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Authors Notes:
Remember back in episode three when Goku would only throw down scissors while everyone else threw down rock.
His revenge. Hell it's understandable he wouldn't use rock.

No pairings. No oc's, Just a drabble.
And I don't own the show. There happy. If I did there would a Chibi episode or something.*^_^*.

Time line: Anywhere really.
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"Well it seems we'll have to walk through this part for now. There's no room for Hakuryu to transform much less drive."
Hakkai looked at the forest which they were about to go through. There was a path but it was far too small for the little dragon who was perched atop Hakkai's shoulder.

"Well someones going to have to carry the packs."
Gojyo secretly looked at the monkey who was finishing off a meat-bun.
'HeHe, easy target.'

"The usual method then?"
Sanzo looked at Hakkai and Gojyo.

"Alright, I'll go tell Goku. But I almost feel bad about it."
Hakkai stated.

"I wouldn't worry about it. It'll teach him to catch onto things quicker. It will be good lesson for him."
Sanzo stomped out his cigarette butt. Slightly relieved he was out of hearing range of the kid who was probably too busy with his food to care otherwise.

"Well let's go get this over with."
Gojyo, Hakkai and Sanzo walked over.

"Hey monkey, We're going to use the usual method for whose going to carry the packs."

"Don't call me monkey,water sprite and fine."
He got ready.

They were standing near each other and Hakkai,Gojyo and Sanzo were already prepared to throw down rock.

Simultaneously they said while making the motions.
"Rock, Paper, Scissors".

In the end there were three rocks and one paper.
"Yeah I win!"
Goku cheered.

Hakkai chuckled seeing the looks on Sanzo's and Gojyo's faces.
"So when did you figure it out?"

"Ch, back at that temple, losing with the same hand more than ten times you pretty much figure it out. I was just waiting to show you guys, I can't believe you played rock again."

"So the monkey has a brain after all."
Gojyo smirked.

"Well at least I didn't lose this time."
He stuck his tongue out at him.

"Well we still need to figure out whose going to carry the packs then. Another round?"
Hakkai asked.

"Fine let's get this over with."
Sanzo and the other two got into position and Goku watched.

They repeated the process. The end result was....
Sanzo had rock, Gojyo had paper and Hakkai had scissors.

"A three way tie, Annoying. You two verse each other I'm getting a smoke."
Sanzo went off to a tree nearby.

"Does this mean his highness gives up?"
Gojyo taunted him.

"No. And I will kill you."

"Now now, let's just have our match."
Hakkai smiled and Gojyo had a feeling he wasn't going to win against Hakkai by himself.

The two repeated the process and their result.
Gojyo had rock and Hakkai had won with paper.

"I curse your strange luck."

"Now now, It was a fair game."
He smiled.

"Fine. Hey monk it's your turn."

"Why? You lost, you carry the packs."
He walked off.

"Why you cheap ass monk.."
Gojyo could have willingly killed him then.

A bullet flew by and almost hit him.
"Fine fine.....stupid lazy monk."
Gojyo muttered the last part.

Meanwhile Goku was laughing at the scene, which made Gojyo mad so he walked over shoved a pack at the monkey.
"Here your carrying one too."

"Hey that's not fair I beat you man."

"Can we get going already. We've wasted enough time hear as
it is."
Sanzo glared at the two.

Goku and Gojyo said at the same time. A second or so later Goku ran in front of Sanzo.

He turned so he was walking backward to face Sanzo.
"So Sanzo, I guess I learned my lesson after all huh."
He smiled then ran a little ahead of them.

'Did he hear what we said earlier? Oh forget it.'
Sanzo quietly groaned and Hakkai lightly chuckled.

Authors Note:
This was supposed to be shorter....o_o.
Oh well. If I remember right part of this was also my mothers idea. Yes, I started my mother on Saiyuki. She favorites Genjyo Sanzo and Sha Gojyo......And not the biggest Goku or Hakkai fan.
Oh well. He's my favorite and I like Hakkai as well.^_^.

Later!. Finished, 01/15/2007, 04:05am.