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Authors Note:
I have dentist appointment in the morning, Oh many rays of sunshine and joy.-_-.
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By the way, I don't own Saiyuki. One can wish though right? HaHa. I think I'm going to try and create my own comic/doujinshi.

Here we go through the 10 days of their travel up until they reach their destination and then stop off there.^_^.
Onto chapter two.

Two days had passed on their newly bestowed journey and aside from Gojyo getting on Sanzo's nerves at a couple of times but other than that things were going fine.

Their first incident happened when they were around an entrance to a forest/pathway. There were a group of demons who spotted them, Then made the fatal error of surrounding them.

"How dare you trespass on our terrain humans!"
Their leader shouted.

Gojyo and Hakkai smirked. Oh how wrong they were.
Sanzo just looked a mix of pissed and annoyed.

"For your trespassing we will kill you then eat you!"
The leader pointed at them and laughed
Other demons were murmuring about how weak they looked.
Then leader signaled the attack.
Roughly 15 demons came out and charged at them.

Gojyo took out his share with his Shakujo while Sanzo just shot his and at the same time Hakkai had demolished his with a chi blast.

"Pathetic. What a waste of time."
Sanzo went to reloading his gun.

"It seems we'll have to walk for bit since the pathway is far too narrow for driving."

Hakuryu landed on Hakkai's shoulder
Hakkai patted the little dragons head.
Gojyo was leaning against a tree smoking.

"Well let's get going."
The three headed onto the pathway.

"You know something seems off about this whole thing?'
Sanzo lit a cigarette.

"I would agree. I mean they only told us to stop the creature from being born. So does that mean that we are off to kill something possibly innocent or something else entirely."

"Or what if whatever it is is already hatched when we get there?"
Gojyo had put his arms behind his head.

"I guess we'll know when we get there."
Sanzo looked ahead to see how much farther the pathway led.

Three more days had passed and they only a few demons that tried to kill and eat them.
The weather looked like it was going to rain lightly and they were lucky to find a town and an Inn.
Gojyo had been the one who was sent off for supplies this time,That was about an hour ago.
while Hakkai and Sanzo had another look at the map.

"Alright aside those few nuances we are still making somewhat good time."
Hakkai smiled and sipped his tea.

"Yeah, That's true. I think we should take more caution though, There have been too many demons in groups wanting to kill us and eat us....Damned cliched annoyances."
He looked toward the window and took a smoke.

The door swung open and Gojyo put the supplies down on the table next to the one Sanzo and Hakkai were using.
"Couldn't you knock next time."

"Oh shut it, I had my hands full thank you very much!"

Hakkai looked to Hakuryu.
"This maybe a long night."

The little dragon looked like he was agreeing.

The rest of the trip proceeded as such.
Sanzo was correct and t was indeed April 5th by the time they arrived.
It was late evening when they arrived, They had found a big stone with markings on it.

"Well now how do we go about this. Blow up the rock maybe?"
Gojyo walked around looking at it.

Sanzo looked at the markings.
"No, Using anything explosive this high up would be fatal."

Hakkai held up a finger.
"Yes if we were to accidentally use to much we could blow off part of the mountain and besides we don't have any explosives with us."

"You know I was just joking right."
Gojyo gave them a question look.

"Indeed. Perhaps we should take a break and figure this out."

"Fine, But we are getting this done before the nights over."
Sanzo found a rock to sit on.

A couple hours had passed and the moon was bright and full and looked so close that you could touch it.
The stars were out and it was lovely night.

"Alright so we're still nowhere. Well at least it can't get much worse."
Sanzo dropped his cigarette after taking a final puff on it.

The ground started rumbling.
"You were saying!? What the hell is this?"

"I believe a small quake... Sanzo, Gojyo look at the stone!!"

They all were looking at the stone and began to split open.

Authors Note:
Ha it ends here!.
Next chapter has the appearance of Chibi-Goku.
By the way this ending scenery and a little bit of the beginning of the next is taken from 1st volume of the Gaiden manga.
I read the first volume online. A bit of a must
read I think.^_^.
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