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They had stopped at another town which was surprisingly close but they had been informed that it was close enough that the two places simply neighbored each other.

Hakkai and Goku were out getting supplies and Gojyo had stayed behind since he had a couple of questions for the monk that he could not ask in front of the monkey.

Inside the bar they had stopped at.
"Hey, monk.?"

"What is it?"

"Why don't you want the monkey to know what happened last night?"
Gojyo then took a drink of his beer.

"Simple. If he found out what happened, He would more than likely run off to fight them himself and then get into more trouble. That's why no one is going to say anything."
Sanzo shot him a certain glare before taking a sip from his own drink.

"Fine I get it. Who knew you cared."

Sanzo clicked his gun.
"I will kill you."

At the Dragons Den in the meeting room they were sitting at the same table circular table.

"So, Last night did not quite go as planned,"
Ryu looked at the three.

"Only because of the interference of the other three."
Seto stated.

"Why did you go last night Seto?"
Chon asked a little suspicious.

"I went in-case something went wrong. Unfortunately I did not prepare enough to face them."

"Then what was the point if you knew you did not prepare enough?"
Chin asked him but had a little suspicion like Chon.

"Enough you three! We will strike again at the right moment which should be soon. They are about to be by the cave he was supposed to go to last night. Let's get ready to get this right."
Ryu got up and left as did the others.

Sometime later they had been back on the dirt road and it was a nice day. A couple of small clouds were in the sky but did not look like rain clouds. The sun was bright and the temperature was fair and Goku and Gojyo were sharing what they thought some of the clouds looked like which was annoying Sanzo considering it was these two.

"You know that one looks a couple of meat buns stuck together."
Goku pointed to it.

"How many clouds are going to remind you of food?"
'I swear he really is a one trick pony.'

"Well It's not my fault they look like food, Anyway what does it look like to you then hm?."
Goku crossed his arms and looked at him.

"Well personally they remind me of..."
Gojyo had a look on his face and Hakkai caught it from the side mirror.

"Okay that might be enough of that for now."
Hakkai interrupted knowing what Gojyo would say.

"We strike now. They are close enough to the cave that leads here."
Ryu looked to the three.

"We kill the other three and bring the boy here alive correct?"
Chon looked to Ryu.

"No. I want the other three to be witnesses to this. After all from what we learned from Homura's information is that they may not be truly convinced of the power that lies within Son Goku. Now move out!"

The four disappeared.

All was fairly normal up until Hakkai put the brakes on jeep suddenly.
"Hey Hakkai what did ya do that for?"
Goku asked him.

"Because we have company."
Hakkai pointed to four guys standing not to far off.

"We meet again Son Goku."
Ryu smirked.

"Hey! I remember you from my dream last night. Jeez and I thought it was just a dream or something."
Goku had already summoned Nyoi-bo.

"Alright guys your targets are as followed. I will fight Son Goku, Chon you fight Sha Gojyo. Chin you fight Genjyo Sanzo and Seto you fight Cho Hakkai. Move out."

"Oh how nice they already picked out who we fight."
Hakkai readied for battle.

"Well saves us a little trouble then."
Gojyo brought out his Shakujo.

"You guys pick the worst time for chit chat."
Sanzo aimed his gun.

"Let's just get started already."
Goku then charged at Ryu while the other three vanished then reappeared in front of their targets.

Chin stood in front Sanzo, Chon stood in front of Gojyo while Seto was in front of Hakkai.

"My name is Chin. I will be your opponent for now."
He got into stance. Chin had light blue hair at the shoulder it was a little spikey. His eyes were green.

"My name is Chon and I will be your opponent"
Chon looked like Chin only his hair was a light shade of red and his eyes were dark blue.

"My name is Seto and we shall do battle today."
He readied. His hair was that of medium length and a dark green color. His eyes were a blue and green mix.

"Yeah yeah you know who we are and we know who you are. Ready to get this show started."
Gojyo didn't take his eyes off of Chon.

"It is something that we feel is mandatory before battle."
Chon stated.

"Honor and all that right. Understandable then."
Gojyo and Chon went into battle like the others had already done.

Sanzo's battle with Chin.

Sanzo had landed a punch against the man sending backwards a little. Chin was too fast for him to shoot at.
"You know if you hand over Son Goku and come with us peacefully your lives will be spared later on after you see the Rebirth."

"I don't what in the hell your talking about but you can forget it."

"Either way you and the others will be coming with us."
Chin attempted to ice the spot where Sanzo was but Sanzo moved out of the way and used this move to shoot at the guy.

Chin nearly got hit in the arm by one bullet but it only grazed and he avoided the rest.
"I've underestimated you."

"You wouldn't be the first."
Sanzo quickly reloaded his gun.

The two were back at it.

Gojyo's battle with Chon.

"Your not bad."
Gojyo admitted.

"For what we've been through strength has been essential. And with that I can say your not bad either."

The two clashed again, Chon came in close but Gojyo got in a hit with his Shakujo. Chon immediately recovered and went in to strike.

Hakkai's battle with Seto.

Hakkai jumped out of the way of another talisman and shot a chi blast at Seto who moved out of way and retaliated with blast of his own. Hakkai almost didn't get to avoid.
Goku's battle with Ryu, Which has been underway a little before the others got started.

Ryu had knocked Goku backwards but Goku jumped back and had to take a moment to catch his breath.

"I can see why Homura chose you for last wish Son Goku."
Ryu had an eerie smile.

"What's Homura have to do with this!?"

"Ah it is simple enough. We are going to re-create his plan. Only we shall rule the new world and make it a true place for all to be free. Whether they be Human, Demon or Heretic or something in-between."

"Then why are you fighting us? The scripture right?'

"No. You were a key that Homura needed to create his world and you are the same one we will need to create ours."

"Like hell I would willingly do that!"
Goku practically snarled.

"That is why we are here fighting you now."
He stood with a certain confidence similar to Homura.

He clicked his fingers and the four were standing
together again."Play time is officially over."
Ryu nodded to the others.

Chin and Chon each brought out duel blades of ice of fire and went in to strike.
Seto vanished and proceeded to launch an assault of various sized chi blasts at Hakkai and Goku who wanted to help Sanzo was interrupted by Ryu who had a sword of his own.

Chon's fire sword was so hot that it sliced through the shakujo like butter and gave him the chance to strike which he did and knocked out Gojyo.

Chin had charged at Sanzo and went to strike but Sanzo held it off with his gun but Chin froze him to the spot the iced his hand with the gun and before Sanzo could use the Maten scripture he knocked him out as well.

Seto had gotten up close to fight with Hakkai making it difficult for him to use a barrier and after knocking him back Seto closed in and shot him with chi blast sized only enough to knock him out as well.

The three gotten their prey and vanished close to where Goku and Ryu were fighting.

Goku was briefly surprised to see that they had the others and he had a punch landed on him hard enough to knock him down.

Goku lightly groaned.

"Now here's the deal. Come with us peacefully and they won't die. And if you can only get to one that means two will. There will be no hesitation to do so."

Ryu's tone gave him a feeling that he was not lying.
"Fine. But you can't hurt them got it."
He sent away his Nyoi-bo not wanting to chance anything.

"He, That's fine. Let's go then."
The eight of them left not noticing that Hakuryu was watching the whole thing.
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