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Authors Note:
Well someone had to teach Goku his fighting and as episode one shows us that Sanzo can fight so I am going with idea that Sanzo taught him how to fight.
This has probably been done before but I'm trying to be as original as possible but if this drabble er one-shot thing looks to much like someone else;s please let me know because I don't.

On their way back from town at night Sanzo and Goku have a run in with a few bandits and afterward one thing leads to another and Sanzo ends up teaching the monkey a few fighting moves.

This takes place a couple of weeks after Goku was freed from Mt.Gogyo. No pairings. He's chibi.
< br> Sanzo had decided that Goku needed to learn how to defend himself better than what little he knew at the moment.

Last night had shown him that much.
They were headed back to the temple after taking care of a little business in town and some bandits threatened them.
Sanzo himself had no problem but the monkey had done some jump kick at one of them in an effort to protect him and ended up with a few minor cuts from the scuffle.

Later that same night he went on to tell him that he was impressed that he could fight so well and Goku had asked him where he learned but Sanzo ignored that question and informed him that he would show him a few fighting moves since he didn't need useless baggage around. Upon hearing that he was practically bouncing off the temple walls until Sanzo whacked with the paper fan and told him to go to bed.

And now here he was at a more private spot on the temple grounds getting ready to teach the boy he had found less than three weeks ago to fight.

"Alright first lesson punches. Get in the same position I'm in."

Goku did his left leg was put forward with his right leg behind him and knee's were slightly bent.

"Now put your left arm out but don't over extend it. And then pull your right arm back. and make fists in both hands."
It took him a a couple tries but he got it.

Next he showed him how to execute the punch. He seemed quite happy learning this and it was also keeping him out of the other monks non-hairs.
He had to admit the boy showed potential for this and what he come to learn in a few short years from now is how much potential the boy really had.

Authors Note:
Kind of pointless and possibly out of character.
and on a random note if I have this right then when after I upload I should have archived 100,000 words.
Quite happy about that.^_^.

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