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Authors Note:
I've been showing my mother some of Saiyuki Reload and she doesn't like Son Goku.>_<.
Her favorite happens to Genjyo Sanzo.
I believe her list is in order from most to least.
1. Sanzo.
2. Gojyo.
3. Hakkai.
4. Hakuryu.
5. Goku.

Hmm.....Maybe I should stop attempting to convert my mother to at least like him a little bit more.HaHa.....
In my opinion Goku in any form is a favorite.
Although he does say he's hungry quiet a bit.o,o.
~_^.Part of the charm perhaps.^_~.
Anyway onto the appearance of Chibi-Goku!

The ground stopped shaking and they all looked at the stone which had a long crack straight down the middle.
The stone split into and each side fell over slightly and a boy stood up from the middle looking right at the full moon and how close it seemed.

"So we were sent to kill a child!?"
Gojyo had a feeling of anger.

"So this is what they were leaving out. We were led on to believe that a horrible monster would be born here eh?"
Hakkai looked at Gojyo and Sanzo.

The long haired boy heard them talking.

When they looked at him at once he hid behind a piece of the stone eying them curiously.

Sanzo put his hand on his face.
"Jeez, This is feared creature we were supposed to kill."
Sanzo then looked over at the boy who was still watching them with a mix of nervous and curious.

"One of us should go over there or something. Wouldn't you both agree?"

"I think your right. But the question is who."
Gojyo rubbed his chin.

"Ugh, I'll just do it. With you two idiots debating all night we'll never get this done."

"Yes but Sanzo, Do you honestly mean to kill him?"

"No, We'll figure something out but he obviously
cannot be left here."

"Yeah, For once I agree with the monk."

"Alright but let me get something first."
Hakkai went and opened a backpack and pulled out a shirt.

"Ah here. Sanzo he can wear this for now, best not to be running err...indecent you know what I mean."

So Hakkai and Gojyo kept a good distance away as to not scare the child any further.
The boy kept watching them until he realized that one of them was coming over then he ducked behind his rock a little scared.

Sanzo came over to the broken stone and caught a glimpse of his chocolate colored hair before stopping.
"We need to talk but put this on first."
He threw the shirt over the stone to the boy.

A minute and a couple of tries later he finally had it right.
"Um okay."

Sanzo walked to over and actually got a good look at the boy.
Big golden eyes, long chocolate brown hair. A Diadem? Sanzo knew he did not see that earlier.
All signs point to heretic. That must've been the actual reason he was wanted for dead by the very higher-ups.

He was sitting cross legged on the ground looking right at him with those big golden eyes.
"Umm....I heard you people talking and are you going to kill me or something?"
He continued on with a face of curiousness.
"Umm....By the way whats kill?"

"Listen brat, we are not going to kill you even though we supposed too. And secondly that's not something you should know until another time."

"Whats your name mister?"
He tilted his head.

"Sanzo, Yours?"

Goku proceeded to think on this before coming to an conclusion.
"I don't have one."

Sanzo was feeling slightly annoyed.
"You could have just said that in the first place. Anyway your going to have to come with us."

He slightly pouted.

"Because you won't be safe here by yourself. and you'll end up dead. Kill and Dead are two bad things."

"Really. Okay I'll come with Sanzo."

'This kids going to be a headache I just know it.'
"Fine lets go."

So the two made their way over to where Gojyo and Hakkai were waiting with a set-up campsite.

The two came over.
"I see all went well hm."
Hakkai smiled.

"Tch you two watch him, I'm going to have a quick smoke."
Sanzo went over a little away from the site to another piece of rock and sat there and began what he set out to do.

Back at the campsite.
"Hello people!"
The boy was obviously a cheerful one.

"Um hello."
Hakkai and the boy shook hands.

"Whats your name mister.?"

He was rubbing the back of his head and shaking the boys hand at the same time.
"Umm Cho Hakkai, Just Hakkai though."

