojyo."
Hakkai chuckled very lightly.

So the three of them stopped by and got Hakuryu and then got anything else they needed.
By that afternoon they were ready to leave and leave they did.

Authors Note:
I cannot hardly remember the name of the mountain where Goku was born.>_<.

For those who don't know, April 5th is Goku's birthday.
Hence the specific date.^_^.

Other things will be cleared up as the story progresses.

If anyone can tell me answers to these questions....I'll give you a cookie of your choice.:b.

What is the name and or location of the mountain/stone where Goku was born.?

Just making sure on this one, The sanbutsushin(Again with the spelling?) are the three aspects right?

Happy Holidays People!

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