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Authors Note:
I finally got my Saiyuki dvd thinpack the 27th.
Not kidding when I say I believe I spent around ten hours
give or take watching Saiyuki and about four-ish today.
.~_^.Gotten at
I got the idea for this today or late yesterday.
Probably today,^_~.
Info you may need to know below.

Oc's: Five, for the villainous role.
Pairings: None. I'm trying for family/friend bonds.

Warnings: It's Saiyuki, Is this necessary?.

Summary: Even though Homura was defeated, 4 of his followers who remained in Heaven and saw everything as well as keeping records of his work wish to re-create his plan. But a bit different than Homura's vision.
Instead of the scriptures they have hand created stones to simulate that power.
And the final key that they will use everything in their power to get, Son Goku.

This will contain spoilers for the last episodes for Gensomaden Saiyuki Ep's 46 through 50.
Not allot but some possibly important ones.

The Oc's are:
Seto the one with the handcrafted talismans.
Ryu the leader who has certain dark powers.
Chin pronounced Cheen. A bit of an icy fellow.
Chon a bit more firey than his brother Cheen.
Funny thing is there were only going to 5 five Oc's but I could only fit in four. Five might have been overkill I guess.

I'll be trying to keep them in-character.
Well onto said story.
Hope you enjoy and have a
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"So that is the group who killed Lord Homura."

"No Chin, The true one who killed Lord Homura was him."
Chon pointed to the image of Goku killing a few weak demons.

"And yet, he is also our key to carry out what Homura could not do because of his taboo body."

"That reminds me Master Ryu. The stones have been completed. Phase one is complete a little
ahead of schedule."

"Good work Seto. Let us go and prepare the symbol needed to re-create the universe itself."

Chin,Chon, Ryu and Seto were sitting around a circle shaped table and aside from two inches of wood around the rest was a mirror they used as a tool to watch everything from a distance.
The room faded out as they left to prepare for the second stage of their plan.

It was nighttime and the group was staying at
an Inn in town.
Unfortunately though all of them had to share
the same room.
"Well at least we each get our own bed right."
Hakkai smiled and petted Hakuryu.

"Yeah, Yeah whatever. Just don't snore."
Goku looked at Gojyo who saw this.

"Hey! Why are you looking at me! Your the one who snores you little monkey!"

"Hey don't call me a monkey you water sprite!"

"How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that you damn dirty ape!"

"Oh yeah pervy water sprite! take this"
He threw his pillow into Gojyo's face.

The two proceeded to get into a pillow fight.
"My, my, Business as usual."
Hakkai chuckled.

Sanzo tried to ignore them.

"Take this!"
Gojyo whacked Goku back in the face hard with his pillow.

"Hey that hurt!"

"Aw whats the matter sissy monkey can't take it."
Gojyo mocked him.

Goku growled at him evilly.
"Oh..That's it!"
He jumped at Gojyo and the two proceeded to melee each other with their pillows.

A gunshot was heard and a bullet was just an inch
away from them.
"Will you two assholes just go to sleep already."

Goku and Gojyo.
"Good Night!"

"Well I guess that settles that then. Night all."
Hakkai and the others proceeded to go to sleep.

Meanwhile with the villains.

"Master Ryu, It is time to begin phase three.
They are asleep now. You may strike and this will help you turn his mind to blank. This should make it easier for you to bring him here"
He handed him a special talisman.

"Excellent, Thanks Seto. I will need to be alone to concentrate solely on this. You understand."

"Of course, I will go inform Chin and Chon."
Seto left so Ryu could work his dark power.

"Excellent. Tonight we finally meet Son Goku."
He closed his eyes and focused.

In Goku's dream world.
Everything was dark, Almost no light anywhere.
When he heard a voice.
"Son Goku, Come."

The dark dream-scape changed to a field.
"Who are you?"
Goku could not see anyone.

"Over here."
Goku looked behind him and there was a man with long black hair in loose low ponytail and he had blue eyes. Looked to be about six feet tall.

"Who are you?"
He did not like the feeling he was getting from this man.

"My name is Ryu. Still hard to believe that you of all things hold such power."

"What are you talking about?"

"I cannot tell you my plan here, But I can tell you that you are our key. Son Goku. Or should I call you
Seitan Taisen Son Goku."
He gave him a creepy knowing smirk.

"You bastard take this!"
He brought his Nyoi-bo and charged at him.

Back in reality.
Something had awoken Sanzo but there were no demon's around and the sky was beautiful that night.
Then he pinpointed it.
A noise coming from the monkey that wasn't snoring.
His breathing had changed from normal to a little heavier.

Back in Goku's dreamland.
"Aw man your strong. I hope your ready for round two!"
He readied his staff again.
"Sorry to disappoint Son Goku but I have wasted enough time as it is. You will have to come with me now understand."

"Like hell I will. Plus in case you've forgotten
this is a dream."

"Yes, One of my powers is dream invasion. So I know this quite well."

"Like I said, Hope your ready for round two."
He ran at him ready to strike.

He side stepped Goku's attack quickly and when Goku turned around to see him looking slightly surprised Ryu took advantage of this and placed the talisman not too far below his neck on his red vest.