"Okay Hakkai. Hey mister whats your name?"
He looked toward Gojyo.

"I'm the super cool Mr. Sha Gojyo."

"Umm I'm just gonna call you Gojyo if you don't mind."

"On the topic of names whats yours?"
Hakkai looked at him.

"I don't have one yet. Like I told Sanzo over there."
He seemed a little sad while saying this.

"Oh....perhaps we can think of a good name for you later then hm."

The boy brightened up at this.
"Really thank you!. I'm gonna go tell Sanzo."

He ran off before Hakkai or Gojyo could say anything.

"Hey Sanzo!"

Sanzo saw the kid come running over and saw what appeared to be Hakkai and Gojyo laughing a little bit at the campsite.


The boy stopped at looked at Sanzo seemingly unfazed by his tone.
"Hey Sanzo guess what Hakkai told me!"

'I was right. He's already giving me a headache.'
"Just spit it out."

"He said that y'all would give me a name later."

Hakkai had come to retrieve the both of them for dinner.
"Dinner's ready you two."

The rest of night went by somewhat smoothly, Other than the kid asking about everything and learning about fire the hard way.

It was decided that they would head back like planned
and go from there.

The sun was just beginning to rise and the golden eyed boy was up before his new found friends.
He saw the sun and it reminded him of Sanzo's hair.

The others were still asleep even though another hour had passed and the boy was a little hungry and decided to do some exploring of the surroundings he was born in.
So he was careful not to make any noises when he left, he wouldn't go too far and he would still get to explore.

He had been doing the exploring for around half an hour now before a noise from a nearby bush got his attention.
He looked at it and a man stepped from it, He didn't like the feeling he got from this one.

At the campsite the other three were getting up and around and noticed something or someone missing.

"Where is the kid?"
Sanzo glanced around.

"It seems he woke up before we did."

"I think I know where he went...."

"Spill it."

"Apparently he went off exploring."
Gojyo pointed down to a trail of footprints.

Hakkai took a closer look as well.
"Tch you guys get ready to leave and I'll find the monkey."
Sanzo left without further question.

"Did he just call him a monkey?"
Gojyo was ready to crack up laughing.

"It seems so."

"Well I guess in some ways he does kinda remind ya of one."

"I'm not going to comment on that, But let's get ready to leave
in-case of any trouble."


The man stepped out into view of the child swallowing any fear he had since he was already here.
"I have been sent by Heaven to get you."

"I'm not going with you scary man."
He started to walk away.

The man suddenly got an idea it was worth a shot.
"If you come with me I'll give you food."

This caught the boys attention.
Right up until a gunshot distracted them both and the boy was quite relieved and happy to see Sanzo.

The minor god recognized him as one of the three who was supposed to kill the child before he was born.
"Why does the creature still live?"

The said boy who had by now ran over to Sanzo and was hiding behind him looked between the two.

"Does he look like a creature to you. Your people mislead us to believe that possibly a murderous demon was going to be born."

"Do you have any idea what you've done letting that heretic creature be born let alone continue to breathe."
He was going have quite a report for the his boss when he returned.

"Know what, You can tell your boss to shove it for all I care.
Let's go."

"This won't be the last you've heard from us!"
With that he disappeared.

The boy watched the man leave than felt something lightly painful whack his head.
He turned to Sanzo teary eyed.
"Eh what was that for."

"Don't go off by yourself. Got that?"
Sanzo had put the paper fan away somewhere.


"Alright then let's go already."

The boy went and followed Sanzo.
"Hey Sanzo."

"What is it?"

"Your my sun."
With that remark he left to run on ahead when the others came in view leaving a speechless Sanzo.

Authors Note:
Finally got this chapter finished.^_^.
This not a short story.-_-. And the boy gets his name soon.
It's a wee bit tricky to keep writing. The boy and or the kid or the golden eyed boy.
I had to correct myself a couple of times when I accidentally typed his name.;-_-;.

Happy Holidays People!
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