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Authors Note: I don't own Saiyuki and make no claims on it or cash off it. The song used here is Hellraiser by Suicide Commando (VnV Nation remix) and all rights to the song remain with their creator(s). Portions of dialogue taken from Saiyuki volume 4 (English version) and all rights for that remain with the publisher/author.
Hellraiser Songfic
You're condemned
I've put a spell on you
The smell of death
Has got all over you
Like a disease
I'll control your mind
Get on your knees
You won't survive tonight
I look around at the destruction you've wrought and a frown pulls down the corners of my mouth. How? How could this have happened? One lone human armed with nothing more fearsome than a knife? Impossible. I viciously kick one of the dead guards that failed in his job of protecting my father, my family, my clan. I pick up a sword in passing just in case I need a little extra edge against the human who's invaded my home.
I know how many lives you've taken; bathing in the blood of my clan. I know what legend says will happen if you are doused one more time in the blood of youkai. I'm curious to see if the legend is true. I can feel your hate and anger lingering in the air and it fascinates me. You're condemned for what you've done, but I don't think you realize it yet. I track you through the now quiet halls of the castle all the way to the dungeon. You're standing at the bars to a cell where that woman is kept. She's on the floor, still and silent, a pool of blood slowly spreading around her. You strain against the bars, reaching for her, sobbing a name I assume is hers over and over again.
You don't notice me yet, as I begin to chant softly. You've caused me all manner of disturbance. It's only fitting that I return the favour. An eye for an eye and all that. There's a barely perceptible tug on my senses when the incantation is complete and I smile for the first time since entering the castle to find my clan slain. I've put a spell on you and I'm almost giddy with anticipation of watching you suffer.
I move closer to you, still not quite believing that you, a single, weak human, managed to slay all the youkai in the castle including my father. But, the smell of death has gotten all over you. It's thick and cloying, like the stench of a disease infested corpse. At any other time I might've enjoyed the scent and how you came by it, but I can't when it's the dead stink of my people you wear. You've ruined so many of my plans with this brazen act of yours, but there is something salvageable out of all of this. My smile grows as I imagine what kind of torture I can put you through for my pleasure. I'll control your mind, turn you into one of my dolls and make you regret ever stepping foot in the castle.
“Get on your knees,” I say softly. You ignore me and my command and I frown at that. You shouldn't be in control of your mind. That should be my domain now. Perhaps you didn't hear me. “You won't survive tonight if I don't want you to,” I say a little louder.
Hell raiser
Hell raiser
You finally look up at me. Wrath mixed with despair lives in your eyes. The sight is oddly... enchanting.
“It doesn't matter anymore. Nothing matters. Do it. Do whatever you want. I don't care. She's gone and....” you look back at the woman in the cell and a sob catches in your throat.
I smirk. Your mouth says one thing, but your eyes tell a whole different story. You want to live so you can rage and kill every single youkai in the castle all over again. You want to kill me. Or perhaps you want me to kill you to end your misery. That's not going to happen. At least not right away. Where would be the fun in that? I've been accused of being a hell raiser and that's likely true. It's far too entertaining not to be. Time to turn the knife in the wound and see how badly I can make it bleed.
“How very kind,” I say with a nod in the direction of the dead woman. “She wasn't forced to see her monster child.”
A smirk teases my lips and I catch another lovely flash of the desperation, anger and perhaps even madness in your eyes. I goad you into attacking me just to see what you'll do. I'm not disappointed when you lunge at me barehanded, a snarl of pure rage on your lips. A neat slice to your stomach with a sword takes some of the fight out of you and drops you to the floor. But only some of the fight goes. There's still bloody murder shining bright in those pretty green eyes of yours when you stare up at me.
Excellent. Looks like I'm not the only hell raiser in the room and I feel like upping the stakes.
I draw the blade deeply across my forearm and watch as my blood runs like a small river to splatter over you. If legend holds true, this action of mine will be one of epic hell raiser proportions. After all, if you've gone to the trouble of bathing in the blood of all the youkai in the castle, I figure the least I could do is donate to the cause to turn you into what you despise the most.
It'd be such a beautiful irony if it works.
You're possessed
I'm your living pest
Put you to rest
Tonight you'll be my guest
You're oppressed
Abused on my request
Get ready for
The final inquest
The last few drops hit your skin as the wound I'd made heals. The air seems to still around us and all noise dies away for a few brief seconds before rushing back in with the sound of your tortured scream. You writhe around on the floor, your eyes wide in denial and horror as your fingernails become claws and a youkai mark blooms on your skin. I smirk. You're possessed by the power of a youkai flowing through your veins for the first time. It probably hurts like hell.
I haven't been this excited in some time.
I can't resist needling you further. This is the most fun I've had in years. I'm going to be your living pest, getting under your skin and irritating the living fuck out of you because it amuses me to see you struggle and flail around. Despite what I believe you wanted before my blood touched your body, I'm not going to put you to rest. Tonight you'll be my guest for the mind games I'm planning on playing with you. Or maybe toy is a better word than guest for what will happen between us. Whatever the case, it's certainly time to amuse myself at your expense. My grin is so wide it almost hurts my face.
“So? Tell me how you feel. What's it like to be one of us... the youkai who violated your beloved?”
I taunt you, wanting you to feel like you're oppressed by the weight of becoming what you loathe the most. The shriek of rage that leaves your throat shouts of how you're not willing to be abused on my perverse request to see you suffer. It would be a kindness for me to tell you to get ready, to prepare yourself mentally for the final inquest I will make about your altered state and how much that probably eats away at your insides, but under no circumstances have I ever been even remotely kind, so the words never leave my lips. I open my mouth to goad you once again and am startled when you lunge at me, claws extended.
Shock holds me still for an instant too long before you're on me, claws flashing. It's in that moment that I have an epiphany as to how you could take on a castle full of youkai armed only with a knife and remain alive while all around you die. I've never seen anyone truly psychotic this close. I'm thrilled to see the insanity in your eyes even as I'm disappointed in the knowledge that I won't live to see how mad you truly become after your hand punches through my chest and you have no other outlet for your rage.
Hell raiser
Hell raiser
I watch you stagger away from me as I slide down the cold stone wall of the dungeon. You're barely holding your insides together when you stop and crouch next to a pair of dead youkai. A smirk twists my lips when you pull limiters off the youkai and jam them onto your ear. Your whole body shudders and you groan as your new youkai energy is crammed down into your body. I start to laugh weakly as a truly diabolical hell raiser idea occurs to me.
I pull a tile out of my pocket and force it into the wound in my chest and use the last of my strength to chant the spell that will turn my dying body into a shikigami. I want to see you again, Cho Gonou. I've never truly been attached to anything. You're the first person in my life I've taken an interest in. I want to see your features twisted in insanity. To hear your desperate cries.... I want to clutch and destroy it all. You certainly have the potential to be a hell raiser of monumental proportions.
Dead or alive, I want to be around to see that before I obliterate you.