A second later his eyes still remained golden but glazed over and he collapsed.

Back to the room they're in.
Goku snapped his eyes open but they remained the same as from the last of the dream.
He got up and put on his armor and attempted to leave but Sanzo saw his face.
And realization hit when saw the talisman around the area of Goku's heart.

"Dammit! Hakkai, Gojyo! Stop Goku now!"
Sanzo was at the door already trying to block him.

'He is in your way my key.'
Goku summoned his staff and Hakkai and Gojyo were fully awake and ready.
"Hey whats with the monkey.?"
Gojyo had his Shakujo out and ready to go.

"See the talisman around his heart. someone is controlling him through that."

"Sanzo, What do we do?"
Hakkai had a small chi ball ready.

"Remove the talisman and the link is broken."

'My key. You will come to the Dragons den.
As for the three in front of you, do not kill them....yet.
Head outside then go to a cave entrance near here, You will be guided there by me and then two men named
Chin and Chon that will escort you here. Understood.'

Goku instead of fighting his way through the other three made a clean jump out of the window.

"Dammit. Lets move."
Sanzo ran out first.

Unfortunately for Ryu his control over the boy was starting to slip a little and so he had to conserve both of their energy to keep his plan in motion.

It didn't take them long to find Goku who was walking Similar to a zombie only without the bad posture,
and arms in the air.
Sanzo got in front of him.
"Dammit monkey where do you think your going?"

Goku stopped and looked straight ahead.
"I am the key.....Dragons den."

"What crap is he talking about?"
Gojyo was to the back left.


"I don't know Gojyo but I believe we should
finish this quickly."
Hakkai was to the back right.

Goku summoned his Nyoi-bo.
"Look just do what you have too and get the talisman.
Got it."
Sanzo gave a quick look to Hakkai and Gojyo.

Gojyo and Hakkai.
"Got it."

Gojyo and Hakkai ran at him but dodged and during this time Sanzo had come up behind him and tried to get him but he moved away from that as well.

By now Seto decided to make an appearance.
Goku was just standing off to the side like a rag doll puppet and the three turned to face him.

"Who the hell are you?"
Sanzo aimed his gun at the newcomers head.

"I came to see the hold up."

"So your behind this, Bastard."
He fired a couple of shots at him but Seto
manged to evade.

"Actually if you must know our leader
Master Ryu planned all this. I am only here to retrieve the key we need to complete the plan.
So hand him over or you'll die."

"Am I the only one getting sick and annoyed of these arrogant bastards."

"For the second time in my life monk I think
I can agree with you."

"The death threats could stand to be more original don't you think."

"It would be wise of you not too ignore us."

Then Goku moved except now his movements were drastically sluggish and weak.
Ryu was losing his hold over him.

'Damn, Ryu's hold can't hold much longer.'

Sanzo took this moment and elbowed Goku hard in the stomach, Enough to knock him out and he
removed the talisman.

"Hey Sanzo, Was that really necessary?"
Hakkai sweatdropped while Sanzo sat Goku down.

"You, You made this talisman didn't you?"
Sanzo locked eye contact with Seto.

"Yes I did. It was to help Ryu maintain a hold over the boys mind. It puts the conscious part of the mind to a slumbering state, So with that in effect his mind control would work easier allowing this to be a simpler process but I am afraid you had to go and interfere.
You'd do well to remember that we will come back
for the boy and of course I might just pay you back for your disturbance if you will. Good day for now."

He nodded and vanished.

Back at the Inn
Hakkai had healed the cuts Goku had gotten from involuntarily jumping out of the window earlier and Sanzo and Gojyo were outside having a smoke before turning in.

"Hey monk."

"What is it?"

"If I recall wasn't Homura the only person to call Goku a key or something."

"I know and that's what bugs me. And we know
he's dead and sealed. Damn monkey,
Getting into trouble again."
Sanzo exhaled a breath of smoke.

"Well I have a feeling we're gonna be in for it tomorrow."

"I'm turning in."
Sanzo left.

Not long later they had all turned in for the night.
The villains had done the same since there was nothing more they could do that night anyway.

In the morning, around ten.

Goku opened his eyes with a strange feeling like he missed something important.
"Oh Goku your finally up."

"Oh man what time is it?"

"Close to ten why?'

"Oh man I missed breakfast. And by the way, Did something happen last night cause my head feels strange and I think I have a bruise on my stomach or something."

Sanzo had come in to hear part of his sentence.
"If anything had happened you would have been woken up by any commotion. Nothing happened last night."

"Okay my bad. But I'm still hungry."

"We'll get lunch then we get the hell out of here.."

"Yeah, Thank you Sanzo your the best."

'I hope nothing bad happens....then again with our luck sometimes....something will happen and we'll live. Oh well. Business as usual'
Hakkai smiled and headed downstairs for lunch just behind Sanzo and Goku.

Authors Note:
One of the longest chapters I have written ever.^^.
Kinda glad to be done here because it's a wee bit past time for me to be off the comp and I might turn in myself for the night.
If anything did not make sense let me know.

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